The Denial of Justice

by craig on May 29, 2013 12:47 pm in Uncategorized

I don’t think any single person who has considered the matter seriously, has any real doubt that Jack Straw was complicit in torture in an active and involved way, and has lied about it continually. There are some who would argue he was ethically justified, but that is a different argument. It is not worth engaging in ethical argument with anybody who maintains that the facts which are the basis of the argument, should not be known.

The Gibson Inquiry was set up by the Government precisely to get to the truth of these matters. It was then cancelled precisely in order to hide the truth of these matters, which is one Hell of a U-Turn. The real reason for the cancellation of the Gibson Inquiry was that it became evident from its initial inquiries, firstly that Gibson was not a vicious calculating placeman like Hutton, and secondly that the number of very senior ministers, diplomats, security service agents and civil servants who were directly implicated in criminal activity was very large.

I confess that the cancellation of the Gibson Inquiry, at which I was determined to give evidence, came as a staggering blow to me. The official excuse for its cancellation was that there are a number of law cases pending over torture of individuals. This was very strange as public inquiries are generally into incidents likely to result in law cases, and the notion that the inquiry cannot run in parallel with law cases is a novel one.

Anyway, I collected myself and I quietly after several police interviews gave my formal, sworn, eye-witness evidence to the Metropolitan Police to assist the police investigation against Jack Straw, Mark Allen and others in the kidnap and torture of Abdel Belhaj and others. That was some years ago, and it is now absolutely plain to me that the very decent and genuine policemen whom I met are being blocked from ever going anywhere with that case.

Now we have the news that the new Justice and Security Act is to be used by the government to ensure that the facts of Belhaj’ civil case against Straw and Allen are forever hidden from the public. It is quite extraordinarily Orwellian that the systematic and deliberate denial of justice is through something called the “Justice and Security Act”.

What an appalling country.

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  1. Straw is, out of his own twisted mouth, a superlatively nasty piece of work:

  2. April Showers

    29 May, 2013 - 1:05 pm

    There will be more of his twisting tonight from the state broadcaster.

    Tonight on BBC2, episode 1 of 3. The Iraq War.

    Regime Change

    Episode 1 of 3

    Duration: 1 hour

    The people at the top of the CIA and Saddam’s foreign minister describe just how the US and Britain got it so wrong about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction before the invasion.

    Tony Blair recounts how he flew to President Bush’s private retreat at Camp David to go head to head with Vice President Dick Cheney. Colin Powell explains how he came to make his disastrous presentation to the United Nations. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw describes how he – and even President Bush himself – tried to persuade Tony Blair that to join in the invasion was political suicide.

    The logo on this T shirt is apt.

    I hope Mr Purnell has been ensuring that his previous master’s interests have been protected in this production and that his name is not besmirched.

    (Reposted from the The Sky Has Not Fallen thread)

    How much lower can this country go?

  3. How much lower can this country go?

    Beware of rhetorical questions. History shows they can bite you on the arse. Lower.

  4. shekissesfrogs

    29 May, 2013 - 1:14 pm

    The inability to get justice through Karzai’s government is what makes the Taliban popular. Sooner or later, it’s going to go to the street.

  5. “What an appalling country”

    And what appalling people we have elected – or who have been selected – to run it …

    No matter how much we protest we’re ignored … But it’s not in our name.

  6. Don’t let the bastards get you down Craig.

  7. April Showers

    29 May, 2013 - 2:04 pm

    There’s a media storm erupting on the 90 Afghans being illegally held in Camp Bastion. No charges. No lawyers.

    TPTB brought Col Bob (Stewart) on to BBC ‘News’ to explain that they could not be handed over to the Afghan authorities as there were no assurances that they would not be hurt or even killed.

    He was so intent on his protesting (too much) that he let these words out. ‘In any case they are of no more use to us’. Now what do these words mean?? He was rather red faced and uncomfortable throughout.

  8. Actually the use of torture by Afghans on Afghans is relatively rare. Prisoners are treated a lot better in Afghan custody than say American or British hands due to the Pashtun honorific code of hospitality and protection. In Afghanistan, prisoners whom have been handed over to the Afghan system have access to family visits, better food and a chance to mix with other detainees. How do I know you ask ? I know a man who knows a man that is a regular visitor to these institutions as part of his job.

  9. April Showers

    29 May, 2013 - 2:15 pm

    The Truth Would Be a Buzz Kill
    The Iraq War is Not Over for the Iraqi People

    In 1946, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg stated the following, in language that was introduced by Judge Robert Jackson, the lead American prosecutor of Axis war criminals:

    To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

    This means that those who launch a war of aggression are responsible for far more than just the initial death and destruction caused by the war. They should be held responsible for all of the “accumulated evil” that follows and that would not have otherwise occurred. This is a very succinct and intuitive ethical precept that is virtually impossible to argue against. But while this injunction can’t seriously be disputed, it can be ignored, and, in fact, often is by powerful states. Unfortunately, Jackson’s own government has never taken his words seriously, and this has never been more evident than in the case of Iraq.


    PS Body count quoted there is wrong, as usual.

  10. I think it is now a pretty clear truism that there is an inverse relationship between power and accountability. I’d like to hear of ideas of how that can be corrected.

    Having said that, I also think that there is a dirty grey area in which many people operate and must operate in order to reconcile performance demands with outcomes. Unfortunately, in the same way that people don’t want to know under what conditions their inexpensive garments are made, they also don’t want to know how their government s deliver national security.

  11. Straw is a wanker of gargantuan magnitude. His hypocrisy in waving around the little UN blue book in every press opportunity he had during the build up to Iraq war. This was a choreographed move to convince the wavering Iraqi generals to do the “right” thing and take the dollars and make a run for it, or else a trumped up trial awaited them.

    The torture enabling, mass murder facilitating bastard should be in jail.

  12. April Showers

    29 May, 2013 - 2:52 pm

    ‘Unfortunately, in the same way that people don’t want to know under what conditions their inexpensive garments are made, they also don’t want to know how their government s deliver national security.’

