Fake BBC Video 162

Irrefutable evidence of a stunning bit of fakery by the BBC:

In this version the medic being interviewed says about the 2 minute mark:

“..It’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, erm we’ve had a massive influx of
what looks like serious burns, er seems like it must be some sort of chemical
weapon, I’m not really sure..”

In this version she says – it is at about 2 mins 20 seconds in this edit:

“..It’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, erm we’ve had a massive influx of
what looks like serious burns, er seems like it must be some sort of, I’m not
really sure, maybe napalm, something similar to that..”

The disturbing thing is the footage of the doctor talking is precisely the same each time.  It is edited so as to give the impression the medic is talking in real time in her natural voice – there are none of the accepted devices used to indicate a voiceover translation.  But it must be true that in at least one, and possibly both, the clips she is not talking in real time in her own voice.  It is very hard to judge as her mouth and lips are fully covered throughout.  Perhaps neither of the above is what she actually said.

Terrible things are happening all the time in Syria’s civil war, between Assad’s disparate forces and still more disparate opposition forces, and innocent people are suffering.  There are dreadful crimes against civilians on all sides.  I have no desire at all to downplay or mitigate that.  But once you realise the indisputable fact of the fake interview the BBC has put out, some of the images in this video begin to be less than convincing on close inspection too.



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  • Kempe

    “You’ll be telling me next that the scene from a Zombies movie was real too. ”

    You don’t believe zombies are real? Look around you.

  • keith Crosby

    I saw subtitles in translation, she said

    “Does my bum look big in this?”

    No wonder COMbbc rigged it, Syrians aren’t allowed a Dunkirk spirit.

  • John Goss

    Mememe, I’m not taking that kind of language from a chump like you. I think when Jon sees it he will do the appropriate thing. If you can’t write without getting worked up into a frenzy I suggest you find another blog to creep around.

  • John Goss

    Mememe, another thing that occurs to me is that I have, as far as I recall, only responded (politely) to you today at least under the name Mememe. So perhaps you might be a clone of some other comment-maker.

  • OT

    @JG – the DIY devil is only following the instructions in Chapter Three of the Hasbara handbook !

  • Ex Pat


    And the surprise is … that anyone is left who is surprised.

    To those outside the UK Muppet Stream Media ‘Reality Distortion Field’ – ™ Steve Jobs – marketing genius but truth? HA! – the UK has been a vassal state of the US Empire since 1979, if not since Suez. As Tony Benn, John Pilger, Johan Galtung and many others have been saying for years.

    1979 … and Margaret Thatcher’s Reich-wing coup d’etat, according to Edward Heath the deposed Conservative leader and ex-Prime Minister! But you don’t have to believe Heath – you can hear it from Tony Benn instead. ; ) –


    “The US Empire is a declining empire, with new powers rising – India, Brazil, China.” @ 9.00

    Q. “Isn’t the US Empire the pre-eminent power _now_?” A. “There is a growth of radical ideas. In my view you have to look ahead to when American power is not the primary power in the world.” @ 11.05

    Q. “What about the special relationship?’ A. “The UK is a subject nation. Because the UK wants to remain a nuclear power and keep nuclear weapons, the UK is a subject nation to the US Empire.”

    HA! Thank you very much Lobster magazine – Robin Ramsay had it right! ; ) – See Lobster #58, ‘The meaning of subservience to America’ – Page 87, Issue #58 –


    “Bliar was a conservative. Margaret Thatcher said that New Labour was her greatest achievement. Bliar did not want to change the Labour party, he wanted to replace it. Bliar said that New Labour was a new party.”

    “Bliar is gone now and most people don’t think that he is a model to follow!” (HA! A certain amount of understatement / irony – “War criminal. War criminal!”) @ 19.00

    Q. “There is a lot of discontent in Britain. Do you think it will lead to Socialism with a capital S?”

    A. “There _is_ a lot of discontent in Britain. People are understanding who runs the world. Bankers. International Corporations. Great powers – Empire.”

