The Tragedy of Malala

by craig on October 16, 2012 11:20 am in Uncategorized

There is no doubt Malala Yousufzai is a remarkable girl; and that the bigots responsible for her shooting are appalling. But that is only one aspect of Malala’s multi-faceted tragedy.

Here in Accra I have been watching the re-broadcast of the BBC World TV documentary about her, made two years ago. Here is a very revealing and deeply disturbing excerpt that casts a grim light on young Malala’s fate. She is twelve years old in this exchange:

Malala: “I want to ba a doctor but my father told me you have to be a politician. But I don’t like politics.”
Father: “My daughter can be better than a doctor.”

This was the most interesting part of the entire documentary, and the North American accented presenter completely failed to pick up on it. Poor Malala; her desire for an education was genuine and highly commendable; but she was thrust into the firing line by an ambitious father and an ambitious documentary maker apparently unconcerned by her direct statement that she was being manipulated against her will.

Her father’s political ambitions centre around a party representing Swat’s rapacious feudal landlord class (Alice Albinia’s Empires of the Indus is an excellent and highly readable account for some basic background). The Taliban are an extremely nasty manifestation of ancient hatreds and social structures, but their emergence as a potent force could not have happened without genuine grievances to be exploited; it is hard to think of a more egregious grievance than the feudal landlord system.

Having been shot, Malala is now receiving world class treatment in Birmingham. I most anxiously hope she recovers fully and goes on to a happy and fulfilled life as a doctor. I only wish that more of the children badly injured in the war, including the hundreds of children younger than Malala injured in US drone strikes, received the same level of care and treatment. They don’t. They are left to struggle on and, frequently, die.

Because the truth is that she is not getting this treatment because that is what is done for children shot or blown up in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Plainly that is not the case. She is getting this treatment because she became, and remains, an exploited propaganda symbol. If they really cared about her as a child , they would give the same level of medical care and of publicity to the many, many children injured by “our” side. But we are not to be shown those.

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  1. Exactly
    Of course, “we” have more powerful and destructive weapons than a man with a gun. We don’t even know, when Obama murders a child (eg 16 yr old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki) was that child the intended victim? Or did he just have the bad luck to be in the vicinity of someone Barry took a dislike to? Or was the missile aimed at “young men in a certain area” who are therefore assumed to deserve death? Or, in the case of young Awlaki, is Barry taking out the families too, like they used to, in case the child grows up to avenge his father?
    All we know is that he was blown to bits by Barry.

  2. Michael Stephenson

    16 Oct, 2012 - 11:51 am

    I would be interested to know precisely what mechanism is behind BBC’s propaganda pieces. Does the BBC think it all up themselves or do they receive instructions from the foreign office/security services?

  3. @Oliver. Who the f**k is Barry?

  4. Short for Barack I expect.

  5. Barry = Barack Obama

  6. what we have with The Western World and their democracy is the stubborness to see thr aspirations of other people.

    This obviously is reflected through the Ages with their refusal to communicate with “others.”

    What we are finding is that aswell as global expansion of western culture also forced degeneration on western tradditional systems.

    To coin a phrase this “dumbing down” of people is wanten fot the coming slave master class,

    This is nothing new in respect of focusing our emotions on single events. Its how the system works by keeping us ilinformed.

    No answers to any of these problems until we expand our own agenda into the lives of the wanton.

  7. typo:”I want to ba a doctor”

  8. Michael Stephenson

    16 Oct, 2012 - 12:53 pm

    Good decision on Gary McKinnon, although somehow she came to the conclusion that our one sided extradition treaty with the US is “largely sound”. No surprise there then.

  9. Helmand airstrike killed three children: Afghan officials

  10. @Michael Stephenson Good decision on Gary McKinnon, although somehow she came to the conclusion that our one sided extradition treaty with the US is “largely sound”. No surprise there then.

    She was just scared of having a corpse on her hands in case he committed suicide.

  11. Wonder what cringing compromise Clegg traded for McKinnon?

  12. Sorry, I’d comment on-topic, but what can possibly be said? Set against it the court-martial of five Marines, as far as I can work out for killing an unarmed prisoner…ah, I see what the Beeb has done there.

  13. Grieve is busy today. Perhaps he could order an inquest for Dr David Kelly while he’s at it.

    Attorney general vetoes Prince Charles letters publication
    Prince Charles’ letters were sent between September 2004 and April 2005

    When ministers say ‘no’ to FOI requests
    Prince letters to be made public
    The real basis for royal secrecy

    Attorney General Dominic Grieve has blocked the release of private letters the Prince of Wales sent to seven government departments.

    A court ruled last month that the correspondence should be published.

    But Mr Grieve said it was an exceptional case where the letters formed part of the prince’s “preparations for kingship”.

    Publishing the “frank” views would “seriously undermine” his ability to fulfil his duties as King.


    Wonder what the contents of the letters are.

  14. “She is getting this treatment because she became, and remains, an exploited propaganda symbol. If they really cared about her as a child, they would give the same level of medical care and of publicity to the many, many children injured by “our” side.”

    Well said, Craig. Well said.