    Ref the content of the last clause, this person does and so do many, many others. They also want to make the necessary changes.

  13. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw describes how he – and even President Bush himself – tried to persuade Tony Blair that to join in the invasion was political suicide. (cited above)

    Straw doing his best to avoid the Iraq war here:

    The inquiry has heard that Sir Michael, former senior legal adviser at the Foreign Office, took issue with Mr Straw in January 2003 over his assertion in a meeting with US vice-president Dick Cheney that Britain would still be “OK” if it failed to get a second resolution.

    “He wrote to the then-foreign secretary in a memo: “To use force without Security Council authority would amount to a crime of aggression.”

    Mr Straw replied: “I note your advice but I do not accept it.”

    Sir Michael told the inquiry: “He took the view that I was being very dogmatic and that international law was pretty vague and that he wasn’t used to people taking such a firm position.

    “When he had been at the Home Office, he had often been advised things were unlawful but he had gone ahead anyway and won in the courts.””


  14. “… people [ … ]also don’t want to know how their government s deliver national security”.

    Hope you’re omitting the Iraq war and our so-called war in Afghanistan … don’t think either of these has anything to do with national security.

  15. Straw bad yes but worse was David Miliband thought he was being smart by covering MI5 & MI6 sanctioning torture, out of power he realised the best thing to do was scoot off to the CIA front like the glove puppet he is, International Rescue

  16. “I also think that there is a dirty grey area in which many people operate and must operate in order to reconcile performance demands with outcomes.”

    In other words: some people do whatever they are told to do…

    “Unfortunately, in the same way that people don’t want to know under what conditions their inexpensive garments are made, they also don’t want to know how their governments deliver national security.”

    ..and they don’t care what it is, just so long as they get paid.

    And, of course, protected from the consequences.

    Straw has made a mockery of the law, he and his colleagues have been involved in kidnapping, torture and murder on a massive scale. The idea that such behaviour contributes to “national security” rests on the belief that protecting criminals from punishment for their evil actions is a national objective.
    Sodom and Gomorrah were shining refuges of virtue and civic decency in comparison.

  17. “Actually the use of torture by Afghans on Afghans is relatively rare. Prisoners are treated a lot better in Afghan custody than say American or British hands ”

  18. Jack Straw.

    Nasty nasty nasty.


  19. Complicity in this kind of business – the barbaric commoditisation of people – it is so deep it may be beyond justice.

    Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century (2010)

    Is there hope for awareness, leadership, amnesty and reform?

  20. Thanks for that link, Crab. Also on the site, I recommend:

    So…‘Unfortunately, in the same way that people don’t want to know under what conditions their inexpensive garments are made, they also don’t want to know how their government s deliver national security.’, from another point of view becomes-

    ‘Fortunately, in the same way that people can be sold inexpensive garments, they also can be induced not to care know how their government s deliver national security.’

  21. Whilst there are nuances, ethical arguments etcetera, it would be useful for the public to have a comprehensive list of names, down to the last underling and toady; no details of specific domestic or international crimes, treasonous treacherous loyalties, simply a vast collaborative comprehensive list of named Baddies to which the public can refer at election time or if any named figure so much as ventures to pontificate, spouting hypocritically in public on any matter whatsoever, or even show their face without an army of minders. A terrific blacklist covering politics, journalism, finance, corporate crimes, military and security, the morally polluted and the vile. Anyone claiming to be libelled has no specific accusation they can refute or claim defames them, by contesting inclusion they can only dig for themselves and others a bigger hole, implicate others or exonerate themselves if clean; the obligation is on them to prove or disprove their innocence or virtue -in doing so they would open a whole can of worms. Let’s unashamedly have a glorious unstoppable witchhunt or a sort of RoguesWiki. With a Miscreant of the Week, highlighting a target for organised ridicule and contempt where vigils and crowds dog their every footstep and moment. Name and shame. Right now there are so many Baddies still in positions of power, that opposing them is so diffuse and weak, but with everyone focusing on and going after just one at a time – and Straw seems a good place to start – defer everything and everyone else and concentrate on one person till they are driven by ostracism and fear to come clean and plead for mercy.

    1. Margaret Thatcher
    2. Anthony/Miranda ‘Charles Lynton’ Blair
    3. Gordon Brown
    4 David Cameron
    5 ‘Jack’ Straw
    6. William Hague
    7. All of Thatcher’s cabinet
    8. All of Blair’s cabinet
    9. All of Brown’s cabinet
    Hitler, Stalin, Yorkshire Ripper, IDS, Kitson, Churchill, Heath, the Bush clan, Savile, the Krays, Kissinger …

    Or keep the dead and the living separate? You get the idea.

    At least a Top-100 of the twisted and tainted, (there might be substantial overlap with the ‘great and the ‘good’. Though inclusion might become a badge of honour amongst them.

    Either that or a parallel untainted investigative police, courts and detention system.

    Clearly the English courts are dysfunctional. Scottish Courts, which should never submit to or be subordinate to to the ‘authority’ of the politicised Supreme Court/new Law Lords, should be forced to take a keen compulsory interest in crimes particular to their jurisdiction – e.g. rendition through Scottish airports such as Prestwick – on charges such as kidnapping and whatever else that can be thrown at them, let’s start putting some big names in any dock as a first step. A stumbling block might be masonic interference and their blatant influence on Procurator Fiscal’s offices and high echelons of the police.

    Afghanistan seems almost idyllic in comparision with the festering UK.

  22. Good for you Craig, I’m glad this small record of dissent still exists amongst if the blizzard of self-congratulation the leaders of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts keep engaging in.
    It would be nice to live in a century where the UK was not involved in a war in far east, what are the chances of that?
    Did they ever catch up with Kissinger?

