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113 thoughts on “Cunning Plan from William Hague

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  • anders7777

    Thanks for the backup Cryptonym

    I have tons more, sweet dreams CE 🙂

    I’ll give one clue to CE

    I ran the hottest anti-blair thread ever, back around a decade or so, in the USA.

    Had dozens of .spook countries reading it

    I am very PROUD of that mate.

    It got shut down, plus ca change etc…




  • CE

    Ok Anders I’ll read the book it sounds like a good story, but you do realise RF has described the book as ‘factional’ and the families have rubbished it? I do hope the publishers didn’t just indulge a frivolous fact or fiction debate purely to increase sales in the all important paranoid conspiracist market. 😈

    PS Congratulations on having an internet threat closed down, in the words SirAlexFerguson, you must be ‘vewy pwoud’. 😉

  • anders7777

    Ok Anders I’ll read the book it sounds like a good story, but you do realise RF has described the book as ‘factional’ and the families have rubbished it? I do hope the publishers didn’t just indulge a frivolous fact or fiction debate purely to increase sales in the all important paranoid conspiracist market.

    Very good.

    Carry on!

  • tony roma

    all is fine in the ce world
    the ce is the church of cozy dozy engerland.
    more tea vicar
    pims on the lawn
    stilton and branston pickle.
    cucumber sandwich
    jolly hockey sticks
    croquet on the lawn.
    anyone for tennis cricket
    anytime use of police horses super and smashing and simply great.
    country suppers with tony,william,david,rebbecca and grandad rupert from the daily muck.
    nothing weird just friends all having a lovely time,just fun promise no politics or insider dealings.
    no threats that would be silly not in front of frank gardiner and robert piss peston from the truth loving mi6 bbc.
    not in front of friends in guardian,telegraph and c4 all friends just chit chatting about nothing in politics
    close mukkas havin a laugh wot wot.
    no script work,no story ark draughting, no news agenda framing, just fun.
    fun,fun murdoch mucky fun.
    no threats,no sex fotos,no blackmail,no ultimatums.
    no child sex involvement just friendly banter.
    no gayness just straightness honest.
    the other tony told me that is all that happens and i believe him i do.
    the 45mins thing hussein as the new hitler that was true he was.
    look at iraq now quite calm full of love and so modern.
    it smells so sweet as well with the help of engerlish and us depleted uranium scent.
    engerland really is the only beacon of honesty,calmness and lovelyness in this dangerous world.
    thank god for those lovely rebecca wade oxford country suppers i say.
    thank god for engerland as jerusalem.
    thank god for are inspector morse like cuntry.

  • Mary

    There will be weeks and weeks of this in the papers and on the screens. Something to fill up the void.

    26 September 2012 Last updated at 05:19
    Phone-hacking: Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson in court
    Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson will face charges at the Old Bailey in London

    Former News International boss Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron’s former communications director Andy Coulson are due to appear in court on charges related to alleged phone hacking.

    They are expected at the Old Bailey along with five former News of the World journalists, accused of conspiracy to access voicemails.

    Prosecutors say the charge could relate to more than 600 victims.


  • Snap

    Hello Mary,

    I thought you might have had a remark to share about Lord Phillips’s lecture on judicial independence and funding. (4:05 pm above)

    It was just a chance observation that prompted a second thought in hindsight. I guess I was being too obtuse, from a desire to leave it to others to add better substance or wild speculation…

    Also, perhaps a legal eagle wishes to inform readers on all the terminology of the procedural steps to bring those two to “face charges”. Are they summonsed, charged, indicted or what else? 🙂

  • guano

    Obama drones.
    I had expected concentration camp massacres to accompany the last yeas of NATO occupation of Afghanistan Pakistan. The drones are out of the radar of public opinion and existing parameters of genocide.
    As always, progress in humiliation and murder of human beings stretches the imagination of evil at the expense of humanity.

    At the same time, the dishonesty of business and banking practice stretches the imagination of greed at the expense of humanity.
    What occurs to me is that there is a complete disconnect amongst Muslims between the requirements of Islam in relation to greed, interest, corruption and their own practices. They think that because we are Muslims God has given us this special loophole round the rules.

    Obama, at the top of the tree of Zionist/Christian fanaticism believes that God has given him this special loophole (drones) round the Geneva Convention. Well, the message of Islam is that your situation will only improve when you change your own behaviour. I have just been sacked from my job in a Muslim company for touching on this sensitive area.

    Muslims are touchy about being lectured by an English New Muslim.
    It’s not just the political whistle blowers like Craig and Assange who get spiked by character assassination and false and illegal sexual exposure, also religious whistleblowers.

