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I am a guest speaker tomorrow at the NUJ Conference in Newcastle, on the subject of blogging. Never one to appease an audience, I shall give them it straight on my opinions of the collusion between mainstream media and power, and thus those who work within it. I expect to hear a lot about how bloggers are irresponsible, do not check sources etc.

I shall be drawing on some of the content of this talk:

I post this again because nowadays this website has far more readers than when I first posted it, and because it encapsulates my thoughts rather well.

I shall tell the NUJ that the mainstream media remains very constrained in what they publish. The Jimmy Saville affair broke on the internet in a big way a year ago, and yet the mainstream media is only now catching up – and still not making key links, like to Haut de la Garenne.

I receive, constantly, emails from people wishing me to take up various cases on my blog and furnishing information. 95% of the time I do not publish because I am not able to investigate fully (there is just one of me) and I do not know the source: the exclusives on this blog come mostly from my access to well-placed sources I have known for years through my past diplomatic career, and trust.

A notable proportion of the cases brought to me by those I do not know involve alleged paedophile rings. I was sent information about Haut de la Garenne for years, which named a string of senior people alleged to take advantage of organised paedophilia in the care home. Among the judges, politicians and aristocracy, there was indeed the name of Jimmy Saville. I have to admit it was not just that I could not prove any of it, I was actively sceptical about what seemed a random list of names of the famous. We now know for certain that Saville visited the place several times. The whole Haut De La Garenne investigation always seemed to obscure more than it revealed; I do hope it is mow re-opened, and taken away from the local Jersey police.

Another case which caused me great concern was that of Hollie Greig, where the jailing of Robert Green seemed to me vicious and unjustified. But I had earlier refused a request on behalf of the Greig family to involve myself in the case because the allegations made seemed to me incapable of proof without investigative powers and resources of the kind the police have. That the police do not properly deploy those resources where allegations involve the powerful appears to me too often to be too likely. Where the accusation is that the judicial establishment is involved in a paedophile ring, for the same judicial establishment to start jailing campaigners is extraordinary.

But the Alisher Usmanov and Adam Werritty cases will be the main thrust of my talk to the NUJ. In the first, the mainstream media still to this day persist in covering up the criminal past of the convicted blackmailer and Putin cohort who purchased 10% of Facebook and 35% of Arsenal Football Club.

The Werritty case is much more sinister because it goes to the media collusion in burying evidence of the influence of Israel on British politics. The public were told that Werritty was at a small number of meetings where he should not have been. The mainstream media refused to discuss why he was at those meetings or what his participation was actually about – leaving the public to infer he was merely Fox’s lover or in some way they were making money.

Even when I was able to produce undeniable evidence that Fox and Werritty held eight meetings with Matthew Gould, now and during six of those meetings British Ambassador to Israel (and Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary for the first two meetings) the mainstream media refused point blank to publish it. Mossad were present for at least two of those eight meetings. Gus O’Donnell’s report, whcih led to Fox’s resignation, had revealed only two of these eight meetings. This should have been a massive story. The media buried it (with the sole and belated exception of the Independent on Sunday).

No media were prepared to put any investigative resources into what Gould, Werritty and Mossad were doing. I had an impeccable senior source who told me that they were discussing preparing the political ground for an attack on Iran. You would think that, given the Werritty affair caused Fox to resign, that was worth investigating. The media completely blanked it. To this day the fact that Werritty and Fox met Gould eight times has been reported nowhere but one column in the Independent on Sunday.

I think my encounter with the journalistic profession could be quite fun. I shall also be arguing that bloggers should be allowed to join the NUJ; an internal NUJ debate on this is the background to my invitation to speak.

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  • Harriet

    The Prince Charles connection with Savile sounds like a good place to stick the wedge for those who want more to be revealed in this foul story. So Prince Charles, whose homosexual affair with ‘aide’ Michael Fawcett, and attitude towards Fawcett’s alleged rape of the now dead George Smith, are STILL kept out of the British media, paid a ‘private visit’ to one of the many houses kept in the UK by Jimmy Savile, did he? Something smells very fishy there.

    As for moneysupermarket and Israeli servers… I once registered a domain name using a ‘proxy’ address supplied by the hosting company. This was after Google had threatened not to list sites hosted at such domain names. When I tried to pay for these services, using the automated procedure run by the company providing both the hosting and the proxy registration, it was impossible to pay without using GooglePay, to whom I had to give my Visa card number, street address, etc. I did this, and lo and behold the final stage of the procedure didn’t work. I then contacted the company and it was as if the requirement to use Google had never existed, and they were happy to take my payment details directly. I also contacted Google and said please could you delete all of my personal details, pointing out that although I had tried to use their service, I had not been successful in doing so, and no longer wanted to do so, and therefore there was no need for them to keep any of my details. They wrote back refusing, saying they could use them for ‘legitimate business purposes’ if they liked. Needless to say, the terms and conditions had given them the ‘right’ to transfer these details ‘abroad’. Google, as well as Microsoft and Intel, have important parts of their operations in Israel. Google is basically a Jewish firm.

