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1,681 thoughts on “One of the Following is True

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    You deleted this??? Why???

    I just watched it. Panorama “Jihadis You Pay For”. Excellent photography, sound, and “news drama”, but it only really exposed a little tip of an iceberg of corruption, “British money going to the wrong people – because well, its a warzone isn’t it – and they are all Muslims – and such corruption is inevitable. Us British are are only trying to help – we are trying to do our best…sorry about things going wrong” – Is the message that the vast majority of viewers will get

    It’s an almost complete and utter Total Lie.

    I knew much of the Truth that was going on in Syria, about 4 or 5 years ago, simply because I bought a book by Susan Lindaurer – Extreme Prejudice (ex CIA asset), and I contacted her, and she knew people who were there in Syria – and she told me via her website what was going on.

    How come I could find out in 2012-2013, simply by asking someone, and The BBC are still not telling anything much of the Real Truth now???

    It’s all very well documented, by some REAL journalists – who had the courage to go there – actually Be There in The Warzones in Syria, and find out for themselves.

    None of them work for The BBC, and most of them are GIRLS

    Far more courage than men. If you don’t know who they are, then do a Goggle Search (if they haven’t yet been deleted)

    I am disgusted by my country, but very proud of some highly courageous Women.

    The whitewash won’t work. We all know Who The White Helmets are Working For, and some of us know what they actually do….and it is not nice. We also know about the airdrops, the supply of British arms to the crazy jihardists, and even a couple of British supply planes being shot down. Somewhat embarrassing? I didn’t read it in the Daily Mail.

    Still, that was a pretty good effort (start) from the BBC – but must try harder. It was slightly better than faking an entire event (again) and broadcasting it as if it was real.


    • giyane


      This is the British way of whitewashing their disgusting war crimes. You’ve fallen into the trap of believing the thinly-veneered half-truths of the British propaganda broadcasting corpse. The war in Syria could not last more than a week without diplomatic and logistical support from USUKIS proxies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
      I will never expose myself to the twisted manipulations of the UK lie machine. And you an Irishman!

  • Republicofscotland

    Surely now that Trump has forsaken the Arab world, that all Arabs, whether they be Sunni, Shia or whatever will now, put their dfferences aside and work together to reduce US interests in the region.

    Jerusalem belongs to all of us, whether we believe in one of Abrahamic religions or not, this what happens when a rogue state is allowed to go unchecked.

    • Republicofscotland

      Speaking of Putin, which brings me on to Syria, your prediction that you widely and confidently touted I might add that Assad would be gone (whatever that meant) by the end of this year, isn’t looking to good now is it?

    • giyane

      Saddam channelled arms for the West. Do keep up. What do you think their current slave humbugs do? Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland. Somebody’s got to do their extraordinary rendition and gun-smuggling for them.

      • Macky

        “my observation that Russia was by far the biggest supplier of arms to the evil Saddam Hussein ”

        The WMD stuff, ie Chemical Weapons came from Germany & the US.

      • giyane

        Saddam was not evil. He understood then what we understand now that the US used jihadist Islamist terrorists to annoy Saddam in order to justify colonial invasion and regime change followed by the imposition of their stooges who could syphon Iraqi wealth to criminal government USUKIS Turkey France Germany etc.

        Saddam was removed in 2003 and the Soviet Union was removed in 1991. During the period we are discussing, Russia was fully aware of USUKIS global hegemony ambitions. You are still in denial of them as we speak in 2017. It is somewhat disingenuous of you in my humble opinion to infer shame on Russia for trying to block Western aggression. If Russia had not blocked Western aggression in Syria by direct force our neighbours in Europe, Turkey and Syria would now be controlled by violent Islamist terrorists as has occurred in Libya. Fact. Sorry to destroy the smokes and mirrors of USUKIS aggression.

        If only the world was so simple that we could say that Saddam was a good guy. he also accepted a massive bribe from Mrs Thatcher in the 1980’s for other nefarious things.
        My point is that USUKIS policy in the Middle East has brought us and our civilisation near to catastrophe. Blair and Cameron should be hung, and Mrs May arrested and thrown into prison for colluding with him. Just pulling up the drawbridge to stop immigration is not going to address the absolute destruction of the Middle East and North Africa perpetrated by them. Crawl back into your box, little man.

      • SA

        Sorry to be pedantic but it was the Soviet unoion and not Russia. The second large arms supplier to Saddam was France:

        “Resources Country Information Iraq
        Arming Saddam
        The Supply of British Military Equipment to Iraq, 1979-90

        Originally published 1991

        Arms Supplies
        Part of this military expenditure was used to purchase arms from overseas. During the first half of the 1980s, Iraq was the world’s biggest importer of major weapons systems and it remained second, behind India, in 1986 and 1987. A report by SIPRI in 1987 identified twenty-six countries which had supplied arms both to Iraq and to Iran. These countries were: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, France, West Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, North Korea, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. In addition, twelve countries had supplied only Iran while four countries had sold only to Iraq – Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan and the Philippines. Not all of these deals were done with the knowledge or support of the government of the country concerned.

