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I don’t think any single person who has considered the matter seriously, has any real doubt that Jack Straw was complicit in torture in an active and involved way, and has lied about it continually. There are some who would argue he was ethically justified, but that is a different argument. It is not worth engaging in ethical argument with anybody who maintains that the facts which are the basis of the argument, should not be known.

The Gibson Inquiry was set up by the Government precisely to get to the truth of these matters. It was then cancelled precisely in order to hide the truth of these matters, which is one Hell of a U-Turn. The real reason for the cancellation of the Gibson Inquiry was that it became evident from its initial inquiries, firstly that Gibson was not a vicious calculating placeman like Hutton, and secondly that the number of very senior ministers, diplomats, security service agents and civil servants who were directly implicated in criminal activity was very large.

I confess that the cancellation of the Gibson Inquiry, at which I was determined to give evidence, came as a staggering blow to me. The official excuse for its cancellation was that there are a number of law cases pending over torture of individuals. This was very strange as public inquiries are generally into incidents likely to result in law cases, and the notion that the inquiry cannot run in parallel with law cases is a novel one.

Anyway, I collected myself and I quietly after several police interviews gave my formal, sworn, eye-witness evidence to the Metropolitan Police to assist the police investigation against Jack Straw, Mark Allen and others in the kidnap and torture of Abdel Belhaj and others. That was some years ago, and it is now absolutely plain to me that the very decent and genuine policemen whom I met are being blocked from ever going anywhere with that case.

Now we have the news that the new Justice and Security Act is to be used by the government to ensure that the facts of Belhaj’ civil case against Straw and Allen are forever hidden from the public. It is quite extraordinarily Orwellian that the systematic and deliberate denial of justice is through something called the “Justice and Security Act”.

What an appalling country.

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  • Kibo Noh


    That other “Denial of Justice” thread still bubbling away with plenty of food for thought.

    @ Arbed
    30 may 2 13pm


    “….We Steal Secrets documentary, thoroughly debunked by Wikileaks’ fully sourced, annotated fact-checking exercise on the leaked audio transcript of the film:….”

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    Where has 13 1/2 year old Sophie disappeared to?

    And who is Kibo Noh, who appeared so soon afterwards?

    Could it be that……?

    Must get the language and style comparator fired up 🙂


    La vita é bella, life is good!

  • April Showers

    O/T Craig’s Mavi Marmara Murders thread is closed. This graphic report is from Sarah Colborne of the PSC who was on board.

    ‘The Istanbul Court is due to hear the next session of this case on 10 October. Following the first two hearings in November 2012 and February 2013, the court ordered the attendance of Israel suspects Gaby Ashkenazi, Eliezer Marom, Amos Yadlin and Avishai Levi at the hearing in May. These Israeli military commanders potentially face nine aggravated life sentences each on charges of instigating premeditated murder, and a jail sentence of up to a 18,032 years for willfull killing, attempted willful killing, intentionally causing serious injury to body or health, plundering, hijacking or seizing maritime vessels, intentionally causing damage to property, restriction of freedom of expression and instigation of violent crime. According to Osman Sağırlı in Türkiye daily, notices were sent to the four military commanders by the Turkish Justice Ministry’s International Law and Foreign Relations Unit following the court’s order, calling on them to attend and testify as suspects. Not surprisingly, given Israel’s consistent refusal to respect the right of victims to justice, the four defendants did not attend. In October, therefore, we are expecting that the court declare the four defendants in the case fugitives from justice and issue arrest warrants. The next step would then be for member countries of Interpol to extradite the suspects in line with the European Convention on Extradition.’

    She also mentions the legal action of the Comoros Islands and other actions.

    ‘As well as the court case in Istanbul, legal challenges are underway in other countries including Spain and South Africa. And on 14 May, a case petition in the International Criminal Court (ICC) was filed by Comoros, under whose flag the Mavi Marmara was sailing when it was attacked. Countries can oblige the ICC to open preliminary investigations into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed – crimes which fall under the scope of jurisdiction of the ICC.’

