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Not only have the BBC hierarchy ruled Anna Ardin’s name must not be mentioned. Also Irmeli Krans’ name is banned from the airwaves. And no, she’s not an alleged “victim” in the Assange case.

I put in an official request to the BBC for an explanation as to why it was OK for the BBC to use Nafissatou Diallo’s name but not Anna Ardin’s, in identical circumstances. I have not got an answer yet, but my request did result in a mole within the BBC telling me reporters had been banned from mentioning Irmeli Krans.

Anybody might think they were hiding something.

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  • technicolour

    As women and feminists everywhere are pointing out, one can be both and support Assange in his attempt to avoid extradition to the US. But instead, some people are seizing it as a way to have a go at wimmin (bra burning ho ho) and to indulge in the kind of speculation which is calculated to keep this one going on completely the wrong tracks.

    But I can’t blame people for the speculation. Having read far too much of this stuff, I can now imagine a leather clad bikerman having a night of passion with another bikerman he greatly admired (perhaps someone with a bigger bike) and, having insisted on a condom, awoken to find himself being penetrated without one. His general admiration remaining, he could put such behaviour down to a one-off, and continue as normal, perhaps even hosting a few bevvies the next day – until he runs into a mate of his, who is shocked and distraught by a subsequent night with the same guy.

    At which point bikerman 1 might well agree that there was something dodgy about their own experience too. The two might well seek advice on whether their rogerer could be made to take a test. That was all the two women were after, after all. They were not attempting to bring a charge of rape. That was, by all accounts, the prosecutor. And this point, it seems to me, is where the state, and states, start to think ‘what a useful way to silence this turbulent preacher’.

    It was, of course, the Guardian who put Ms A and Ms W firmly back on the public agenda, with their rotten editorial. At the risk of howls of ‘you must be an idiot’, I did not know Ms A’s name either, having concentrated more on the case of Bradley Manning. Unlike the woman in the DsK case, who was giving her side to the media throughout, understandably, these two women appear to have been in hiding for years. I would not like to be them – at best pawns in a repulsive game – either. And, by the way, being anti-Castro is nothing, in Cuba. It does not mean you are affiliated with the CIA. I know anti-Castro Cuban refugees who are pro-Assange.

    I suppose the thinking is that if you can discredit the women, you discredit the state. In fact, I am, along with many commentators here, amazed by the immediate leaking of the initial charge (the prosecutor was obviously no real ‘friend’); and the subsequent statements coming from the women (if you were trying to fit someone up with a charge of rape yourself, would you really say things like ‘he was not violent; we were not afraid of him’?)

    And, by the way, a quick search on the European Arrest Warrant will reveal it has been misused for everything from the possession of a tiny amount of cannabis to the theft of a piglet. Assange has been fitted up by the system, and it is one which can get us all.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Here are four links to pieces penned by feminists. I must thank Technicolour for No. 4) posted on this site – and maybe others too, I can’t recall now whether others already have been posted here. I’ve brought them together here for ease of reference and so that perhaps people might want to copy and paste them elsewhere too. It is crucial that these views be heard and that these views (and not those of people like bandwagon-jumper, George Galloway) drive the discourse.

    Usual prefixes (aich-tee-tee-pee-colon-forward-slash-forward-slash [sounds like a continence instruction], but no dubya-dubya-dubya!):

    1) Naomi Wolf:

    2) Margaret Viggiani, of ‘Freedom Socialist: The Voice of Revolutionary Feminism’ on ‘Why Feminists Should Defend Julian Assange’, The first comment beneath this piece is interesting, too, as it talks about how the feminist movement in the USA was infiltrated and subverted by, basically, reactionary forces:

    3) ‘A Feminist Lawyer on the Case Against Julian Assange’, by Lindsay Beyerstein:

    4) ‘Women Question the Unsual Zeal in Pursuing Julian Assange for Rape Allegations’, by Katrin Axelsson, who is the spokesperson from the well-respected, UK-based site/organisation, ‘Women Against Rape’ (this one has the dubya-dubya-dubya prefix too!):

    [there is no ‘e’ at the end, please note]

    I do hope these resources prove interesting and enlightening reading.