        “Soviet Union and France
        The long list above however conceals the fact that just two countries supplied most of Saddam’s arsenal. According to the SIPRI Yearbook in 1989, equipment from the Soviet Union accounted for 47% and France 28% of Iraq’s major weapons systems during the Iran-Iraq War. The Soviet supplies included tanks, artillery systems, helicopters and missiles, as well as advanced MiG aircraft. (Jane’s Defence Weekly, 18.8.90) Mirage and Super Etendard aircraft and Exocet missiles as well as helicopters and missiles were sold by French companies.

        In November 1980, however, the Soviet Union had stopped its arms supplies and these were not resumed until after the Israeli air-raid on Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Osirak in July 1981. (Financial Times, 11.11.80 and 6.7.81) The Soviet embargo, although short, made Iraq look elsewhere for its weapons. It served also to boost Saddam’s ambitions to build his own arms industry and thus lessen his dependence on outside military supplies. France had its own problem with Iraq – extracting payment for the weapons became difficult towards the end of the 1980s. Ironically, this problem was to have been solved on the day of the invasion of Kuwait when the French government was due to sign a credit deal with Iraq to cover the latter’s £2.16 billion debts to French arms companies. (Times, 4.8.90)

        Compared with the Soviet Union and France, the UK’s role in arming Iraq may seem small. It was not however insignificant and it illustrates dramatically both the changing nature of the arms trade and the difficulties inherent in trying to control it.”

    • giyane

      When I talk with the victims of Arab terrorist violence who have been lucky enough to reach this country, what I hear from them is that their bastard rulers have forsaken the Arabs long before Trump started work on rounding up their terrorists and criminals released from prison. Obama and Clinton destroyed Libya and Syria. Trump has defeated Islamic State and allowed Russia to bring Syria out of the hands of their Arab tormentors. The next phase will involve Chinese army boots on the ground. The terms of Russia’s victory are that no terrorist will remain alive on Syrian soil.

      Arabs are quite good at lying. They have to be because it’s haram.

    • nevermind

      Evil Saddam was our very own CIA asset and only when he threatened to forsake the petro dollar for a basket of currency as payment did he fall foul of the Bush oil dynasty. When will you stop bending the truth habbakuk?

    • SA

      I wonder who supplied the chemical weapons that gassed the Kurds in Hallabja? Any ideas Habbabkuk?

      • SA

        Which reminds me of a funny story circulating at the time of the buildup to the Iraq war of 2003.

        Reporter : Mr Rumsfeld why are you so convinced that Saddam has WMD?

        Rumsfield: I know for a fact that he does because we supplied them and I have got the receipts here.

      • nevermind

        Germany provided the precursors for the Mustard gas that killed Halabja’s people and the US provided the VX munitions and chems, Sa.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I must admit, I find this bloke from Manchester, was living in London, was living in South West France, now living in Goa India, a complete intellectual delight. He’s a bit older than me, but we used to go to the same music venues in Manchester at around the same time, and I think we both moved from Manchester to London about the same time – but I don’t recocgnise him, and some of the time, I don’t agree with him – but I do most of the time. I had actually corrected him on a few occasions, on his SLOG when I recognised his mistake, and he corrected it (I didn’t want him to be embarrassed) and I wasn’t bothered about not being acknowledged. He writes nearly as good as Craig Murray (even better than he has ever done most recently)

    But he has got a Blind Spot (much the same as Craig Murray), but when I wrote about it on his SLOG, he banned me permanently, whereas I can still post here.

    I just want to thank the bloke, but can’t cos he’s banned me.

    Anyhow, I want some feedback from him….

    We’ve been to India 4 times, but never for very long (but We loved It)

    He’s moved there for The Winter….

    I want to know what its like, and how he feels there after several months. Does he want to stay or does he want to go back to his jitte in South West France?

    If he wants to stay there on a long term visa – well 10 years ago, atter 6 months, you had to go on holiday to Thailand or somewhere close for a couple of weeks…then you come back to India for the next 6 months and repeat the process…but then you get to know the system – and get full residency or just disappear and live in a tree house (dead cheap = complete with air- conditioning on the beach). I don’t think he has been there before and he’s nearly 70 years old – and that is great spirit.

    Check out Palolem and Further South

    His name is John Ward – and his Blog is the Slog.

