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by craig on October 7, 2013 11:35 am in Uncategorized

Irrefutable evidence of a stunning bit of fakery by the BBC:

In this version the medic being interviewed says about the 2 minute mark:

“..It’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, erm we’ve had a massive influx of
what looks like serious burns, er seems like it must be some sort of chemical
weapon, I’m not really sure..”

In this version she says – it is at about 2 mins 20 seconds in this edit:

“..It’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, erm we’ve had a massive influx of
what looks like serious burns, er seems like it must be some sort of, I’m not
really sure, maybe napalm, something similar to that..”

The disturbing thing is the footage of the doctor talking is precisely the same each time.  It is edited so as to give the impression the medic is talking in real time in her natural voice – there are none of the accepted devices used to indicate a voiceover translation.  But it must be true that in at least one, and possibly both, the clips she is not talking in real time in her own voice.  It is very hard to judge as her mouth and lips are fully covered throughout.  Perhaps neither of the above is what she actually said.

Terrible things are happening all the time in Syria’s civil war, between Assad’s disparate forces and still more disparate opposition forces, and innocent people are suffering.  There are dreadful crimes against civilians on all sides.  I have no desire at all to downplay or mitigate that.  But once you realise the indisputable fact of the fake interview the BBC has put out, some of the images in this video begin to be less than convincing on close inspection too.



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  1. I came across this yesterday, Craig. Absolutely unbelievable, and makes one wonder if the whole thing is not made up. At any rate it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Lost in translation”.

  2. Ahh, a thread about blatant BBC propaganda. Am transferring forward my post this morning on previous thread. Much more at home here…

    Anyone watch the BBC’s excretable By Any Means last night? The propaganda was so crude I thought I was watching William Hague’s wet dream. I was waiting for the cum shot but, well, I guess ‘dysfunction’ is a word that easily came to mind… But had all the correct ingredients needed for little Willy’s nocturnal imaginings: based in the Columbian embassy, Ecuadorian-style flag draped outside the building; monstrously egotistical villain claiming diplomatic asylum for non-political crimes; police entering an embassy lobby to seize villain, then having to stand down, curses!; it even had a balcony speech. MI5 saves the day with their oh-so-clever surveillance tricks and bugs in the embassy walls. Hurrah!

    Really hokey plot and the dialogue was terrible, but there were so many UK government wish-list bits in it. I thought the scenes showing the Columbian ambassador didn’t really want his guest around and couldn’t wait to get rid of him were a nice touch. Hmm, maybe they were dear Willy’s cum shots…? Like I said, really crude propaganda but the UK public didn’t seem to have much difficulty getting the message:

    “By Any Means is to taking the p**s out of Assange’s situation … LOVING IT”

    “I hope David Cameron and William Hague are watching By Any Means, could teach them how to get Assange out of th embassy.”

    “If only MI5 had gone after Julian Assange the way this lot on #ByAnyMeans have captured their man. *rollseyes*”

    “Just finished watching #ByAnyMeans Let it be a lesson for Assange…”

  3. Given that there is this discrepancy in the two video, why not ask to see the original non-dubbed video?

    Perhaps she actually said something completely unrelated to weapons.

  4. The different language spoken by the doctor in the two versions (but where the film footage is identical) should surely be put to the BBC simply to get clarification: was this because voice-over was added later; if so, which version is the definitive one?

  5. Nice catch Craig.

    It used to be a matter of concern if a photographer was caught in any way staging a news photograph. I am sure this will be explained as merely an editing discrepancy, and that cutting in other parts of speech is a perfectly valid documentary technique. Of course we know it is propaganda.

    I wonder if one of the videos will change soon. Are you going to make a complaint to the bbc trust?

  6. Iain,

    What really interests me is:

    a) The failure to use any of the accepted means of indicating it is a voiceover (normally on the BBC you get a few seconds of the speaker in original language before voiceover starts)

    b) The decision making process by which a second version was substituted for the first. Was it something like –
    “It’s not chemical weapons any more since the Russian deal, the buzzword to pin on Assad this week is napalm”
    “Ok, Mr Purnell, I’ll change it”?

  7. Oh, does anyone still believe a word the bullshit brainwashing corruption has to say about anything? Wise up, its just another arm of our missingintelligence services.

  8. I heard Dr Rola being interviewed on the Today programme a few months ago, and thought is sounded very suspicious. I don’t think it is still online, but if anyone can find it, it could be useful to listen to it again.

  9. The big one of course was the newsreader talking about the collapse of building 7 while it was still there behind her. I don’t believe much that the BBC puts out. There is so much leverage from its board it never carries real stories like this about a US dual nationality Moslem imprisoned in notorious Iraqi prisons for nine years with a daughter he has never seen, and no hope of release.


  10. There is a very long thread on Medialens about this fakery, commencing with an excellent letter to the BBC from ‘Robert’.


    We have discussed Dr Rola Hallam before here on previous threads. She works in the NHS yet also gets to Uganda and Syria for two charities, Hand in Hand for Syria and Atfal.

    Hand in Hand was registered in Nov 2011. No financial info recorded.


    Other names ! None Governing document ! DECLARATION OF TRUST DATED 20/12/2011 Area of benefit ! No information recorded Organisation type ! STANDARD REGISTRATION Where it operates !
    ! Registration history ! 13 February 2012 Registered
    Charitable objects ! HAND IN HAND FOR SYRIA EXISTS TO:



    FADDY SAHLOUL address in Nottingham


  11. s/be Registered in Feb 2012.

    http://www.handinhandforsyria.org.uk/ Donate.

  12. There’s a lot more about this here and here

    I submitted an FOI request to the BBC on 1 September about Dr Rola’s real identity and affiliations. After prompting because they were out of time, they replied declining the requested info because it was both exempt under journalistic privilege and ‘Dr Rola requested anonymity’

    Her charity ‘Hand-in-Hand-for-Syria’ certainly has ideological connections with the Opposition and FSA (Compare Logo and flag) but I suspect far closer connections because of family name and a few other things. Also, the other Doctor is Saleyha Ahsan who graduated from the Military Academy, Sandhurst and served in Bosnia. But the BBC doesn’t want you to have that bit of irrelevant information.

    Ian Pannell is clearly doing the Spooks bidding. If he doesn’t realise it he’s just another ambitious young idiot.

  13. BTW – further to the above, I’d welcome further info to flesh that Wikispooks article out – there’s a LOT more to Ian Pannell’s reporting on Syria than meets the eye.

  14. Thanks for that additional information Wikispooks. I have outstanding FOI and Home Office FOI requests made in June. One regards Talha Ahsan and the other Abu Qatada. Of course, they are Muslims, and special laws have been implemented since 9/11 to arrest and imprison without trial forever (or as long as they want) and without evidence of criminal activity, just on suspicion. The media fabrications are one thing, but having approval and support from the highest positions of a government funded by wealthy Zionists, is what makes these lies and injustices so diabolical.

  15. Sorry, should have read outstanding FCO and Home Office FOI requests.

  16. There is no question of this being an English translation dubbed over words spoken in another language – the doctor (“Dr Rola”) is introduced as being British, and speaks English (without her face covered) in other parts of both of these BBC “news reports”. She is also the Dr Rola interviewed in English on Newsnight on 30 August.

    The two pieces of video, at least one of which contains tampered audio, are not quite identical, they seem to be a moment or two apart – see http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1381065971.html from the thread that Mary posted above. However, this is indeed a minor point compared to the fakery with the soundtrack.