    Michael Stephenson, it’s not just the BBC, it’s nearly the entire corporate media. Consider signing up to Media Lens, who address precisely the question you asked, and campaign for real news to replace and overcome the propaganda:

  15. What are you talking about? We are the Men in White Hats. We only deploy smart weaponry in ‘surgical’ strikes that can tell the difference between

    Terrorists (confirmed and suspected)


    Normal Folk

    I know this is true because I saw it on the BBC

  16. Brian Spencer

    16 Oct, 2012 - 1:58 pm

    Mary @ 16 Oct, 2012 – 1:28 pm

    Whilst it’s good to see that Grieve is taking the question of a new Hillsborough inquest forward (I think he had little option) you are right in suggesting that he could order an inquest on Dr David Kelly while he’s about it.

    A reminder that Grieve was quite happy with the fact that Hutton didn’t hear evidence under oath yet came to a decision that Dr Kelly committed suicide.

    Amongst other matters it was explained in the clearest possible terms to Grieve that Dr Kelly’s body was moved by a third party after its discovery. This was one of the very good reasons why he was asked to go to the High Court to ask that there be an inquest. Our request was dismissed.

  17. Thank-you Craig – I have re-posted in Children of Conflict

  18. Clark.

    People trust the BBC so much. Friends of mine will not listen to anything that is contrary to the BBC and newspapers.

    What can be done to alyer the perception that is held in the MSM.

    What magic does it have that keeps people believing?

  19. Is there a link to this documentary Craig is talking about?
    would it be a good idea to hoist it up as a add on to his excellent article?

    This interchange two years ago between the journalists and Malala really turns this propaganda effort into what it is, sad, desperate spin and smeary dust. Her innocent but strong principles to learn and become a doctor really knocks the stuffing out of those who are using her as a lever.

  20. doug scorgie

    16 Oct, 2012 - 2:47 pm

    What a State we live in.

    A few snippets from today’s Guardian:

    More than 3,500 senior military personnel and officials move on to jobs at weapons companies

    The Met police officer who met Rebekah Brooks in 2006 and told her about Scotland Yard’s phone-hacking investigation, in the course of informing her that her own voicemail had been hacked, will not face charges of misconduct in public office, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

    Attorney general blocks disclosure of Prince Charles letters to ministers. Grieve overrides freedom of information tribunal, saying release of letters ‘could damage prince’s ability to perform duties as king’

    With more claims similar to the Mau Mau veterans expected, officials confirm new bill could prevent disclosure of evidence

    Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely resigns after paper claimed he boasted he could help defence firms access ministers

    Spending cuts and tax rises may have hurt growth more than originally assumed, Office for Budget Responsibility says

    Figures from Trussell Trust show 110,000 were referred for food aid between April and September

    Relatives of six Catholic men killed in Northern Ireland in 1994 allege complicity of security service

    Older people may struggle to cope with soaring food and energy prices in 2013, pensioner representatives say

    Council had secured cash from developers for two new schools but has pulled out after finding they must be outside local authority control

    Arn’t we supposed to be a rich and democratic country? The veil is slipping.

  21. Pretty poor show to apportion blame on her father Craig. And you’re a father too. How very peculiar.

  22. Well said Brian Spencer. And all the other commenters.

    There is no irony in the fact that Malala is being treated in the same hospital that contains a special unit to treat those who were sent out to kill her fellow Muslims and who, having survived their injuries, have been repatriated there and then on to Headley Court and the like. It’s Royal of course and is named the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.

    The QE hospital in Birmingham btw is a PFI that cost £545m for which our children and grandchildren will be paying for decades to come.

    A new hospital built on partnership. Indeed. }}

    Note the percentage of single rooms. They call for a high staff ratio and are less easy to manage than the traditional Nightingale ward where a quick glance down the beds establishes what is happening.

    So many single rooms. Just right for privatisation by the likes of Spire Health or Circle Health!

  23. Jay:

    “What magic does it have that keeps people believing?”

    Oh, all the usual attributes of propaganda:

    # Endless repetition.
    # Keeps the issues “simple”.
    # Reduces issues to unquestioned slogans, eg. “Terrorism”.
    # Agreement across multiple corporate news outlets.
    # Dovetails with the entertainments industry.
    # Appeals to innate prejudice eg. racism: “we” matter more than “them”.
    # Transmission only; viewers don’t get to question or submit comments.
    # Broad distribution creating a false consensus.

    “What can be done to alyer the perception that is held in the MSM?”

    Find one thing that your friend believes strongly, which you know to be provably wrong. Search out the original and most authoritative sources. When you get the chance, point out the distortions to your friend, and refer to the original sources.

    As soon as you’ve made one chip in the marble, the whole façade becomes vulnerable; people don’t like being deceived, and your friend will want more reliable sources of news. Then show your friend some good sources on the Internet. This site here is a good start (but I would say that, eh? :)), and another of my favourites is Media Lens, linked above.

  24. From the above linked article:

    […] The Independent has the latest medical evidence on the American use of chemical weapons against the Iraqi people. […]

    Now, one month before the World Health Organisation reveals its view on the legacy of the two battles for the town, a new study reports a “staggering rise” in birth defects among Iraqi children conceived in the aftermath of the war.

    The destruction of Fallujah was like a black hole, where all the evil of the war was sucked in and concentrated with unbreakable force. So I think it’s worth reiterating, once more, the actual context of this atrocity that is now reverberating through the twisted, tormented bodies of children born long after the guns have fallen silent. […]

    [Thanks for printing my comment/link right away!]

  25. ‘Plainly that is not the case. She is getting this treatment because she became, and remains, an exploited propaganda symbol.’