    “When people realise that they are powerless and want to take control of their own lives – that’s democracy. _That’s_ what I call socialism. That’s how we (in Britain) got votes for men. That’s how we got votes for women. That’s how we got a National Health Service – our greatest socialist achievement. I don’t think that Tony Bliar’s effect – of dismantling the Labour party – will be as lasting as people think.”

    “Ed Milliband. I voted for Ed Milliband. I know Ed Milliband. I knew his parents very well. Ed Milliband is man who ‘says what he means and means what he says.’ That’s very important in politics.” (Completely unlike Bliar, then! (ER … Ed.) ; ) ).

    “The whole Cold War was used to prevent progressive change. The Russians (won WW2 for the world and) lost 25 million people and were never going to invade and occupy western Europe. I think that there can be a lot of good from links between the West and the East.”

    Paraphrased inexactly.

    Tony Benn has been voted Britain’s favorite politician several times and you can see why. And why many revere him as a very rare absolute truth teller.

    He famously retired after fifty years as an MP “to devote more time to politics” – his wife Caroline’s line – and he’s still doing it. Now he’s 87. Go Tony! –

    – Tony Benn – 29.00 minutes – 25th January, 2013 – Voice of Russia – (Streaming is fine but download is v. v. slow – ymmv).


    More – see comments to ‘Fake BBC Video’ by Craig Murray, October 7th, 2013 – ICH –


  • craig Post author

    Kempe is right that, on very close inspection, this is a different take – the position of the arms of the man in the fluorescent jacket is indeed different at one stage. But what that means, is that what is represented as live action footage is in fact a carefully rehearsed – lines almost identical – staged scene. Which is worse than dubbing.

  • fedup

    Also, I’m following your debate with Jon on the previous thread, and am amazed that his position basically seems to be that the status quo

    Thanks for the clarification Macky, and as you would have seen up until now Jon has not answered my last post. However the reticence that I have encountered is not so puzzling for me. Despite the fact that the others may be surprised at such a skewed defence of the current status quo by him.


    Ben you are right about the MLK, and Gandhi, the only slight difference is they were not getting bombed the fuck out of at will, and did not live in an open air concentration camp. The notions of none violent resistance is based on “reasonable” measures of violence being faced by its victims. Palestinians are facing an unreasonably mendacious bunch of supremacist fuckwits whom boast about their mad dog methods of murder and plunder, with no regards for the said Palestinians so much as for the feral dogs and cats roaming in the streets.

    That trouble is, the constant barrage of disinformation and the constant harangues of the despatched gauleiters to every fucking forum and blog have skewed the reality to the degrees that the struggles of MLK and Gandhi become comparable, these struggles are not comparable by any stretch of imagination.

  • fedup

    John Goss the clue lies in; delighted to see lots of new contributors here.

    Akin to; I have not got my hand in the cookie jar so I am not caught, clause!

    These vermin have been hounding this blog, without any impunity, and all in the name of “liberalism”

  • Villager

    Fedup tell us why you need your sock-puppet Passerby?

    And why you show disrespect to commenters who only comment here once in awhile?

    Now bugger-off you empty-condom eunuch.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Fedup; I agree the situation is different in Gaza, but the principles are the same. When Israeli’s meet a few katyushas with a aerial bombing run, it may be disproportionate, but it is still a reaction to violence.

    If violence is met with non-violence, the World sees ti for what it is. Not that it’s gonna be easy to get their attention, because a lot of old b baggage has to be traded in, and that will take more time than it did Mohandas.


  • Maddox

    “These vermin have been hounding this blog, without any impunity, and all in the name of “liberalism””

    Surely, Fedup, you mean “with impunity”?

  • Ken Waldron

    BBC Doctor audio reconstructed.

    Well, despite the differing backgrounds in the video, which I thought pointed to different takes…

    I had a brief analysis done on it, result and comments which I copy fyi here:

    “Here’s the full sentence reconstructed:


    It IS one sentence…you’ll notice the background noise jumps on the switchover: thats due to the effect of compression on the audio, one piece has been compressed more heavily which has raised the noise floor.
    Note that the sentence lines up perfectly despite that, which points to the fact that the section about chemical weapons was actually edited out the first time round, even though she has said it, and the napalm edited out for the later.”

