The Church of Fear

by craig on January 10, 2013 10:37 am in Uncategorized

I attended a launch last night for John Sweeney’s exposure of Scientology – “The Church of Fear”. Get down your bookshop and order a copy now. Carter Ruck and intense legal pressure was only the most “legitimate” form of the threats directed at John to stop this book, including a determined effort to have him sacked from the BBC. Every major UK publisher turned down the book and in the end John’s agent effectively self-published.

I met several escaped (that is the right word) Scientologists at the reception and I have to admit I had not previously realised just how vicious and dangerous this cult is.

I know that some regular commenters here are baffled at my friendship with John Sweeney, particularly after the mocking tone of some of “The Ambassador’s Last Stand”, his BBC documentary of my 2005 campaign against Jack Straw in Blackburn. On that one, no other tone would have got it on screen but after half an hour of fun at my expense, it socked you absolutely between the eyes with the harrowing truth of Jack Straw’s complicity in torture. You may recall that it was shifted at the last moment from 8pm to late night – there was a reason.

I disagree with John about quite a lot – most sharply about Julian Assange. But he is a big-hearted, passionate and honest man, which is what really matters. I have never confined my friends to those who share my political opinions – or I might not have any!

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  1. Mine above pn wrong thread. Should be on Lardon/Gulnara.

  2. On the matter of the delayed transportation booth, we needn’t treat the matter as hypothetical and/or simply a matter on which to speculate….we could also inform ourselves from first hand accounts of those who have undertaken such a journey. Are there any identical twins out there willing to share their birth experience?

    On the matter of the “trolley problem”, ie the moral issues about diverting the train, this site is worth a look…..and you can get some idea of how your answers compare to others

  3. @jake, many thanks for the very interesting & engrossing link.

  4. On the transportation booth delay subject – have you watched “The Prestige”? An excellent film in its own right, you find yourself pretty much addressing this exact dilemma at some point (not wishing to give anything away).

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