    Sadly that is true. One can only hope, for the sake of the poor girl, who has suffered more than enough, that the propaganda element doesn’t return to bite us in the bum via Malala catching an MRSA related infection whilst in the care of QEH Birmingham.

  26. Timing is key.
    After a successful anti drone mass protest from imran khan .. malala was targeted by the pakistan taliban whose leaders are happily residing in afghanistan supported by usa/uk/india .
    The focus on illegal drone strikes that have largely murdered innocent children mothers and fathers of course has successfully been curtailed .
    Only 2% of targets are conirmed ‘militants’

  27. clark.

    Stone Roses – Your star will shine..


  28. “The Taliban are an extremely nasty manifestation of ancient hatreds and social structures, but their emergence as a potent force could not have happened without genuine grievances to be exploited; it is hard to think of a more egregious grievance than the feudal landlord system.”

    They’d still be trying to take control and impose Sharia law if Pakistan was a model democracy. It’s not as if they have anything better than their own brand of feudalism to offer either.

  29. Not directly on topic but very related. How Canada treats its indigenous people, a real eye opener. Canada’s love for Israel makes much more sense after watching this, as brothers in ethnic cleansing.

  30. Doug Scorgie Did the Guardian have this?

    David Cameron, Rebekah Brooks and the emails kept from Leveson

    Prime Minister took legal advice on withholding dozens of ’embarrassing’ messages from judicial inquiry

    James Cusick , Cahal Milmo
    Tuesday 16 October 2012

  31. That’s beautiful, that is. And capable of extension.

    “Would you blow into this bag, please, Sir?”
    “I have advised myself that that breathalyser evidence is irrelevant to your enquiry, Officer. No.”

  32. The Chipping Norton car keys in the bowl set dont want their secrets revealed.


  33. Why is it that in practically every report about this brave girl is it not mentioned that she is a supporter of the International Marxist Tendency, a Trotskyist current? See here for the IMT’s statement on the assassination attempt.

    Talking about the big powers and Islamist assassins, I remember back in the mid-1980s being shown some official British government press-packs aimed at the non-UK press which presented the Afghan Islamist guerrillas as the modern-day equivalent of the French wartime resistance, with photographs of these guys wielding guns and missiles. Nice to know who one’s friends are.

  34. I have a poor understanding of Asberger’s Syndrome. If you are like me, this might help.

  35. Ben Franklin (Anti-intellectual Colonial American Savage version)

    16 Oct, 2012 - 5:11 pm

    It’s too bad these kids can’t get the public support for treatment. But drawing attention to this hampers, rather than assisting with the agenda.

  36. I can’t even spell it! s/be Asperger’s

  37. Stephen Morgan

    16 Oct, 2012 - 5:19 pm

    I reqad a book from the local library a couple of years ago which claimed the Taleban first came to power amongst the scramble of warlords after the Soviet withdrawal by rescuing children from Bacha Bazi. From which they went on to national power. Certainly they had some genuine popularity compared to the warring warlords and the genocidal “Northern Alliance”.

    I’m no fan of the Taleban, but they were at worst not much worse than those that have replaced them.

  38. Further to Chris Busby, cited in Ben’s link, who has established 12 times higher than normal levels of nuclear isotopes in Fallujah’s deformed children. He hwas written this book about the effects of low level nuclear radiation.

    I have a copy I could lend out, Komodo? Clark?

  39. Ben Franklin (Anti-intellectual Colonial American Savage version)

    16 Oct, 2012 - 5:28 pm

    Aspergers is slowly being differentiated from autism, but the symptoms so similar, as to be indistinguishable.

    One difference; the presence of scoliosis is common with asp.

    The physical (clumsiness) seems to be in the nervous system, as an adjunct to the autism mimicks.

  40. Yes, wrt Asperger’s and autism in general, it’s a spectrum. At the milder end of Asperger’s, as with all things psychological, it can be hard to differentiate the soft signs from what are simply manifestations of someone’s personality – i.e. someone within the ‘neurotypical’ range. It gets easier to define, the more marked the traits. It’s a continuum.

  41. Ben Franklin (Anti-intellectual Colonial American Savage version)

    16 Oct, 2012 - 5:40 pm

    Yes, Suhayl. It seems autism became a huge tent, just as asthma is a blanket diagnosis. Testing is expensive, so it is proscribed, and therefore treatment becomes generic. My youngest son exhibited symptoms which suggested autism, and I extrapolated heavy metals to be the culprit in the meteoric rise in cases. Anecdotally, I put him on organic milk, (he consumed lots of milk) thinking that couldn’t hurt, and it did soften some of the symptoms.

  42. doug scorgie

    16 Oct, 2012 - 8:19 pm

    Dr Paul,

    Is there something wrong with the International Marxist Tendency?

    I’m not a member myself, in fact I’ve never heard of them before, but can they be any worse than Blair; Cameron; Thatcher; Bush; Cheney; Netanyahu?

    Are they worse than the corporate arms industry? Worse that the Zionists?

    Perhaps the IMT are just using her as the British State is.

  43. Starbucks pay no UK corporation tax on sales of £400m pa and MP Stephen Williams is asking for a boycott of their outlets. He is the LibDem MP for Bristol West.

    Does he know this about Starbucks and that they have been on the BDS list for some time?

    Howard Shultz, the chairman of Starbucks is an active zionist….