    The Guy is Class


  • nevermind

    If the stealing of Jerusalem with the help of an egomaniac psychopath is not getting Craig to comment, a potential world changing event that will colour the future of relations with Israel every day and with almost any country on earth, then I’m beginning to think that this blog will seize to exist on the 14th. Dec. when this thread runs out.

    Netanyahu has Trump feeding out of his hand, he’s Bibis slave as he can guraantee his re election by his AIPAC friends, if he is still alive that is.
    never in the history of the cold war has the world been closer to war and when the thief of Jerusalem comes/imposes himself on to the EU Parliament on the 11th. Dec. he will threaten the union, as he did in Hungary.

    This decision will have far reaching consequences in the US and elsewhere, it will be the start of an International intifada, imho. An uprising in the West bank and Gaza will concentrate much of the IDF on to keeping Israels internal life safe, leaving a deficit elsewhere.

    I am sure that Trumps sons will not sign up to fight in the front line, nor will Habbakuk, their apologist mouthpiece here, they will not be asked to endanger them self by attacking and injuring children and other young future generation that guarantee hate for Israel’s genocide, keeping the need for more Apartheid and land stealing alive in the minds of all its people and the security forces.

    Netanyahu should now be banned from the EU, his fascist values have no place in Europe bar in the minds of the ERF and its plotters.

    I will hasten a guess that next years world cup in Russia might never happen.

    put that into moderation.

    • Macky

      “If the stealing of Jerusalem with the help of an egomaniac psychopath is not getting Craig to comment, a potential world changing event that will colour the future of relations with Israel every day and with almost any country on earth, then I’m beginning to think that this blog will seize to exist on the 14th. Dec. when this thread runs out.”

      Well I thought it very strange that Craig didn’t comment on the Priti Patel affair,so it seems that my half-jesting CT might be growing legs !:

    • giyane

      Nobody can imagine how much pressure was deliberately placed on Craig by the Zionists by threatening him with bankruptcy in the Libel court. He is only human and he has been subjected to state intimidation and violence before. Contributors to his court fund can take pride in having assisted him with practical help to save him from bankruptcy at Zionist hands.

      I do not believe Craig will close the blog down. but he needs time to recover emotionally from the shock of Zionist aggression. Last time he was intimidated he indicated obscurely that he was not free to allow some types of comment to remain. Many of our posts were deleted as a result. It is now clear what type of comments were deleted and who forced him to delete them. Also the price he was forced to pay for ignoring the threats from the Zionist mafia to stop allowing criticism of Israeli violence and racism.

      In many ways we are extremely fortunate that Mrs May who has been at the forefront of calls to censor free speech on the internet, is now ensnared by her bedfellows in right-wing malignancy in their violent and racist Brexism. Too many criminals spoil the brothel.

      As to Trump and the US embassy in Jerusalem, all the wars of our lifetime except the Falklands have been wars for Zionism. Trump wants to increase the legitimacy of the Greater Israel land grab in Syria and he is delighted to let Russia and China destroy the terrorists his predecessors deployed against the Syrian land and peoples. He didn’t get into power by promising further destruction, which was the Clinton plan. he got into power by accepting phase 2 of the Zionist plan for Syria, the removal of the terrorists by Russia and Iran.

      I really don’t see he had much choice about the embassy. He’s an old stooge, with millions of damning evidence against him worse than Weinstein. Clinton was hooked on the drug of proxy violence. She’d never have let them take her Islamist toys out of her pram.

  • nevermind

    For the first time tonight I heard active flying overhead, its normal during the day now, almost every day for the last three weeks running and the fitting out of Marham for the new expensive, heavy over engineered birds is happening at full pace, not sure whether they are working through the night but they are paying fantastic wages at the moment trying to make ends meet.

    What will Ireland’s reaction be to the usurping of the UN’s decision that says Israel occupation of East Jerusalem is illegal?

    Brace your self Brian, storm is rattling the tiles tomorrow.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      nevermind, Blimey, its suddenly got very windy. I bet my fence survives it (I built it myself). Shiit, the shed’s already gone. It will all be sorted tomorrow. Don’t worry. I got my coal delivery today, and we live on a hill.

      • giyane

        You’re going to polish the coal and place it on the mantelpiece to remind you of old times?
        Just when I have achieved a 15 year old ambition to own a Volvo V70, I find that Hammond is hiking up the road tax for older diesel cars. Perhaps I could run my new machine on coal? Plenty room in the back.

        • Tony_0pmoc


          It is smokeless coal. I like to abide by the rules. I thought most of what you wrote above was great, except I was not too impressed with “violent and racist Brexism.”

          Otherwise – Spot on

          I was impressed.

          Are you any good at fixing computers in 10 year old cars? Mine was doing fine, but when it got cold and wet it had a nervous breakdown. It detected all these faults that simply weren’t there the night before. Should I hit the computer – or buy a new battery?

