Craig Murray in Cotton Corruption Scandal

by craig on March 11, 2013 11:44 am in Uncategorized

Criminal accusations of corruption have been made against Craig Murray:

he lobbied so-called businessmen including those from Pakistan willing to get cotton and other state contracts, those people had contacts with different Uzbek clan representatives including Bekzod Akhmedov. Akhmedov was seen many times in Craig Murray and his pseudo businessmen’s company in dens of iniquity of the capital, Bekzod Akhmedov’s favorite venues.

The allegations must be taken extremely seriously because they come from an Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva. The lady in question is of course Gulnara Karimova, daughter of the President of Uzbekistan. As is her usual method, she gave an interview to a glossy magazine journalist in Switzerland not given to probing questioning. Even this publication baulked at publishing these extraordinary statements, so she gave the full works on her blog:

For example yesterday in Geneva, on the first day of spring, we had another “support team” visiting us, those who are always ready to work off their payments while not having anything else to do, any other interests, hobbies or a properly paid job. A group of a few people including a cameraman, a lady of Uzbek origin Mutabar Tadjibaeva, who introduces herself as a president of the «Club des Coeurs Ardents» and guess who else? Exactly! Craig Murray – ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan, who had been scandalously fired from the British Foreign Office. He lived in Tashkent for a long time and had a relationship and even got married to a strip-bar dancer, he lobbied so-called businessmen including those from Pakistan willing to get cotton and other state contracts, those people had contacts with different Uzbek clan representatives including Bekzod Akhmedov. Akhmedov was seen many times in Craig Murray and his pseudo businessmen’s company in dens of iniquity of the capital, Bekzod Akhmedov’s favorite venues. It seems like the group of people that visited us in Geneva wanted to congratulate us with spring and express their grievance by screaming and as they said they wanted me or my sister Lola to come out. They attempted to sneak inside and walk around the house recording it all on video and we had nothing to do, but call the police and make our own video of this March invasion of “human right defenders” as they call themselves.

It is obvious, that those people mentioned above, a group of bloggers and professional PR firm such as R&R were not catalyzed accidentally. The core of the artificially initiated scandal is lost, constant threats, that someone will say something, someone like Bekzod Akhmeodv who is wanted by Interpol due to his relation to the investigation of MTS activities in Uzbekistan, who from the beginning was under the MTS-Russia protection and requested on January, 9 2013 refugee status with his big family. Also threats came for last three months from lawyers who were stating that they will have newspapers like Financial Times publish all they have, all that Bekzod Akhmedov could compose over almost a year which was accepted with pleasure by MTS lobbyists. Where else could you see such involvement at official level and could this be possible without high-reaching goals, even if it is done in such a straight way?

I might as well state for the record that to my knowledge I have never met or had any contact with Mr Bekzod Akhmedov, I have certainly never been in his social company, let alone on a “den of inquity” (though that does sound fun). I have never met any Pakistani businessmen in or to discuss Uzbekistan and I have never sought any role for myself in trading Uzbek cotton.

I certainly did visit Gulnara’s US $25 million mansion in Geneva, because I wanted to see where the proceeds of forced child labour in the Uzbek cotton fields went. I intend to do so again. I hope lots of people will – its at No. 7, Rue Prevote, Cologny, Geneva.

Gulnara’s peculiar attack on me for the “crime” of looking at her house appears a rather desperate reaction to increasing knowledge of her activities. The Chief Executive of Telesonera, Sweden’s largest telecommunications firm, had to resign recently over corrupt payments to Gulnara. In a decision reminiscent of Blair’s shutdown of the BAE Saudi bribes prosecution, Swedish authorities decided there was no public interest in prosecuting. Gulnara’s Swiss registered holding company Zeromax has been declared bankrupt, owing half a billion dollars to the state in taxes, and its assets confiscated then reprivatised to … Gulnara. Russian Telecoms giant MTS has been kicked out of Uzbekistan, substantially reducing available services there.

All of the above were examples of Gulnara kicking out fellow oligarchs from business interests which she held in partnership with others, to take the lot for herself. That has left a lot of despoiled oligarchs rather rueful. This centralisation of cash prior to a succession battle is a very high risk strategy. It is telling that Gulnara refers to my contact with Uzbek “clans”. In the Uzbek context, this does not mean tribe, but rather something more akin to regionally based mafia groupings, with whom the common people of the region have no identity. Gulnara is in the middle of a major rupture with Gafur Rakhimov, the largest mafia boss whose alliance with Karimov had been central to the regime’s stability.

I do not imagine Gulnara really believes I am connected to any of these rival mafia interests, though it is possible she is really that crazy. But plainly she is very rattled, or she would not be drawing all this attention to her business interests.

Two small points from the above. Firstly, one passage seems to reveal that the “interviewer” from Bilan was a chum of hers.

and guess who else? Exactly! Craig Murray – ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan,

I don’t think an ordinary Swiss journalist would have any idea who I was, let alone know I had called at the house.

This is one of my all time favourite tough journalist questions:

You are leading the list of most popular personalities from Central Asia in 2012 on search engines such as Google and Yandex. You are almost every day active on Twitter where you post many of your photos. How is this all related?

Final point – the first sentence of this post refers to me in the third person not because I have gone delusional, but so it works well as a retweet.

I have every hope the Karimov regime will fall in spring 2015.

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  1. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    11 Mar, 2013 - 11:52 am

    Gulnara is so…..s m e a r y….. it is a wonder that she can lift one dainty foot from the sticky slime trail she leaves behind in order to step forward.

  2. Mutabar Tadjibaeva was tortured in the Uzbek regime’s prisons for speaking the truth, and she survived only thanks to her remarkable courage and strength (and some foreign pressure that got her released). She and Gulnara are in moral terms perhaps as different as any two people on earth could possibly be, almost to the extent that they should be considered to hail from different species. For Gulnara to make ridiculous accusations against you, Craig, is as you say, just risible and crazy. But for her to dismiss Mutabar Tajdibaeva like this is truly disgusting and really fills me with rage.

  3. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    11 Mar, 2013 - 12:20 pm

    P Charles and the No 2 Croc wife are crawling around the ME dictators and human rights abusers… again. Truly appalling.