  • Clark

    Fedup, you mean “groupie”, not “roadie”. Being a roadie is damn hard work. You drive the van, lug all the amplifiers in and out of the venue, keep a good stock of cigarettes, painkillers, toilet paper, condoms, all the things the band members always run out of or forget. You can’t get pissed when everyone else does, you have to drive them all home while they crash out in the van, and you get the blame for everything.

  • Robby


    You were derided by Louise Mensch and Kirsty Wark on Newsnight tonight.

    Apparently, your advice that viewers should go online and discover what they can was seen to be typical of unsupportive male attitudes to rape.

    The fact that he hasn’t been charged and the case has been appallingly handled did not seem to occur to them.

  • technicolour

    You can’t get pissed when everyone else does, you have to drive them all home while they crash out in the van, and you get the blame for everything.

    Sounds rather like being a moderator…

  • Fedup

    You are so right, I have got it all so mixed up. How on Earth did I get the roadie (poor hard working bastards) with groupie (starry eyed whatever) mixed up?

    I will be grateful, if you have the time change the text Clark, not to insult the roadies every time someone reads it.

    Thanks there mate. Keep up the vigilance there.

    I actually know a roadie and I have heard his stories, poor bastard was nearly killed hauling kit with his eighteen wheeler in Germany in a mountain road which the gradient of the climb was way too high and the truck way too heavy to climb it, fact that he stayed alive was due to sheer balls, guts,and bloody fantastic bit of driving.

  • technicolour

    “unsupportive male attitudes to rape.”

    are men meant to be supportive of it now? (ironic smiley face)

    “The fact that he hasn’t been charged and the case has been appallingly handled did not seem to occur to them.”

    exactly. and why not? i think that the appalling handling of the case, whatever the case is, and the fact that the women in question felt the pressure to speak up, because it was leaked, and before it came to court, if it would have come to court, are germane.

    someone asked earlier ‘what do the women want?’. It seems clear that Ms W at least does not want Mr Assange to be charged with rape, so how does this continue? And why all these Guardian commissioned pieces about rape? And why George Galloway?

  • John Goss

    Stephen Cook

    If you look at Craig’s previous blog post “The pathetic Vapourings of the Establishment” there is a link there relating to a Swedish newspaper (I forget the name but I think begins with A) which contains the following:

    “But Ms. Finne, the prosecutor, has said the evidence appears to exclude outside manipulation, and one of the two women involved, Anna Ardin, 31, has told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that the complaints were “not orchestrated by the Pentagon” but prompted by “a man who has a twisted attitude toward women and a problem taking no for an answer.””

  • Cryptonym

    What we are suffering from is Presbyterian Fundamentalism unchecked. Extremist sons-of-the-manse: Lord Reith, Gordon Brown, and Rupert Murdoch several generations removed. It’s all the fault of these ghastly jocks, coming down from their lakeside crofts, taking over.

    It is becoming very difficult to like George Galloway. Puzzle over his inability to recognise that the imperialism/colonialism he decries ineffectually is exactly what the SNP, the referendum and Yes campaign for Scottish Independence strive to be free of. It wouldn’t be incorrect to call him a British Nationalist, caressing the cruel hand that has fed him well. His hypocrisy: ‘never taken drugs in my life’, whilst shown puffing on a fat cigar – reeks. Irrational convictions over-riding unclouded arrival at anything but continuation with that which has demonstrably failed. And yet an enemy of my enemy …

  • technicolour

    John Goss: we all for sure know men who have “a twisted attitude toward women and a problem taking no for an answer.” And women with the same problem. What was your point?

  • JimmyGiro

    The manginas and the fema-fascists seem to be falling over each other like a game of twister. It’s inevitable when you have an alliance composed of moral eunuchs and evil harridans, that they will practice two independent stratagems at the same time.

    The eunuchs tell everybody that we must keep an open mind regarding the lying cunts of Sweden; whilst the fema-fascists say that all accused men are guilty without trial, therefore any human being calling for evidence must be a rapist sympathizer or ‘misogynist’ as the manginas bleat.

    What will happen to all these eunuchs once their evil fema-fascist chums have no use of them due to their wishy-washy moral relativism not fitting into the Armageddon demanded by their Fabian overlords? I suppose they can always fall back on their ‘moderating’ skills !?