          You are an electrician aren’t you and know about these things?

          I’m supposed to be in Lancashire on Monday, and have no plans to go on the train cos that probably won’t be working either.


          • giyane

            Tpny , in my old Caddy van the computer sits beneath the windscreen and gets soaked . You can in-plug is and plug in a new second-hand one. but your car may not be the same design.
            Brexit has given every racist a green light to express their opinion openly. Does that cause violence? It causes un-employment. I experience that as violence because it is real.

    • Sharp Ears

      RAF Marham Nevermind.

      ‘RAF Marham Station Commander
      Group Captain Ian “Cab” Townsend ADC MA RAF

      RAF Marham Mission Statement
      “Deliver battle winning Air Power for current and future operations”

      Welcome to Royal Air Force Marham

      RAF Marham is home to the frontline squadrons of the RAF’s Tornado GR4 Force, which is currently focused on operations in the Middle East alongside holding a high readiness state for contingency operations across the Globe.

      Beyond flying, the station is also home to the 1STAR, the Tornado GR Force HQ, No. 3 (RAF) Force Protection Wing HQ, No. 93 Expeditionary Armament Squadron, No. 2620 (County of Norfolk) Sqn RAuxAF Regiment, and a plethora of engineering support functions ranging from deep maintenance to front line support.

      Furthermore, following the 2013 announcement that RAF Marham will be the future home of the F-35 Lightning Force, we are now beginning extensive infrastructure changes across the base in anticipation of the arrival of the UK’s first ever 5th Generation, multi-role,stealth fighter.

      Our broad population of almost 10,000 people is made up of members of all 3 Services, the Civil Service, Industry, Contractors and families, all of whom play an integral role in making the RAF Marham machine operate effectively and efficiently.Located in West Norfolk, we enjoy incredible local support, not only from our families and friends that live here, but also from the communities which surround us.

      Whatever your reasons for exploring our website, I hope your visit is useful, informative and interesting.

      Postal Address:
      Station Commander
      Royal Air Force Marham
      King’s Lynn
      PE33 9NP ‘

      10,000 personnel there!!! No wonder there’s no money for anything else. Today, Her Maj is in Portsmouth for some naming ceremony for one of the already redundant £3billion aircraft carriers. Shame there are no planes for them!

  • tony_0pmoc

    I will leave you with some peaceful music from this guy I met at a World Music Festival in England. This guy is an American, a little bit younger than me…very similar history – computer industry – until he was about 30 years old – and he quit. He gave it all up to become a musician. He travels all over the world busking (well he had for the previous 10 years – he had been busking all over the world for over 10 years when we met him and had not gone back to the USA. We met him again in Oxford. This is not my video – though I did give him everything I had of him – original files…This is Christopher of The Wolves. I know now, he has been back to the USA, but I do not know if he has become very successful…He certainly should…he occasionally still sends me an email…but its been a few years. He gave me all his records for the original camera files. I thought what a nice bloke and my wife was a bit starstruck – That’s Americans for you…

    “One man band busking at Oxford Christopher of the Wolves”

    Do you see the beauty of what he did – a white American busking where he did – in places like Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos – only 20-30 years after the Americans had bombed them to shitt – and he was accepted and loved..he was buskig he never had any money than from what he ws given from playing his music – I guess it’s like the ultimate peace offering of any man brought up like we were…and its suddenly hits us…What can we do?


  • Sharp Ears

    A sculpture depicting Jesus as a homeless man sleeping on a bench has been installed in Glasgow city centre.

    A world-famous sculpture, created by Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz, has been placed at Nelson Mandela Place, near Glasgow’s St George’s Tron Church, after planning permission was granted earlier this year.

    I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

    Homeless Jesus statue installed in Glasgow city centre –

    • glenn_nl

      Indeed… and if our Christianists had anything to do with it, any non-approved depictions of Jesus would result in people being stoned to death here too. Together with adultery, intimate relations outside wedlock, homosexuality, blasphemy, non-conformism of any kind, wearing clothes of mixed cloth…

      • Macky

        Surely, this mass stereotyping falls under inciting religious hatred; imagine it was about Muslims or Jews !

    • fedup

      @Sharp Ears
      Fact remains that there is no one left to topple the money changers’ tables in the city as reflected by even Jesus giving up the ghost and experiencing a revolutionary deficit and becoming bankrupt. Jesus too joining the other 3.5 million bankrupt citizens whom no longer can afford to meet the costs of citizenship, and having a home given the expenses of; local rates/taxes, as well as paying for water and sewerage, and costs of energy to keep warm and cook food, along with the costs of upkeep of running repairs etc, to keep roof over their heads, all the while with no means of support and or any credible income to meet such a costs. This of course is acceptable because “Freedom” to live like a feral animal in the twenty first century enshrines the Freedom of Choice, and Freedom of Expression!