    Prince Charles urged to tell “truth” about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record
    11 Mar 2013
    He will spend three days, along with wife Camilla, in the country as part of a nine-day royal tour of the Middle East

    Did anyone see the giggling old fogey last night on Countryfile with the BBC toads like Baker, Bradbury, Henson and Craven crawling round him. HRH spoke of a legacy for our grandchildren. Quite but rather than promoting hedge laying and suchlike, he might like to encourage a world free of war and one where all people are equal and have equality of opportunity and access to resources.

  4. Have they got that Campbell(end) fellow working for them?

    ‘and guess who else? Exactly! Craig Murray – ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan’…. it’s the ‘exactly’ that makes it art. Geez, if you’re gonna hire a corporate hack, at least hire one who can, you know, write…but I guess I digress.

    All the best Craig, if this is their opening salvo, it’s pretty pathetic.

  5. Craig you rascally rascal attending “den of inequities” !

    This fishwife at large for UN indeed has taken a swipe at you, trouble may arise, from the fact that not many empty headed, airhead fishwives can be mustered for her “list of grave charges” that did not include you taking a leak against a lamp post in Tashkent (to keep it all in good taste) to hold sway.

    It is such a pitiful state of affairs that a none thinking shallow creature such as Gulnara Karimova can in fact exploit the poor cotton picking Uzbek slave children, purely based on force and coercion.

  6. Philip Atticus

    11 Mar, 2013 - 12:47 pm

    I’m still scratching my head as to how a “professional PR firm” would choose to work with a “professional blogger” like, ahem, Craig Murray (No offense Craig!) to bring down Uzbekistan. There are definitely easier subjects to work with. Maybe she has been watching too much “Mad Men?”

    But I suppose congratulations are in order.

  7. She was sufficiently rattled by your friendly visit in Geneva, this article is saying just that, hence her moaning.

    But she accuses you of breaking, entering and making video’s, surely a poor show when we compare this to the bleeding hands of young children working long days in utterly deprived circumstances.

    maybe she is not getting enough… which is explainable when you realise that her whole existence is dependent on the love of gangsters such as Salim Abduvaliyev and Gafur Rakhimov.
    I mean, who would want to touch her

  8. Uzbek in the UK

    11 Mar, 2013 - 12:59 pm

    I suppose swearing is not acceptable on this blog, thus I am keeping a silence. I have little more to offer than swearing on this blood thirsty bitch. Her behaviour is like cannibals preaching about value of human life.

    All her interviews (and especially those which are published on Uzbek web sites and republished in Uzbek Media) are given to pocket and usually low rating and low quality foreign newspapers and magazines. It is very well known mechanism by which Uzbek media need some references to foreign sources in order to republish the news with more pomposity for local population.

  9. Gulnara is evil, but she is quite hot. I wouldn’t mind giving her a a good shag

  10. For what its worth, last time I stopped a night in an Istanbul hotel the only decent programme I could find on the TV was Qur’an recitation from Uzbekistan at early morning prayer time. Interesting that Turkey sourced that from its cultural roots rather than some home-grown Islamic group because it shows that within the Turkish Sufi community Uzbekistan is highly respected in spite of having been in the Soviet block and its current involvement in the rar on terror exodus from Afghanistan.

    This Sufi tradition is involves dependancy on a sheikh unlike our own protestant independency of religious faith. The East in general is uncomfortable and unfamiliar with individuals challenging authority. This sideswipe from Gulnara reminds me of laborious imitations of Western culture I have seen from the Chinese. Don’t be deceived by this magazine interview format into thinking that freedom of thought and speech are not deeply detested and just the same.

  11. Carther Rump

    11 Mar, 2013 - 1:37 pm

    Does she have assets in the UK? If so, why not sue for libel? You’d easily get a lawyer on a CFA: the case is clear.

  12. O/T, sorry (Blame Jemand – he asked me to keep developments regarding the Swedish case against Assange in the public eye :))

    A one-off demonstration outside the Sweden embassy in London – 11 Montagu Place, London W1H 2AL – in support of Julian Assange, and to demand that he be questioned by the Swedish authorities in the Ecuadorian embassy here in London, will start from 3pm on Tuesday 19th March. (I expect it will last until at least 6pm to give some people a chance to come down after work – if they work in the city, that is.)

    Anyone who wants further details can email

    I’m going myself and there has been some interest expressed by people from the Swedish forum Flashback in coming over for the day to show solidarity and that many Swedish citizens also believe that the current position of their government/prosecution authority over “L’Affaire Assange” is wrong.

    I suspect, given day and time, that turn-out is going to be quite small. Anyone here fancy coming along to help bump up the numbers?

    Meanwhile, over in Sweden, bang goes the theory that Assange will be “safer in Sweden, or at least as ‘safe’, from extradition to the US than he is in the UK” – the Swedish government is introducing new legislation to criminalise publication of war-disclosures by foreign media as “espionage”:

    As you can see, even the Swedish MSM are extremely worried about this latest announcement and see it as especially dangerous for journalists.

    Here’s Flashback’s full discussion of the implications for Assange of this new legal push – which should be obvious to even the most wilfully blind. Flashback sets out chapter and verse of how it will all fit in with Sweden’s extradition laws:

    You’ll have to use Google translate for both links, sorry.

  13. resident dissident

    11 Mar, 2013 - 2:06 pm

    We all know which is the biggest and most powerful clan in Uzbekistan – but it is interesting to see that it is feeling a little insecure.

  14. Uzbek in the UK

    11 Mar, 2013 - 2:18 pm

    It is more likely that this is outrage than insecurity. In Uzbekistan ‘intruders’ like Mr Murray and Mutabar Tadjibaeva would have been shot on the spot. Goosha’s private house in centre of Tashkent has 24 hours armed security both inside and outside of the property as well as 4 metres high concrete wall.

  15. Arbed, Thanks for details of the London demo. Again I might not be able to make it because of the dogs. But we’ll see.

    Another very important demo, (as well as Arbed’s and the one at Rue Prevote, Cologny, Geneva) is this Sunday outside the US embassy (2-4 p.m.) on behalf of Guantanamo prisoners who have been on hunger strike for above a month (and MSM has not reported this).

  16. Sorry I should have included this link.

  17. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 3:57 pm

    “P Charles and the No 2 Croc wife are crawling around the ME dictators and human rights abusers… again. Truly appalling.”

    A mere THREE POSTS in and our friend MARY is already off-topic, raving on about the Royals.