    Political Islam hooked up to the Zio-Christian fanaticism to get rid of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. This chimaera has produced the unstoppable violence in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya, because this political collaboration between Islam and the enemies of Islam disables us as Muslims from wielding our advantage of occupying the obvious moral high ground.

    The last stage of the Arab spring in Syria will be to place a Syrian, non-Muslim, US trained prostitute in power instead of a moderate, Muslim brutal dictator. That’s because the Zio=Christian fanatics have understood from the brutal dictator stage of neo-colonialism that fear of brutality is a less effective weapon against Islam than the destruction of social morality.

    Romantic TV soaps and drug abuse devour our faith from inside our Muslim homes more effectively than torture and persecution. In the company from which I have just been sacked, modern managerial systems for controlling employee freedoms are implemented by English non-Muslim managers. You pray alongside your Muslim managers but they employ non-Muslims to kick you in the balls, modern accounting fiddles to cover up their kick-backs, bribes and deals.

    As Brer rabbit said to the Brer who wanted to punish him. ‘Please, please, whatever you do, don’t throw me in the briar patch’. And when he did so: ‘Born and bred in the briar patch’, and off he ran back home.

  • Jay

    Sorry to hear you lost your job. I hope things work out for the best for you.
    It seems a sense of moral decency is what unites all.

    I do believe that we wil see the tide turn, man is not the the menace that we are led to believe. We are just badly led.

    I am an ex-smoker, drinker, and my values have never been clearer to me.

    If we all can get the basics right altruism will follow.

    The moralalistic view of society should be the basis of all ours.
    Sadly that is not the case but I know there are hearts that do unite.

  • Kempe

    “And what’s wrong with catty?”

    You can do better; and Haque is an easy target anyway.

    Robin cook whacked. Yeah that gave me a good laugh too.

  • nevermind

    I agree Mary, the flaming of the PCC elections by our media on and during the election, the irregularities already happening on that front, will be smothered by court talk over Beccy and Andy.

    never in the history of elections has there be a more low brow election that this. The Tory’s think that silence and diversion will ensure that only their electorate turns up at the ballot box, so transparent.

    In Norfolk party candidates get the electoral register update every month, they have their 100 signatures on day one as they already have the register.

    Independent candidates have the register denied, until the 8th. Oct. Here in Norfolk the EDP, for weeks now, has refused to use the campaign photos of the Independent candidate Mervyn Lambert, he must be looking too cheerful. When they published condolences by candidates to the murder of two police women, they did not ask the Independent candidate for his comment, really disgusting mongering, making out he does not care.

  • Mary

    Hello to you too Snap. I have no opinion on the funding of the Supreme Court or on Lord Phillips nor am I interested in what an ex ‘government lawyer’ who worked for Goldsmith and who thinks the Iraq war was legal says about anything.
    See (}

    I think and know from the experience of family members that ‘justice’ is a rare commodity in this country and is very rarely handed down in any of our courts, whether Supreme or High. More like a lottery with the jackpot going to the lawyers.

    PS The author of that blog is a Carl Gardner. Wonder if he is related to Frank ‘I Was There’ Gardner!? I hear that Frank was at a private lunch at the Palace in 2004. See how it all works.

    PPS Gardner also had a pop at Craig for ‘revealing’ Anna Ardin’s name. We ALL know that it was already in the public domain.

    Craig Murray’s Newsnight outburst: the law on anonymity should be tightened
    by Carl Gardner on August 21, 2012

    Last night on the BBC’s Newsnight, Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, named one of the women whose evidence has led Swedish prosecutors to seek the extradition of Julian Assange…/.
    See {}

  • Vronsky

    @John Goss
    “For all who think it was funny that Robin Cook was whacked, read this blog:”

    Only point of substance is the business of the mobile phone, which is indeed curious. I met Robin Cook just two days before his death, in Orkney. He was sitting in a craft shop looking a bit bored, while Gaynor inspected some tapestries. I said hello, and asked when we were going to see his boss in prison. ‘He doesn’t see things that way,’ said Robin.

    This shop was quite remotely situated, not in town. There were only five of us there: Robin and me, our wives, and the shop owner. If I had wanted to slot Wee Robin right then I could have done it. There was no sign of security of any sort.

    Whatever his failings, he wasn’t stupid or deluded about the nature of the British state. If his life had been in danger I think it is likely he would have known, and thus very unlikely that he would have been ambling around a remote part of a remote island with only his wife for protection. Still, open mind and all that.