    His blog {}

  44. From an update. How disgusting esp at Guantanamo.

    Starbucks has opened outlets in US bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, and at the illegal torture centre in Guantanamo Bay. Customer Relations say “Starbucks has the deepest respect and admiration for U.S. military.. who risk their lives to protect Americans and our values of freedom and democracy”. Petty Officer Barry Tate who is serving in Guantanamo Bay agrees that Starbucks is helping “lift the morale” of the guards and interrogator’s at Guantanamo Bay.

  45. doug scorgie

    16 Oct, 2012 - 8:35 pm

    From George Galloway today:

    “Why has the chair of the West Yorkshire Police Authority Mark Burns-Williamson not moved for the suspension of Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison after the damning Hillsborough report?

    “I have already put down a parliamentary motion calling for the chief constable’s resignation and although he has said that he will retire next year that is not good enough. He should be suspended forthwith pending the outcome of the various inquiries.

    “And the public needs to be told why the people with the power to do this have done nothing. Burns-Williamson has been the chair of the authority since 2003 and he needs to explain to the people of West Yorkshire why he has failed to remove this pernicious chief constable from day-to-day control of the force. It is destabilising for the police officers and it’s an outrage to the families of the dead of Hillsborough.

    “Burns-Williamson of Labour is also the leading candidate to become the handsomely-paid police commissioner next month. Let him start as he hopes to go on by calling an emergency meeting and sending Bettison home to polish his gong.”

    I am under the impression that if Bettison is suspended he can be held to account by the IPCC investigation; if he is allowed to resign he cannot!

    And Burns-Williams wants to be the Police Commissioner!! It stinks of corruption to me.

  46. doug scorgie

    16 Oct, 2012 - 8:58 pm

  47. I had a long term partner who I think was Asbergers. Ironically, she was a learning support teacher dealing with, among other things, children with Asbergers. In her flat I found a leaflet about Asbergers, my first encounter with the idea. Reading it, I thought she was trying to understand herself and trying to message me that this was her problem (it seemed the leaflet had been deliberately left where I might find it). I mentioned this to her. Disaster. She had no such thought at all. I’m not autistic, she said. Yet that was the kindliest view of her behaviour.

    As a partner she had to go. My children hated her (I was a single parent at the time). I told them she was autistic, but they told me that she was wicked and manipulative, and they had to save me from her. I’m a dutiful father and wouldn’t make my children uncomfortable, so she was discarded. My children are content, but I miss that awful woman every minute of every day.


    Neo-liberalism explained.

    Mathematicaly there is a formula for peace.

  49. Hadn’t seen that documentary and very good point about the care she got being for propaganda value rather than given to all wounded children in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  50. Exactly …
    Or/& … more imprecisely …
    The ‘smart’ bombs often miss and …
    … the drones often kill those other than (thosewho the u.s. pres. Agrees 2 target on his ‘terror tues.’) …
    … and in a nation of 170 million (+/-) , such as pakistan , y
    oung women do suffer gunshot wounds to the head and …

  51. Look at news reports from usa from the past few weeks … you find, almost certainly , local news american stories about a teenage girl / young woman with gunshot wounds to her head …
    Who is to blame?
    What are the ‘underlying cultural causes’ …?
    (You conclude …?
    (I and my family are fortunate to live in such a relatively peaceful state – with gun control – such as …))

  52. This anecdote is without political import but Craig’s story reminded me of this. At the time I was on the faculty of an ivy league medical school. There was a mother and daughter, recent immigrants from the soviet union visiting us. The daughter wanted to talk to me about her ambitions to become a doctor. Of course, I gave her encouragement. Later in discussions with the mother I mentioned this discussion with her daughter and the mother most vehemently stated that that was out of the question. She said her daughter was a talented pianists (at 14?) and that she would never waste her talents in such a mundane profession as medicine. Lost track of them after that, so do not know what happened.

  53. @ Vronsky,

    Thanks for your honesty there.

    I’ve had similiar experiences and there sure aint any manuals for this stuff.

    Trust you and your kids intuition and pine with wise bitter-sweet hindsight…

  54. Cameron spoke at the UJIA gathering two nights ago.

    So barmy-smarmy, so juvenile and a contradiction in nearly every sentence, almost certainly scripted by Tel Aviv. I’m shaking with rage. Our PM is clearly a dangerous lunatic, a menace to our country and to the rest of the world. He needs to be locked up.

    “There is no contradiction between being a proud Jew, a committed Zionist and a loyal British citizen.” Ye gods!

    The speech

    PS Where is Werritty?

  55. Routine or not? They always seem to having joint military exercises.

    Democracy Now- 16 Oct 2012
    U.S. and Israel to Launch Largest-Ever Joint Air Defense Drill

    The United States and Israel are preparing to begin their largest joint air and missile defense exercise. As many as 3,500 U.S. personnel and 1,000 members of the Israel Defense Forces are expected to take part in the three-week exercise. Britain and Germany will also participate.

    A knowledgeable friend is concerned about the closure of the British presence at Basra. Said this following Cameron’s remark at the UJIA dinner that ‘now is not the time to attack Iran’ –

    “Now is not the time to strike Iran” sounds pretty darn sinister to me. What are they planning? Further the following day, today, they announce closing the Consulate in Basra. Basra, ten mins from the border, sharing the Shatt al Arab with Iran (remember our lost sailor lads and lasses) any British in Basra would be slaughtered, dragged through the streets if there is an attack – they’d also be at risk of mega radiation poisoning as would the whole region. With all the sabre rattling I’d lay money they feel darn unsafe from the people already. The British Army’s finest didn’t exactly endear themselves to the population and now all this.