    This is a pity because the original blog is an interesting one. And I believe it shows considerable disrespect towards the host.

    BTW, why specify that Camilla is his second wife? Is there any problem woth that? Should I refer to Mary as “the widow Mary”? No, sp once more, PLEASE LAY OFF adding irrelevant personal details about the people you’re having a go at.


  18. What makes you think that Karimov will fall in Spring 2015, any more than Kim Wrong-Un?

  19. Uzbek in the UK

    11 Mar, 2013 - 4:25 pm

    Theoretically and this needs to be stressed, his 1st 7 years term will finish by January 2015. Considering that by the time he will be 2 years short of 80 and he poor heath (as speculated) and the fact that clans (mafia groups as stressed by Mr Murray) started to move forces on the after Karimov time, odds are he will not put himself forward, or if he is, he will not live much longer than 1-2 years after his ‘re-election’. Another factor to straighten this is that Karimova sisters are exporting capital in large quantities in the last couple of years and purchasing properties abroad.

    However; major concern remains that for karimov anything but presidential chair is not acceptable as like millennia old history shows that in Central Asia former rulers are not much appreciated and can be easily found dead hours after giving up (or forced giving up) their thrones.

    Whether he is or he is not president after 2015 does not change the fact that 2016 will be marked by similar (if not worse) brutality, corruption and slave labour. The reason is that no opposition (alternative thinking) exists at present and it will take decades for such opposition to develop.

  20. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    11 Mar, 2013 - 4:44 pm

    Keep up.

    My comment… connection === dictators …ME human rights abusers….

    Craig’s post… connection === karimov ..dictator and human rights abuser…

    Viper. Remember. Personal insult.

  21. This is a pity because the original blog is an interesting one. And I believe it shows considerable disrespect towards the host.

    BTW, why specify that Camilla is his second wife? Is there any problem woth that? Should I refer to Mary as “the widow Mary”? No, sp once more, PLEASE LAY OFF adding irrelevant personal details about the people you’re having a go at.


    What with this false concern for Craig’s blog? and then trying to discern what is and is not appropriate. Craigs blog has always thrived from these cross posts, that’s why it has reached such popularity, no thanks to your pedantries.

    Now to your other, more personal foible, Charles’s second wife. You must watch your blood pressure with issues that matter so much to you.

    You do not know much, do you? Here in Norfolk its well known that Camilla was his wife and that he never stopped loving her, throughout his first marriage. Hopping the country houses at weekends, inviting oneself here, there and everywhere is the reality.

    Sorry to have disturbed your mind, obviously full of tabloid petty foggery, with facts.

  22. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 5:01 pm

    @ Mary :

    and the several lines on the “giggling old fogey” on Countryfile which you were kind enough to share with us?

    On topic? NO.

    An insult? YES.

    Your self-awarenesss : ZERO

  23. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    11 Mar, 2013 - 5:04 pm

    Boomtownchav Excuse me for saying but if you are one of Frankie Boyle’s 1.3m followers on Twitter, you are being just a wee bit precious aren’t you? Even if you just read it, you have a stronger stomach than me. That was my first visit just now and some of it is just scurrilous.

    PS I am not in the least bit conceited. You are making false accusations.

  24. Viktor Tashkentskiy

    11 Mar, 2013 - 5:16 pm

    “I have every hope the Karimov regime will fall in spring 2015.”
    Why so late? Please do not wish smth crazy! We want him to fall now, these days, any minute.

  25. Viktor Tashkentskiy

    11 Mar, 2013 - 5:20 pm

    Carther Rump
    11 Mar, 2013 – 1:37 pm
    Does she have assets in the UK? If so, why not sue for libel? You’d easily get a lawyer on a CFA: the case is clear.

    Yes, she does. Companies in secretive names of people who work for her. She also has properties in Oxford where her son is attending a college.

  26. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 6:28 pm

    Nevermind :

    Now I’m going to ber very kind, and ceryt patient with you. Put down your copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion for a moment, let your wife carry on with the knitting, have a glass of water and an aspirin to hand, and listen very carefully. You will be a wiser, and therefore better, person after it.

    Have you ever noticed that Craig, our host, has not opened a thread on the Royal Family or the Monarchy? Nor has he suggested that he might do so, or asked for people’s opinion on whether he should do so.

    Now, do you think that’s just an oversight on old Craig’s part? Getting a bot forgetful, perhaps?

    Or do you think it might just be because, in the greater scheme of things, he thinks there are more important, more pressing or more serious subjects to blog about?

    This being so, what gives you and others (Mary is of course the worst culprit) the idea that you know better than Craig?

    The best way of showing him some respect would be not to fawn, but to keep on-topic when he lauches a thread.

    Can’t say fairer than that, can I.


    La vita è bella, life is good! (please show some respectà

  27. Why not show some respect to Craig and his blog by not using multiple and fake identities?

    That would be a start.

    A fraud AND a hypocrite is our little HabbaTroll.

  28. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    11 Mar, 2013 - 7:01 pm

    If the Resident Inviligator allows, I am posting this.

    I have just seen a distressing item on BBC London News. 21 families were being evicted today (in this bitterly cold weather) with nowhere to go. The housing association’s lease has run out and the property has to be returned to the ground landlord which is the Met. It was said that this is because their budget has been cut and they have to redevelop the site, ie flog it off to the highest bidder. It will not be used for more social housing you can bet. The poor souls. Women were weeping as the contractors were boarding up the windows and doors. What a world.

    PS Resident Invigilator. Vamoosh. Label here for you.

  29. Carther Rump

    11 Mar, 2013 - 7:40 pm

    @ Viktor Tashkentskiy:

    When you say her son is attending an Oxford college do you mean a college of the university? If so, it might be interesting to know how he got there, in particular whether or not Karimova donated any money to the college. Since admissions are handled by the colleges and the colleges are financially independent from the university there is always scope for “encouraging” the admission of someone who would not make it in on academic ability alone. Easily checked…just needs a FOI request…

  30. Viktor Tashkentskiy

    Thanks. Can you get any more details on her assets in the UK? If you don’t want to post here, the contact button at top of page will send me an email/

  31. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 8:29 pm

    @ Jives :

    All this talk about multiple and fake identities has got me thinking – you wouldn’t be Never-a-mind, would you? Funny how you replied to my post addressed to him within a few minutes (not the first time either, and vice-versa…)

    Is there one Eminence less than I had thought…?