      Homelessness portrayed and disguised as lack of affordable homes, cleverly discounts the underlying causes that is bankruptcy of the citizens whom can no longer remain incorporated in the current “society” and meet the costs of citizenship of the current society. Thus the said homeless citizens are forced to drop out of the society and live as feral animals in the fringes of it on the streets, that is if they are lucky not to be set upon by the thugs and hooligans high on all manner of exotic substances which are seemingly found in abundance and catered for, the transactions of which are included in the GDP.

      The only excuse the political elite have forwarded for maintaining the current iniquitous arrangements in support of their benefactors/employers (our very own ever so friendly oligarchs) has been the dreams of prosperity for all. This excuse too is now wearing thin given three and half million bankrupt citizens ie homeless citizens that includes 128,000 homeless children.

      The degree of suppression of truth extending to sanitising and deleting package in which Heidi Allen choking back tears tries to respond to Frank Fields about the current misery that Universal Credit wreaking havoc on the lives of low/no income families is no longer available and an error is thrown up.

      Sad to find even Jesus being depicted as a forlorn bankrupt citizen instead of a champion fighting for equality and eradication of injustice. That is the degree of the success of the lunatics whom have been running the planet for the last few decades, misery and destruction all around and judging by the “contributions” of the known and established lickspittle as ever jumping to defend the same nostrums and policies through deflection and disassembly; It is evident that the said lunatics are not done yet.

      • Phil the ex-frog

        “Sad to find even Jesus being depicted as a forlorn bankrupt citizen instead of a champion fighting for equality and eradication of injustice. That is the degree of the success of the lunatics whom have been running the planet for the last few decades…”

        The perception of Jesus reflected the adoption of Christianity by the ruling classes. What was taken literally was gradually changed to not mean what it said, but as an allegory for the soul. So 4:32 no one claimed private ownership of any possessions became no one claimed that what they possessed was their own. The revolutionary material teachings were gradually changed to become teachings for the soul. Nothing to do with actual wealth.

        But this hasn’t happened in the last few decades. It happened gradually over the first few centuries. Constantin and Nicaea were landmarks.

      • Robert Crawford

        Good to see you again Fedup, I trust you are well and in the pink.

        I have a present for you, and everyone else here, it is a book, called “Word Magic” by Pao Chang. From AbeBooks.

        It will cost £20.00 to land it here. An absolute eye opener.

        I urge all enquiring minds to buy it.


  • Macky

    Trump’s action of yesterday is causing a few more to call-out the Apartheid reality;

    Australia’s former foreign minister, Bob Carr, now backs single democratic state;

    “If the two state solution is buried under settlements and Trump-Netanyahu pact then we need world pressure for full voting rights for all between Jordan River and sea. Not apartheid system of different rights based on race and religion.”

  • nevermind

    Well said, Sharp ears and fed up, a homeless Jesus talking of forgiveness today would get short shrift by society, a sad fact.
    Further it looks like the Christians are amassing on the gates of hell for access, by using little Jesus’s birthday, during the quiet time, as a launchpad for another middle east war.

    Trumps decision has already caused promises of aggression as Hamas leader Hanija is calling for another intifada striking at the heart of Israel.

    its in German, sorry not feeling well to translate it.

    and this from Reuters on the same issue.;

    • nevermind

      the picture of little Jesus, Salvator Mundi was sold for a record price to hang in the Abu Dhabi Louvre. Jesus was bought and hung by a Wahabi Saudi prince, MBS…..

      • Republicofscotland

        Is Jesus not seen as a prophet in the Koran? Indeed if I recall correctly, Mary, is the only woman to be mentioned by name in the book, as one of the most venerated and righteous of women.

  • Republicofscotland

    “A Saudi proposal for a peace initiative between Israelis and Palestinians offers the village of Abu Dis as the future capital of Palestine instead of East Jerusalem, stirring widespread anger”

    Apparently the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, was offered this proposition two months ago.

    Abu Dis is a Palestinian town near occupied East Jerusalem. According to the Oslo Accords it is classified as Area B which is administered by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
    Its obvious there has been collusion between the Saudi’s and Israeli’s beforehand, in an attempt to try and soften the internationally seen, illegal transition of Jerusalem into Israeli hands.