    “Spike” on the Media Lens Message Board has done a sterling job of isolating the two soundtracks for comparison:- https://archive.org/details/BBCSyriareport1

    As he notes in the same Media Lens Message Board thread http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1381000766.html

    The two audio clips are identical up until the ‘chemical weapon/napalm’ section, however the background seems to be different – it’s subtle but there is an engine loudly revved in clip one (0.02.5) which is missing from clip two. The incriminating section has been re-jigged in a different order with the words ‘chemical weapon’ added –

    Take one – “seems like it must be some sort of, um [I’m not really sure] maybe Napalm, something similar to that”

    Take two – “seems like it must be some sort of (pause) chemical weapon, [I’m not really sure]”

    The ‘i’m not really sure’ in take two is cut from take one.

  17. Not a charity:


    The Sahlouls seem to prefer the charity sector now.

  18. I distinctly remember the extended footage from this hospital after the “attack” just after it was released, it contained the above scenes and some which have been left out of this piece. It was some of the worst acting i’d ever seen, people were standing around groaning like zombies, all looking right into the camera as if they’d been caught off guard by someone calling out “Action”. People were milling about with nothing approaching the panic/urgency so evident in genuine post-attack footage, and the entire piece was bizarrely quiet, no raised voices, shouted instructions etc. The cameraman doesn’t seem to have been jostled or impeded even once, ordinarily a common characteristic of such footage. It was nothing like footage from, for example, Gaza after one of innumerable Israeli air-strikes, completely different feel. Entirely choreographed in my opinion.

  19. I have written to Dame Fiona Reynolds a non-executive director on the BBC board of governors or trustees as sadly they are known lately. I have said I, myself suspect the BBC of fraudulently altering audio in the report from Syria.

    I suspect the motive in this instance and others by the BBC are propaganda intended to affect public opinion in the UK in such a way as to congregate support and underpin an offensive against the Syrian government.

  20. ” once you realise the indisputable fact of the fake interview the BBC has put out, some of the images in this video begin to be less than convincing on close inspection too. ”

    For example?

    “The two audio clips are identical up until the ‘chemical weapon/napalm’ section, however the background seems to be different – it’s subtle but there is an engine loudly revved in clip one (0.02.5) which is missing from clip two. ”

    I think that may have answered the question. Whoever interviewed Dr Hallam made two (or more) takes, possibly because of the revving engine but not an uncommon practice as Craig should know, and speaking off the cuff she said something slightly different each time. Only question remains is why the BBC used different quotes in both reports. There’s probably a boring and rational explanation for that too but nobody here is interested in the rational. No, it has to be proof that the BBC faked the whole thing on an old “Casualty” set.

  21. The relevant audio from the first version appears to be indentical with that from the BBC Panorama documentary “Saving Syria’s Children” (currently avalable here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SD5QWi-FRU). The video is however distinct, demonstrating that in at least one of these cases (in addition to the two clips previously mentioned)the audio and video tracks have been de-synced.

  22. David M’s comment above is a nonsense.

    There’s nothing to suggest the scene was staged. Way-out and groundless suggestions such as this only serve as a distraction from the real issue: that the BBC has clearly and deliberately manipulated the footage in a misleading fashion.

  23. Mark Golding said;

    I suspect the motive in this instance and others by the BBC are propaganda intended to affect public opinion in the UK in such a way as to congregate support and underpin an offensive against the Syrian government.

    Your suspicions ought to be certainties, given the armature dramatics of a group of spooks that are broadcast as the unfolding of events on the ground.

    This is not the first time, the spooks have told stories and stoked up flames of wars. The ordinary Jo in the audience has a sense of fair play and decency and would not be too happy to set about attacking the Johnny Foreigner because certain interest groups decree so. Hence the kabuki to convince the unsuspecting audiences and garner their silence to unleash the best weapons that money can buy, on yet another innocent nation and get away with it.

    Let us face it, there no longer exists any International Laws, and Conventions. We now live in a primitive era, that the only force majeure is the calibre of the howitzers or the tonnage of bombs delivered, the rest is designed to keep the ignorant masses happy in their ignorance, until it comes to be their turn.

  24. Craig – the change was FROM “napalm” in the 29 August report TO “chemical weapon” in the one from Sept 30. Perhaps because the napalm claim was just too absurd – napalm sticks to the skin and generates temperatures of 800 to 1,200 degrees celsius. Kim Phuc, the girl in the famous Vietnam War photograph has said “Napalm is the most terrible pain you can imagine”. None of this matches the appearance and demeanour of the “victims” in these videos; all the alleged injuries on view could perfectly well have been created with prosthetics.

    Kempe – the audio is identical, every inflection, up until “sort of”. Listen again https://archive.org/details/BBCSyriareport1

  25. Bravo John Pilger! He is as inspirational as ever.

    The Party Game is Over. Stand and Fight

    “Rise like lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number!
    Shake your chains to earth, like dew
    Which in sleep had fall’n on you:
    Ye are many – they are few.”

    October 05, 2013 “Information Clearing House – These days, the stirring lines of Percy Shelley’s “Mask of Anarchy” may seem unattainable. I don’t think so. Shelley was both a Romantic and political truth-teller. His words resonate now because only one political course is left to those who are disenfranchised and whose ruin is announced on a government spreadsheet.

    Born of the “never again” spirit of 1945, social democracy has surrendered to an extreme political cult of money worship. This reached its apogee when £1trn of public money was handed unconditionally to corrupt banks by a Labour government whose leader, Gordon Brown, had previously described “financiers” as the nation’s “great example” and his personal “inspiration”.

    This is not to say parliamentary politics is meaningless. It has one meaning now: the replacement of democracy with a business plan for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope, every child born.

    The old myths of British rectitude, imperial in origin, provided false comfort while the Blair gang built the foundation of the present “coalition”. This is led by a former PR man for an asset stripper and by a bagman who will inherit his knighthood and the tax-shielded fortune of his father, the 17th Baronet of Ballintaylor. David Cameron and George Osborne are essentially fossilised spivs who, in colonial times, would have been sent by their daddies to claim foreign terrain and plunder.



    I like the ‘fossilized spivs’ phrase.

  26. Passerby – Certain of course means ‘questionless’ and I am waiting for an answer or response from a connection I made to Dame Fiona Reynolds. The ‘full dress’ will appear whether this women replies or not.

  27. Dont believe anything the BBC broadcasts.

    They lie according to the spooks wishes.

    Ian Panell is up there in the Pantheon of bullshit artists,alongside Gordon Corera and Frank Gardiner.

    Abysmal excuses for journalism.

  28. I am reposting from my blog last month: While Napalm reaches avery high temperature of 1200 degrees, we see the alleged victims have intact clothes, with intact plastic slippers.
    Doctor in anesthesia and intensive care yet she is brought in as an expert in napalm burns.

    BBC second report disclosed that BBC did not shoot the video of the attack and the “school principal” gave the video tape to the team.