    La vita è bella, life is good! (expose the fakes)

  32. OT

    Habbabkuk repeatedly accuses others of posting off-topic. I thought it would be interesting to check his record in this regard:

    He has made 15 posts today on 3 threads.
    Number of posts attacking other posters = 15
    Number of posts on topic = 0
    There was noticeable dirruption on all three threads following his appearance.

    times of posting and person attacked:

    11 Mar, 2013 – 3:29 pm

    11 Mar, 2013 – 3:12 pm

    11 Mar, 2013 – 3:07 pm

    11 Mar, 2013 – 11:50 am

    11 Mar, 2013 – 11:48 am

    11 Mar, 2013 – 11:46 am

    11 Mar, 2013 – 11:36 am
    Brian Fujisan :

    11 Mar, 2013 – 11:29 am

    11 Mar, 2013 – 8:33 am

    11 Mar, 2013 – 8:23 am
    Brian Fujisan

    11 Mar, 2013 – 6:38 pm

    11 Mar, 2013 – 6:57 pm

    11 Mar, 2013 – 3:57 pm

    11 Mar, 2013 – 5:01 pm

    11 Mar, 2013 – 6:28 pm

  33. Sorry, make that:

    Number of posts attacking other posters = 16
    Number of posts on topic = 0

    It’s hard keeping up with him.

  34. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 8:45 pm

    A Node; We’re giving negative attention to those in dire need. As soon as that well dries, the critter will seek resources, elsewhere.

  35. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 8:49 pm

    @ Node :

    just to coplete your admirable survey, how many of my posts are in response to attacks on me?

  36. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 9:05 pm

    @ Node :

    suspecting bad faith on your part, I thought I’d do a spot check on one of the posts of mine you cited.

    Here’s what I found.

    Fred posts at 14h20 saying “we know the security services and the police infiltrate radical groups as a matter of routine”.

    On which I commented as follows (18h38): “I should jolly well hope so. THey would be failing in their duty and not fit for purpose if they didn’t”.

    Can you point me to the “attack” involved in my comment? Thank you.

    No doubt if I could be bothered to check your other “examples” I should find the same degree of….shall I say dishonesty?


    La vita è bella, life is good! (beware false statistics)

  37. Thanks to Craig and all other Uzbek commentators, my grasp of these issues is embarrassingly limited and I am finding these threads highly informative and useful.

    Is it likely Karimova will just be replaced by another Stooge when his term expires?

  38. Ben, you’re right. He craves attention and I’m wrong to give it.
    Those statistics are pretty damning, though.

  39. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    11 Mar, 2013 - 9:07 pm

    I have said it for a long time that it is very obvious that he/she was sent here for the sole purpose of disrupting the threads and causing the blog to be held in disrepute. An unpleasant atmosphere has also been created. No wonder Jon the remaining moderator thinks the way he does.

  40. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 9:18 pm

    BTW, A Node, that was from the “As big as terroriism thread”.

    Here’s another, from the “NHS in meltdown thread”. You cite my post of O8h23 but forget to mention that it was in reply to this charmer from Brian Fujisan ;
    “Whatever happened to your concern for Craig’s health, you little C%nt”

    I suppose you’re relying on the fact that few people will bother to check your claims.

    You are a fool and a liar.

  41. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 9:28 pm

    “Those statistics are pretty damning, though.”

    Indeed. But the blowback is inevitable.

  42. She writes atrociously. Seriously, it’s borderline gibberish. I distrust anyone who can’t string a sentence together. It doesn’t have to be Milton, just vaguely coherent.

    In fairness, she’s probably bonkers.

  43. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 9:38 pm

    Mary :

    have you ever really asked yourself why most of my comments are addressed to just a handful of the score or so of regular contributors to this blog?

    have a think about it and if you come up with any insights please share them with me and all the other readers.

  44. You asked the question about yourself –You answer it Habbabkuk.

    Tell us and all the other readers.

  45. “It doesn’t have to be Milton”

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  46. resident dissident

    11 Mar, 2013 - 10:03 pm

    Getting back to the topic – there are some reports that Bekzod Akhmedov has been arrested in Russia and been returned to Uzbekistan – if true by guess is that the Karimov clan may well have been forced to bend the knee to the rather larger Russin clan that controls MTS and Akhmedov has been offered up as peace offering. Perhaps the clan leader is keen to strengthen his foreign operations given that the long term prospects for the Syrian branch are none too rosy. Mario Puzo is an excellent guide to understanding politics in this part of the world btw.

  47. resident dissident

    11 Mar, 2013 - 10:14 pm

    from her blog “the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (where I also did a lecturing stint),”

    For some reason she omits the rather pertinent fact that this is a state controlled university in Tashkent. But I’m sure her audience gave a deafening tound of applause at the end of each lecture.

  48. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 10:34 pm

    @ Crab :

    you must learn to read carefully, Crab.

    Once you’ve done so, you’ll understand that the question was addressed to Mary, not to myself.

    Not that I’m expecting an answer, of course, but it did seem fair to give her the opportunity. Feel free to stand in for her if you wish, Crab, but you’ll really have to try harder if you want to be of service.

    One tip for essaying an answer if you’re up for it : think about whether there are any significant differences between Craig’s posts and the comments from the Eminences which those posts attract.

  49. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    11 Mar, 2013 - 10:35 pm

    Shame on the BBC, Correra and Gardner who tried to do the same but failed. Vile people.

    ‘The BBC’s closeness to the Home Office has come under fire after the corporation’s security correspondent Gordon Corera accepted a formal role at a behind-closed-doors counter-terrorism event.

    The Security and Policing Exhibition 2013, which opens in Farnborough today, aims to showcase and sell Britain’s security expertise to overseas governments.

    Delegates from dozens of states – including some with questionable human rights records – will attend seminars and speeches from leading UK police officers, Whitehall officials and ministers.

    While the Home Office has blocked all press requests to attend the conference, citing “national security”, it emerged yesterday that Mr Corera is due to chair a masterclass on cyber-security this afternoon. His role was only confirmed by the Home Office after if initially claimed that no journalists had been invited.’

    No surprise that a cathedral offered to host the nasty bunch for their dinner. They will do anything for money nowadays as their congregations die off. At least someone there had a conscience and responded to the protests.