  23. 13 December 2005:

    “Unless we all start to believe in conspiracy theories and that the officials are lying, that I am lying, that behind this there is some kind of secret state which is in league with some dark forces in the United States …There is simply no truth in the claims that the United Kingdom has been involved in rendition full stop, because we never have been.”

    – Jack Straw to the Commons foreign affairs committee


  24. “It is quite extraordinarily Orwellian that the systematic and deliberate denial of justice is through something called the “Justice and Security Act”.”

    Rather like the giant American military base which, built on the Chagossian island of Diego Garcia, after the cruel forcible removal of the island people by the British government, was named “Camp Justice”.

  25. “What an appalling country.”

    I know. I think that pretty much every day now.

    Was it always like that and I just wasn’t aware until recently? I mean, unsavoury things have always gone on away from the public gaze. Or has there been a genuine deterioration in recent years?

  26. Straw is a clown. An evil clown, but still a clown.
    I remember him getting the hots for Condoleeza Rice.
    He used to follow her around with his tongue hanging out like a 15 year old boy.
    He even changed to contact lenses after decades of wearing spectacles.

  27. @Techno

    I ask myself pretty much the same question fairly frequently and then I remember the Empire and Churchill’s unmitigated support for it and all it’s acts of unimaginable cruelty … and the Chagos islanders … and … and …

    I think it’s always been the same, run by the same kind of people with the same goals. We may be more aware now – for the world has changed – but they haven’t. Even if those who wish to know know more they are confronted with denial. We have little chance of proving differently when our law, courts and government documents are controlled by them.

  28. Art FitzWalter

    29 May, 2013 - 6:19 pm

    George W Bush was ‘made’ president by the Supreme Court not by the citizens of the United States. He should be referred to as Governor Bush, therefore. Russia Today broadcast a documentary on Iraq, detailing the huge increase in cancers in the population and the birth of babies with hideous defects. A doctor explained that the mothers threw the babies away. You can find pictures of these babies on the internet but you need a strong stomach. Meanwhile, Bush and Bliar continue to avoid prison and are free to write their books and make expensive speeches.

  29. For some reason, we in Scotland are being spared the BBC Iraq war series. Can’t say that upsets me. Why should these guys be offered more platforms with which to attempt to justify the unjustifiable?

    In the David Butcher Radio Times piece on the programme, we are told how “In the case of Iraq, the key question we want to know is how world leaders came to believe Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” David Butcher can speak for himself, but the key question I want to know (the answer to) is how to do something about the ignorance of the David Butchers of the world, and how to stop this ignorance from spreading.–series-1—1-regime-change

  30. Jack Straw confirmed the ‘conspiracy theory’ as ‘conspiracy fact’ that there exists a “secret state… in league with some dark forces in the United States” and that officials lied & that he lied…..

  31. April Showers

    29 May, 2013 - 6:34 pm

    The British entry at the Venice Biennale. Good for Mr Deller.

    ‘His opening piece, entitled ‘A Good Day for Cyclists’, depicts a giant hen harrier clutching a blood-red Range Rover. Deller says his piece was inspired by the alleged illegal shooting of two hen harriers on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in 2007 – an incident for which Prince Harry was subjected to police questioning but no charges were ever brought against anybody.’

    ‘Turner Prize-winner Jeremy Deller has created an “aggressive” anti-establishment exhibition to represent Britain at the Venice Biennale.

    It features attacks on the Royal Family, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and the artist’s pet hate: Range Rovers.

    “Every room has a scene of destruction in it,” the artist told the BBC.’

  32. April Showers

    29 May, 2013 - 6:44 pm

    This one was good too.

    One room of the pavilion is devoted to the Victorian Arts & Crafts pioneer William Morris. A wall is given over to a lurid, deliberately amateurish painting of a wild-haired, giant-sized Morris throwing a miniaturised luxury yacht into the Venetian lagoon. The yacht is named Luna; it belongs to the Russian super-rich art collector Roman Abramovich.

  33. Why do some posters always try to derail the thread?

  34. It’s important to note that Belhaj offered to settle his UK lawsuit against the British government, Sir Mark and Jack Straw for £3 and an apology

  35. Yes, what an appalling country indeed. But for whom do I vote to change it? The stuffed shirts between which I am required to choose on polling day are already pre-selected by their respective local constituency committees which, these days, are usually strictly controlled from the centre. I don’t suppose any of them got on the podium in the first place by expressing doubts about torture, war, imprisonment without trial, the near abolition of habeas corpus, the actual abolition of the double jeopardy rule and so on and so forth and I wouldn’t trust any of ’em as far as I can spit. Being somewhat conservative I also have a grave distrust of street demos – not to mention the violence which often ensues. Sites such as this demonstrate that there are a large number of Britons from all political backgrounds and none who loathe what the country has become and what is being done in our name. So this is a serious question now: how do we mobilise ourselves to take our country back? I’m a practical man, a small-holder and I am truly open to practical, peaceful suggestions.

  36. April Showers

    29 May, 2013 - 7:15 pm

    Can you not get it? Can you not see Tony Blair’s name there? Blair…Straw… Then there’s a yacht which belongs to a Russian oligarch who resides in the UK. Craig said ‘What an appalling country.’ It is now.

    Now the Royal Mail is being privatised and these banks are being used in the flotation. Thatcher lives.

    ‘Royal Mail banks in spotlight over Libor-rigging
    The government is facing questions over its decision to hand the potentially lucrative mandate to float the Royal Mail to banks involved in the manipulation of Libor.’

    ‘UBS and Barclays have been appointed as senior advisers on the stock market listing of Royal Mail, which could earn the scandal-hit lenders millions of pounds in fees, less than a year after they were fined nearly £1.3bn for attempting to rig global borrowing rates.’

    ‘Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch are also working on the Royal Mail IPO.’

  37. “It is quite extraordinarily Orwellian that the systematic and deliberate denial of justice is through something called the “Justice and Security Act””.