    Schools are not open until later in September, the building looks more like a villa with no school in Syria with that design, not any sign nor furniture to show it was a school, BBC does not enter inside that “school/villa”
    The identity of the doctor was not disclosed yet later it appears that she lives in London and works in a charity called hand in hand which is established and financed by Saudi preacher Mohammad Al Areifie

    The hole in the ground is too small and shallow (50cm deep?)To be a result of any bombardment, with the nearby wall intact.
    Kids shoes and hair is intact,
    Roula kurdi daughter of Syrian coalition leader, fabricates the report on a napalm attack with BBC.
    BBC and other networks who asked Roula to comment on the alleged attack, avoided mentioning her full name although she lives in the UK and there is no danger of retribution in exposing her full name.
    BBC claims that 10 kids died in the attack and tens injured but fails to show any of those except for 5 people.
    Dr. Rola Hallam, http://atfal.co.uk/the-team.html
    First video: 31 august:
    Video- 31 august:

    Al Areifi video

    Original Arabic article by investigative journalist Nizar Nayouf:


  29. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    7 Oct, 2013 - 4:36 pm

    Awareness of Media ignorance/disinformation/propaganda seems to be expanding. I hope it’s not just wishful thinking. Amongst the general public I think it’s more general than specific; kind of a feeling of mistrust. Others are getting more accurate appraisals of Press performance, and the Devil truly is in the details. It is getting more difficult to pull the wool sweater up over the average Joe’s head, whilst you beat him on the kneecaps and claim it’s the action of a third party. Still doable, though. They just haven’t learned yet we are no longer gullible and mentally lazy, or the tactics less subtle, but they will.


  30. Just incredible !!

  31. Good find Craig.
    I also noticed later in the “napalm” video, some of the burnt(?) survivors appear to be motionless until they are somehow made aware of “Roll ‘em, Action!”, they then start to move and moan.
    I also read a strangely prescient article,


    in which the BBC has had to apologise for misrepresenting the agenda of a supposedly neutral commentator on Israel’s position during the Cast Lead attack on the Palestinians.

    The Israelis DID use white phosphorous and napalm on the civilians…

  32. larry Levin

    7 Oct, 2013 - 4:52 pm

    Jo Coburn is a zionist, she is co presenter on daily politics

  33. Complain, don’t hold yer breath…
    A recent reply to my letter of complaint from the BEEB, note how the assault by Iain Dale is immediately downgraded to a scuffle. Gosling and Brown are experienced Teleprompter readers and but we forced to accept the improbable fact that they may have human reactions.
    And again, assault becomes “grappling”.
    These pigs are probably trained in NLP. But, I can feel assured. that my complaint will be registered on the audience log, we all know what sort of log these twats mean…

    “Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Reference CAS-2326151-MFN62R

    Thanks for contacting us regarding the BBC News Channel.

    We note you found our news presenters acted inappropriately to a 24 September news item on Ian Dale’s scuffle with an anti-nuclear protester.

    While we of course appreciate your concerns, Joanna Gosling and Ben Brown are experienced journalists and presenters and would never intentionally undermine the seriousness of a story. We have reviewed the item in question and we believe that their reactions were simply of surprise at the unusual sight of the publicist grappling with a protester on camera.

    We are sorry if you feel their reactions were inappropriate and We’d assure you your concerns have been registered on our audience log, which is a daily report of audience feedback that’s made available to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers.

    The audience logs are seen as important documents that can help shape decisions about future programming and content.

    Thanks again for taking the trouble to contact us.

    Kind Regards

    Lucia Fortucci

    BBC Complaints”

  34. Off Topic – just a reminder that the US government shut-down is but a ‘squirrel’ assuming the American public will ‘chase the squirrel’ and while turning their minds to derogating the government, dismiss the reprehensible actions of the US State.


  35. Made a video with both of the originals side by side: http://youtu.be/V5RKjYhzW-A

  36. News is all scripted, even mundane stuff:


  37. 30th September audio please Vib…

  38. @Mark: 30th Sept audio in its entirety: http://audiour.com/playlist/dbe4eut0

  39. Glad to see that at long last we the people are beginning to understand; there is no news in the news; “Нет новостей в Известия”.

    Whilst watching/listening to the contrived bullshit, it behoves all of us to ask ourselves the following;

    1- Why am I being told this?

    2- Why am I being told this?

    3- Why am I being told this?

    Then try and make head or tail of the fairy tale enema that is being injected into our minds as “reality”.

    It is about time after years of being lied to, we the people at long last woke up to this fucking actuality.

  40. Jay Joanna Gosling, one of the presenters/autocue readers on the BBC ‘News’ Channel is married to Craig Oliver, who replaced Andy Coulson. He went straight to No 10 from the BBC.




    Profile: Craig Oliver worked for ITN before he joined the BBC
    Craig Oliver, who has been selected to replace Andy Coulson as David Cameron’s communications chief, has worked in broadcasting for almost two decades.

    The 41-year-old has resigned from his job as controller of English services at BBC Global News.

    In this role he was responsible for the World Service, BBC World News and the News website outside the UK.

    There had been wide speculation about who would replace Mr Coulson, a former editor of the News of the World, in Downing Street.



    Ben Brown is infamous for his aggressive interview of Jody Mcintyre who was dragged from his wheelchair by the Met. Over 1,000 complaints came in to Have Your Say on the BBC website.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXNJ3MZ-AUo 9,000 + comments

    Brown was defended by Kevin Bakhurst, an editor.

  41. When big lies must be told, BBC is there. From Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya and now Syria, BBC has paved the way for Western disinformation meant to mange public perception around a war the public would otherwise never support or tolerate.


    Who Runs the BBC? Weather permitting Corporates and Big Oil?

    A close friend Kerry-Anne Mendoza explains:


  42. “Joanna Gosling, one of the presenters/autocue readers on the BBC ‘News’ Channel is married to Craig Oliver, who replaced Andy Coulson. He went straight to No 10 from the BBC.”

    So predictable. Here’s what i said to Mary last night:

    “And heavy reporting from the MSM by Mary tonight. Tomorrow she’ll be knocking the shit out of them!”

    And yet again tomorrow, we’ll have more useless stuff from the BBC, the Mail, the Mirror and so on…

    As for ‘going straight to No 10′, sure he didn’t pass by No 11 or pass ‘Go’ and collect his 500 pounds? Or should he have conspired to come through Sky first? Is he a Mossad plant?

    And what is the relevance to the present blog article, given that Oliver was appointed to his present position two and a half years ago? In case you suspect a conspiracy, Mary, please don’t be shy.

  43. A small victory. Medialens http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1381173301.html

    From little things…
    Posted by TomRen on October 7, 2013, 8:15 pm

    An amendment from the BBC today – read from the bottom:

    Dear Mr Rennell,

    Thank you for your email. The article has been amended.

    Best wishes,
    BBC News website


    {Feedback Type:} I would like to… Make a complaint
    {Complaint type:} BBC News (TV Radio Online)
    {Complaint about:} BBC News Online
    {Complaint category:} Factual error or inaccuracy
    {Complaint title:} Alleged al-Qaeda leader

    {Complaint:} Dear Sir/Madam,

    In the article in question the opening statement reads “US Secretary of State
    John Kerry has defended the capture of an al-Qaeda leader, Anas al-Liby….”

    Surely this should be “alleged al-Qaeda leader”?

    Many thanks!

