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Cui Bono? Putin. The alleged actions of the Tsarnaev brothers are a massive setback to the cause of Chechen nationalism. The Russian government have been trying for a decade to conflate the repression of Chechen nationalism with the western construct of “the global war on terror”, with very limited diplomatic success. Now expect to hear continually about “Al Qaeda in the Southern Caucasus” in the next few years. Events in Boston have been a massive diplomatic coup for Putin.

In the late 1830’s, Palmerston launched a (disastrous) secret service operation to ship weapons to anti-Russian rebels in modern Chechnya and Dagestan. This was contributory to the tensions that caused the First Anglo-Afghan War, and will feature in my forthcoming biography of Alexander Burnes. For almost two hundred years now there has been covert Western encouragement of anti-Russian movements in the Caucasus – which is not to say that the West was involved in or encouraged the urban terrorist wing of the Chechen nationalist movement in modern times. But links between Chechen nationalists and the US government have been maintained, and there is no support whatsoever among any significant Chechen nationalist leadership for the Boston bombings.

I cannot recommend too highly “Darkness at Dawn” by David Satter, a book which is crucial to an understanding of a key part of the modern world. Satter sets out an extremely strong case, from eyewitness interviews at the time, that The “Chechen” apartment bombings which paid such a crucial part in building the cult of Putin, were false flag – something which the British Embassy in Moscow also strongly inclined to believe. There is a history of false Chechen bombings being very helpful to Putin. These bombings are very helpful to Putin.

It is perfectly possible that this is not relevant at all, and the Tsarnaev brothers became radicalised in the United States by real, and non-Chechen related, terrorists, or simply auto-radicalised. But presuming the Tsarnaevs really did plant these bombs, just who was ultimately pulling the strings and why may be an extremely complex question – and one to which young Dzokhar Tsarnaev is most unlikely to know the real answer.

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120 thoughts on “The Tsarnaev Conundrum

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  • Techno

    “Unbelievable this person used to be a diplomat or something if i remember right?”

    I am sure I remember Craig saying he was a member of the Liberal Democrats at university, too.

    It amazes me that somebody with a conscience and a political activist history ever wanted to work for the diplomatic service, let alone actually got through the recruitment process.

  • Techno

    “Apparently all the mutilated victims and grieving relatives are actors and the explosions faked using CGI.”

    The actors were fake CGI as well. Get with the programme, buddy.

  • yoyoy

    Even if Craig did see the obvious significance of 2.5 seconds of symmetrical WTC7 freefall, it would presumably be more worthwhile for his activist career if he pretended he didn’t.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    The Boston police acted to try and prevent innocent bystanders getting killed, either by the suspects or the police. If one thinks about the killing of Menezes by the Met and the mayhem a few guys with Kalashnikovs caused in Mumbai (not to mention all the lone gunmen in US schools, etc.), actually it seems quite sensible to have got people to work from home for one day. Boston is not a very large city, not like London or New York, and is not a world trade/financial/air travel, etc. centre/hub, so it’s possible to do that.

    These guys allegedly already (apart from the bombing itself) had killed a police officer and engaged in a prolonged firefight with police, so they seem to have been very well-armed and trained. Two men with lots of guns can hold off a civilian police force for many hours – even a heavily kitted-out police force – whose primary aim is to avoid civilian/including their own causalties in an urban environment and to make arrests (as they did, in the case of the younger brother).

    Anything is possible, of course. False flag ops occur. But it seems to me that too often the default position here seems to be to think of the most wide-ranging, complex dynamics possible, with everything working like clockwork and multiple conspirators and so on, and to go for that and then fit the info./rumours around it, instead of asking what might actually be the most likely scenario.

    Anyway, it’s bad news for anyone with a Muslim name in the USA esp. And here, in the UK, we have the toy car bombers. God sake, get a life!