    I see a schism amongst the evil Marxist hordes; the smarter ones can see the game is up, as the evil of feminism is further caught in flagrante delicto; whilst the more desperate ones will ride hell-for-leather towards the Hitlerian ‘big lie’, and brass it out, hoping for their faithful legion of soap watching fema-fuckwits to lend a Greek chorus of the rights of women’s slander against innocent men.

    Or maybe feminism is a Trojan Mare that has been ridden too often and too hard by the evil Marxist Fabians, and feminism itself has become redundant just like the mangina eunuchs, and they will all be dumped, now that our State has all the power from our democracy, so doesn’t need these subversive elements any more. They’ve done their job, they are just loose canons now, so need to have all their credibility removed before setting them adrift into their own pointless misandric oblivion. Who will ever believe a feminist ever again? The Fabians make you a liar before destroying you.

  • Steve de Dalus

    Jon dude – royal of you to uncensor my pro-Assange diatribe on the other thread. Anti-female, moi? Certainement pas. If you translate it into polite NW1 lingo you will actuslly find all points valid. See, when in UK I live amongst the not undickensian underclass, where ‘PC’ means the filth. My friends can hotwire a truck or get the lead off a church roof but wouldn’t know the Guardian from Andrex [Who does?]. So to get lefty ideas across you gotta talk the talk, generally centred on alternate sexual practices as a source of hilarity. Eg to suggest that the war in Afghanistan is not a good thing, no point quoting the New Statesman, you tell the scatological story of Bliar and the Imam ‘I SWEAR DOWN IT’S TRUE MY MATE IN 3 PARA SAW THEM AT IT’.

    It sows doubt and STOPS FLOW as recommended by S Potter, father of Gamesmanship. ‘Of course in 1943 Maggie was the biggest rug-muncher in Oxford of course you knew that didn’t you?’ will shut most rightists up. To Craig – embrace the demotic. Discover your inner knuckle tattoos. Re Sweden, didn’t you hear that Marianne Ny is a post-op transsexual, and before the op she was Anna Ardin’s boyfriend? And they both go round to Karl Rove’s house and fellate his wife while he watches? And they all made a snuff film with a Kurdish refugee who is buried under Rove’s house? And Assange has all this on videotape locked in a vault in Ecuador? If in a hurry, on all occasions, snort ‘and you would take the word of a paedophile??!!’ No point throwing farts into a shit fight.

  • Fred

    The ultimate laughable ridiculous hypocrisy in the Newsnight show was that while Craig Murray was getting crucified for even mentioning Anna Ardin’s name in relation to the Swedish case, in the background stood a big 10 foot picture of Assange. You couldn’t make this shit up.

    Mention name of accuser – you’re the anti-christ, put full image of the accused as background set piece for the full duration of the show while mentioning him throughout the whole piece – no problem what so ever.

  • Smeggypants

    There’s still an unbelievable amount of people who are completely enslaved to the boundaries of political correctness set out by the Rothschild-Masonic-Zionist ruling Elite and their compliant toadies like the BBC et al.

    Why do so many people unable to see the Elephant in the Room?

  • Steve de Dalus

    Here is why the wimmin are so anti-Assange. It’s psycho-sexual,
    goes back 100,000 years, caveman anthropology, Dawkins, Ardrey, Morris….phew. Assange is seen by the wimmin’s primeval brain as BAD GENETIC MATERIAL. He looks pasty, geeky, not a piping hot golden Australian spunk god. The NAME WIKILEAKS is all wrong. Suggests wet dreams, nocturnal emissions, onanism…yuk. Better to call it POWERJUICE, COCKSURE or THUNDERHAMMER. Then, he should do an Errol Flynn, harem in every port, ‘I’ve had so many Swedes, they all smell the same in the dark, arf arf.’ No more Mister Nice Guy. Man up. Julian the Barbarian. They’ll be gagging for it.

  • CheebaCow


    I’m guessing we both agree that Assange is being setup, but there is no need for a pro-balls, anti-woman diatribe.

    “The eunuchs tell everybody that we must keep an open mind regarding the lying cunts of Sweden; whilst the fema-fascists say that all accused men are guilty without trial, therefore any human being calling for evidence must be a rapist sympathizer or ‘misogynist’ as the manginas bleat.”

    Priceless. I can’t imagine why anyone would suggest misogyny…..