    {URL:} http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-24426033

  44. I don’t know how Assad’s opponents are labelled these days, but from the start of the war and for some months afterwards, they were known – by the B.B.C. – as “activists”. That alone tells you all you need to know about their bias. If you are like me and the word “activist” conjures up an image of a road-safety campaigner, or somebody who supports the local library or the little old lady down the road who’s a bit over-enthusiastic for the R.S.P.C.A., then people running around the place with assault rifles and R.P.G.s don’t quite fit the bill. In the interim, there have been all manner of faked photos, dubious reportage and God knows what. The cannibal mentioned by Putin, despite putting his works on Youtube, was alluded to briefly – and, as far as I know, never again – with a sentence containing the word “allegedly”. The destruction of the Aramaic Christian village – not just tolerated by the evil Assad but promoted as a tourist attraction– grudgingly mentioned with the usual “bad apples” implication. It goes on and on. So a good call by Craig, but I don’t know what it will take before the Beeb starts to care what we think. They are playing most of us for mugs and totally confident that they will get away with it. They have so far.

  45. Craig,

    I am so glad you posted this. This report first aired on the BBC the night the government lost the vote for military action on Syria. I’ll never forget my reaction, I watched it and instantly thought “This is fake” and “what an amazing co-incidence that the BBC air a story about supposed use of napalm right after the vote”, almost an instant later thought to myself what a strange reaction I had to the report but intuition if often right. I’ve never had that feeling watching the news before. The medic in the report is Dr Rola Hallam works for Hand in Hand for Syria and guess what, the day after the report she was in a nice warm BBC studio criticising Miliband over the commons vote. I couldn’t believe it!



  46. My money says Dr Rola works for MI6

  47. Labour complaint over Tory spin doctor Craig Oliver
    Fri 30 Aug 2013

    Labour has lodged a complaint about David Cameron’s communications chief after he accused Ed Miliband of potentially “giving succour” to President Bashar Assad’s regime by deciding to force the Government into a second vote before military action is taken against Syria.

    A letter has been sent to Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood condemning the “infantile and irresponsible” comments made by Craig Oliver.

    The party has called for Mr Oliver, the Government’s director of communications, to apologise and withdraw the remark.


  48. Mary
    7 Oct, 2013 – 8:42 pm
    “A small victory. Medialens”

    And perhaps the Z-man, Zawahiri “allegedly” runs AQ Central, an “alleged” terrorist organisation?

    A small ‘victory’ indeed! Keep count of the Cuckoos nesting here!

  49. O/T, but never mind.

    Amidst all the well-documented accounts of skullduggery by corporations both private and public, as well as by some charities (allegedly), here’s a piece of truly heartening news. Perhaps of interest also to Craig given his connections with Africa.

    “Malaria hope

    The pitiful little mosquito has defied the might of human science for too long. For three decades, work has been underway at GlaxoSmithKline on a vaccine for malaria – the insect-borne disease that kills 660,000 people a year. A breakthrough could take place this week.
    At a medical conference in South Africa, the drugs company is scheduled to reveal findings from a long-term clinical study of the vaccine. Tests have involved more than 6,000 children in seven African countries.
    The vaccine, which labours under the far from snappy name of RTS,S, is intended to trigger the human immune system to prevent malaria from multiplying in the liver.
    If this is successful, it will be a huge achievement. GSK has invested $350 million into the project, without any prospect of a commercial return. A further $200 million has been contributed by PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative – a coalition that includes the Gates Foundation and, perhaps surprisingly, ExxonMobil.
    Much has changed since the turn of the millennium, when GSK’s reputation in Africa hit rock bottom as the company attempted to sue Nelson Mandela for distributing cut-price HIV drugs.”

    From today’s Times.

  50. Another of those BBC tax scams.

    Money spinner: Top Tory spin doctor’s wife used ‘tax reduction’ scheme
    26 Jun 2012 00:00

    The wife of David Cameron’s aide Craig Oliver is paid through a specially created company – and that may cut her tax bill by thousands

    The company was appropriately called PAYA Ltd and he got paid as secretary. Fine examples of entrepreneurship.

    She is a director of another company called Simply Wonderwoman Ltd. I wonder what planet they are on!

  51. Al Nusrah Front (‘allegedly’) destroys Syrian Army convoy
    By BILL ROGGIOOctober 1, 2013 10:36 AM

    Video at link below:

    Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/videos/2013/10/an_nusrah_front_destroys_syria.php#ixzz2h4S0x8VF

  52. Today is the twelfth anniversary of our invasion into Afghanistan. Shame on the warmongers and on those who put them into power.

  53. Keep on keeping on Villager. You won’t deter me.

  54. Thank you Mary. Deter you from what? Despatch to join the Palestine negotiating team? (Still no explanation why you believe they are empty shells, what they are doing wrong, how might they do better?)

    Or deter you from joint FEdup in Fedexing arms to the Palestinians — he seems to be having some minor technical logistical problems! Or deter ou from constant unsolicited/unengaged interjections with your ‘tidbits’ about “The wife of David Cameron’s aide Craig Oliver is paid through a specially created company – and that may cut her tax bill by thousands.

    Or simply not be deterred to being counted as a cuckoo?

  55. Peter Ross
    7 Oct, 2013 – 9:43 pm

    Thank you for that good news report. had no idea that malaria still killed that many hundreds of thousands of people! Happy to hear that that is all set to change.

    Also delighted to see lots of new contributors here.

  56. The background is different. This was a “green screen” of the woman talking spliced into a background of footage somebody else shot on the scene. Note the white van and the orange truck which have moved. The woman was in a studio.


  57. Macky how do you like the tosser in the iridescent yellow jacket?

    ROFLMAO, this the handy work of the first year students busy producing their first production.

  58. “The background is different. This was a “green screen” of the woman talking ”

    Yes the background is different and what about the guy in the white shirt who walks behind her in one clip but not the other? Simple explanation:- THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT TAKES! No green screen, no dubbing, no fakery and no conspiracy; not that I expect anyone here to accept that.

  59. Simple explanation:- THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT TAKES! No green screen, no dubbing, no fakery and no conspiracy; not that I expect anyone here to accept that.

    Your genius is wasted here, why don’t you go and find another place that appreciates your fantastic piercing copper bottomed observations?

  60. @ Fedup

    well it wouldn’t take much to pierce you would it you pompous windbag. Just fuck off for once, there’s a good chap.

  61. well it wouldn’t take much to pierce you would it you pompous windbag. Just fuck off for once, there’s a good chap.

    Here comes the cavalry, who is it? Villagekrishna? TechC the den Mother? This is the state of affairs, to put up with these fuckwits in the name of “liberalism”!

  62. Pub closing time again, Fedup?

  63. Jay –

    you bring up a great point –

    “I also noticed later in the “napalm” video, some of the burnt(?) survivors appear to be motionless until they are somehow made aware of “Roll ‘em, Action!”, they then start to move and moan”

    watch approx 3 mins in…

    completely fake. so Panorama!

  64. This is what is called editing. Both takes are largely constructed from the same material assembled differently. While it might have editorial spin, this is not fake. If you’ve ever worked in post-production, the techniques applied here are recognizable and common. The reported might demonstrate a bias but it hardly qualifies as a conspiracy.

  65. The last recall I have of Hand in Hand is a positive mention in a Lords debate by Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale, an MI6 veteran and foreign policy adviser to the late John Smith. They were mates from their student days when Meta Ramsay, as she then was, was up to fun and games in the Cold War politics of the NUS.

    Smith, it might be remembered, was on the steering group of Bilderberg. His widow is part of the Hayklut network of ex-MI6 bods.