    I vividly recall ‘Orwellian’ being my reaction to the announcement of a shiny, brand new ‘Ministry of Justice’ by – you guessed it – Jack Straw back in 2007. I was even naive enough to believe there would be extensive comment and objections to the name on precisely those grounds. In the event I don’t recall seeing anything along those lines at all – not even in Private Eye as I recall.

    The problem is that, in spite of everything, the mass of the population still have a quaint belief (probably a visceral NEED to believe actually) in ‘British Justice’ when, at the level of ANY proceedings impinging or real power a mythical ‘national security, defined on a whim by you-know-who, the tern really is an oxymoron

  38. In cases sensitive to the government i.e. when they and their agencies acted illegally, a judge is usually wheeled out to produce a judgment in the government’s favour. It can happen too and often does that the defence legal team work more for the government than their client. Even though in Belhaj’s case there is very strong incriminating evidence, in a secret court the reasons why the judge came to such a decision will remain concealed.

    If the intelligence services can get away with torture, rendition etc then their role is comparable to the Gestapo

  39. Theresa May: “We need to see if there are additional steps we should be taking to prevent radicalisation”


    1. Arrest those persons with charges of criminal violation of the laws and customs of war and related principles of international law including torture and treason.

    2. Stop the illegal supply of arms and war equipment to terrorists.

    3. Release prisoners held without charge in death/black/detention camps.

    4. Abandon remote killing from British shores by drones/UAV/Murdering Airborne Machines

    5. Respect the human right to life.

    6. Consider so many children in war who never had the chance to share love.

  40. It is clear to me that the political class does not believe in the rule of law.
    There is evidence from the invasion of Iraq, to actions to allow Israeli war criminals to enter the country, to recent retrospective law changes to deny the unemployed benefits. And on and on.

    It is an appalling clique that governs. In the interest of themselves and of their own bigotries and prejudices. The people do not rule. For that to be the case requires that the whole political class can be replaced. Not one party exchanged for another. They think they can do whatever they want and there will no consequences, legal or otherwise.

  41. Haemoglobin,

    It’s on BBC2 Scotland later at 11:20pm after Newsnight.

    Also on BBC2 HD in Scotland at 9pm

  42. Keith Crosby

    29 May, 2013 - 9:43 pm

    Britain has never been a democracy; even the 1931 election when a partei formed a government with 55% of the votes cast, didn’t manage a majority of the electorate. With an electoral system that resembles Mussolini’s Acerbo Law, the people have been dispensed with.

  43. April Showers

    29 May, 2013 - 10:08 pm

    I feel sick having just seen the first episode of The Iraq War on BBC2. All those ghastly faces and names being regurgitated. What horrible memories. Mr Jack Strauss Straw featured many times, the last time being shown roaring approval for Tone’s speech before the final vote and patting him on the back as he sat down. Two thirds of the then Labour party voted for war. Shame on all of them and may they and all the warmongers rot in hell.

  44. Have just watched the first programme on the Iraq war on BBC2.

    Perhaps I wasn’t giving it my full attention at all times (to tend to still be reduced to incoherent rage when confronted with self-justifying lies from Straw and Blair) but didn’t notice any mention of the legal/illegal argument with Goldsmith forced to acquiesce at the end.

    If there was no mention of it how many other holes did others notice?

  45. I haven’t watched it. I saw the description on iplayer, “How did the US and Britain become convinced that Saddam possessed WMDs? ” and decided it wasn’t worth it.

    They knew damn well there were no WMD, everybody knew, the UN knew because they had had weapons inspectors in there for years. It was an excuse, a lame excuse, everybody knew it then and everybody knows it now so why the hell are they still keeping up the pretence.

  46. If there was no mention of it how many other holes did others notice?

    It is revising history 101. The thrust of the story was; it was not our fault, it was intelligence wot done it. Further, the figure of 12000 pages report mentioned, was in fact 17000 pages and not mentioned was the heist of the report by the US state department; to photocopy the report, cuz UN did not have photocopiers capable of such a task.

    After the state department photocopiers had redacted 14000 pages the subsequent 3000 pages report was submitted to UNSC. This effectively covered up the US et al involvement in supply of technology and material for the WMD program of Saddam.

    Cheney the Duracell man (he has had more heart attacks than many who managed to have hot dinners, yet the criminal bastard looks younger than he used to be. This draft dodging murdering chicken hawk gets to live his opulent life while poor; dead Iraqis, maimed Iraqis, orphaned Iraqis, and those Iraqis suffering the after effects from the weapons of fire and kill for many years cancers and as yet unknown skin diseases.

    As ever the victors write the history (my arse), the narrative in anticipation of the next war they intend to fight.

  47. @Fred

    “They knew damn well there were no WMD, everybody knew, the UN knew because they had had weapons inspectors in there for years. It was an excuse, a lame excuse, everybody knew it then and everybody knows it now so why the hell are they still keeping up the pretence”.

    I’ve no idea … I especially have no idea why the BBC continues to back their pretence with programmes such as this. I thought their just might be a modicum of criticism or argument raised but, should have known it, my hopes were in vain. It was a straightforward presentation – without questioning – of their publically stated reasons for going to war.

    Unashamedly government approved.

  48. “How did the US and Britain become convinced that Saddam possessed WMDs? ”

    With a subtitle like that, the programme is clearly a con job.

  49. … and we’re on here once again asking ourselves why we’re forced to accept the actions of those we elect to represent our wishes … to represent us and our will … when they do nothing of the fucking kind.

  50. Thanks Anon

    Don’t think I’ll bother though. I’ve heard the lies more than often enough.

  51. The biggest lie of the program was to show the clip of Sheriff Dubya Bu$h giving Saddam 48 to get out of Iraq Dodge!

    Saddam was ready to leave Iraq, and he was in negotiations with the US so he thought. Saddam had proposed to leave to Russia and wanted a guarantee that he will not be prosecuted, and his ill gotten gains will be safe.