    Surprised? Remember ‘Promis’?

    Those who haven’t already seen it may be interested in following this link:

  • Have A Look At This

    I’d be grateful if in the interests of honest debate you publish my reply to what you say about my other post, Jon. In particular I would like to correct what appears to be your misunderstanding about what I was ‘implying’ with regard to Esther Rantzen.

  • Ginger Nuts (was: Lemon Puffs)

    “So I’ve been put on pre-moderation? You might have said!”

    You get that when you have more than one link. Besides, nothing said here is read by anyone who is actually going to do anything about it other than tut ‘n’ puff and perhaps occasionally do some cut ‘n’ paste.

    [Mod/Jon: posted as Lemon Puffs, but has posted in the past under Ginger Nuts, so fixing]

  • JimmyGiro

    I’ve been moderated twice in the other thread, and both comments from me had no links. But they did have questions aimed at the moderator.

  • Ginger Nuts (was: Lemon Puffs)

    I am quite saddened that you make reference to “Jewish mafia”, and imply that Rantzen’s Jewishness makes her a likely liar when she talks about Savile.

    Oh no, that poor man is “saddened” because someone said “Jewish mafia”. Whaaaaa whaaaaaa whaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Upset his ‘Jewish sensitivities” no doubt. Apparently, some Jews in Israel actually do not believe they have a God given right to lord it over the locals. Well, good for them eh?

    [Mod/Jon: posted as Lemon Puffs, but has posted in the past under Ginger Nuts, so fixing]

  • Have A Look At This

    I can see my post with “Your comment is awaiting moderation” at the bottom, and it doesn’t contain any links. Jon does seem to have disliked my use of the term ‘Jewish mafia’; this is one of things I answered about, giving a few pointers as to what he might check up on, should he entertain for a moment the idea that he may be wrong to reject the use of the term.

  • CE

    Despite Jon’s best efforts, another thread sidetracked by foaming mouthed anti-Jewish trolling.

    Nonsensical talk of a ‘Jewish Mafia’ is a sidetrack from the real issue of systematic child abuse and establishment collusion . This disturbing mans odious behaviour must have been accompanied by at best a generation long ‘blind eye’, and at worst a corrupt nest of abuse and cover ups reaching into the highest echelons of the British Establishment. Even though Jim’s not here to face his accusers, and regardless of their race or religion, there must be collaborators of his out there feeling a little uneasy tonight.

  • Cryptonym

    I haven’t seen any foaming mouthed anti-Jewish trolling here. We have an organised group of malevolent squatters, they are squatting a whole country -Palestine, after the residents popped out leaving the door unlatched in 1948. You sound like a law ‘n’ order string-em-up type CE, I would have thought you would be all for property rights and the original owners or their descendants recovering their birthright/assets some day.

  • nevermind

    Shiver me timbers, jimmy Giro, you had to wait for moderation… that’s not good enough, you should be fast tracked.

    Just sayin’ Jon and Clark are freelancing mods, this is not an all singing and dancing forum with 24/7 cover and paid employees, they do need to get a life now and then, unless they want to de generate into square eyed cabbages.

    Thanks for the moderation Jon and Clark, one day you get a Christmas/ garden/summer/any party for your services, its just a matter of……..

    time, sense and realisation

  • MJ

    “there must be collaborators of his out there feeling a little uneasy tonight”

    Not half as uneasy as they would have been had this stuff come our while Savile was still alive. Dead men don’t talk.

  • harriet

    The injunction preventing the naming of Freddie Starr has been lifted.

    Starr was the ‘third star’ who allegedly sexually assaulted a girl, Karin Ward, in the presence of Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter.

  • Adriana

    I think this discussion started off being about the failures of the mainstream media. Anyone who hasn’t seen the Amber Lyon interview on the Juan Cole page should take a look – it’s a glimpse at what we don’t see on the MSM and, specifically, how CNN is complicit in the lead-up to war with Iran.

  • Lemon Puffs

    “another thread sidetracked by foaming mouthed anti-Jewish trolling.”

    Oh do shut up with your pathetic non-fact based whining. There is a Jewish mafia and it’s called Mossad. The word ‘mafia’ is just used as shorthand for organised criminals, like the ‘Russian mafia’ etc.

  • Lemon Puffs

    The difference between Israel’s mafia and other countries mafia is that the one in Israel actually runs the country.