  66. Fedup: “Macky how do you like the tosser in the iridescent yellow jacket?”

    Despite the similar name, just wishing to let you know that “mack” is not me ! (I wonder if it’s the same “mack” that posts on medialens ?)

    Also, I’m following your debate with Jon on the previous thread, and am amazed that his position basically seems to be that the status quo (being the frequent one-sided killings & continuing inhuman oppression) is effectively better left to continue, as it has done for many blood-soaked decades now, rather than risk giving the victims the means to strike back, (nevermind defend themselves !), mostly on very speculative grounds, including that this just might even make it even worse for them !!

  67. Interesting as of the 8th of Oct both links to the video do not work!

  68. jeffreypenislover

    8 Oct, 2013 - 12:27 am

    doesnt BBC stand for big black cock?

    well thats what i thought it meant after hours of watching some great sensual videos!

  69. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Oct, 2013 - 12:29 am

    Macky @ 11:57

    I think Jon believes, as do I, that the Palestinians should employ ‘Non-violent, non-cooperation’ rather than their usual methods. Those have not worked primarily, because world opinion has not been sympathetic. Ghandi/MLK tactics should be tried. Can they experience more casualties than they already have?

  70. “Interesting as of the 8th of Oct both links to the video do not work! ”

    Still working for me.

  71. First they lied to the people when the Muslims started a civil war in Yugoslavia.
    Then they lied about Iraq.
    Then they lied about Iraq, again.
    Then they lied about Afghanistan
    After, they lied about Libya et al.
    Now they lie about Syria before they set upon Iran.

    Fooled the sheep once, twice, three, four, five and later, six times! And still they know everyone is a fool.
    Not all of us were naive fools from the get-go. Not like some here tainting the debate.

    Who was the fool wearing the iridescent yellow jacket in a war zone full of murderous terrorists brought in from all corners of the Arab World and launching badly made chemical bombs at innocent people? Those actors were pants! Seen more realism in Bollywood.

  72. BrianFujisan

    8 Oct, 2013 - 1:15 am


    Em…have to disagree there…

    the Mavi mamara was a peacful venture…and some of those humanitarians got shot in the back of the Head…

    Some Great post on this one

    Spammer @ 4;49 pm

    Vib : 5;09 pm

    Great work thanks for that, and the Audio.

    PaRadox @ 8;57 pm

    Your post alone should have shut the childish rants of Villager on this thread…so telling how they chose to ignore when it suits…

    and so we get the same old same old picking on Mary

    Sckool Playground nastiness

  73. @Ben, both Ghandi & MLK would have been killed via the ubiquitous Israeli “targeted assassinations”, either that or long been disappeared into an Israeli dungeon; the same twin fates that has greeted all prospectively effective Palestinian leaders, regardless whetever they called for non-violence or not.

    Because this non-violent argument stills keeps getting made, even after it has demonstratively proven ineffective countless times, (for example just witness the high profile IDF murders of foreign activists, killed whilst actually engaging in non-violent resistance), Norman Finkelstein decided to study Ghandi’s use of, & actual meaning of “non-violence” as a tactic to occupation; this resulted in a book called “What Gandhi Says”, and is summarized in this interview here;


  74. BrianFujisan

    8 Oct, 2013 - 1:24 am

    Exactly Andyj

    It makes one wonder if the footage was even filmed in Syria…

    recollections of the so called anti Ghadafi images taken in Pakistan – and used by the msm as being photos of green square

  75. “The disturbing thing is the footage of the doctor talking is precisely the same each time”

    I feel like I’m on Jeremy Beadle here or something. Clearly the footage is NOT exactly the same each time. On the first report, the guy in the white jacket walks up behind her as she speaks. On the second report it cuts to her when the guy behind is already there. Clearly it’s her remarks from a moment later than the first edit.

    I’m really puzzled. Why on earth would you try to spread black propaganda about a horrific crime against humanity? How does that benefit the anti-war movement? What does that do for your credibility? How does it effect the reputation of social media campaigning in general?

  76. I’d like to see technically qualified comment on Sean Quay’s comment of 7 Oct at 11.39 pm (ie that such discrepancies could well arise from “normal” editing practices). Peter Martello at 12.10 am 8 Oct says that the links to “both videos” are not working. That was not true for me when I successfully accessed the two links in Craig’s original blog a few minutes ago.

    I suspect there’s a lot more routine fakery around than we are usually aware of [think of the wrinkle and “fat” reduction techniques used in many celebrity photos]. In this case, I’d like to know from the BBC if the doctor was actually filmed in situ at the scene in Syria or in a studio (whether in London or Syria); and whether the differences were two takes or “editorial amendments”. It’s worth asking these questions, because even if one gets a lying or temporising reply, that will be read by some BBC staff who will know the truth. It’s also important for the BBC to know that these questions matter to its licence-payers.

    It’s also possible that the BBC will reply truthfully.

  77. The facts remain. MI6 and the CIA fomented the uprising in Syria. We, not Syrians are to blame for the 100 000 dead.

    Link text

  78. Ryan’s right! No more unsubstantiated smears! We have to get to the bottom of this! Have the ICC investigate the UK’s government’s prima facie war propaganda in breach of ICCPR Article 20 in the context of UK government aggression against Syria, specifically, substantial involvement in sending on behalf of a State armed bands, groups, irregulars or mercenaries, which carry out acts of armed force of such gravity as to amount to the acts listed in Article 8 bis.

    Let’s allow the presumption of innocence to the UK government officials involved, and let Tony Hall have his day in court in the Hague. It’s only fair to let him clear his name.

  79. Well you don’t see her mouth in either video. It might be a mistake or a cover up. But then why would they leave both videos online? Makes no sense.

  80. to anyone trying to disprove the excerpt in question is not the same, please explain how the bespectacled, fluro-top guy walks up to Rola’s righthand side precisely while she is reciting the contradictory claims.

    Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya, with plenty of BBC, & even Bloomberg input, lays out the “planned” balkanisation of Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria & Levant:

    7 Oct: AlArabiya: Sharif Nashashibi: Redrawing the map of the Arab world

  81. It is I only

    8 Oct, 2013 - 7:45 am

    What did you people expected from the BBC? (British Bullshit Corporation. Or is it British Buggering Children?)

  82. “It might be a mistake or a cover up. But then why would they leave both videos online?”

    That’s the question, isn’t it. If one of the videos was ‘doctored’ as the conspiracy boys would have it, why was the other one left for all to see – and if this was a ‘mistake’ by the conspirators, how come it’s still there for the viewing, you’d have thought it would have been removed rather quickly surely?

  83. Many people are ‘getting it’ judging from some of the comments here, those 66 comments below the Live Leak link (thanks Mack) and on Medialens.

    Incidentally, a mouthpiece from the Conservative Friends of Israel has been shunted out of the FCO, to be replaced by an ex Army officer and a frequent visitor to various parts of the Middle East, courtesy of the Conservative Middle East Council. Anyone know the exact provenance of the latter? I have seen it as an offshoot of the CFoI

    Alistair Burt exits Foreign Office



  84. This is all conspiracy crackpottery. Given the context (just before “I’m not sure”), what difference does it make whether the original Arabic was translated “some sort of chemical weapons” or “maybe napalm”? :)

  85. You should have heard the discussion on the papers review last night on Sky News. Anna Botting, the presenter, Andrew Pierce of the Mail and Zoe Williams of the Guardian were jeering at Norman Baker and his move from Transport to the Home Office.