    Well, the CIA/SIS supporting Islamist paramilitaries (again) in various places is a very bad idea. And as has been pointed out, Putin too has used Jihadists to destablise national politicians in Chechnya and justify wars, etc. So it’s all very murky. But none of that negates the fact that islamism is a toxic retro-virus of an ideology that Muslims must confront. Very difficult to see how, now, given that they have all the guns ‘n’ butter.

  • Billy Bob

    @ Jives:

    “Ok, I’m assuming he went to Chechenya. (Technically part of Russia). Or maybe Dagestan.”

    “Wow Billy…could you be any more vague in your assumptions?

    Nah…thought not.

    Welcome,yet another troll”

    As it turns out, it was Dagestan.

  • sid

    Billy Bob you are a knob. Craig knows what he is talking about. I suggest you piss off.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “I am like 100% sure that this is a set-up,” she said. “My two sons are really innocent and I know that neither of them have never talked about whatever they’re saying about now.

    “My youngest one was raised from eight years in America and my oldest son he was really properly raised in my house. No one talked about terrorism.” [allegedly the mother of the two suspects]

    Yes, well that’s what most of the parents of these sorts of suspects say. Same reaction after London bombings – ringleader worked in a primary school working with kids with learning disabilities, very caring, how could he have done it, etc. And what about the doctor who did the Glasgow Airport attack? Ayman al Zawahiri, leader of you-know-what (and probably being protected by the Paksiatni military like OBL was), was a paediatrician. In fact, educated, intelligent people tend to be better able to rationalise their actions to themselves and everyone else. There is no difference in intelligence/education b/w those who join cults and those who do not.

    Nonetheless, as Chechens the family will know of the shenanigans (aka conspiracies) that have gone on within Russia wrt FSB (see also under the work of FSB officer, then SIS agent, Litvinenko, etc.), and Politkovskaya and anyone who knows anything about Chechnya knows it is murky and complex.

    Did the Russians ask the FBI to investigate them in 2011, as the Russian Times is reporting and as the FBI seems to have acknowleged? Was the family involved in some way with one or other of the Chechen movements? Did the father get political asylum in the USA? Had he been working for a Chechen intelligence outfit? Al these rumours have been floating around the web. Moscow Theatre siege, apartment bombings, etc. So, who knows? CIA also deeply involved. Even Pakistan’s ISI allegedly involved in Chechnya. Double-agents, triple agents…? But whoever they might have been working for, they were unlikely to have been innocent bystanders, not with all those weapons.

  • Billy Bob

    @ Suhayl Saaadi:

    “Anything is possible, of course. False flag ops occur. But it seems to me that too often the default position here seems to be to think of the most wide-ranging, complex dynamics possible, with everything working like clockwork and multiple conspirators and so on, and to go for that and then fit the info./rumours around it, instead of asking what might actually be the most likely scenario.”

    Indeed, this is what I’ve been saying.

  • Parky

    It appears the captured boy is not being given legal representation even though he is legally a US citizen. Apparently seriously injured and unable to speak. Who would be surprised that he passes away from his injuries before being able to give his own side of the story?

    As for 911, the most unbelievable aspect about it was that a bunch of guys armed with “box cutters” were able to hijack four planes and fly them around the continental US domestic airspace for around forty-five minutes and not be intercepted by military jets as per the normal practice when contact has been lost between air-traffic control and the aircraft.

    As for buildings falling down at free-fall speed at WTC, penetration of several yards of reinforced concrete at Pentagon and the mysterious break-up of flight 93 over several miles which had supposedly crash landed, well make your own mind up on all that. It just all seems a bit odd to say the least….

  • karel (a conspiracy a day keeps idiocy away)


    thanks for the reference. But how dare you comparing my patent application for recyling airlines according to the most stringent rules of rubbish disposal with some foolish ideas of crushing bombers to enemy bunkers? It is the “recycling” stupid, Bill Clinton would tell you if he read your post.