    Basra oil terminal, Rumailah oil field, the real commercial gems, Basra port – and the Brits are closing their Consulate, the hub of business, dealings (read shenanigans) they are up to something, or know something, big time.”


  56. Further to what you were saying the other day Mark (Golding).

    The recent EU move to take Press TV off the air is to be seen as part of a continued process of media violation against this alternative channel.

    On Monday, UK-based Eutelsat, which is run by Michel de Rosen, a Zionist Israeli-French, stopped carrying Press TV and some 18 other channels from Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), a move which Gary Follows, Arqiva Head of Public Relations, says is a “result of reinforced EU Council sanctions and repeated requests by France’s broadcasting authority for the permanent switch-off of the Iranian channels.” UK-based Arqiva is the service supplier which held the IRIB contract.

    The first attempts to deprive an ever-increasing European audience of accessing Press TV started in the UK when British office of communication (Ofcom) initiated a shrewd ruse to get of rid of the channel and technically put an end to an alternative critical voice once and for all. To this end, they needed a political tool. And who could be a better choice than Maziar Bahari who had already filed a lawsuit against the channel for airing a 10-second soundbite, which was part of an interview with him in 2009.


  57. Thanks George Galloway.
    You really got it right again. How the policies of this country benefit the white man.

    It’s about all men and women.

    Incompetamce is neither black or white its just incompetant.

    We are all being played.


    Are this lot incompetant.

    It seems there very good at what they do.

  59. @Jay
    May I suggest you consider Clarkes point about propaganda dovetailing with entertainment.

    Most pop stars are vain, greedy people. The rebels are rarely so and serve to give an impression of rebellion. Don’t let them speak for you.

  60. Good piece from Seumas Milne on Cameron’s plans for 2014 and the waste of £50m.

    The jubilee goes on and on and on. Last night the queen held a reception for those who were involved in the propaganda.

    Queen honours stars for Diamond Jubilee celebrations{}

    No show without the ubiquitous Heston Blumenthal btw.

  61. Harris Bannaris

    17 Oct, 2012 - 10:32 am

    A fantastic article well written. Unfortunately she has become a great propaganda tool for many a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

  62. A good piece of music and a sound political motive; not always easy to come buy.

    That,s all.

  63. O/T Privatising our schools.

    From BBC online today:

    “Prime Minister David Cameron’s former policy chief [James O’Shaughnessy] has called for profit-making firms to be brought in to run England’s persistently failing schools.”

    Ofsted has changed its inspection rules so that schools that remain “satisfactory” after three notices to improve will be designated as a failed school which can then be handed over to a profit making organisation. Clever that don’t you think?

    According to the BBC “There are currently 6,000 “satisfactory” schools in England.”

    A potential gold mine!

  64. I agree Craig, its total propaganda. What about all the other kids murdered and maimed by the west and the Taliban? If we treat one we treat all, but better than that get the fuck out of their country!

  65. Just under 16 million people died during WW1. Reckon it deserves holocaust-style memorials, museums, mass antiwar propaganda, bans on WW1 uniform and propaganda posters, the works. But we don’t qualify for that for some reason.

    Instead we’ll be seeing some kind of “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” pastiche, with maximised commercial opportunities for Friends of Dave. And Heston Blumenthal inventing bully beef blancmange, no doubt…

    Imagine if someone proposed “celebrating” the anniversary of the foundation of Belsen. Would we ever hear the end of it?


  66. I thought the same. Pure propaganda. The sad thing is if the CIA and MI6 had not funded the Mujahideen to fight the Soviet occupation in 1979, at a time when girls were educated in Kabul, there would never have been a need to re-establish the education of girls. We are not giving them a better way of life – just trying to restore what was stolen from them in the first place in an ideological Cold War.

    Off topic. Hot from the studio my latest satire on the racist, Theresa May.

  67. Ooops…
    Bully beef blancmange: copyright Komodo October 2012. Bugger off, Blumenthal.

  68. Eerie parallel here: probably highly relevant IMO.

    The Revolutionary Socialist Party of America? Yes, I know. But most of the history is somewhere near the truth. A bit nearer is

    Theory, hope it’s wrong. Cameron is complicit in US plans to invade Iran. This will involve bloodshed on the grand scale, and Dave is hoping to reinvoke the last refuge of the scoundrel, patriotism, to ensure a sufficient supply of cannon fodder.

  69. Proud to be a Wagenknecht…

    Get better malala, you will be a doctor one day.

  70. @mary
    consider …
    Why give such ‘significance’ to a ukgbnipm speech to a ‘jewish’ group? When compared to british muslims they are (an even smaller minority)

  71. You might have heard the sec-gen of the IAEA on Radio 4 Today this am. A lot about Iran of course. He explained why it cannot inspect ‘Israeli’ weapons. No logic, law or morality. He is a lawyer who has been through the US prop machine and is NOT a scientist.