  • ZonaNorte

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!):

    Can you tell me what is the purpose of your eccentric contributions to this website?

    Thanks in advance!


  • April Showers

    Certainly denial of justice there Indigo. Thanks for the link which makes grim reading.

    The member of the committee are:

    Ms. Essadia BELMIR (Vice-Chairperson)

    Mr. Alessio Bruni

    Mr. Satyabhoosun Gupt DOMAH

    Ms. Felice GAER (Vice-Chairperson)
    United States of America

    Mr. Abdoulaye GAYE

    Mr. Claudio GROSSMAN (Chairperson)

    Mr. Fernando MARIÑO MENENDEZ

    Ms. Nora SVEAASS (Rapporteur)

    Mr. George TUGUSHI

    Mr. Xuexian WANG (Vice-Chairperson)

    How long ago was it when Craig sitting in front of the JCHR giving his evidence? The current membership of the JCHR is:

    What is their purpose? This is their formal remit. How about (a)? Meaningless.

    The Joint Committee on Human Rights’ formal remit is to consider:
    (a) matters relating to human rights in the United Kingdom (but excluding consideration of individual cases);
    (b) proposals for remedial orders, draft remedial orders and remedial orders made under the Human Rights Act 1998; and
    (c) in respect of draft remedial orders and remedial orders, whether the special attention of the House should be drawn to them on any of the grounds specified in HC Standing Order No. 151 (Statutory Instruments (Joint Committee)).

  • Cryptonym

    On human rights: the US, quite apart from the Gitmo and other secret concentration camps, rendition and so on is practising inhumane treatment at home of minors, solitary confinement of children, often in adult jails is rife and at record levels.

    This is in the same US that screamed blue murder over the arrest and then release of teenagers who had defaced buildings with anti-government slogans on walls in Syria.

  • Indigo

    @April Showers

    Re the formal remit of the JCHR … meaningless is the only word. But, it has to be meaningless, doesn’t it? If Craig and others with the knowledge and the courage to come forward and testify truthfully were actually heard by a parliamentary committee with any semblance of power?

    That’s a non-starter, isn’t it?

  • Flaming June

    Indigo Glad that Craig has taken the subject of your link up on his new thread.

    PS I am Flaming June now, just to keep our friend on his tiny toes. I can’t think of any name to use when July comes though?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “I am Flaming June now, just to keep our friend on his tiny toes. I can’t think of any name to use when July comes though?” Flaming June.

    How about…

    Sultry July?
    Torrid August?
    Slippery September? (best not be ‘Black September’!)
    Russet October?
    Brisk November?

    Mind you, most of these sound like the titles of bad, but profitable, Romance novels! Noiw there’s a thought. A ‘calendar’ of slim, cheap romance novelettes, all in a box set. Could be my route to suburban fame and fortune! But first, I’d have to resurrect my female pseudonym. 🙂

  • Flaming June


    ‘A ‘calendar’ of slim, cheap romance novelettes, all in a box set. Could be my route to suburban fame and fortune! ‘

    Go for it Suhayl. Look how well Louise Mensch, (previously Lo Cicero and born Bagshawe) did! She is now making a few bob from her website from New York where she is based. Recommends makes of clothing and style.

    ‘She started out as Louise Bagshawe, the daughter of a stockbroker and village school head in Sussex. Under that name, when she was just 23, she published a chick-lit novel entitled Career Girls, the first of 15 similar titles that have racked up combined sales of more 2 million.’

    Some of her output to give you some ideas.

    Career Girls (1995)
    The Movie (1996) aka Triple Feature
    Tall Poppies (1997)
    Venus Envy (1998)
    A Kept Woman (2000) aka For All the Wrong Reasons
    When She Was Bad… (2001)
    The Devil You Know (2003)
    Monday’s Child (2004) aka The Go-To Girl
    Tuesday’s Child (2005)
    Sparkles (2006)
    Glamour (2007)
    Glitz (2008)
    Passion (2009)
    Desire (2010)

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