  • Fred

    “Kempe is right that, on very close inspection, this is a different take – the position of the arms of the man in the fluorescent jacket is indeed different at one stage. But what that means, is that what is represented as live action footage is in fact a carefully rehearsed – lines almost identical – staged scene. Which is worse than dubbing.”

    In my humble opinion it was dubbed as well. I looked at both sound tracks in audio editing software and up until the relevant part in my opinion they are identical.

  • fedup

    meet a few katyushas with a aerial bombing run,

    Come on Ben those so called rockets cannot be qualified as Katyusha.

    Palestinians are facing the cataclysmic calamity of occupation of their country that has continued, for the past seventy years. During which time the outside world has left this beleaguered nation without any help or assistance, to face their murdering, land stealing baby killing oppressors. Whilst at the same time the outside world, has been steadfast in its support of their tyrannical occupiers and ziofuckwit oppressors.


    Maddox, most certainly, but this blog has no facility for edit, hence the persistence of mistakes. Thanks for clarifying it though.

  • Ken Waldron

    Fred, see my post and the reconstruction above. The audio NOT been dubbed but carefully edited: the “napalm” comment was subsequently taken out and “chemical weapons” comment reinstated on its own without the qualifier.

  • Fred

    That wasn’t meant to be a reply to your post Ken, I hadn’t seen it when I posted.

    But it’s still my opinion that it is the same sound track on both videos up until the relevant part.

  • Mary

    A little more of the same but from a new face.

    8 October 2013 Last updated at 22:09
    MI5 chief warns of threat to public

    Andrew Parker was named as the new head of the Security Service earlier this year.

    Can we trust the spying state?
    UK to create cyber defence force
    Ex-GCHQ boss lifts veil of secrecy

    Thousands of Islamist extremists in the UK see the British public as a legitimate target for attacks, the director general of MI5 has said.

    In his first speech since taking over in April, Andrew Parker gave an update on the threats to security.

    Mr Parker named al-Qaeda and affiliates in south Asia and the Arabian peninsula as presenting “the most direct and immediate threats to the UK”.

    He was speaking to a closed Whitehall audience on Tuesday night.


  • Ken Waldron

    Yes that is the case Fred. There is indeed only one original track: but there are two different edits. Not dubs: but edits.

    In the original the doctor says both as per the reconstruction I had made.
    In the first edit the “chemical weapons” element has been removed.
    In the second edit “chemical weapons” has been reinstated and the qualifier/ moderator “Napalm” removed.
    It has been “firmed up” to point to “chemical weapons” at the second stage by a later ( & higher?) editorial decision.

  • Mary

    And in contrast to Parker’s stuff, something that lifts the soul. Sam West and his colleagues are ALIVE!

    The inaugural Palestine Choral Festival brought Britten to Bethlehem, Jordan and the West Bank. Actor Samuel West performed with the Choir of London, adding carols to calls to prayer, and discovering that music can – quite literally – cross borders.

    Sam West
    The Choir of London is an unusual group – itinerant and committed, it mostly tours the Middle East, maintaining and strengthening links made with Palestinian choirs and musicians since 2004. This is my third visit to Palestine with them.

    The last time I directed The Magic Flute in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, which turned out to be the first fully-staged opera ever to visit the West Bank. This time we’re here as part of the inaugural Palestine Choral Festival, a big project curated by the COL’s Michael Stevens, involving 26 Palestinian and five international choirs. I’m looking after a new opera production by the tenor Andy Staples, based on Britten and Auden’s Hymn to Saint Cecilia. We’re also doing workshops, cabaret songs, close harmony groups, a gala concert at the Ramallah Cultural Palace and three performances of Britten’s Saint Nicolas conducted by Britten scholar Paul Kildea. It’s all hands to the pumps for those, and I get to sing.


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_West Son of Timothy West and Prunella Scales.

    PS In the summer, I went up to Kings Place nr Kings Cross to hear the Choir and the young Palestinian instrumental soloists they had brought over to visit the UK. A brilliant concert.

  • Mary

    A depressing read especially being informed that the younger generation of Israelis are more racist than their elders.