      • SA

        Sorry link doesn’t seem to work here is what I wrote

        So the Jerusalem embassy story is another one of those distractions used to divert attention from one subject to another.
        Trump of course knows not only that this action is provocative but that it is also highly symbolic but practically meaningless. He also knows that it will split the democrats some of whom are equally supportive, if not more so, if this idea. Thirdly the mild criticism that will follow from places like Saudi Arabia will be used to distract from the closer collusion between Israel and KSA that is trying to formulate a new war in the ME against Iran. In fact any pronouncements from Iran in this subject will quickly be used to trigger action by Israel, which by the way seems to have escalating the attacks against the SAA around Damascus. Also any Palestinian violence or intifada will be heavily suppressed.
        All in all very clever but we must always see beyond the headlines but the bottom line here is how can the US and Israel and KSA stop the influence of Iran and start a war.

        • giyane

          Do you think Saudi Arabia really trusts Israel after USUKIS has trounced their jihadists using Russia and Iran?

          • SA


            I think that was not supposed to happen but the Russians interfered. The US tried very hard to protect IS from the SAA and RuAF but failed, at least without appearing to be too partisan. As to Is, the country not the caliphate, they have from time to time acted as the AF for the Jihadis and witness the concentration of Jihadis as a buffer zone between Syria and the Israeli occupied Golan. Also notice that one of the few enduring pockets, the Yarmouk pocket of ISIS is on the border with Israeli occupied Golan and Jordan.

            Well in answer to your question, yes the Saudi King trusts the Israelis because of the common project. However the alliances in the ME as we have seen change often and sometimes are contradictory.

          • SA

            This Beit Jin pocket referred to is further north, nearer the Lebanese border. The ISIS Yarmouk pocket is further south, tucked away and actually separated from the Syrian Army by a zone controlled by an area occupied by the FSA in south Dara’a..

        • Republicofscotland


          Re your 12.00 comment, yes I suppose the Great Satan and its obedient minions will be hoping for a violent reaction, with regards to a Jerusalem.

          However, I feel the attacks will be aimed more at US bases and personnel, US citizens within the ME region. It would be foolish to declare all out war on Israel or the US for that matter.

          What is left to say about Saudi Arabia that hasn’t already been said, it’s a great wonder that they have any allies left in the Arab world.

          • SA

            I agree nobody will declare war but any action, even by individuals will be used as a casus belli and trigger major retaliations. After all we know the the IAF seems to have a free reign over Lebanese airspace and bomb Syria from there at will.

      • Republicofscotland


        On Syria, it would appear the Great Satan, (consecutive warmongering US administrations) might have released that Assad cannot be removed at this moment in time.

        “US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that “it’s important” that President Bashar Assad is part of talks on the future of Syria. He added that Washington has asked Moscow to facilitate the Syrian government’s involvement in the Geneva negotiations.”

  • Macky

    Notice how the MSM frames US Embassy move in terms of “there will be violence” instead of “this violates international law & legitimises land theft, annexation & settler-colonialism” emphasises potential reaction of the occupied & displaced, instead of illegal, vicious actions of their oppressors.

    • Republicofscotland


      Here’s a thought, what if quite a few other nations moved their embassies to Jerusalem, (out of Tel Aviv) it could in the long run help to keep Jerusalem international in a sense.

      Jerusalem should be made a International City State as soon as possible.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile the Trumpian adminstration is considering a set of proposals developed by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a retired CIA officer — with assistance from Oliver North, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal — to provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the White House with a global, private spy network that would circumvent official U.S. intelligence agencies.

    Wow, if true Trump is intent on privatising intelligence, which (when things go wrong and lives are lost) probably wouldn’t come under scrutiny by the public offices.

    It could been seen as an autonomus, department leaving it open to supplying info around the globe that could lead to atrocities being committed around the world. So it will be just another CIA then.

    Only its initial will be TIA, Trumps Intelligence Agency.

    • SA

      The presidency itself has long ago been privatised and is run by and for billionaires, so what is strange about privatising intelligence?

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        The making and implementation of policy has generally been privatizedb since feudal times when kings had to engage their vassals in the process.

        The basic thing that has happened with the development of nation states is that that the making of foreign and military policy is that it has become institutionalizeed.

        When the public service state came along, so was intelligence gathering, finance, medicine, education, housing, etc.

        It’s gotten so general now that almost everything is, requiring the calling in of the private sector to help out.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile Germany, France and even Theresa May have publicly condemned Trump’s reckless action on Jerusalem.

  • reel guid

    Tory Scottish Secretary David Mundell is making vague promises that there will be amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill at a later stage of the process that will safeguard devolution.

    Another worthless unionist promise. Same as the promises in the Vow, the promise that Voting No in 2014 guaranteed Scotland staying in the EU, and the promise that voting No would strengthen Scotland’s influence in the UK.

    Once the Withdrawal Bill promise turns out to be another con the unionist media will start spinning that the promise was really kept. Then Westminster will start to devise the next empty promise to string gullible Scots along to try and keep the union going a bit further.

    But more and more people are seeing through the grand deception.

    • Republicofscotland

      reel guid.

