As Big as Terrorism 155

The BBC are breathlessly reporting this morning, as their lead news story, that antibiotics resistance is now so huge a threat, it is on a par with terrorism.

Let us consider that for one moment:

UK deaths last year from antibiotic resistance: 5,000
Uk deaths last year fron terrorisn: nil


UK deaths last decade from antibiotic resistance: 33,000
UK deaths last decade from all terrorism: 71

This insistence of the media in ramping the “terrorist threat”, even in completely unrelated stories, is farcical. Today they also have Abu Qatada to follow up as second news story and put terrifying images of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Abu Qatada – oh sorry, there aren’t any – err terrifying images of his obviously terrorist beard on our screens.

Sky News has been running the Qatada story for three days solid, every time introducing Qatada as “the man once called Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man in Europe”. Yet no serious claim has ever been made, anywhere, that Qatada ever met Osama Bun Laden. No evidence has ever been produced that he was in communication with him, and the intelligence services have nothing that indicates that either. I could call Teresa May a hysterical evil populist Muslim-hater, but my doing so would not make it true. However I look forward to hearing “Teresa May once called a …” next time she is mentioned on Sky.

Qatada has lived in this country now for nearly 20 years and there is no evidence he has ever committed any crime in all that time here, no evidence despite his being under intense surveillance. There is no credible, untainted evidence of his having done so in Jordan either. I am perfectly prepared to believe he is somebody who holds unpleasant views. He may well be very unpleasant. Terrorist mastermind he is not.

The actual terrorist threat is at such a low level – much less than so many of us lived through in the 70’s and 80’s – that it needs incarnation to work as a demon of the mind. If Abu Qatada does get deported, the media will have to find someone else with a scarey beard to terrify children into going to bed – sorry, us into giving up our liberties and cash to our “protectors”.

Muslims – more dangerous than E. coli. Give me a break.

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155 thoughts on “As Big as Terrorism

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  • Fred

    “A very good point. The people who planned and executed 9/11, who, so it’s claimed, planted hundreds of tons of evidence under the noses of thousands of eye-witnesses, would’ve been the same ones who were unable to plant any convincing WMDs in Iraq.”

    Why would they want to plant WMDs in Iraq?

    I can understand why they would want to let 9/11 happen, hundreds of billions of dollars, I can understand why the owners of the WTC would want to see that they were totally destroyed. If they had been bothered about WMDs they would have planted some, it didn’t matter, you can’t prove a negative, that’s how they got Saddam.

  • Kempe

    “Kempe – everything you have said is easily disproved ”

    OK then. Over to you. Start disproving.

    Fred:- The US were eager to justify the invasion of Iraq and spent a lot of time and money searching for the non-existent WMDs once they were there. It should’ve been child’s play to plant some gas shells or fissile material somewhere for the troops to find. Not only that but the paper evidence presented to justify the invasion was totally unconvincing too. The guys who allegedly pulled off 9/11 should’ve been able to do much better.

  • Africom Pope

    “OK then. Over to you. Start disproving.” Why don’t you head over to and tell everyone what’s wrong with their data and why you know better than over 1,500 qualified architects, engineers and eye witnesses?

    You have also just confirmed what I have already said about you and your motivations.

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” George Carlin.

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