    October 7, 2013

    Israeli apartheid: the numbers

    Richard Silverman, Tikun Olam – The Israel Democracy Institute released its latest Democracy Index (summary and full findings), [confirming] that by and large Israelis hold racist views and reject bedrock democratic principles, while believing that their country should be both Jewish and a democracy.

    Just under 50% (48.9%) believe Israel should privilege Jewish citizens over non-Jews. Of those, younger Israelis showed an even higher preference for Jewish privilege (65%). 47% of Jews said that in terms of neighbors, their greatest aversion was to having an “Arab” neighbor. An even greater proportion, 56% expressed antipathy to having a foreign worker as a neighbor (among whom would be included African refugees). 42% of Palestinian respondents shared an aversion to a Jewish family as neighbors.


  • Dex

    Here is my take on it:

    Link text

    The video showing Dr Rola in each case is different – see the man just behind her in the fluorescent jacket, his arms are in a different position. The audio does sound exactly the same to me except for the change of words. The only other explanation, given the video is different, is that they took several takes. In any case that is just as fraudulent in what we’re supposed to believe is a chaotic situation where she needs to attend to patients.

  • Jemand

    After seeing the videos on the “liveleak” site, it is quite clear that these are two different takes – both audio and video are different and no evidence in these videos that there is any extraordinary tampering or editing.

    Having said that, it is also clear that the “British doctor” is uncertain how to describe the cause of injuries to victims – “napalm”, “chemical weapons”? Does it make a whole lot of difference? She’s not a weapons expert, we can assume, so her opinion is speculative. Good for shock news, bad for accuracy of reporting.

    She might have been asked to make a statement a couple of times to ensure at least one usable version and resulted in rewording. It has the unfortunate effect of appearing fake because subsequent takes lack spontaneity and consistency, so we sense insincerity. Alternatively, a retake of the audio might have been dubbed over other video in the usual way of editing for dramatic effect but also having a dubious feel.

    The claims of green screen staging and actor-victims are, of course, the usual bullshit from online retards and hoax trolls.

    I think there is nothing obviously sinister in this incident (ie AV editing) except for maybe the apparent decline in accurate and consistent reporting which should be enough to justify criticism.

    BBC news sucks.

  • charlie drake

    stop pickin on poor kempe e ain’t the same since they kicked him off that itv sas tv show.
    as for the bbc in my day they had a mi5 office in tv centre near the passport and visa office ground floor the bush.
    probably pretty close to the spot where unkle jimmy raped kids while the friendly spooks filmed it on bbc 16mm cameras using licence fee monies paying for film stock.

    gabriel gatehouse around gaddaffi as he is dragged out of a drain and sodomised it is all a sham captured news editors and mi5 sickos like frank guardiner.

  • Kempe

    “Kempe is right ”

    Well that’s going to cause a lot of the regulars here to choke on their muesli. I think I might have it framed.

    I’m still of the opinion that what we’re seeing is two different takes. You can’t have it both ways, either the background being the same is evidence of fakery or it isn’t.

  • charlie drake

    if the bbc was full of arabs then we would get a different play.
    since it is full of alan yentob types and zionist tools what do you expect.
    simon scharma and the history of the jeews any mention of rothschild.
    laurence rees variations on a nazi history theme.
    it is a lie machine bending history following a very well constructed path a purveyor and wrangler over the years of children.
    proof of the lie every day is a lie day.
    is it racist to ask the percentage of jewish folks working at this bastion of the mi5.

  • Alex

    “it must be true that in at least one, and possibly both, the clips she is not talking in real time in her own voice”

    Craig, you are not correct. In fact, both clips contain exactly what she said in real time in her own voice. The story is not complicated. BBC did not fake the clips or voice, but they did edit them in a following way:

    Clip 1, released on 29 Aug: “…some sort of [cut] I’m not really sure maybe napalm …”
    Clip 2, released on 29 Sep: “…some sort of a chemical weapon I’m not really sure [end] …”

    So, full unedited segment would sound: “…some sort of a chemical weapon I’m not really sure maybe napalm…”


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