      NHS England is refusing to publish figures for hospitals that turn people away this winter due to the hospitals not being able to cope.

      It’s a ploy to hide the scale of failure England’s NHS is experiencing continually over the years, due to a severe lack of investment by Westminster.

      Last year the Red Cross called the NHS in England a humanitarian crisis, as sick people were turned away from the hospitals A&E departments, god help them this year.

      • K Crosby

        The Private Equity NHS (don’t use the acronym, it looks like PENHS this) should establish a military wing that can travel abroad and kill people like the RAF and the Pongos. The fascist state would slather to put money into it.

  • Republicofscotland

    As Netanyahu said this:

    “there is no peace that doesn’t include Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

    Italy, the UN Secretary General and the Pope lined up to condemn Trump’s inane action of officially recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  • mike

    That’s it, corporate media, focus on the violent reaction of the oppressed, rather than on the irredentism of the oppressors.

    Poor Emily Maitlis on Newsnight last night, you could hear the quaver in her voice as she questioned Mark Regev. She knows as well as anyone that You Don’t Criticise Israel, but she did a reasonable job nonetheless.

    It’s a pity that the corporate media didn’t devote as much attention to Kushner leaning on Flynn on Israel’s behalf. Talk about foreign influence! But only some influencers make headline news. Others, you know, REAL ones – as opposed to politicised hysteria – are deliberately ignored. Every corporate journalist knows that the wildest evidence-free rumour about Russia can be fluffed for all it’s worth, while actual influence as exerted by Israel is off-limits.

    Imagine if someone on Trump’s team had visited a field hospital on the border between Russia and Ukraine, where Novorossiyan “terrorists” were being treated. CNN and The Guardian would go into invective overdrive.

    As it stands, Priti Patel can do that in the Golan Heights without placing the Conservative Friends of Israel in the firing line – you’ll note there was ZERO follow up to that visit in the corporate media. The story flared up, but the fire was quickly extinguished.

    The dogs are well trained. They know who to bark at, and when.

    • K Crosby

      The xionists don’t wield influence in the US; they’re used as proxies so that coercing the (willing) victims of Congress can be blamed on the contractor. It’s the pound of flesh the xionists pay for the freedom to butcher Palestinians.

      • Sharp Ears

        Of course the Zionists wield influence in the US. They have done so ever since Truman endorsed the establishment of its ‘state’, a ‘state’ that has no boundaries and knows no law.


        In 1917 Chaim Weizmann, scientist, statesperson, and Zionist, persuaded the British government to issue a statement favoring the establishment of a J…. national home in Palestine. The statement, which became known as the Balfour Declaration, was, in part…..

        While President Franklin D. Roosevelt appeared to be sympathetic to the J.. cause, his assurances to the Arabs that the United States would not intervene without consulting both parties caused public uncertainty about his position. When Harry S. Truman took office, he made clear that his sympathies were with the J.. and accepted the Balfour Declaration, explaining that it was in keeping with former President Woodrow Wilson’s principle of “self-determination.” Truman initiated several studies of the Palestine situation that supported his belief that, as a result of the Holocaust, J.. were oppressed and also in need of a homeland.

    • Macky

      I miss Bevin’s inputs, as I was sure that he would have commented on this important article, and lo & behold, he has (just not here !):

      “No need to worry: the school system has been propaganda central since it began. It is what schools both do and are designed to do. This website and dissident thought in general exist despite the school system. It might even be argued that the more openly propagandistic the schools are the more dissidents and critical thought they will produce.

      That is not to say that we should not be worried about what the corporate sector and its state are desperate to do, which is to close down public debate. There is nothing new about this except that there is, currently, a wide and increasingly serious debate, international in character and involving millions of ordinary people, taking place.

      There hasn’t been anything like this before.

      No doubt The Establishment intends to close this discussion down. The real question is whether, merely by manipulating search engines and IPOs, they can do so.

      My guess, which is unusually uninformed even within my, septuagenarian, demographic cohort, is that the genie-having got out of the bottle- will only be recaptured by force- not the polite, deceitful fascism of weasels with keyboards, lamenting ‘personal abuse’, ‘extremism’ or ‘foreign subversion’ but the old fashioned bludgeoning, waterboarding types such as those who enforce Hasbara in Palestine and decapitate ‘gangs’ in ghettoes. They already know who we are and where we live. And what our tastes and appetites are, thanks to the War on Terror.”

  • Sharp Ears

    Jared covers all bases.

    Clinton mega-donor Saban thanks Kushner for ‘collusion’ on Israel’s behalf
    4 Dec, 2017
    White House senior adviser Jared Kushner shakes hands with Haim Saban at the Saban Forum Reuters

    Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s senior advisor – and the man who allegedly ordered Gen. Michael Flynn’s “collusion” calls to Russia – has appeared at pro-Israeli donor Haim Saban’s event where he has been thanked for his lobbying on behalf of Israel.