    Saddam’s go between was in Jordan awaiting to be flown to Oman on a Jordanian air force aircraft to talk terms of the surrender, with the relevant US personnel. This arrangement strangely goes wrong, the aircraft leaves without the go-between half of an hour earlier, than the appointed time. The go-between jumps into a car and drives to Oman only to arrive there after his contacts have left the place.

    Meanwhile in the same time frame the Sun and the rest of the rags, carry; “Will the real Saddam stand up please”. This story is about Saddam and his eleven “Doubles”! The story is designed to pre-empt any possibility of Saddam’s proposed deal that could be made known/public by the French, Russians, or Chinese.

    The disinformation that surrounds the Iraq war lies, also extended to stories about the weapons that were being used to destroy Iraq. These were based on; the weapons used are obsolete, passed their “use by dates”, decommissioning these would be more expensive than firing these!

    The war criminals are trying to cover up their tracks, don’t let the bastards succeed.

  52. “The war criminals are trying to cover up their tracks, don’t let the bastards succeed.”

    The war criminals are our politicians who started a war of aggression, but more so the corporations who told them to do it and have done very nicely out of it and of course the media, Murdoch was right there behind it, wars sell papers.

    Nobody has a hope in hell of going against that lot and they know it.

  53. Going Critical

    30 May, 2013 - 12:23 am

    One of the Iraqi military sources interviewed in that BBC history-rewrite has previously spoken about some America “Special Weapons” used during that war. The BBC will never report what he has to say on that subject.

    What happened near Baghdad that was transmitted live at the time and is now hidden? The BBC was one of the last news organizations to stop retransmitting the footage. They even put up a caption “US Military Requests BBC Stop Retransmitting Iraq Incident”. Then even that disappeared.

    Yet nobody pays any attention to that…

  54. Going Critical

    30 May, 2013 - 12:31 am

    The total time the above “incident” was broadcast by the BBC – about 2 hours in the middle of the night. then never again.

  55. Going Critical

    30 May, 2013 - 12:43 am

    By the way does anyone remember the US army officer who said that the selling of drinking water provided by the coalition was a sign that the Iraqis were embarrassing capitalism? That was widely rebroadcast.

    He was involved with the above “incident” which doesn’t get mentioned. BBC got quite an honest interview with him which sadly will also never be rebroadcast. He isn’t the idiot he appeared to be.

  56. Going Critical

    30 May, 2013 - 12:44 am

    embarrassing capitalism = embracing capitalism

  57. Craig, the system protects its own participants, which gives them good reason to think they can act with importunity. I was sent to a posh school and I rejected the system as soon as I saw it at the age of 10. You did not reject the system until much later. Why? Thank goodness you eventually realised where the deal was going to take you. And you resigned -ish, or at least did the right thing.

  58. What is more, now that the system has taken Al Qaida under its wing, in the same manner as it has always used Muslims to cause havoc for Islam, it will give confidence to Al Qaida, including the said Mr Belhadj, they will receive similar protection from the Zio-UK government as its other protege and his policy of rendition, Mr Straw, when they conduct their proxy war in Syria.

    For the UK to add fuel to the fire and arm Al Qaida in Syria, as well as giving it control of US flour and Syrian oil, means that Hague and Cameron are busy building one of the biggest Muslim minced meat pasties, or should that be patsy, in the history of Islam. Why do the Muslims always blame the West for the crimes of their own self-serving political community? Answer: because the stupid UK population is always ready to take the blame for the criminals like Straw playing their double-dealing games.

  59. Interesting piece that left me wanting more. Has anything been said about the progress of the police investigations? It’s nearly 18 months – will be in July – since the inquiry was abandoned, so you would think they should have made some progress.

    It’s also almost a year since Gibson submitted his interim report and there was a promise to publish “as much of [it] as possible”. Where has this got to.

    There was also a promise to have another enquiry when the police investigation had been completed

    One quibble. Craig says after the enquiry was abandoned he collected himself and then gave evidence to the police “some years ago”. I don’t get this. If he collected himself and then gave evidence, I don’t see how this could have been much more than a year ago.

  60. You seem to have changed your tune Guano, for long enough President Assad was evil incarnate, and once he was gone, the very ground would burst into blossoms, birds would sing and the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the Zionist run mercenaries would hang up their Uzis and take up macrame. Your ‘answer’ seems unrelated in any way to the preceding question and that question itself makes wild assumptions that defy evidence and logic. The Answer too again combines and conflates disparate factors and causes in a fog of fallacies.

    Were one of the last secular or at least multi-faith or mixed sect governments in the middle-east gone, the zionists would simply carve up Syria and Lebanon into many weak city states and mini-states, entirely at their mercy, forever subjugated and drained to exact tribute to and sustain the theocratic supremacist zionist entity sufficient for them to blunder towards their next and their next bloody conquest again. It is no use letting Israel over-reach itself, as it surely will, if that means potentially killing millions of innocents on its path to self-destruction. By simply stopping its present effort dead, the resultant humiliation their egos could not endure, would, combined with its already well-advanced internal moral and political collapse, produce its termination more quickly and less bloodily than hoping for it to exhaust itself in ever more ambitious, mendacious genocidal destruction of the irrepressible true semites. The revived late stage cold-war era calculation and super-power prestige that still haunts Russian thinking, to which their brave and honourable defence of Syria belongs, is proving resolute; Israel though is as much a Zionist-Soviet historical creation, from days when the Ashkenazim controlled both Mother Russia and spoiled, indulged delinquent child Israel, and Russia might abandon Syria yet, if their other mediteranean toe-hold – Israel itself – which dumbfuck Americans fund for the benefit of those emigre Judaized then Russified khazars, basking in their warm Russian colony, with Uncle Sam picking up the stupendous bill year on year, were in danger of tomorrow, recognising finally that the game is up, they’re busted and clearing out of Palestine, for some other next unfortunate victim-host. All paths lead to the same outcome.

    Arab killing Arab wholesale, who gains there?