    He was variously described as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘an anorak’, ‘a nerd’, ‘the worst kind of Liberal’, etc etc. They said he thinks that Dr Kelly was bumped off by Blair and co and that there was a cover up (gales of laughter there) and they expressed sympathy for Theresa May who ‘has been landed with him’. This morning on BBC Radio 4, we heard that she is ‘spitting tacks’.

    On the BBC website this morning –

    ‘But even Lib Dems raised eyebrows at Mr Browne’s replacement at the Home Office, the former transport minster Norman Baker, the author of a book alleging a cover-up over Dr David Kelly, the government scientist whose death led to the Hutton inquiry.’

    A good example of the workings of the propaganda machine at work.

  86. “to anyone trying to disprove the excerpt in question is not the same, please explain how the bespectacled, fluro-top guy walks up to Rola’s righthand side precisely while she is reciting the contradictory claims. ”

    To anyone trying to prove the excerpt is the same please explain why said guy has his arms down by his side in one version and behind his back in the second.

    Also why the guy in the white shirt who walks behind Dr Hallam in the second clip is invisible in the first.

  87. This one, last night….
    ….amounted to an extended plea by David Aaronovitch for letting the state security apparatus do exactly what it likes.

    Aaronovitch, like David Frost, has risen without trace, with few obvious qualifications, to become a pundit in the national media. He is a naked Zionist, and a supporter of the Iraq war. Of whom it has been said:

    You are a columnist on the Jewish Chronicle. Not once in the years you have been writing, have you ever criticised or even analysed, the outrages that Israel commits in the name of all Jewish people. Not once have you offended your paymasters or the JC’s diminishing readership. When a controversy broke out 2 years ago over the right of the Jewish National Fund to allocate land to Jews only, David Aaronovitch remained silent, even though the JC itself staged a debate of sorts. sd

    When Jewish anti-Zionists, myself included, were accused in the Jewish Chronicle of being ‘self-haters’ (22.4.09.) you thought it very amusing to pen an article alongside that stated that ‘Jews active in the movement to boycott Israel don’t hate themselves they hate their parents.’ A vacuous combination of offensiveness and childishness. Presumably if never occurred to you that those who support a Boycott of Israel do it not because they hate anyone but because they hate racism and apartheid and the massacres we have seen in Gaza recently.

    Not from *rense.com. From a Jewish blogger with a conscience.


    So I guess that if HM Government decided in its wisdom to use white phosphorus shells to burn dissidents out of their homes, Aaronovitch’s expertise and attitudes would be once again in demand by the BBC. He’s sound on security.

  88. One thing occurs to me about the footage in these videos is who did the bombing. Fighter-jets patrolling the border are not necessarily from the Syrian air-force. Turkey has been known to use jets on the border (it is their border) and recently shot down a Syrian helicopter which it claimed had violated Turkish airspace.


    The Israelis too have executed bombing excursions into Syria in 2012, January 2013 and most likely.


    But the unbiased BBC is sure who the culprits are.

    In the first video at about 45 seconds “his wife and family were killed by government warplanes”.

    In the second video at 1 minute 15 seconds “witnesses describe seeing a fighter-jet circling round looking for somewhere to bomb”.

    Speculation and implied culpability in these videos are the worst kinds of journalism. Coupled with disturbing images particularly of children they are aimed at convincing the ‘sheeple’ of a need for UK/US/French humanitarian bombing to bring an end to it – as they did in Iraq. Precisely!

  89. It is 40 years since the start of the Arab Israeli war when Syria and Eqypt attempted to recover the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula, seized by Israel in the previous war. Always war.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yom_Kippur_War Massively long and in detail.

    There were thousands of casualties on both sides and the oil crisis* followed.

    President Sadat in power from 1970 was subsequently assassinated in 1981 and PM Rabin who replaced Golda Meir in 1974 was also assassinated in 1995.

    * I think I still have petrol rationing coupons somewhere. We had the three day week and power cuts. Very concerning times I seem to remember as there was talk of nuclear retaliation by Israel in the Yom Kippur war.


  90. Stretching it out –

    Is this normal, Craig? If you’d been nicer to Karimov, would they have given you an extra year too?

  91. Distortion of the news, and suppression of non-government opinion, in mainstream media, is nothing new. There are those who comment here who think the mainstream media presents balanced reporting, but they are here, largely, for a purpose. I’ve just been reading the Wikileaks blog on Sanya Popovic, betrothed girlfriend to UN diplomat, Bernt Carlsson, who died aboard the Lockerbie plane.


    An interesting aspect of those who do not want a public inquiry into Lockerbie is the way they restrict the opinions of Patrick Hasledine, a former British diplomat, without giving him a voice (since 1993). Judging by who the media do give a voice to, Dr Rola Hallam for example, it has to be suspected that there are dark forces at work in keeping De Beers, and Ms Popovic’s early opinions, quiet, while publishing her apparently changed opinions since she became a US professor.

  92. Legacy of 1973 Arab-Israeli war reverberates 40 years on
    Kevin Connolly
    BBC Middle East correspondent

    Connolly was apparently on Radio 4 this morning with tears in his voice, for Israel of course.

    It’s always ‘brave little Israel’ from the BBC.

  93. Komodo, Craig Murray would not change his principles to get an extra year in Karimov’s wicked regime. Only this morning I was sent the disturbing story of a sixteen year-old girl who should have been at school being electrocuted picking cotton in the cotton-fields of Uzbekistan.


  94. I was being facetious, John. Evidently Gould is so dearly loved by the Israeli – can I call it a regime or do we reserve the term for brutal and oppressive governments? – regime, and is providing so many trade deals for UK plc, that he is too valuable to send to Liberia on his next posting. He is obviously and radiantly happy where he is. We should be glad for him and his lovely family, and reflect that while the nail that stands up is the nail that is hammered down, it is very difficult to hammer a lump of grease without spattering yourself.

  95. “There are those who comment here who think the mainstream media presents balanced reporting, but they are here, largely, for a purpose.” (John Goss)

    Here we go again! That’s one aspect of what I meant by having a Stalinist mind-set. The agents of imperialism and fascism! A dastardly plot against the masses!! Silence them, and if you can’t, vilify them!!!

    Err, no John : just people who happen not to agree with you!

  96. Such gratitude for invading their country in 2011.

    ‘The Libyan government has called in the US Ambassador Deborah Jones for clarification of the capture and arrest of alleged al Qaeda leader Abu Anas Al Libi by US special forces.’

    Welcomed here


    Her biography


  97. Sorry O/T We have heard a lot lately about mobile phone logs being used in the Madeleine McCann investigation.

    Strange that this did not take place in the ‘investigation’ into Dr Kelly’s death. The question of the actual location of where he died was never raised by Hutton and there was NO inquest. See here.

    David Kelly’s mobile phone logs ignored by detectives
    By Miles Goslett
    UPDATED: 14:08, 7 January 2011

  98. Red Robbobkuk at 10.45 am. You still keep going on about me being a Stalinist. I though my latest article would have shut you up on that score so I’ll post it again in case you missed it.


  99. Blackout of Mandela blueprint
    (or, why there’ll never be a public inquiry into the Lockerbie bombing)

    After years of sleuthing, Emeritus Professor of Lockerbie Studies Patrick Haseldine eventually identified British mining magnate, ‘Observer’ newspaper owner and MI6 operative Tiny Rowland as the UK coordinator of the Lockerbie cover-up.