    Calling me “Troofer” is inapropriate as I believe every lie thrown up by those in charge of this world and pass it on to the gullible suckers that surround me without a comment or distortion. “Troofer”, hm, is it an attemt to be funny in a strange kind of way or do you suffer from a speech impediment?? It may surprise you that I have painted the word “OBEY” in large letters on the wall of my lavatory and reading it aloud several times a day makes me immune to your feeble smears.

    Several commentators have problems understanding what the word “evidence” means. Well, no company will ever pay the benefactor of a life insurance policy taken by someone just one day before his disappearance. Demands of a weeping daughter of the disappeared like “show me the evidence that my father is not dead” would normally fall on deaf ears of the insurance broker who would most likely inform the fraud squad. Those who do not understand this analogy, understand nothing.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Parky, if they’d wanted to kill him, they’d have done it by now. They’d have done it in the boat and said he’d resisted arrest or went at them with a knife/gun. Or they’d just have let him bleed to death.

    Do you have a link to something saying that he is being denied legal representation?

  • guano


    You keep asking for evidence. There were some heavy dents in the pressure cookers. Is, that good enough for you? Why didn’t they just use Billy Bob cans, stuffed with TNT, Toxic Nonsense Trollery? All mimsy were the Borogroves. This week’s events are a challenge to all of us who understand the difference between reality and fantasy, financial difficulty and false-flag Disney.

    I take the pee, you take the pee, the concerted New World Order of UKUSISRUSCHINEUROSAUDIQATAR take the pee!

  • nevermind

    Good to hear your thoughts Suhayl, that last tea you brewed was well timed, only the freshest tips.

    It sounds like the radicalisation of these two brothers is coming from more than one source, so it is plausible that they could have been persuaded to bat for one of both sides, first reactions.
    I still have to find out, how a rucksack looks like a normal full rucksack, but with a pressures cooker inside it……
    I believe that it would look like a Rucksack with a pressure cooker inside it, fat bulging and clearly showing the shape of it. I don’t buy the pressure cooker story, unless there is one that is square, flat, or even slightly triangular.

    As Parky mentioned just now, it is likely that they want to see the second brother dead as well, how come he is in this state when he was able to step out of the boat?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thanks, dreoilin. Great article by Greenwald, as always. So, the Loony Right, which sadly has real power in the USA, is advocating its usual nonsense for political gain during a Democrat Administration and the others are opposing it (but themselves are compromised in these regards). I agree with Greenwald’s position on this. As Greenwald suggests, there is no suggestion that to date he actually has been denied these rights.

    “As Marshall noted, the police have always had the power to question a suspect about imminent threats without Mirandizing him; indeed, they are free to question suspects about anything without first reading them their Miranda rights. But pre-Miranda statements were not admissible, could not be used to prosecute the person.” Greenwald.

    Greenwald makes the astute point that much absue of legal rights has already been committed by the last several US Administrations, including this one, vis a vis this Orwellian category of “enemy combatants”. Vigilance is essential.

  • John Goss

    If Dzokhar Tsarnaev does not make it to trial my guess is the CIA was involved. I’d be interested to know how many people commenting on this blog think 9/11 was a false-flag operation. I do for one. How many don’t? How many are sitting on the fence?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    John, 9/11 is a subject which took up a massive thread here wahile and which tends repeatedly to derail other threads. Just to be aware/wary of that.

  • wikispooks


    You ask the question ‘qui bono’ of the Boston atrocity, and answer with one word ‘Putin’

    I agree it is a pertinent question. In fact, as any competent police detective will confirm, it is usually the single MOST pertinent question in any case of complex criminality. I therefore suggest that applying it to the events of 9/11 is an exercise worth pursuing with similar vigour – yet it remains a question that is strictly verboden in ANY mainsteam forum, even after 12 years of in-your-face obviousness.

    Nothing further needs saying here about the answer to the 9/11 ‘qui bono’ question, because it is so blindingly obvious to anyone who can face the deep and scary unpleasantness of its implications. And that of course is EXACTLY what the mass of Western populations (including yourself it seems) cannot bring themselves to do.