  61. Just the thought of watching last night’s Iraqi documentary made me sick, so I didn’t. But a point I never hear mentioned is this: Who cares if Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction or not? That is their sovereign right isn’t it? So it didn’t represent a cause for war even had it been true. What is the definition of a weapon of mass destruction anyway? Unless I’m mistaken the American authorities described the recent bombs in Boston as such!

    No, all the W.M.D. thing serves to do – or should do – is to convince those still in any doubt that politicians lie. They will even lie in order to start a war, never mind as a legitimate ruse in a war we have no choice but to fight (and how many of those are there?) Why people (parliamentarians, most importantly) chose to ignore the illogicality of the conclusion drawn from that lie, preferring to accept the childish implication that we have the right to wage war on a state simply for the possession of weapons is a matter for their own consciences.

    One way or another, our default position should be to assume that politicos lie about everything: the Sierra Leonian “intervention”, the Balkan “intervention”, the economy, education, transport, immigration, emigration, crime …

  62. Cryptonym
    (29 May, 2013 – 4:27 pm) :

    You have the right idea, I think. Ridicule, contumely, contempt. In public. Rogues’ Wiki – keep it bald, factual, upfront and up-to-date, and that might just improve the morality of power slightly. Though Private Eye has been doing it for decades, and the supply of crooked councillors, corporations and politicians has only increased.

    30 May, 2013 – 6:53 am :

    “Arab killing Arab wholesale, who gains there?”
    Another rhetorical question.

    But another aspect to the obvious answer, which is antisemitic, is the ongoing pissing contest with Russia. Syria is becoming a proxy war.

    The real target is Iran. This one’s being rather subtly ramped up again – hence (eg) the broadcast apologia for the Iraq WMD fiasco. The propaganda heads are out in force. Expect casual references to the number of nuclear facilities allegedly discovered in Libya after Gaddafi abandoned his programme, and by implication, oooer, Iran is also producing plutonium by the ton, and strangles kittens on an industrial scale.

    Orwell – you didn’t guess the half of it, son.

  63. Watch out also for the revival of a once very popular word; ‘Ba’athist’ Saddam was a (Sunni) Ba’athist and Assad is a (Shi’a) Ba’athist. Hence they are equally evil…

    Hear incidentally what the jumped-up little shit Hague hath to intone on the matter of Iraq, with commentary:

    Naturally Syria, led by a squabbling mixture of armed heavies and with old scores to settle in every direction, will be a much better place too…

  64. The fight is in Scotland

    The only way change will occur is through Scotland gaining her independence.

  65. English Knight

    30 May, 2013 - 9:42 am

    The one hour BBC DST bubu on the note that was prematurely read out re demolition of WTC7 on 911 would suggest the spin orchestration HQ is based in the US – the Pentagon? I daresay Milliband is being groomed to understudy Ross Dennis, only an Anonymous hack will save us from these devils as they lead us up to another 1967 ehretz israel caper. Unlike HuffPo, the sayanim ensemble at this blog dare not raise its head too high above the parapet for fear of being ridiculed like Madoffs wife at Judge Chins court!

  66. Memory Lane:

    Exclusion of the Chagos Islanders from their homeland was one of the worse political scandals of the second half of the last century.’ David Snoxell, UK’s High Commissioner to Mauritius at that time said ‘In June 2004 the Foreign Office decided to get rid of the problem altogether and used the device of Orders in Council – in effect they overturned a court order and bypassed Parliament. It’s inconceivable that it could have gone through Parliament because Parliament would never have accepted the permanent exile of the people from their homeland.’

    Jack Straw, then Foreign Secretary, signed the exclusion orders.

  67. This article fits well into the denial of justice thread.
    After four and a half long years of fiddle farting about, our party politicians, a term that should be added to all their wasted times and efforts, have failed to get to grips with our banks, off shore havens and multinational tax avoidance/evasion schemes.

    We now know that it has been bad, but, like the good ol’ masochists we are, we bend over backwards and ask for more, as long as it does not involve us, collective bargaining is out.

    So how long will it take, before those denied food and shelter by IDS, silent on all the rich establishment scroungers, will stand up, look for food, go on the rampage?
    choose your option, will it be in
    20 year
    40 years
    100 years
    maybe, if its not raining

    PS: Still in urgent need of German law advice, please get in touch via Jon.

  68. Cryptonym

    Yes, I agree with you completely. The current situation is that Israel is playing its two toeholds of power against eachother, blackmailing both sides to up the antis with more weapons.

    The Syrian Opposition lost the decent leader they had because of the attraction his colleagues had for raw power commandeered by Al Qaida, who will deliver a Muslim Brotherhood government like the rest of the Arab Spring.

    Assad’s usefulness as a non-Muslim thorn in the side of the Sunni Muslims is being replaced by another thorn in the side, the non-Muslim Al Qaida (they have already declared 90 % of the Muslims as non-Muslims so I return their compliment in kind ) and then by the true blue Zio Islam of a Mr or Mrs Morsi.

    The Syrian people will not accept that stooge, ever. Nothing Israel can do, by arming both sides and shooting them in the middle will ever quash the Muslim spirit of the Syrian people.

  69. K’modo: ‘jumped-up little shit Hague’

    His Zio-bosses own ‘The Hague’ and he has his Spiderman/Foreign Office suit on. He can do whatever he likes, like Straw, so long as he keeps it on. The Straw on the other hand has had his head stuck on a pole on Westminster Bridge by documents planted about him in Libyan government offices. The Hague may yet find the Kelly effect eventually comes to him.

  70. Why do the Muslims always blame the West for the crimes of their own self-serving political community?

    As ever our resident “Muslim” (he is one of “them” and can be as racist as he likes cuz he has a licence) gets on his hobby horse and indulges in his licensed hatred.

    The fact that Erik Prince founder of Blackwater mercenary outfit, having sold the company has moved to Dubai to set up his next operation, hiring, training, equipping, and injecting mercenaries into Syria. This of course has nothing to do with the PANC declaration of war on Islam, and US foreign policy that is adhered to the letter, by the Poodles/vassals/co conspirators in UK and elsewhere in the West .