    Some more demonization of Iran –

    The European Union has imposed yet more sanctions against Iran as part of its attempt to force the Iranians to abandon its nuclear programme. The BBC’s James Reynolds reports from the Turkish Syrian border and Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, explains the concerns about Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    Not linked yet but it is on the iPlayer at 1hr 50mins 45secs in at

    The item followed Thought For The Day which featured Malala.

  72. @mary
    You were in there quicker than i ‘expected’
    (Otherwise it was ‘merely (mary) coincidental’ …)

  73. @mary (& so… )
    Why (do you think) does a ukgbni_pm (such as dc) give such a ‘slavering’ speech to a ‘jewish’ group … when they are, in fact, a smaller (numerical) minority than british ‘muslims’?(!)

  74. engr syed sadiq hussain

    17 Oct, 2012 - 1:26 pm

    I think in this grievious situation we all the muslims especialy pakistanies are in deep confusion bcz the dramas like Malala ,Salala and Usama etc are merging here daily and we all the nation know better that these propagandas are all funded and deeply suported by the Goddamn american and western organizations USaid,UN ,CNN and mostly the damn BBC…..these all rascles are behind the only islamic simble of all the muslims ,PAKISTAN but we sware that we will never let these all to the success…….at last I would like to thanks all of u not the part of this great Devil game against the ISLAM….

  75. @engr etc
    I can assure you at least that i, me, and my ‘kind’ am/are not part of the ‘game against islam’

  76. @mary
    I don’t actually have to
    Hear/ read/ see / smell / otherwise experience …
    The’demonization’ of iran,
    Because …
    (I have done my ‘homework’ …)

  77. 2 dramat’c’ly different accounts:
    1 the former british soldier in bosnia
    2 she laughed foog fag hagartley
    3 they mistook his blind man’s indicator 4
    I’m blind i’m blind but i was tazord by the’secret police’n’r the less

  78. English Knight

    17 Oct, 2012 - 2:51 pm

    The hasbaric sayanim (Kempe?) dare not raise their head too high above the parapet here, for fear of quick ridicule, us goyim at this blog are well awake. Same cannot be said for Huffpo though. The clincher of course is the mother of all smoking guns, the 911 symmetrical freefall collapse of the 100yd long & 47yd wide 47 storied WTC7, in its entirety – was it matzos or muzzies that done the dirty, that is the question? The the land of the free and home of the brave has ended up being an impotent hermaphrodite in its deep denial of the self evident truth.

  79. 16 murdered and 15 have been hurt in another American terrorist drone strike in Orakzai Agency . Will the world media report on the children that were killed and hurt in this terrorist attack? huh… dual standards and wt about dr afia and 4000 missing pplz? shame shame zionists biased media :(

  80. Sorry you’ve missed me EK but I have this thing called “a life” which has got in the way of my wasting quite as much time online as previously.

    Hmm, now a building falling downwards. Yes that is suspicious. I mean who’d have thought?

  81. “… an impotent hermaphrodite…” English Knight (what, Galahad, or Mordred, or Morgana Le Fey, perhaps – oh, but they were Brythonic, not English!), at 2:51pm on 17.10.12.

    Most garden snails wouldn’t mind being called hermaphrodites (“Say it loud, snails!”), but they wouldn’t wish to be labelled, ‘impotent’ (“How dare you! We are fully-endowed! Chase after him/her with your protrusion, Mr(s) Snail!”).

  82. “… part of this great Devil game against the ISLAM….” Engineer Hussain.

    There are certainly games being played – ‘Great Games’ and others too – but that’s nothing new. It’s not against Islam, though, quite the opposite. ‘Islam’ periodically and systemically has been very useful, politically and militarily, to the elites of the UK and USA (and to those of Pakistan).

    Pakistan needs much less ‘Islam’ and much more redistribution of wealth from the army/feudals to the people, much, much more health provision, proper education (not propaganda education, which is the situation now in state schools – I’m not talking about madrassas here), proper sewerage, reliable, non-Mafia-run power systems and so on.

    Get rid of army control, get rid of the feudals, have massive ladn reforms, get the debt interest repayments ‘forgiven’ on condition that the money will be spent on the aforementioned sectors and NOT on paramilitary Islamist cadres or on F-16s or on nukes… and that would be a start.

    Yes, Malala has become a symbol, but it’s not just Malala – many, many people have been killed by Islamist paramilitaries throughout Pakistan, esp. in the Pashtun province and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). None of those people gets special medical treatment, they just die or are disabled. And as we know, NATO also kills people there. But for Pakistan, constant iterations of ‘a plot against Islam’ is unhelpful and moves things backwards, not forwards. The army-security complex there will not give away their wealth and power. What is need, quite simply, is a revolution. NATO action probably does not help that process, possibly the opposite. But in any case, what the West needs to do – if it really wants to help – is to stop funding and arming the Pakistan military because what they are doing thereby is effectively arming the Islamist paramilitaries and the actual military – both of whom continue to oppress the people of Pakistan. There needs to be a regional peace treaty (including the Kashmir issue) involving all parties – including Iran, Russia, China, India and so on, and a demilitarisation of both India and Pakistan.

  83. KOMODO Re: your comment – “Just under 16 million people died during WW1”. I think it was at one time called a holocaust. WW1 certainly did more to shape the future of my family than any other item in recent history. I lost 3 great uncles, 2 of my great aunts had their fiancés killed, and one of my grandfathers lost an arm at Passchendaele. The tragedy is that many other families had similar or even worse experiences.
    My relatives fought for their country and for their freedoms (or so they thought), they certainly didn’t fight so that their descendents (I and family) would be denied basic rights to rule of law by corrupt establishment elites – nor did they fight so that an establishment-connected pedophile (Savile) could operate with impunity above the law for 50 years.