    Speaking at the three-day conference, prominent Clinton Foundation donor Saban thanked Kusher for “taking steps to try and get the UN Security Council to not go along with what ended up being an abstention by the US against a 50-year-old tradition.”

    The multibillionaire was referring to Flynn’s admission that he had been told to ask Russia to delay a December 2016 UN Security Council vote on Israeli settlements. It has since been reported that Flynn was acting on Kushner’s orders, and that Israeli officials had contacted Trump’s team to ask for their help to veto the resolution, Reuters reports.

    A lovely lot of people. The American people had no choice once Sanders et al were
    out of it.

  • Anon7

    Before we all get too hysterical, it’s worth remembering that Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the Koran.

    It is a Jewish holy city and all that has happened is that the US has announced it will move its embassy there. Cue: massive and predictable Arab violence.

    • Republicofscotland

      According to the Quran, the Islamic Nabi (Arabic: نَـبِي‎, Prophet) Muhammad was taken by the miraculous steed, that is the Buraq, to visit the Farthest Mosque (which many Muslims believe is Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem), where he prayed, and was then taken to the heavens, in a single night in the year 620 CE.

  • Anon7

    A vast sea of Arab Muslim land in which every non-Muslim is discriminated against, with just a tiny slither of Jewish territory that happens to be free, democratic and very successful.

    But it is this tiny slither of Jewish land that the left cannot allow to exist.

  • Anon7

    Re Bernie “the Bern” Sanders,

    He carried on campaigning and receiving donations even after he knew the primaries were rigged against him by the Clinton cartel. Not only did he not say a word about it, he made a vast personal fortune out of it.

    Worst of all, he threw his support behind Clinton after he knew that the election had been rigged against him, by Clinton.

    A lower form of human being it is hard to imagine.

    • joel

      Bernie did not made a vast personal fortune out of his campaign. You’re likely confusing him with politicians you align with.

    • kashmiri

      Upon request of the sitting US president, so it was more legal than if done by a rogue politician.

    • giyane


      This is very old, fake news. Why fake? Because obviously UK politicians such as Blair, Cameron and now Johnson intensely dislike being forced to conduct Zionist illegal wars against Muslims. They would therefore support POTUS Trump rather than Hillary Clinton who clearly wanted to continue Obama’s Zionist wars.

      Or are we saying that Obama got GCHQ to leak the Clinton emails because he wanted to put a stop to Zionist crazy use of Islamist terror for the benefit of Greater Israel?

      You cannot brainwash a man’s inner soul, however hard you try.

      • SA


        I am baffled by your post. Blair bombed several Muslim countries in conjunction with his friend Clinton. Cameron was one of the chief architects of bombing of Libya and was so keen to bomb Syria until stopped by the HP vote. Johnson is untested in this respect but is obviously still complicit in the silence about the massacre in Yemen, accomplished with the help of our weapons, but this is something he has inherited.

        • giyane

          I didn’t say they didn’t do it. Nobody knows why the hidden power of one small, new state can dictate inflicting wars on Muslims and their countries like a cuckoo kicking baby birds out of the nest.
          I assume neither our UK politicians nor Trump like being armtwisted to do things they hate.

          • SA

            I understand, but what I am saying is that they are colluding not just being led. Britain has always encouraged the MBs in the Arab world and Wahhabism. After all you must surely know who constructed Saudi Arabia after nomadic desert tribes.

      • nevermind

        Obama was Netanyahu’s best bosom pal, wasn’t he Gyanne, they were getting on sooo well, not.

        Obama reacted because of the pressure he’s got from the military industrial complex and its allignment with Aipac, cause Bibi could not stand him, being a proper racist, the two could not stand each other, but that did not exclude working in Israel’s direction generally.

        Today, Trump is Bibi’s bitch, if he says bend over and make Jerusalem your embassy abode, then Trump will do it, it is an issue were he could personally shine, so important to him, and say ‘look no other president before me had the guts, blah blah’.
        What does he care about the implications? only when Palestinians bring the conflict into the US proper will he realise what he has done, he could not give a hoot if Arabs and Israeli’s die for his folly.

  • Sharp Ears

    In any event, Trump’s desired aim was achieved.

    After ‘Day of Rage’ in West Bank Ends in Violence, Palestinians Call for More Protests on Friday
    With Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh calling for a new intifada, Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza prepare to take to the streets in protest
    Dec 08, 2017 12:34 AM

    read more:

    The IDF are out in force.

    • SA

      It is an opportunity for Israel, Saudi Arabia , the BBC, The Guardian etc… to remind us that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist groups or militants whilst ignoring the occupation.

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