    Haseldine alleges that Tiny Rowland recruited Emeritus Professor of Scots Law Robert Black to organise the British Blackout and to frustrate all of Nelson Mandela’s plans for Lockerbie justice.

    In January 1992, Mandela outlined his blueprint for the Lockerbie trial:

    1. If no extradition treaty exists between the countries concerned, the trial must be conducted in the country where the accused were arrested;

    2. The trial should be conducted in a neutral country by independent judges;

    3. The trial should be conducted at The Hague by an international court of justice.

    Five years later, President Mandela emphasised at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Edinburgh that “no one nation should be complainant, prosecutor and judge” in the Lockerbie case.

    By 1999, the so-called “architect of the Lockerbie trial” had managed to blackout the whole Mandela blueprint. Professor Black:

    a. ensured that the Lockerbie trial was not held in a neutral country. Instead, he arranged for the trial to be conducted from May 2000 to January 2001 at Camp Zeist, a former US Air Force base in the Netherlands which, for the duration of the trial, became British territory;

    b. decreed that Scotland’s Crown Office would be the ‘complainant’ at the trial;

    c. arranged for Scotland’s Lord Advocate (Colin Boyd) to be the ‘prosecutor’ at the trial; and,

    d. insisted that – instead of ‘independent judges’ at the trial – all four Judges (Lords Sutherland, Coulsfield, MacLean and Abernethy) had to be from Scotland.

    Although one of the two accused Libyans was found not guilty of the Lockerbie bombing, Haseldine alleges it was thanks to Professor Black that the other Libyan, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, was found guilty.

  100. Yes I got that Komodo. I just thought it was important to point out that the slavery in the cotton fields is still going on. Israel is welcome to Gould. For the first time ever the three ambassadors to Israel from the USA, Canada and the UK are all Jewish. Gould’s extension is probably because the end goal’s not been achieved in the destabilisation of what some are hoping will become the United States of Israel.

  101. Patrick, if ever there needs to be a public inquiry into a disaster Lockerbie is it. It is replete with shady secret services cover-ups and misinformation, the worst of course being the wrongful imprisonment of Abdelbaset al Megrahi. But then the facts that CIA investigators were first on the scene and they handled the prosecution case which saw al Megrahi answering on behalf of those who actually did it. To my mind it seems pretty certain that the bomb was planted at Heathrow.

    Cameron has said there is not going to be an inquiry. This has been endorsed by Miliband. At least three former prime-ministers have refused to call one and only public pressure can force one now, since the families have been refused. There is a growing list of ‘incidents’ which need answers, Lockerbie, 9/11, Princess Diana, Jean Charles de Menenez and I am sure that list can be added to by others.

  102. Good for Paxman speaking out here.

    Jeremy Paxman criticises David Cameron’s WWI comments

    “A truly national moment”: Watch David Cameron speaking in October 2012

    Related Stories
    £50m allocated for WWI centenary

    Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman has criticised the prime minister for comments he made about how Britain will mark the centenary of World War I.

    David Cameron said he wanted to see a “commemoration that, like the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, says something about who we are as a people”.

    Paxman told the Radio Times that centenary events should “have almost nothing in common” with the Jubilee.

    He spoke of concerns the centenary could become a “celebration of war”.


  103. Are you prepared?


    The only thing I would question in the above article is whether martial law could ever be applied to the US. Remember those in the army and riot police have extended families not beholden to the state.

  104. What an eye opening article. Thanks Craig!

  105. I see Jon Benjamin, currently our Ambassador to Chile, and sometime author of a particularly undiplomatic tweet disparaging Argentina, is to be replaced next year (by *gasp* a woman – Ms. Fiona Clouder)

    I think Craig will remember Benjamin, formerly the FCO’s Man in Human Rights….

    While in London in approximately May 2004 for a medical check-up I was informed by Jon Benjamin, Head of Human Rights Policy Department FCO, that there had just been a senior level interdepartmental FCO meeting on receiving intelligence from torture and he had been surprised I was not invited. The policy that we would accept this intelligence had been re-affirmed.

    On return to Tashkent I sent on 22 July 2004 yet a further telegram arguing we should not obtain intelligence from torture. I kept an electronic copy and this is attached.

    I specifically argued (paras 16 to 18) that we were in breach of Article 4 of UNCAT which concerns complicity with torture. I also referred to the US transport of detainees to Uzbekistan (para 18). I referred to the London interdepartmental meeting (paras 8 to 9).

    I received a brief and extraordinary reply to the effect that there had been no such meeting in the last two weeks. I knew it had been before then and had not referred to a date in my telegram.

    This telegram, which was sparked by my anger at the lies in our public position on torture after Abu Ghraib became public, resulted in my dismissal as ambassador when it was leaked to the Financial Times (not by me).

    Memorandum submitted by Craig Murray to Human Rights Joint Committee, 13 Mar, 2009.


  106. Adelson describes Kagame as a leader of military genius!

    Boteach describes Wiesel as a secular saint!

    No words.

    Another Problem from Hell? Adelson and Wiesel laud Rwanda’s Kagame
    8 mins

    Transcript below the video.

    The reporter later questions Wiesel about El Ad. ‘Not now’ came the reply.
    Wiesel is chairman of El Ad, an organization that supports Israel’s colonization of occupied East Jerusalem.

    ‘BLUMENTHAL: Considering Adelson’s aggressive financial support for the political career of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, me and reporter Alex Kane wanted to ask him what could be done to protect Palestinians from the policies of his beneficiary.

    ~~~ KANE: Mr. Adelson, you’re a close ally of Benjamin Netanyahu. What can we do to protect the Palestinians from Mr. Netanyahu?



    Published on 7 Oct 2013

    Billionaire right-wing donor Sheldon Adelson and Elie Wiesel celebrate Rwandan strongman at TV rabbi’s genocide panel

  107. Surreptitious editing of the news to promote one side or another is very difficult to identify and even more difficult to prove. Yes , most of us suspect that the BBC (amongst others) have an agenda that they would rather keep hidden from the general public and usually they do.
    The recent admission by the BBC that it breached it’s own guidelines on accuracy but not neutrality is a good example of it’s ability to wriggle free of certain criticism. Jonathan Sacerdoti was introduced as being from an independent think tank but it turned out he was an avid supporter of Israel. The viewing public weren’t informed of his affiliations.I don’t accept that with all the resources and researchers they have that such a glaring mistake could be made innocently. The difference in the two videos Craig has highlighted is even more compelling evidence of just how devious the BBC are.

  108. Um, isn’t this called “editing”?

    Big deal you tin-foil-hatted fucking morons.