    Our deeply corrupt and machiavellian power brokers can rely on it – and they do.

  • technicolour

    “Putin too has used Jihadists to destablise national politicians in Chechnya and justify wars” – exactly this. But more than that, his installed man, Kadyrov, is taking Chechnya to Saudi Arabia and beyond: justification of ‘honour killings’ here:

    But: “islamism is a toxic retro-virus of an ideology that Muslims must confront” – I’m very unsure about this word ‘islamism’ and the increasingly widely used ‘islamicist’. It seems to me that the linking of the word Islam through both these usages to atrocities is a modern one, and one which bears little analysis – Kadyrov’s apparently ‘islamicist’ actions, as in the piece above have, for example, very little to do with Islam; and far more to do with (secular backed) terrorist control over a region?

  • Kempe

    There’s nothing new about pressure cooker bombs. Instructions on how to make one were published in the infamous Anarchist’s Cookbook in the early 1970’s. The advantage of using a pressure cooker is that it contains the blast wave from the explosive for a split second and amplifies the effect of the bomb. They’ve been widely used in other parts of the world.

    Sizes vary but a 6 litre pressure cooker might be 9″ in diameter and 6″ deep so would easily fit in a large rucksack unnoticed. Empty weight would be 7-8lbs.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Kempe, good God, you’re a bleedin’ expert on pressure cookers!

    Technicolour, well, in widely dispersed geographical locales, the paramilitaries in question seem to ascribe their actions to a political philosophy which they describe as, ‘Islam’. Their political backers in, say, Saudi/UAE/Pakistan agree. This has been the case for 40+ years. So, whether one calls it, ‘Islamism’, ‘Islamicism’ (actually relatively quite an old term; maybe it’s coming back into use), ‘Islamic Fundamentalism’, ‘Jihadism’ or just ‘Far Right Religious Extremists’… the end result on the ground is the same. Yes, of course they have/have had ‘secular’ backers – Pakistan’s military, the CIA, SIS and at times, the FSB. They were used, it is alleged by Putin against the moderate nationalist regimes in Chechnya – Dudayev, Mashkhadov and so on.

    They have associated Islam with amoral violence and their biggest victims and enemies are the ordinary people of those countries/communities.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    “But it seems to me that too often the default position here seems to be to think of the most wide-ranging, complex dynamics possible, with everything working like clockwork and multiple conspirators and so on, and to go for that and then fit the info./rumours around it, instead of asking what might actually be the most likely scenario.”

    Hi Suhayl; I concur. Nothing works with precision in this sphere of humanity. But the dearth of information, the lack of transparency that has been seen in the past, and the curious misbehaving of the authorities, make it necessary for us to piece the jigsaw in the dark. Fortunately, we have previous behaviors to use as a reference in outlining the general picture; then we can pretend to extrapolate from that information.

    Yes the Boston Police were acting with public safety in mind. Coincidentally, they also saw just how compliant the public was when they shut down the Watertown Community to conduct their manhunt. People are more concerned with survival, than their civil liberties, in such a case. Add to that that our police have been increasingly more militarized, resembling Seal Team Six rather than the jolly neighborhood cop stealing an apple.

  • Dreoilin

    An interesting question

    “Today, courtesy of NY Daily News, we get a first glimpse into ground zero: inside the suspect’s home, an apartment located on the third floor at 410 Norfolk St. in Cambridge. From the source: “photos snapped by the Daily News show the unit in a Cambridge, Mass., building in disarray with clothes piled everywhere and a half-eaten meal left on the table.” In other words, typical bachelor squalor, but that’s about it. Most notably: not a trace of any explosive, incendiary or other bomb-preparing equipment or residue, no evidence of terrorist activity, and no weapons. So where did the two put together the numerous bombs they are said to have prepared?”

  • Kempe

    “Coincidentally, they also saw just how compliant the public was when they shut down the Watertown Community to conduct their manhunt. ”

    Too right! if the Boston cops are as trigger happy as our lot then off the streets is the safest place to be.

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