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An Evening With…Me. In support of Bradley Manning

Monday 16 April 2012
Why Do We Need Whistleblowers in a Democracy?
An Evening with Craig Murray
Ex Ambassador, Author, Broadcaster, Whistleblower and Human Rights Activist

Small Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University

With Bradley Manning’s impending court martial hearing and the recent WikiLeaks controversy, Craig Murray will be discussing why whistleblowing is necessary in a democracy. He will draw on his experience as former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, until 2004 when he was removed from his post for exposing grave human rights abuses as well as about his experiences in Africa.
This event is held in partnership with Bradley Manning Support Events (Wales). For more details of events taking place for the Manning campaign in April, see wiseupforbradleymanning.wordpress.com
Please contact Naomi Blight at [email protected] or call 029 20228549 if you are able to attend.

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