Doune The Rabbit Hole 28

From tomorrow I shall be at Duncarron Fort to help out (mostly behing the bar) at the Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival of which Jamie is Director. I may give a talk at some stage in the Spoken Word programme about Adam Werritty, Anna Ardin and other neo-con agents. Or I may just hang out, serve pints and drink beer.

As you can see, the location is miles from anywhere and has no internet, or mobile phone signals either – what bliss! – so you may not hear from me for a while. Do not worry, I am probably not in a jet in an orange jumpsuit, despite my proximity to Prestwick. I hope to find a way of doing a few posts anyway. If you can come to the festival, do come and say hello.

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28 thoughts on “Doune The Rabbit Hole

  • Fedup

    Keep away from any of the harridans like a plague.

    Don’t forget to warm up before pulling the pints for later pint lifting sessions may not be affected; slow and deliberate and steady sops remember you are in for the long haul and the all day long session.

    I shall cheer for you too from my miserable and crap workplace, drink a pint for “Fedup”s (as in: score one for the Gipper)

  • Paul

    Sounds like a brilliant antidote to the last few days for you Craig – and in a beautiful location … have a great time!

  • Robby

    Don’t watch Newsnight tonight!

    Louise Mensch is having a go at you for telling viewers to discover what they can on the Internet.

    Fancy telling people to think for themselves on live television!

    The very idea!

  • craig Post author

    Actually she seems to have led lots more people to go online and do what she says I shouldn’t have told them to! We should thank her.

  • domesticextremist

    Interesting series of juxtapositions there on Newsnight:

    – Greece, whose population are being sacrificed to keep a bunch of financial speculators whole

    – ginger nuts doggie style. I don’t expect he’ll be facing any rape allegations.

    – Aikin, Galloway, Craig and Ken Clarke followed by the fabulous, fatuous Mensch.

    – Azil Nadir, financial crook who spent twenty years on the run being given endless airtime to protest his innocence (despite today’s conviction).

  • Mary

    “Sam darling, sorry but you’ll have to find something to do on your own today. Barack will be pboning me later. We’ve got to do something more to get Assad out of it and put the screws on. We’re using that old one about chemical weapons. Then I’ll be on the blower to that twit Francois on the same tack. See you. By the way you look absolutely gorgeous in that sarong.”

    Cameron echoes Obama’s warning to Syria over chemical weapons
    UK prime minister talks with US and French presidents about offering more ‘non-lethal’ support to opposition

  • Mary

    Why hasn’t she pushed off yet to join Mr Mensch? She’s just loving it on Twitter. Seems very animated by the word ‘rape’.

    11h Louise Mensch ‏@LouiseMensch
    I will be on @BBCNewsnight tonight discussing male politicians and rape #Newsnight

    7h Louise Mensch ‏@LouiseMensch
    I hope @PennyRed will publish this importantm courageous account of her rape in the Independent as well as her blog

    7h Louise Mensch ‏@LouiseMensch
    Wow, what a brave and important piece by @PennyRed detailing her rape …

    8h Laurie Penny ‏@PennyRed
    What we talk about when we talk about rape. …. This was hard to write but felt needed. TRIGGER WARNING.

    Retweeted by Louise Mensch

  • John Goss

    Craig Murray

    There was a day when I would have hopped on my pushbike and cycled up to join you. But the bike’s not up to it anymore. Me neither. Have a great time. Relax. And thanks for raising the profiles on Anna Ardin and Irmeli Krans.


  • nevermind

    Guest, great find, you deserve a gold medal for that find. Just asked the PM, Today and Newsnight program for an apology within 24 hrs., see what they come up with.

    This morning on Today R4, a small message saying that the Government and house builders are planning to screw back the affordable housing legislation and guidelines, so there will be more Counihans families roaming the country looking for somewhere to live.

    Compare that with their other entertaining feature for the concerned upper crust gardeners out there, a five minute lament and interview with the winner of the best lawn competition from Oxford….. pass the sick bag please.

    I shall disseminate the BBC page on my face book page, wonder how long it takes before they follow the ‘Guardianista soldiers of Schmuck fortunes’ and ban me as well.

    Oops, in come the auto bot replies from our MI led News hounds. Please do make some noises to the BBC and ask them to apologise for being, either uninformed of what goes on to their worldly websites, or for misleading the public into believing they have not named ANNA ARDIN.

    Unfortunately after such shrill noises from Gavin Essler, a written apology will not do, we should demand a public apology.

  • nevermind

    Sorry, Havana, you off course found this morsel, but your posts are so close I made a mistake, great find, I hope it will cut this WannaPax down to size.

  • wendy

    “- Azil Nadir, financial crook who spent twenty years on the run being given endless airtime to protest his innocence (despite today’s conviction).”
    I wonder what the deal was for him to return ..

  • Peter

    Hi Craig.

    I been looking at the post above 20 times for the last few days, and this:
    “Adam Werritty, Anna Ardin and other neo-con agents” keeps on bugging me..

    Am I right in assuming you know something more than the rest of us about Anna Ardin?
    In the case of Werrity (as far as I remember) you had a lot of information from “inside sources”…. is that the case here as well, or are you “just” basing this on publicly available information?

    Best to you!

  • thatcrab

    are you “just” basing this on publicly available information?

    Sorry but your question is actually quite lazy. What do you want transcripts of meetings with her handlers? Read the relevant threads instead of this one 20 more times.

  • Peter

    Hi Thatcrab.

    That would of course be nice.
    But thanks; I did of course read the other threads (as well as the police-reports and Swedish newspaper-articles.)

    So again: I just asked Craig if he had more information than what’s been published in the public domain. (like I think I remember he did in the Werrity case)
    I’m of course NOT expecting him to provide the information (if there is any, and he could have, he would have).


  • thatcrab

    Sorry Peter, my answer was lazy too. But i am certain if Craig had more information than is already in the public domain on Anna Ardin, he wouldn’t release it in response to this little query at the end of this thread about a festival – how could you think that he would?
    Or was this question not just a rhetorical means of saying, that from what you have read you are not convinced AA could reasonably be described or “accused” of being a “neo-con agent” or of indistinguishable from one?

  • Peter

    Hi again Thatcrab.

    I was actually trying to ask in a “clever” (obviously NOT so clever, it seems) way, if this was some kind of “cliff-hanger”… He just had all that drama-nonsens (how dare you name her on BBC yada yada), and I can’t figure out if his wording above is meant to

    a) just state that he believes that the women is a “neocon-agent” or
    b) or say; “please do try to attack me on this point, and see what happens?”

    He just spent some time in the embassy with Assange, and people who do that, tend to say something like: “when we make our (defense) info known, there will be surprises.


  • Peter

    oh, and again: I explicitly wrote: “I’m of course NOT expecting him to provide the information”
    I’m just extremely curious as to what the point was.


  • thatcrab

    The details of Anna Ardins statements, deleted tweets, and the bad farce of the investigation that was launched by AA’s prosecutor chum, leaking everything to the press (and declaring double rapist Assange at large the next morning), the taking of joint statements, the closure of the investigation by the original prosecutor, its reopening and recall of JA just as soon as JA left Sweden. The point is, Wikileaks is under attack and Ardin’s involvement appears to have be central ,dishonest and complicit in this particular thrust.

    It is one thing to be curious, but it is pretty pointless to ask Craig if he is witholding more information about matters. My guess is no, and if he is then why declare it?

    Another point is that no more information is required to see what is generally going on, and to contrast the lack of information, indeed the repression of it by our press.

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