  • CE

    For all who think it was funny that Robin Cook was whacked, read this blog:


    I did, and it’s a steaming pile of conspiracy laden illogical horse manure.

    I take it you or the author have never been to been to Ben Stack, it’s not remote in the slightest by Sutherland standards, there’s fricking road runs right past it. If you are unsure about things please do not reprint nonsense that denigrates this good man and his family. As Vronsky says RC was nobody’s fool and guff like this would be better debated on one of those loopy conspiracy blogs that think Lizzie is a reptile.

  • Sunflower


    Look at how the war on “terrer” was started… The guy is telling the truth and it’s probably an option quite high up on the zionist list of alternatives. Take e.g. USS Liberty, if the Israelis attack or sink one of the many battleships present in the Gulf at the moment, it wouldn’t be the first time they attacked an “allied”.

    And a submarine attack, no-one will ever be able to prove anything, so it’s a possibility. There are so many options for a false-flag. If and when it’s decided to get things moving in the “right” direction, they have the resources to do it, no doubt.

  • Abe Rene

    Sharing embassies to save money is an excellent idea. Why not save even more by renationailsing the raliways forthwith, abandoning nuclear weapons like South Africa, and resolving to have no more very expensive Olympic games in the UK?

    But sharing a hotel room – honestly, I’d sooner pay extra for my own room. Got to draw the line somewhere, so long as one is not skint.

  • Mary

    I know Sunflower but he is blatantly advocating war against Iran and a way to start it. ‘War’ in his mind is probably just a three letter word. He doesn’t think one jot about the mayhem and the pain.

  • John Goss

    Vronsky, I agree one of the most ‘curious’ revelations was the reporting that neither he nor she (Gaynor) had mobile phones, when he (Robin Cook) clearly did. The other is the unidentified man who administered first aid, who had, the press led us to believe, certain political persuasions that are unclear from the blog and the links to articles don’t work. Though I agree the ‘phone’ is the most intriguing since the person who administered first aid may just have been doing what most in that position would attempt to do – resuscitate. And it is his choice to remain anonymous if he wishes.

    Yes, I keep an open mind, even with Dr David Kelly, who may have committed suicide for all I know, but I suspect with the Hutton Inquiry, and the 70 year restriction of information, there is more to it than meets the eye. And there should, by law, be an inquest.

  • Brian Spencer

    John Goss has made a very good point about Dr Kelly and that there should be an inquest.

    In less than four hours from his body being found Blair and Falconer had agreed that there should be an inquiry. An inquiry that, unlike an inquest, didn’t hear evidence under oath. That wasn’t a problem according to the coroner when on 16 March 2004 he could have, and should have, reconvened the inquest. That wasn’t a problem according to Falconer when he appeared before a select committee in May 2004. That wasn’t a problem according to Hutton when he wrote to the Attorney General’s Office in 2010. That wasn’t a problem according to Grieve when he announced in June last year he wasn’t going to the High Court.

    So why do we ever bother with inquests and hearing evidence under oath where suspicious deaths are concerned? Can anyone answer that question?

  • CE

    John Goss,

    Stating definitively that RC was whacked is not exactly indicative of an open mind.

    From your link, the anonymous man speaks:

    There may be clandestine forces which were the root cause of Mr Cook’s death. I can say that I believe this or previous governments may not have clean hands where their perceived interests are threatened; BUT, Your account, with addenda, uses inaccuracy and lack of knowledge to prise open a lid where there may in fact be none to open. My knowledge of this affair starts at the known time of about 2:20pm that afternoon, 6th August, 2005, and is first hand. If forces you hint at were in operation prior to that time you may make whatever judgements you wish based upon your information. It is not at all surprising that several parties were on Ben Stack simultaneously. Driving past the start point it is not uncommon to see several cars parked – they would have no other purpose for parking there. That I was there was pure chance, but not unexpected. I requested anonymity to avoid being drawn into the whirlwind of inaccuracy upon which the British Press bases itself. Local people knew who I was and what was happening and have not purveyed this incident abroad, so far as I know. The Police spent over one hour interviewing me on the day. They drew their conclusions as they saw fit. Mr Cook lay on the ground about 6 – 8 minutes down from the top. Or, 10 – 12 minutes ascent below the top. One comment Mrs Cook made was that he had had a very slight “bad Turn” a little further down the slope, but he had decided to continue upward. If I were to inject any personal interpretation I would say that he was very familiar with his heart condition over several years and ‘knew’ his time had come. It would be wrong to venture medical opinion, but it is very possible that Mr Cook was dead before I arrived at the scene. It is possible that Ms Mackintosh of the Ambulance Service guessed / knew this as well – people in this service would be experienced enough to understand a situation from our reactions, descriptions and from what they hear over the phone link. Requesting a lengthy resuscitation I believe was part of keeping us gainfully occupied while waiting for the helicopter. Ben Stack is not remote. I would say High Holborn is remote – a very long train journey from here! And, the ascent of Ben Stack begins only 10 feet from the car parking area. There is the ruin of a radio installation at the summit of Ben Stack. You sir, explain just how much land this landowner owns. Communications would naturally be important. This hilltop would be a suitable site for an antenna. I believe the landowner now relies on satellite communications therefore the radio installation is redundant and in total disrepair. The weather conditions were as described – very good. The Ben was not in sun but views out were clear and patches of sunshine were visible all around. Mr Cook’s mischevious use of “foul weather” was just that and Richard Holloway stated such at the funeral. The Cook sons understand a joke even if cynics can’t. You, sir, failed to highlight the “wish you were here” words which make this father to son exchange what it was. The ascent / descent is nowhere dangerous. Rock and grass intermingle all the way to the top. There are no unavoidable difficult rocky areas. That said it is steep, even very steep, and any high mountain requires respect and care. Mrs Cook’s mobile could not get a signal – she said she tried. I do not know about or cannot recall mention of his. This period was fraught; I was simply glad to get a call through as quickly as possible. This misses the thrust of the sinister import of your message, but I want to praise Ms MacKintosh and the helicopter crew for their efficient and sympathetic service.

  • Brian Spencer

    If Dr Kelly had been murdered then our security services would likely have either been directly involved or would be aware of what country was responsible. It might be thought that Lord Hutton would give some consideration to this possibility. But of course he had been Lord Chief justice of Northern Ireland during “The Troubles” and as such would have had protection from the security services! Would he want to mention the security services? I think not!

    Again, he had been employed by the Ministry of Defence to represent the soldiers at the “Bloody Sunday” inquest. Would he meaningfully criticise the MOD following Dr Kelly’s death? Perhaps not!

    Falconer has said that he had tens of experienced judges to choose from to chair the Inquiry. Hutton was the only one he considered. It’s not finding a chairman you can lean on, it’s finding a chairman you don’t need to lean on, as the saying goes.

  • John Goss

    And 2 comments below that:

    “ps the post above by mystery walker adds substantially to my personal suspicion. I see all the trappings of damage control and the probability that the actual person present would find and then participate in such a discussion seems remote at best to me – especially given the supposed reasons for desiring anonymity! I smell fish getting near.
    Posted by: starting to fear my government | 2008.09.10 at 11:12”

  • kashmiri

    Sharing emabssies? Nothing unusual, many smaller countries have been doing this for years. Last year, a lone Hungarian diplomat in Uzbekistan was accommodated in the embassy of Poland. Earlier, Polish and Czech diplomats were using the French emabassy as their office in Tashkent. Come on, take it easy.

  • John Goss

    Kashmiri, I think some humour has to be read into this post about sharing embassies, in line with the Fox/Werritty friendship. But I would point out that Liam Fox and William Hague are married men, and therefore no more likely to join the Mounties than the Brownies.

  • Snap


    Sorry, I did not know much about his background at all.
    I was not referring to Carl Gardner’s opinion on the matter; it was simply a point of reference to the fact that Lord Phillips gave a lecture on judicial independence complaining about the part funding by the Ministry of Justice. Seeing this in hindsight raises the question, might this be a sort of veiled complaint that the Ministry had been using a review of funding as a leverage to exert pressure on them regarding say the upcoming EAW case of Assange?

    This whole EAW situation has made clear the diplomatic nigh impossibility of one EU country’s courts ruling against another, nor of the EAW system stopping any trivial cases, as that could consequently stop also severe cases, due to the “one size fits all” approach.

    If you can get past whomever Carl Gardner represents to you, there were some commenters posting interesting remarks and information about Sweden and the Assange situation at the time of the hearings. I was just looking there trying to find some info on the full transcripts of the hearings, which were being made by some company in London. Someone has been asking about it in another post here.

    Yes I’ve also wondered about Carl Gardner’s ties and what position he held.

  • John Goss

    Mary at 4.35 pm. Thanks for posting that link Mary. Brian Spencer’s blog on unanswered questions regarding the death of Dr David Kelly is the single most comprehensive site I have come across on the subject. It is the work of many years of thorough investigation and deserves wholehearted commendation, which it certainly gets from me.

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