    The conference

    The exhibitors

  50. Yeah, I know. Where’s his hand, and why is she in her jammies.

    But, Bashar and Saif were buddies with the great and good too and look what happened to them.

  51. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    11 Mar, 2013 - 10:57 pm

    Don’t hold your breath that anything will change in Bahrain.

    News story

    Joint Bahrain-UK Statement on Inaugural Meeting of Joint Working Group

    Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    Published:11 March 2013
    Minister:Alistair Burt MP
    World location:Bahrain.

    During his visit to Bahrain, FCO Minister Alistair Burt took part in the inaugural meeting of the UK-Bahrain Joint Working Group.

    After the meeting, Alastair Burt and Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa released the following statement:

    “His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Bahrain, today hosted the inaugural meeting of the Bahrain-UK Joint Working Group, welcoming to Manama Mr Alistair Burt MP, British Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East and North Africa.”

    “Underlining the close and open relationship between Bahrain and the UK, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa and Mr Burt, together with ministers and senior officials from several Bahraini ministries, discussed a wide range of bilateral and regional issues, including cooperation on key trade and investment opportunities. Co-operation and assistance on security and counter-terrorism also featured, as did Bahrain’s reform programme, including UK support on the implementation of the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry Report and UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review. Officials from both governments will work together, monitoring and evaluating areas of co-operation and assistance, between now and the next meeting, expected within six months.”

  52. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Mar, 2013 - 11:13 pm

    I thought I might re-post this little insight into A Node’s mindset, with the aim of “letting him damn himself out of his own mouth”, so to speak.

    Following a pertinent (albeit sarcastically phrased) post from one Giles on the “Oh dear new Labour’s control of BBC Scotland must be curbed” , A Node responds in the following well-reasoned, non-ad hominem manner (10 March, 13h58):

    “@ Giles 10 Mar,2013 – 12:02pm

    As long as there are people like you visiting this blog, I will remain
    suspicious of people’s motives for posting comments.”



    La vita è bella, life is good!

  53. As a sometime contributer, I would have to say that Habbakuk is now being purely reductive.

  54. Project Habakkuk or Habbakuk (spelling varies; see below) was a plan by the British in World War II to construct an aircraft carrier out of pykrete (a mixture of wood pulp and ice), for use against German U-boats in the mid-Atlantic, which were beyond the flight range of land-based planes at that time.

    Habbabkuk here is even less useful than an ice cream aircraft carrier. Host should follow Churchill’s and scuttle it. Ban for disruptive trolling.
    I can’t believe he is still posting this hate filled drivel.

  55. Jives, apologies, for he does not know what he is doing, so chuffed to be you, really…..

    Habkeincock does not know of the petulance of his beloved Royals and I fully understand why Craig does not swipe at them having sworn an oath once, it is commendable.

    But he does not censor what we know here in Norfolk to be true blue practise, and you get to know a bit when you install chimney pieces to boost ego’s.

    Thanks for that picture Herbie, she does look a little ravaged, holding on to Clinton for dear life, she must be craving recognition.

    A node, your stats are great, a daily troll tally might be the way to go with increasing popularity of this blog. Must be hard to try and be kind whilst harbouring thoughts of destruction.

    Habby, we are getting used to you, stick around, we are always looking for a monthly mascot. I’m truly impressed with your stickability, which leaves to say, why would you possibly sit here and play the school master, if you have no agenda or ulterior motive to fuel your hearth.

    It must be so hard to make a living as a stooge these days.

  56. A nice new tag for you Habbabkuk

    bella horrida bella

    I’m sure you know where I’d like you to stick it.

  57. Hey Habbabkuk

    One of your mates made the news.

  58. Jonangus Mackay

    12 Mar, 2013 - 12:13 am

    OT (I hope):

    ‘If Chávez was not murdered by the US, the CIA wasn’t doing its job’—’Rogue State’ author William Blum

  59. But I also have to say that the alternately vitriolic/vicious/scatological attacks on him/her (Habbakuk)do not reflect well on this board either.

  60. This statement: “I certainly did visit Gulnara’s US $25 million mansion in Geneva, because I wanted to see where the proceeds of forced child labour in the Uzbek cotton fields went. I intend to do so again. I hope lots of people will – its at No. 7, Rue Prevote, Cologny, Geneva.” is key to Gulnara’s peculiar attack.

    7, Chemin de la Prévôté
    1223 Cologny, Switzerland

    Of course a ‘drone’ comes to mind 😉

  61. Jonangus Mackay

    12 Mar, 2013 - 2:27 am


    Richard ‘Liberal Defence of Murder’ Seymour & 71 others resign over handling of SWP rape allegations:

    ‘One is simply astounded by how inadequate, corrupt, stupid, narrow-mindedly bureaucratic and delusional the leadership of the SWP has proven to be. It is not just that having covered up serious sexual allegations, and so disastrously failed at least two female comrades, they can admit no fault. It is not just the absurd, scholastic, apolitical explanations they give for doing so, or the tragic retreat into bunkered dogma that has accompanied this. It is not just that they lie with impunity. It is not just that they ducked a real debate, with their absurd rules limiting faction speakers at aggregates, and their gerrymandering of conference. It is not just that even now many of them are desperate to get the accused back into the leadership as soon as can conveniently be arranged. It is not just that their response to the most recent allegations by a female ex-member was to effectively dismiss her as a liar, without investigating further. It is that, having done a Jonestown, they think they’ve just triumphed.’

  62. Might some fine contributors to these discussions be wasting their time reading certain posts? Life is too short to read nonsense, and one quickly learns the names of those who have nothing to contribute. Simple then, simply to stop reading these people and any replies directed to them. Ignore them – even if they don’t go away, nobody will be listening.

  63. Jonangus Mackay

    12 Mar, 2013 - 4:17 am


    ‘Brilliant.’ Carne Ross, Iraq whistleblower & Craig’s colleague in the FCO maritime department during the ‘Gulf War,’ highly recommends this shock-&-awe stock-take by David Gardner in the FT:

  64. Right you are, Arbed – keep it in the public eye :)

    And the same goes for (Goo)Goosha*. Let’s take some of the burden of attention off of Craig and post reminders about the nature of this toxic, narcissistic monster on other blogs and forums. Is anyone good with producing YouTube videos? It would be good to mix a few home truths among the psychotic music videos.