  84. Re KOMODO again – Re your comment – “Imagine if someone proposed “celebrating” the anniversary of the foundation of Belsen” .
    One of my late Uncles (in peacetime a Glagow GP) was part of the first medical team into the concentration camp Belsen on its liberation. What he saw there was so horrible that it was still giving him nightmares 40 years later. The horror of Belsen was not just the large number of innocent people who died, but that it was done in cold blood by a modern advanced nation. The shooting of Malala, a 14 year old innocent, was also done in cold blood and is all the more shocking because it was planned.

  85. @Hussain: Yes this is a game but what we need to understand in my opinion is that whatever this stunt is…her sacrifice has somehow awakened the minds of us. I just really believe if our lines proceed straight, this game will surely loose its evil element.

    @Craig Murray: dear your observation is pretty much on grounds. Lets just hope she recovers well enough to uncover the players behind her innocent sacrifice.

  86. I think I mentioned the proposed WW1 commemorations on another thread. So I won’t repeat myself here. Another point worth mentioning – and yes, I know ‘I would say that, wouldn’t I?’ – is that in the media, whenever those who fought in WW1 are mentioned, we hear all about the British, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, even German, etc. troops, but never about the Indian, African-Caribbean and African (and incidentally, seldom the Turkish) troops who fought, died and were disabled in the trenches of Europe during WW1. There is slightly more awareness, I think, of the role of ‘New Commonwealth’ troops in WW2, but not WW1. I have read – I’m not sure if it’s true, it may be apocryphal – that New Commonwealth troops often were the first over the top, then Old Commonwealth ones and Irish and Scottish troops and so on, in a sort of reverse pecking order of empire.

    This is a systematic omission which I have perceived in the media over many decades. Acknowledgement of the role of these troops does not distract from the overwhelming folly – the criminal folly – that was WW1 aka ‘The Great War’, aka ‘The War to End All Wars’ – from which, in spite of all the sepia-toned, soft-focused feature films, we – or rather, those donkeys who would presume to lead us – have learned precisely nothing.

    Here’s one from Alex Harvey, from the Antonine Wall:

  87. Propaganda class #1

    18 Oct, 2012 - 10:22 am

    Ah, that poor little girl. Keep looking. Yes, that’s right – look at the poor little girl… The little girl is having an operation soon… yes, that’s right she might die so do keep looking.

    While you are looking, and empathising and going ‘poor thing’ try and remember that the ONLY reason you know anything about this girl is because they don’t want you reading about stuff like

  88. @ Roderick Russell:
    The horror of Belsen was not just the large number of innocent people who died, but that it was done in cold blood by a modern advanced nation.

    The horror of WW1 was not just the large number of innocent people who died, but that it was done in cold blood by all the (then) modern advanced nations.

  89. Propaganda class #1

    18 Oct, 2012 - 10:32 am

    “What he saw there was so horrible that it was still giving him nightmares 40 years later. The horror of Belsen was not just the large number of innocent people who died, but that it was done in cold blood by a modern advanced nation.”

    What gas chambers? Mass graves? Crematoria burning thousands of corpses a day?

    Or a camp whos inmates had been left starved and ravaged by typhus, like most of the German population at the time, due to every train line and road in Germany being destroyed by the Allies.]
    “but that it was done in cold blood by a modern advanced nation.”

    And what exactly is the ‘it’ you refer to? You seem to be creating the impression that Belsen was a ‘death’ camp or similar. Educate yourself before posting ‘holocaust’ flannel.

    Even those that actively promote the Holocaust concede that no camps in Germany were used for mass killing.

  90. No, Bergen-Belsen wasn’t a death camp. *Only* about 40,000 people died there…but it wasn’t set up for mass executions. Auschwitz (best estimate 1.1 to 1.5 million) was, however. You presumably believe the assertions of Fred Leuchter: however the use of Auschwitz as a place of mass execution is well-documented, not least in surviving German files. Summary:

    The holocaust happened, get over it. The propaganda purposes to which it has been put since are quite another matter, though.

    Yes, the Allies more or less destroyed the civilian infrastructure in Germany, and yes, this led to starvation, and yes, this was the intention. And yes, they’d have done exactly the same to us (see North Atlantic campaign, etc). Germany was a good example of what happens when a country’s leaders start glamorising warfare.

    Around 63 million (conservatively) died worldwide in WW2, and it too deserves a memorial to the tragedy rather than any kind of celebration.

  91. Thankyou for this research. We published a link in Pressenza

  92. Avaaz are now piling into the propaganda.

    Subject: Malala’s hope

    Dear friends,

    Fourteen-year-old Malala was shot by the Pakistani Taliban for championing girls’ education. Now, this courageous child is clinging to life. If we all stand with her, we can help make her dream come true. Click below to call on Pakistan’s leaders to support girls in school — when we reach one million signers the UN Education Envoy has agreed to deliver it in person to Pakistan’s president.

    The Taliban drove up to Malala’s school and shot her in the neck and brain. Despite being hit at close range, this fourteen-year-old champion of girls’ education is surviving.