  • Cuthulan

    Craig keep up the good work.
    Power corrupts BUT power also attracts the corrupt. Any institution religious or secular corrupts ,the longer it lasts the more corrupt it gets.The Protector Of Paedophiles Everywhere or The POPE for short is a good example.
    The British establishment has been around for a very long time, it is corrupt to the core.
    Paedophiles in power has been the norm for a long time, (Jim did not need to fix this) ,here are some posts I did on the subject.Western governments are full of paedophiles and blackmail opportunities

    Simply we need a system of TRUE DEMOCRACY to fix this.
    Direct Democracy would give the PEOPLE the power to fire politions ,create laws and START INDEPEDANT INQUIRES and ARREST the GUILTY!
    “Direct democracy” arrests the guilty ,”representative democracy” protects the guilty and beats and blames the innocent!
    Today we have a “representative democracy” aka ELECTED DICTATORSHIP, if we are not an elected dictatorship you will be able to say what YOU get to vote on other than your choice of dictator ,who is above the law.It represents democracy in the same way a transvestite represents a woman! Our politions demand we call this democracy , just like a transvestite demands you call him Loretta!
    But we all know politions lie! Its easy to spot when they are lying….thier lips move!

  • Jon

    @LemonPuffs. No, “Jewish Mafia” is not a reference simply to Mossad. As far as I know, it’s a reference to the theory that Jews run the world, and comes pretty close to all manner of racist tropes – the Protocols etc.

  • doug scorgie

    O/T Attacking the SNP
    Scotland’s former Auditor General Robert Black has questioned whether providing the current range of free public services can remain sustainable.
    Speaking to the BBC’s Newsnight Scotland programme, Mr Black said: “The move being made by the Labour party in Scotland to at least start asking questions is a good thing.
    Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont signalled a major policy shift for her party last week by criticising the “something for nothing” society, and casting doubt on Labour’s support for free university tuition, the council tax freeze and free NHS prescriptions.

  • Tom


    You will harm your own credibility if you do not realise that the Hollie Greig case is simply a hoax concocted by a disturbed woman in an act of vengeance against those she had a grudge against.

    * The other alleged “Rape victims” have denied ever being abused
    * There was never any evidence of physical injury to Hollie
    * It is not credible that Hollie’s mother could have been unaware of her being a victim of paedophiles for 14 years
    * Robert Green is a serial fantasist who had previously concocted ludicrous tales about murder and corruption in the travel industry
    * Pictures have appeared online of Hollie smiling and holding hands with one of her alleged abusers
    * There was no “establishment paedophile ring”. The only remotely Establishment figure was a Sheriff whom Anne Greig had a grudge against as he was involved in her divorce hearing. The “senior police officer” was a civilian employee married to a woman Anne Greig fell out with and the rest of the non-existent gang included a hairdresser, a draughtswoman, a TV repair man and a nurse. The “establishment paedophile ring” is a complete fabrication promoted by nutjobs like David Icke and Brian Gerrish.
    * Green posted letters to numerous addresses in Aberdeen falsely and maliciously naming certain people as paedophiles and rape victims. He was lucky not to get a much stiffer sentence.

  • Joe

    In your talk in Germany, you said:

    “armed struggle against a totalitarian dictatorship can be an honest choice”

    given that the oppression of the catholic population of Northern Ireland after partition and up until the end of last century could be likened to the tactics used by a totalitarian dictatorship, do you think that the IRA’s ‘war’ was an honest choice?

  • Lemon Puffs

    “do you think that the IRA’s ‘war’ was an honest choice?”

    I can not believe that people are so ill informed. It has been admitted by various sources that the UK government effectively ran the IRA since the 70s. Martin McGuinness was employed by MI6. Although no firm evidence/reliable sources on Gerry Adams have surfaced, the mere fact that all the people who rose through the ranks of the IRA during the 80s and 90s, under Gerry Adams leadership, turned out to be British agents is somewhat telling.

  • Lemon Puffs

    “As far as I know, it’s a reference to the theory that Jews run the world”

    You know not far then don’t you? You take two words and attribute a whole slew of ideas on them. How about you just stop trying to protect Jews/Israelis/Zionists from any from of criticism? I think Jewish mafia describes perfectly the parasite that has occupied the US political body for the last few decades.

  • MJ

    “the Hollie Greig case is simply a hoax concocted by a disturbed woman”

    Why did Hollie receive a substantial payout from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

  • JimmyGiro

    MJ wrote:

    Why did Hollie receive a substantial payout from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

    When it’s not your money, you can spend, spend, spend.

  • tony roma


    You will harm your own credibility if you do not realise that the Hollie Greig case is simply a hoax concocted by a disturbed woman in an act of vengeance against those she had a grudge against.

    uncle tom : )
    do you think high level paedophile rings exist.
    or is it always lone freaks like jimmy saville working in a vacuum.

    uncle tom the grieg case has many elements that get repeated down the years.
    mainly collusion of royalty,government,judges,the police,tv and music industries.
    rent boys in the whitehouse,edward heath on his boat with sea cadets and drugged boys from the care homes of jersey.
    but maybe you are correct uncle.
    just all tittle tattle jingly jangly gossip.
    that home on jersey a few baby teeth and some animal bones.

    the stories of kids being abused in cold baths in basements is just childish active imagination i suppose.
    you are correct adults know best
    kids just lie.
    and some of the real naughty ones cannot keep a secret.

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