    * “Goosha : A female that can projectily ejaculate.”

    Goosha’s music video. Feel free to post comments (acct required)

  65. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    12 Mar, 2013 - 7:54 am

    A floating island right enough.

    Code name and spelling

    The project’s code name seems to have been consistently (mis)spelled Habbakuk in the Admiralty and Government documents at the time. This may in fact have been Pyke’s own error, as at least one early document apparently written by him (though unsigned) spells it that way. (However, post-war publications by people concerned with the project [e.g., Perutz and Goodeve] all restore the proper [one ‘B’ and three ‘K’s] spelling.) The name is a biblical reference to the project’s ambitious goal: “…be utterly amazed, for I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” (Habakkuk 1:5, NIV)

    The ‘RI’ started off here last November using a different spelling to the one in use now.

  66. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    12 Mar, 2013 - 7:58 am

    “But I also have to say that the alternately vitriolic/vicious/scatological attacks on him/her (Habbakuk)do not reflect well on this board either”

    Technicolour, you won’t be surprised to read that I rather agree with your comment :).

    The degree to which my own comments are vitriolic/vicious/scatological as compared to the responses they elicit bears careful examination and you may have done this (although there’s no particular reason why you should do so, of course.

    I myself draw certain conclusions from the fact when – to take but one example (there are probably better ones)- I endeavour to tease out the position of a commenter on the utility of referenda (eg why someone who supports the holding of a referendum on Scottish independence should condemn the holding of a referendum in the Falklands), the person to whom I addressed the question remains silent while of the other commenters who decide to answer on behalf of the addresssee perhaps one (if I’m lucky) will provide some sort of explanation whereas the others prefer to send abusive and accusatory ‘replies’. Not to mention the ‘drowning-out’ technique which some appear to have been essaying recently, which I can assure you won’t be successful.

    If you were in a face to face conversation, you’d probably expect to have your opinions challenged on occasion and you’d probably feel called to justify or explain your opinion. Although it’s easier to avoid doing so on an internet forum, why should matters be any different here?

    Anyway, whatever. As another commenter (perhaps CE or Resident Dissident) said recently, I’m happy to leave judgement to the founder of this blog, in whose power it lies (and rightly so) to bar me from the forum if he feels that I consistently overstep the mark with the aim of bringing this blog into disrepute (or worse).


    La vita è bella, life is good!

    I suppose my line would be

  67. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    12 Mar, 2013 - 8:01 am

    The man who said ‘No’. Well there were three of them actually. ‘Get them off these islands immediately’.

    Result: Of 1,517 votes cast in the two-day referendum – on a turnout of more than 90% – 1,513 were in favour, while just three votes were against.

    What a farce.

  68. Mary - for Truth and Justice

    12 Mar, 2013 - 8:36 am

    Another scandal from the Poison Gove mismanaged Department for Education. He’s piling our taxes into his pet academies yet the unfortunate children going to the schools that should have been rebuilt or repaired under the NuLabour Building Schools for the Future project, which he immediately scrapped after taking office, are suffering appalling and dangerous working conditions.

    The school shown in the video is 9 miles away from Gove’s office. Perhaps he should visit to see the state of the place. He should take his hard hat though.

  69. Mary, it’s reminiscent of the Soviet elections. A farce is a farce which ever way you view it. It was a foregone conclusion. However, there were I believe, 1672 eligible to vote. Obviously the other near 9.2% did not feel it was in their interest to vote.

  70. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    12 Mar, 2013 - 9:55 am

    “The man who said ‘No’. Well there were three of them actually. ‘Get them off these islands immediately’.

    Result: Of 1,517 votes cast in the two-day referendum – on a turnout of more than 90% – 1,513 were in favour, while just three votes were against.

    What a farce.”

    Can you indicate why you think the referendum was a farce?

    Can you assure us that had there not been a referendum, you would not have critised the government for not holding one?

    Thank you.

  71. Uzbek in the UK

    12 Mar, 2013 - 10:06 am

    Mark Golding,

    I like your ‘drone’ idea. But better yet for the property to be sold for 25 mil and for the money to be returned to the poor people in Uzbekistan. There are hundreds of schools and hospitals and hundreds of large and small communal services installations (that supply hot water and electricity) to be refurbished.

  72. This bit of her blog is priceless:

    “…where the waves of negativity suddenly were coming in en masse – always out of nowhere, as if obeying an invisible wand, and obviously well-paid from significant sources. However, over time I realized that when you are confronted it actually proves that you mean something and in a way it is a gratifying experience. When you start working on something really meaningful, when you are bringing the difference, these forms of resistance, counteraction or, shall I say, petty sabotage become a merely casual routine of your life.”

    Had I not read ‘Murder In Samarkand’ I would actually believe this is a powerful and gorgeous lady being wrongly accused of heinous crimes.

  73. Uzbek in the UK

    12 Mar, 2013 - 10:37 am

    Resident Dissident

    I will not be surprised if Akhmedov was returned from Moscow. He was more important to karimova then to MTS. Rumours say that he was not only head of uzbek based MTS but was also involved in other financial operations with Karimova including illegal sale of uzbek gold. Akhmedov knows a lot more then was made public about Gulnara and it was in her best interests to bring him back. As for MTS it is more likely that they have been paid some ransom for this exchange.

    MTS tried to organise PR scandal against Karimova but it did not go far and was stopped by kremlin before it went too far. As there are some other (and even more profitable and more strategically important) Russian projects in Uzbekistan kremlin decided not to push further and alienate Karimova. The fact that some Russian oligarchs were involved in karimova’s money laundering operations played crucial role in Akhmedov’s silence. Suggestions were made that some Russian oligarchs of uzbek origin including Alisher Usmanov (who is having investments in UK is now concerned for his reputation) got involved in convincing kremlin to strop Karimova gate.

    That is the nature of business in former USSR.

  74. Uzbek in the UK

    12 Mar, 2013 - 10:59 am


    It is very likely that Karimov will be replaced by another him alike when he is dead, or near dead. There is no opposition (by which I mean organised group of people who think significantly different) and there are no mechanisms that would insure any positive changes in Uzbekistan immediately after karimov. Whole power structure is tailor made for Karimov and ensures his supremacy in whole aspects of political life.