    However not content with pouring bile and hatred on Muslims, our resident “Muslim” proceeds the push the right hot buttons:

    Answer: because the stupid UK population is always ready to take the blame for the criminals like Straw playing their double-dealing games.

    Although ironically our licensed hater, cannot see or comprehend that he is apportioning blame for the criminals like Straw “their own self-serving political community” playing their double-dealing games

    The back drop being; the collapse of the EU arms embargo that effectively is paving the way for UK/France to supply the “rebels” (the heart eating, torturing, raping, pillaging mercenaries) with more lethal weapons, in a perfectly legal way.


    Iraq was attacked because the Bu$h team were planning on attacking it, since 1998. As set out with the biographer who was fired for not presenting Dubya in a “good enough light”.

  71. (a) Accusing someone whose name sounds like mine of complicity in torture? You will be arrested when I become Minister of Justice!
    (b) I never tortured anyone. Ask my supporters in Blank Burney. Someone may have given them free biryani and ice cream at election time. None of them were tortured.
    (c) The Gibberingson inquiry found no proof that I helped any torturer. I was so innocent, they stopped the enquiry early, it was so obvious!
    (d) If anyone has proof that I was complicit in torture, bring it to me and I promise to deal with it swiftly. BTW, make sure you do not retain copies.
    (e) The following article is lies, all lies:
    (f) I swear, I did not get Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf to write any of this. AFter all, he is a criminal in jail, and I am a law-abiding citizen, would never associate with people like that.

  72. “The fight is in Scotland

    The only way change will occur is through Scotland gaining her independence.”

    Bullshit, Salmond is no different than Blair or Cameron, he’s lying about everything.

    BTW I was reading through the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill last night, be afraid, be very afraid.

  73. We can’t mention jack Straw without his allegiances he keeps. This chap, Mohammad Sarwar, an ex Glasgow MP, who’s son allegedly took a judicial hit for him, featured brightly during Jack’s 35 year Blackburn regime, ongoing.

    Jack Straw is the master of treating and no affidavit or Belhadj is going to get hold of this smeary eel, most definitely not the judiciary.
    Anyway, we all know what pussy-cat justice criminally inclined MP’s get, cushy open prison sentences, but these two, Straw and Sarwar seem to have that fence stuck so deep up their backside that nobody can dislodge them.
    What better than to remind us of this past thread of Craig’s, always actual and relevant.

  74. April Showers

    30 May, 2013 - 12:01 pm

    Collective noun for criminals and war criminals?

    B.Liar, Strozzi, Berlusconi,………

    Tony Blair’s Tuscan holiday villa seized over investigation into aristocratic owner
    The 1,300 acre Tuscan estate where Tony Blair spent his summer holidays has been seized as his aristocratic host faces fraud charges, it has been reported.

    To think that these Strozzis stayed at Chequers at the taxpayers’ expense.

  75. Fedup
    Time for another nappy change, sweetie

  76. April Showers

    30 May, 2013 - 12:07 pm

    I wasn’t so far out when I posted that link to the British artist’s work in the Venice Biennale.

    ‘The drawings by inmates of HMPs Shotts, Everthorpe and Parc occupy a room that examines the Iraq war – a kind of portrait gallery in which figures such as Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell and Dr David Kelly are displayed. There are disturbing drawings of scenes remembered by imprisoned former members of the armed forces, including an image of two soldiers smoking crack in Wellington barracks, London, before deployment.’

    I kept thinking of Dr Kelly last night whilst watching that whitewash of the war criminals. It will be the 10 year anniversary of his death in July.

    “Have you got blood on your hands Mr Blair?” Response there was none from the ashen faced war criminal.

  77. Time for another nappy change, sweetie

    Is that all you have to fucking say about your racist attitude towards Muslims?

  78. It looks like we have a bit of Moz on Moz ‘action’ right here on this thread. In one corner we have Guano, a UK Muslim frustrated with the internal political intrigue eating out the inside of the global Muslim community – his hobbies include weekend gardening, sunset walks, and collecting videos of kittens hiding in boxes.

    And in the other corner we have Fedup, good friend of RSS April Showers and hysterical anti-Western parasite obsessed with world-wide “Islamophobic” conspiracies – his hobbies include justifying violent crimes by Muslims, Islamic expansionism, emptying the partially digested contents of his colostomy bag on blogs and collecting videos of beheadings.

    I’m struggling to decide which side to support.

  79. Remember the Afghan massacre in March 2012?

    US soldier Robert Bales to admit Afghan massacre, says lawyer

    “For this one thing, we would kill 100 American soldiers,” vowed Mohammed Wazir, who had 11 family members killed that night, including his mother and 2-year-old daughter. Most of the victims were women and children, and some of the bodies were piled and burned.”


    “Bales had been drinking contraband alcohol and snorting Valium that was provided to him by another soldier and had been taking steroids before the attack.”

  80. An excellent post – those with law-breaking records as long as an arm, like Jack Straw, should be disqualified from lawmaking.

    Juteman’s post [29 May at 6.06 pm] reminds me of an egregious example of Straw’s using public office and funds to pursue his infatuation with Condoleezza Rice. I have documentary evidence in front of me that it was not a sick April Fool’s Day joke that during a visit to Straw’s Blackburn constituency, Dr Rice attended a service in Blackburn Cathedral at which there was a performance of “A Prayer for Peace” – words by Desmond Mpilo Tutu and music by Richard Tanner. Copies of the six-page score, printed in Blackburn on Wednesday, 22nd March 2006 and bound in maroon buckram with gold lettering, carry the dedication: ” For Dr Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State and The Rt Hon Jack Straw MP, Foreign Secretary, on the occasion of their visit to Blackburn Cathedral 1 April 2006″. [My copy, signed by the composer, was amongst books that the Foreign Secretary’s Private Office in the FCO disposed of, including such vanity publishing, as they made room for David Miliband to succeed Straw. Sadly the tradition of infatuation with US Secretaries of State was not thrown out.]