    Many in Pakistan and around the world have now united behind Malala and her cause. This is a tipping point moment and if we act now we can help achieve the very thing she was targeted for: let’s call on the government of Pakistan to fund girls attending school, starting with her province.

    This is our chance to turn Malala’s horror into hope. At her very young age she is an example of courage and determination, but now she is fighting to survive, and it’s our turn to help her win her dream. Sign the petition — when 1 million people have signed the UN education envoy, Gordon Brown, will deliver our call in person to the President of Pakistan, and the Pakistani media:

    Malala drew the world’s attention to the Taliban’s reign of terror in North-West Pakistan by writing a blog for the BBC. Her writing records the devastating consequences of extremism which include the systematic destruction of hundreds of girls’ schools and violent intimidation of thousands of families.

    Pakistan’s constitution says girls should be educated alongside boys, but politicians have ignored that for years. Only 29% of girls attend secondary school. Even if only half of them finished, Pakistan could grow 6% faster every year. Study after study has shown the positive impact on personal and national income when girls are educated. Malala has drawn the world’s attention, and her President has spoken out strongly for her cause. So let’s help her persuade the government to roll out a massive girls stipend programme, plus school buildings and teacher training. Money is available, what’s lacking is political will.

    Let’s turn this shock at the Taliban’s attack on a young girl into a wave of international pressure that forces Pakistan to address girls’ education. Click below to stand with Malala and support a massive girls’ education campaign in Pakistan, backed by resources, security and most importantly the will to fight the extremists who tear down Pakistan.

    Let’s come together and stand in solidarity with a brave, young activist, who is showing the world how one little schoolgirl can stand up to armed and dangerous extremists.

    With hope and determination

    Emma, Alaphia, Alex, Ricken, Ari, Wissam, Rewan and the rest of the Avaaz team

    followed by five links and with a photo of Malala on the RH side of the page.
    ‘Fourteen-year-old Malala was shot by the Pakistani Taliban for championing girls’ education. Now, this courageous child is clinging to life. If we all stand with her, we can help make her dream come true. Click below to call on Pakistan’s leaders to support girls in school — when we reach one million signers the UN Education Envoy has agreed to deliver it in person to Pakistan’s president: sign the petition.

    plus an appeal for contributions.

    You see the name of the warmonger/killer of brown skinned people and now UN Envoy, Gordon Brown, within but George Soros’s name seems to have been omitted at the end!

  93. Hard to tell who is doing the ‘reporting’ from Syria. James Reynolds, Mike Thomson or AVAAZ?

    The disappeared. Radio 4 Today

    Human rights groups working in Syria say that at least 28,000 people are missing after being taken from their homes or grabbed in the street by Syrian soldiers or militia. Some suggest the figure may be much higher.

    But even the conservative estimates would mean the number who have “disappeared” in just 19 months equals the number of people kidnapped during Argentina’s long “Dirty War” that began in the 1970s.

    In some cases young children have been taken with their parents, and talk of torture is common.

    The campaign organisation, Avaaz, which has been monitoring the claims and talking to some of the families involved, says the abductions are part of a deliberate strategy to terrorise families and communities who are opposed to the government.

    Mike Thomson’s report begins with news coverage of the story by the BBC’s James Reynolds. includes audio clip

  94. Today, after over 100 years of regulating and championing low paid agricultural workers, the AWB, Agricultural Wages Board, has been abolished by the Tories, another swipe at the lowest paid and the hardest workers.

    What next after we sooo saw off the gang masters and slave merchants, and and and, will we bring back work houses? such a neat idea for our NEETS, regual mass rising in the morning, exercises and off to work, breakfast on the bus and picking leeks for the rest of the day. Current wage for these workers is £ 6.91.

    And large multinationals getting away with paying taxes in Switzerland, move their profits to blighty and watch the treasury ring their hands, whilst retired experts in tax law are lauded and given banquets in their honour, so they can divulge the tax avoiding secrets of their trade.

    despicable, Orson Wells would have written a blockbuster about such bedlam.

  95. Nevermind. Ref your post above on the abolition of the AWB. The Tolpuddle Martyrs suffered in vain. Are they now rising up from their graves here and in Canada as we have let this happen?

    From Wikpedia

    When sentenced to seven years’ transportation, George Loveless wrote on a scrap of paper the following lines:

    God is our guide! from field, from wave,
    From plough, from anvil, and from loom;
    We come, our country’s rights to save,
    And speak a tyrant faction’s doom:
    We raise the watch-word liberty;
    We will, we will, we will be free!

    They became popular heroes and 800,000 signatures were collected for their release. Their supporters organised a political march, one of the first successful marches in the UK, and all, except James Hammett (who had a previous criminal record for theft) were released in 1836, with the support of Lord John Russell, who had recently become Home Secretary. Four of the six returned to England, disembarking at Plymouth, a popular stopping point for transportation ships. A plaque next to the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth’s historic Barbican area commemorates this.

    Hammett was released in 1837. Meanwhile the others moved, first to Essex, then to London, Ontario, where there is now a monument in their honour and an affordable housing co-op/trade union complex named after them. They are buried in a small cemetery on Fanshawe Park Road East in London, Ontario. James Brine is buried in St. Marys Cemetery, St. Marys, Ontario. He died in 1902, having lived in nearby Blanshard Township since 1868. Hammett remained in Tolpuddle and died in the Dorchester workhouse in 1891.


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