    Another important factor that was never stressed on this blog (at least not by Mr Murray) is that despite decades of soviet nation building in Central Asia and in Uzbekistan in particular most Central Asians and Uzbeks in particular associate themselves with local tribes and local regions more than with nations within national border states. Localism is not just alive is more alive than nationalism in Central Asia and it is argued (sometimes fairly) that only authoritarian power structure would allow current nation states to continue to exist and otherwise interethnic and intraethnic conflicts are imminent which would lead to many deaths. Economic underdevelopment of the region and its geographic isolation from liberal centres (such as Europe) are another factors adding to continuation of authoritarian rule in Central Asia. And where there is authoritarian ruler there are corruption, money laundering and all those things in which gulnara excels.

  75. 1st April 2010, CM blog Pentagon $860 million contracts to GK.

    That US money wouldn’t need laundering then?

  76. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    12 Mar, 2013 - 11:37 am

    Since the Falklands referendum has been raised on this thread (in addition to the existence of a previous entire thread on the subject of the Scottish referendum),I should be interested to teasing out further contributors’ thoughts on the entire question of referenda.

    Let me do this in the form of two questions.

    1/. Given that majority opinion here is that a referendum on Scottish independence is desirable, would the contributors belonging to that majority also be in favour of a referendum in Northern Ireland on the question of either (1) independence for Northern Ireland or (2) incorporation of Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland?

    2/. Given, on the one hand, the existence of popular referenda (Volksinitiative)as part of the Swiss political system and, on the other, the existence in the UK of the system whereby petitions to Parliament which attract a minimum numbers of signatures lead (or perhaps can lead, I’m not certain) to a debate in Parliament – and given, furthermore, thaat we are occasionally asked on this blog to sign up for petitions on various issues – would regular contributors to this forum support the idea of introducing Swiss-style popular refernda into the UK political system?

  77. Halibabacus and other war heroes of the Falklands war

    I am puzzled how starting from Uzbekistan you managed to land on the Malvinas?? Do you want to grow cotton there or what? Sounds pretty stupid to me but perhaps I am expecting too much of the habbakukian “intelectual firepower” from you. I should have perhaps informed you that I have already different plans. Like Balfour, I have compiled a declaration whereby the Khazars of Golders Green, who for some unknown reasons believe that they are descendents of the king David, would be given the right to settle without any limitations in the Falklands and drill for oil in the surrounding waters as they please. I have checked my school atlas and Khazars have indeed no country of their own and Falklands seem to me to be one of the few places on earth without people. This could be perhaps the first time in living history that Great Brittain gives land away that consideres to be its property.

  78. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    12 Mar, 2013 - 12:25 pm

    @ Karel (11h59) :

    “This could be perhaps the first time in living history that Great Brittain gives land away that consideres to be its property.”

    Although this is not in living memory (I presume you meant to say memory rather than history)), there is actually at least relatively recent example: that of the cession of the Ionian islands to the newly constituted state of Greece in the middle of the 19th century.

  79. Uzbek in the UK,

    Thanks for that information.



    1) I support a referendum for the whole island of Ireland on it’s reunification.

    2) No I do not favour the idea of popular referenda, I think they should only be used in constitutional matters of great importance.

  80. Halibabacus,

    thanks for being so observant. But what is this nonsense of yours about “Ionian Islands”? Or do you want to insinuate that these islands were somehow presented by YHW to the King of England?

  81. O/T, but I’m sure readers of Craig’s blog will have a lot of fun in here…

    Wikileaks’ UK Global Intelligence Files (Stratfor) release:

    396,337 emails from US intelligence contractor Stratfor:
    1,245 sensitive emails from US intelligence contractor #Stratfor
    201 very sensitive emails from US intelligence contractor Stratfor

  82. Two stupid referenda…

    Interesting that the British authorities hold a status referendum in the Falklands (Malvinas) and allow the Scottish government to hold an independence referendum in Scotland.

    The results in both are foregone conclusions.

    The result in the Malvinas (Falklands) was always going to be an overwhelming ‘yes’ to British rule, and the result in Scotland will be a resounding ‘yes’ to staying in the Union.

    Meanwhile, no vote is held in one part of the UK where most people would very probably vote in favour of leaving Britain.

    I refer to Shetland.

    Which authorities, in any country, ever held a vote that might trouble them?

  83. PS. Above links have a search engine on them – everything’s searchable by key word. Enjoy!

  84. What’s the British-Uzbek Society?

    Its people seem to be very welcome at the Karimov regime’s embassy in London.

    Its director Richard Moir lives with and has a business relationship with Corinne Souza.

    What the fuck is that about?

  85. Habeas corpus

    You are indeed in a different league

    Half a league, half a league,
    Half a league onward,
    All in the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred.

    Doomed along with your sponsors

  86. The essence of the anti-referendum position is that Britain’s claim to sovereignty is a dodgy one – does not come out particularly well from historical scrutiny.

    ‘Accident of empire’, the subject of ‘Britain’s last imperial war’. Nothing to be considered on the other side? Like, for example, the wishes of the inhabitants of those islands? No, they do not figure, except as a mere 3,000 people who, along with 500,000 sheep, are very expensive to defend.

    Why the wishes of the Falkland Islanders, their right to self-determination in fact, should count for so little in the moral balance, and an accident of empire be regarded as carrying little weight when an accident of geography appears to carry much, you’ll have to figure out for yourself; Port Stanley ‘in artificial isolation from the country nearest to it’ is all you get. That the people of the Falklands have a certain right in this matter is of less importance, apparently, than the yearning of a stretch of land for other land in geographical proximity to it.

    Still struggling to discern exactly what Mary found so ‘farcical’ about all this?

  87. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    12 Mar, 2013 - 1:57 pm

    @ Donald (13h09) :

    “Which authorities, in any country, ever held a vote that might trouble them?”

    Well, the Swiss government for a start (cf the last one on capping high salaries).

    On your other point : I still fail to see why the result of a referendum being a foregone conclusion – and I wouldn’t be so certain with the Scottish one – should somehow invalidate the mechanism or device as such. At a very minimum, holdong a referendum absolves a government from the charge – which would inevitably be made in the absence of a referebdum – that it is acting in an arbitrary manner vis à vis its citizens?