  81. Both, Jemand, alternately, at random. That’s the way to stir it…and Bibi will be proud of you.

  82. Komodo, I’m surprised that you think I’m an agent of Israel, a country that is working inexorably towards a sole, contiguous, J*wish state in the land formerly known as Palestine.

  83. Nevertheless.

    Returning to the agreeable topic of Straw’s income, I see ED & F Man Group, from whom Straw receives between £55K and £60K annually for his invaluable consultancy activities*-

    …is now up to the ears in debt.

    *120 hours per annum not spent in the House or attending to his constituents.

  84. Fedup
    hopefully the pseudo-creme will sort out the angry red parts.

  85. It looks like we have a bit of Moz on Moz ‘action’ right here on this thread.

    Piss off you Ozzie wanker. You forget what did your grand daddy do for you to end up there, in Aus yet another occupied land? Your kind verily believe they are dealing with Abos when dealing with anyone outside the horse/cattle rustling fraternity.


    hopefully the pseudo-creme will sort out the angry red parts.

    Perhaps it is time you came clean as to who you really are?

    Throughout your posts, you have maintained you are a middle aged divorcee, who is educated to master level, who then works as security guard in shopping centres, and is a Muslim, who hates the Muslims. Sporting differing writing styles to boot.

    WTF is going on mate?

    Red parts ought to be your fucking face for lying through your tiny little fucking teeth, and “sudocrem” won’t help there mate.

  86. Ouch. That hurt.


  87. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    30 May, 2013 - 1:54 pm

    Could Fedup, Guano and Jemand please shut up for a while?

    The contents and style of your posts only bring this blog into disrepute.

    Thank you.

  88. April Showers

    30 May, 2013 - 2:13 pm

    More on the theatrical production entitled The Chilcot Inquiry.

    The whiff of suspicion over the Chilcot Inquiry grows stronger
    Lord Owen is right to raise questions about a conspiracy of silence following the Iraq War

    Peter Oborne
    29 May 2013

  89. Obsessive cretin/miscreant/wanker/tosser/mad/bad/ugly/ass hat and its meaningless and waste of electron comments ought to be stopped.

    Cuz I don’t do fucking ziofuckwits don’t mean I wont fuck you over as and when you step on my toes, in an attempt trying to protect the fucking hasbara assets assigned to this blog.

  90. Komodo: Thanks for exposing to wider view some of Straw’s finances. By my calculations he spends three full working weeks [8 hours x 5 days]each year not working for or representing his constituents. Would some repayments be in order?

    It’s important not to confuse the different Straws: the one greedy for power and influence in the Labour Party, the one greedy for money, the one with beliefs – other than those of the first two – which he will defend to the death as a matter of principle [admittedly that Straw is now a rarity, seldom sighted]; and the Straw who had a reputation when in the FCO for being a model of consideration for his private office staff. Straw Watchers should bear in mind Hamlet’s reflection:

    ” …meet it is I set it down
    That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain—
    At least I am sure it may be so in Blackburn.”

  91. April Showers

    30 May, 2013 - 2:20 pm

    I have no knowledge of ‘RSS’ Rich Site Summary.

    I only have my eyes to read with, my ears to hear with, my brain to think for myself and my mitts to type with.

    And you?

    PS How can one be a friend of somebody one has not met and does not even know?

  92. Excuse me, Habbabkuk, but my posts have been variously described as “A breath of fresh air amidst an otherwise stale belch of left-wing propaganda” by Vogue magazine and “An incisive collection of neo-classical political essays” by the Triumph Car Club newsletter.

    If you don’t like it, then post an 80 line poem to slide the forum.

  93. April Showers

    30 May, 2013 - 2:28 pm

    What Tam Dalyell said about Straw et al. It’s a wonder he wasn’t lynched.


    They say your parents f*** you up. Straw’s certainly did especially his father.

  94. Iain Orr: Actually if you tot up his otherwise employed hours for 2012, they come to 887! I guess he never sleeps.

    Your turn to add up the £££ on the Guardian link…

  95. doug scorgie

    30 May, 2013 - 4:13 pm

    Al-Nusra caught with sarin nerve agent in Turkey

    Twelve Islamists sarin gas are arrested in Turkey

    Were detained in Turkey 12 suspected members of radical Islamist group al Nusra Syrian front, linked to Al Qaeda, in possession of two kilograms of sarin gas, according to three Turkish newspapers on Thursday.

    The arrests, carried out by units of Turkish intelligence and counterterrorism, occurred on Tuesday in the province of Adana. The newspapers cited unnamed police sources and so far there is no official confirmation of the seizure of the chemical material by the Turkish authorities.,847fdf70a20fe310VgnCLD2000000ec6eb0aRCRD.html

  96. doug scorgie

    30 May, 2013 - 4:23 pm

    Turkish special anti-terror forces have detained 12 people suspected of having links with Al Nusra Front, the al Qaida-allied Syrian rebel group that has been set to topple President Assad’s regime.

    The group was seized in southern Turkey. Local media say they carried a 2kg cylinder with nerve agent sarin.

    Not yet in the western media that I can find

  97. The policies of Erdogan have come to fruition, now th fight is spilling over into Turkey; Police foil al-Nusra bomb attack planned for Adana

    … two kilograms of sarin gas, which is usually used for making bombs and was banned by the UN in 1991, had been found in the homes of suspects detained in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersin. Twelve suspects were caught by the police on Monday. The reports claimed that the al-Nusra members had been planning a bomb attack for Thursday in Adana but that the attack was averted when the police caught the suspects

  98. Woolwich suspect tortured “at behest of British intelligence”, Parliamentary Intelligence Committee is told: Police’s arrest of witness claiming Woolwich attacker was radicalised by torture, sexual abuse and harassment was “ordered by MI5.”

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