  • angrysoba

    Sorry, Mr. Murray, but I think this last flurry of posts justifying your naming of the alleged victim is not occasioned by “establishment vapourings” but by your own silly decision to name her. You try to make the point that it must be, has to be a fit-up of Assange because why would anyone be so stupid as to commit rape (or look at child porn or shoplift) when they were blowing the whistle on some powerful people and yet even Assange doesn’t dispute that he had sex with those women; we already know, then, that he was behaving recklessly and promiscuously. We can’t make the decision that he didn’t rape anyone; that is surely the job of the investigating authorities.
    Also, it didn’t sound to me as though your microphone was any quieter than the mics of the other two people; you should instead have given it more welly.

  • CheebaCow

    Well done Angry, ignore that Ardin named herself to the media. Ignore that Ardin provided fake evidence and tried to destroy additional evidence. Ignore that the charges against Assange were leaked to the press before Assange was even notified.

  • angrysoba

    Well done Angry, ignore that Ardin named herself to the media. Ignore that Ardin provided fake evidence and tried to destroy additional evidence. Ignore that the charges against Assange were leaked to the press before Assange was even notified.


  • Stephen Cook

    “…[email protected]

    Stephen Cook,

    Not sure what you meant. Details from the NYT in the post immediately preceding this one, but I think you’ve seen that…..”

    Thanks Craig…sorted.

  • ron blessington

    All Swedish women are frustrated nymphos who shag anybody exotic,
    preferably with a dusky skin. Swedish men are all alcoholic
    bikers who live in Thailand knobbing teen hotties. That is because sex in Sweden is illegal without an act of parliament, unless you are the king, and even then it is iffy. The whole JA thing is a crock and a fitup by the amerikans as any fule kno. JA should have stuck to the crayfish, probably a better shag. More power to Ecuador. The British journaille are toads. NB the Swedish press is zionist-owned.
    Brother Angrysoba is an Israhell symp IIRC.

  • Stephen Cook

    Any more information I can gather now is somewhat academic, though, at least in terms of the use to which I have been putting it. Using a variety of sources, I have been posting on the comments sections of the various spurious Guardian articles and editorials over the last few days. The articles, as I am sure people here will know, have been overwhelmingly negative and propagandist in tone apart from a late flurry of two or three from a couple of writers there.

    Too late of course, the damage has been done by the earlier front of house ones. Additionally, these last two more balanced/positive ones have been pushed off the main page within 24 hours. I get the feeling they have been a lame attempt to regain some credibility and demonstrate “balance”. I say that whilst not in any way impugning the integrity of the writers of those later articles.

    Anyway, one tactic I have been noticing is that if anyone tries to post any of the on the record facts about the Assange extradition case or tries to post a link to the 4 corners documentary, there is a sudden flurry of anti Assange posts that quickly push it off the main comments page. Consequently, given that people rarely read past the main page of comments, I have been periodically repeating the link to the documentary plus any other salient facts.

    I’m now being pre-moderated which basically means I not gong to get any more posts up.

    It’s probably because there is a policy not to allow repetition of posts rather than anything sinister.

    Oh well, 48 bleeding hours used up, I’ve done my bit for the moment at least. I’ve got to get some work done now.

  • conjunction

    Regarding George Galloway, having seen a clip of what he said, I don’t understand the reactions of many people on this blog and elsewhere.

    What I understood him to be saying is that if a man and a woman make love in bed, and then later the man initiates further intercourse when the woman is asleep this is not rape, although it might be considered poor sexual etiquette.

    How is that wrong?

    If such an act is rape than millions of husbands and other long-term partners must be guilty of rape in this country alone I should think.

    I was once rebuked by a partner for wasting an early morning blessing and not performing such an act.

  • John Goss

    Technicolour, Stephen Cook asked where Anna Ardin had sought publicity in the press. I was pointing him to Craig’s previous post and quoting from it.

    I don’t think reading my comments anybody would think I was supporting Anna Ardin. Quite the opposite.

  • John Goss

    Conjunction, technically if a woman says “No, I want to get some sleep” and her husband/partner/casual lover proceeds anyway, it is classed as rape. Mostly the Police would not proceed if there had been earlier consensual sex. But they could. Assange has been set up.

    I like George Galloway. But on this occasion he did not choose his words wisely. The quicker he puts it behind him the better.

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