  88. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    12 Mar, 2013 - 2:01 pm

    @ Karel :

    “But what is this nonsense of yours about “Ionian Islands”?”

    Sorry, I don’t follow you. Are you questioning my use of the words “Ionian islands” (as your use of quotation amrks might indicate) or are you disputing that they were handed over by Britain to Greece in the middle of the 19th century (as might be indicated by your use of “nonsense”?

    Happy to give more detail if you’d clarify your apparent disagreement.

  89. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    12 Mar, 2013 - 2:14 pm

    @ CE – jak sie pan miewa? Pan napisal/ :

    @ “Habba,

    1) I support a referendum for the whole island of Ireland on it’s reunification.

    2) No I do not favour the idea of popular referenda, I think they should only be used in constitutional matters of great importance.”

    Thanks for that. To tease matters out even further :

    re 1/. in such a case, do you feel that the referendum on Scottish independence should similarly involve the whole of the UK and not just Scotland/Scots?

    re 2/. What, essentially, are your reasons for that position (bearing in mind the possibility of petitions to Parliament and the other element I mentioned in my original post)?

  90. Hallibabacus,
    can you be a bit more like a scholar to be more in line with your pretences. I guess that you find this cumbesome but please try to improve the quality of you posted snippetts, so that we can all benefit and you will have less time and energy to bark at Mary. I would also suggest that you may try to be more meticulous about the words you through around. Can you please specify, which “Ionian Islands” (they are many of them) you have in mind and when how they were acquired by the UK?

  91. Halibut

    Or are you a flounder, half false-flag and half bounder, either way floundering in matters requiring moral sensitivity and intelligence but struggling to make up for it by hasbara trolling and changing the subject?

    Now that we have finished putting Mr Assange’s privates through the bacon slicer, checked under Mr Murray’s kilt for similar and read up on Hell-fire harlot Gulnara in the dentist waiting room magazines, can we get back to the serious subject of the UK being complicit in world torture in order to escape from the programme of Zionist sponsored rape and pillage called the war on terror?

    Please change subject now, HasbaraUK, friend of all friends of Israel, reality looming…


  92. Yes , come on now, no one’s mentioned ‘The Zionists’ for a few minutes! :roll:

    Czesc Habba, I’m good thanks.

    1) No I would not support the whole of the UK voting on Scottish Independence, I would differentiate between reunification and independence.

  93. Soon got rid of that guantanamo geezer.
    Lavatory smeller!

  94. resident dissident

    12 Mar, 2013 - 3:19 pm

    @ Karel (11h59) :

    “This could be perhaps the first time in living history that Great Brittain gives land away that consideres to be its property.”

    Quite a lot of countries left the British Empire in my lifetime and I’m not that old.

  95. resident dissident

    12 Mar, 2013 - 3:28 pm

    I agree that there is not much point having a referendum to maintain the status quo when the result is pretty clearly known.

    What I find strange is the self loathing of some here who are quite prepared to have a go at their own country when its right wing government resorts to nationalistic flag waving when it is in trouble and as a diversion from its mismanagement of the economy when it is exactly what Kirchner and her mob are doing as well. Might I suggest that we put all those with nationalists tendencies back into their boxes as all varieties ultimately spell trouble.

  96. resident dissident

    12 Mar, 2013 - 3:34 pm

    1) I support a referendum for the whole island of Ireland on it’s reunification.

    And I don’t for the moment at least – it is pretty clear what the result of the vote would be – but it still wouldn’t address the problem of the Protestant minority/majority in the 6 counties/Ireland who wouldn’t consent at present. Better just to sit quietly and let demographics/economics take their ultimate course – I don’t think even Sinn Fein would support throwing petrol on a subsiding fire at present.

  97. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    12 Mar, 2013 - 3:51 pm

    Arbed @ 1:09–You’re right. This is cool. I plugged in Assange and got this;

    Not for Pub —
    We have a sealed indictment on Assange.
    Pls protect
    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
    From: Sean Noonan
    Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 08:16:53 -0600
    To: CT AOR
    ReplyTo: CT AOR
    Subject: [CT] Assange-Manning Link Not Key to WikiLeaks Case
    January 25, 2011 3:37 PM
    Assange-Manning Link Not Key to WikiLeaks Case
    A report that investigators have so far failed to establish a direct link
    between the founder of the document-dumping website WikiLeaks and the Army
    private accused of providing the site with hundreds of thousands of secret
    State Department cables won’t derail the military’s case as much as it
    might seem.
    The case against Army Pfc. Bradley Manning didn’t hinge on investigators
    uncovering a direct link to WikiLeaks”
    Heh. The failed link is Manning’s refusal to become an informer/witness AGAINST Assange, not that it was to help in the case against Manning, which didn’t need any help.

  98. CE
    ‘Britain’s last imperial war.’
    Would that be Mali or Syria ?

  99. As with the Cheltenham Festival, we are all joggling for position.

    Joggling is sometimes necessary to form a straight line.

    If beginning and end meet we could form a perfect circle.

    Right wing, left wing; we all should have a share of the cheese.

    Some not only miss out on the cheese they suffer hardships.

    My point is until we all start holding hands, most will not get a whiff of the cheese.

    Craig keep chewing the cud and we may make some good cheese.

  100. technicolour sez
    [12 Mar, 2013 – 12:33 am]

    “But I also have to say that the alternately vitriolic/vicious/scatological attacks on him/her (Habbakuk) do not reflect well on this board either.”

    We have had commenters here in the past who were far more unpleasant than Habbabkuk (e.g. “genocide in Leicester”) whom I see as more mischievous than anything else. And Habbabkuk sometimes makes good points.

    This place is a public forum. It’s like being at a public meeting. In the circumstances, I don’t see how anyone who expresses their opinions here can demand that they be free from challenge or dissent.

    Glenn has written on the previous thread:

    ‘But Habbabkuk – you are an interesting character, and it’s good that you’re here. Your presence keeps us on our toes, and a lot of your points deserve consideration. I would respect you a lot more if you didn’t appear to have a primary interest in bullying one particular female …

    ‘Please stay around, your posts are useful and I (for one) like reading them.’

    I’m inclined to agree with Glenn. Although I think the “one particular female” in question is more than capable of looking after herself.

    When we have no dissenters here, this board tends to get a wee big smug and the expression ‘circle jerk’ comes to mind. We don’t want that, now, do we.

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