  109. List of ministerial changes. The usual archaic titles.

    •Alistair Carmichael appointed as Secretary of State for Scotland
    •Don Foster appointed as Comptroller of HM Household (Liberal Democrat Chief Whip)
    •Greg Hands confirmed as Treasurer of HM Household (Deputy Chief Whip)
    •Esther McVey appointed as Minister of State (Employment) at Department for Work & Pensions
    •Greg Clark appointed as Minister of State (Cities and Constitution) at Cabinet Office
    •Mike Penning appointed as Minister of State at Department for Work & Pensions
    •Sajid Javid appointed as Financial Secretary to the Treasury
    •Nicky Morgan appointed as Economic Secretary at HM Treasury
    •Andrew Robathan appointed as Minister of State at Northern Ireland Office
    •Matt Hancock appointed as Minister of State for Skills & Enterprise jointly at Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Department for Education
    •Helen Grant appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Sport and Equalities) at Department for Culture, Media & Sport
    •Baroness Kramer appointed as Minister of State at Department for Transport
    •Hugh Robertson appointed as Minister of State at Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    •Norman Baker appointed as Minister of State at Home Office
    •Shailesh Vara appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Ministry of Justice
    •George Eustice appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
    •Robert Goodwill appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Transport
    •Baroness Stowell appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Communities and Local Government
    •Dan Rogerson appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
    •Stephen Williams appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Communities and Local Government
    •Jane Ellison appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department of Health
    •Anna Soubry appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Ministry of Defence
    •Kris Hopkins appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Communities and Local Government
    •Karen Bradley and Sam Gymiah appointed as Whips (Lord Commissioners)
    •Amber Rudd, Claire Perry, Gavin Barwell and John Penrose appointed as Assistant Whips
    •Baroness Jolly appointed as a Whip in the House of Lords
    •Desmond Swayne appointed as Vice Chamberlain of HM Household (Senior Whip)
    •Gavin Williamson to be new Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
    •Lord Bates appointed as a Lords Whip (Lord in Waiting)


  110. Mememe are you just here to abuse? Or have you got some kind of contribution to make? We have enough abusers already!

  111. “What an eye opening article. ”

    “The difference in the two videos Craig has highlighted is even more compelling evidence of just how devious the BBC are. ”

    You clearly haven’t read through the comments or indeed watched the clips with any attention.

  112. Mary 8 Oct, 2013 – 12:13 pm

    “Good for Paxman speaking out here.

    Jeremy Paxman criticises David Cameron’s WWI comments”

    Well, I suppose we have to take our criticism of war-glamourising prime ministers where we can get it, but before heaping too much praise on Paxman, we should wait and see if he does anything similar when he’s NOT in the course of publicising a book he’s just written …… about WW1.


  113. I’ve patched the two interview tracks together. The newer one is much cleaner and processed (which is to be expected) of the background noises. The first one feels to be more at the scene. The words ‘chemical weapon’ may have just been omitted from the first one, and the edit point may have been masked by a sound of a car horn.

    The whole line could be ““..It’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, erm we’ve had a massive influx of
    what looks like serious burns, er seems like it must be some sort of, chemical weapon I’m not
    really sure, maybe napalm, something similar to that..”

    In the first video the woman appears as a confused witness, whereas in the second video she’s become a concise specialist, who shares no doubts what might have been happened. Even though faking wouldn’t have been involved (by actually adding words “chemical weapon” to the original interview), the result presents the change in the tone of the discourse – underlining the government view of the matter.

    The reality has been changed, which in itself is sort of fakery, because using the interview has not been about presenting the reality but about proving a point. The news pieces have become parts of a story rather than being ‘news’.

  114. Mememe: No it’s called biased editing and extemely dishonest , Einstein.

  115. Kempe: You’ll be telling me next that the scene from a Zombies movie was real too. 3m 03s in should be Oscar nominated.

  116. Andy @ 1.27 pm mentions the Sacerdoti interview:
    More detail:


    So the BBC sought an interview with an outfit with no office address, and whose track record seems to indicate a strongly pro-Israel tendency, founded by a nonentity with some kind of grudge against Muslims, who was aged 25 at the time….


    the BBC says the broadcasts breached the following clause in its Editorial Guidelines on Accuracy:

    ‘We should normally identify on-air and online sources of information and significant contributors, and provide their credentials, so that our audiences can judge their status.’

    Too bloody right. Meanwhile the utterly shambolic IMED continues to cite the BBC as an organisation where its ‘analysis’ can be found.

  117. John Goss – If you’re idiotic enough to think this is all part of a conspiracy then me calling you a fucking moron is the least of your worries you deluded pikey-looking dipshit.

    Andy – “Biased editing” How is it biased or dishonest? One clip is slightly longer and in that clip we are given additional information (maybe napalm), extra information which in no way changes the context or overall message.

    Do you expect the BBC, or ANY news organisation for that matter, to either

    A) not edit any of the raw footage, airing the complete video, all XX minutes of it instead of 13 seconds (the 1st clip) or 21 seconds (the 2nd)? or

    B) Make the edits so slow and obvious as to make it look like the work of a rank amateur editing some holiday footage in Windows Movie Maker? Maybe they could use that fade where the screen is divided up into 25 equally sized rectangles which spin away into the distance, mmm nice!

    Seriously, I love a good compelling conspiracy theory, but this is blatantly just anti-BBC nit-picking, accusing them of being part of a non-existent conspiracy simply because their reporting disagrees with your world view. You’re pathetic.

  118. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Oct, 2013 - 4:03 pm

    Brian @ 1:15. It has to be a concerted effort. Many heads were cracked in India, then there was slaughter which precipitated Britain’s departure.

  119. A Node BBC a bit coy there? Wonder why they did not include a plug for the forthcoming series in 2014.

    From your link –

    ‘To mark the war’s 100th anniversary the BBC has more modest ambitions, with Jeremy Paxman presenting a five‑part series called Great Britain’s Great War from which this book is a spin-off – sent out in advance of the main event like a wire-cutting party in no-man’s land, presumably to take advantage of the Christmas book-buying season. A history book written by a celebrity TV presenter rather than a historian starts at a disadvantage among critics, who might remember that Paxman has also published similar TV-inspired books on Victorian painters and the British empire. Are there no limits to the man’s expertise? And above this trivial question hangs the larger one: given all we’ve come to know in the past 50 years, do we need another popular history of the British experience of the war, especially one that turns out be so conventional in its approach?’

    O/T I did not know that he has a brother Giles who is an ambassador to Spain and due to retire this month.


    His successor – ‘Our new man in Madrid, Simon Manley, became embroiled in a controversial court action in 2008 relating to claims of British involvement in torture.

    Then director for defence and strategic threats at the FCO, he said demands by two high court judges that CIA material be made public had harmed Britain’s intelligence services and diplomatic relations with America. The statement was described by one newspaper as “an extraordinary intervention”.’

  120. “You’ll be telling me next that the scene from a Zombies movie was real too. ”

    You don’t believe zombies are real? Look around you.

  121. and God save the queen !

  122. keith Crosby

    8 Oct, 2013 - 5:21 pm

    I saw subtitles in translation, she said

    “Does my bum look big in this?”

    No wonder COMbbc rigged it, Syrians aren’t allowed a Dunkirk spirit.

  123. Mememe, I’m not taking that kind of language from a chump like you. I think when Jon sees it he will do the appropriate thing. If you can’t write without getting worked up into a frenzy I suggest you find another blog to creep around.

  124. Mememe, another thing that occurs to me is that I have, as far as I recall, only responded (politely) to you today at least under the name Mememe. So perhaps you might be a clone of some other comment-maker.

  125. @JG – the DIY devil is only following the instructions in Chapter Three of the Hasbara handbook !


    And the surprise is … that anyone is left who is surprised.

    To those outside the UK Muppet Stream Media ‘Reality Distortion Field’ – ™ Steve Jobs – marketing genius but truth? HA! – the UK has been a vassal state of the US Empire since 1979, if not since Suez. As Tony Benn, John Pilger, Johan Galtung and many others have been saying for years.

    1979 … and Margaret Thatcher’s Reich-wing coup d’etat, according to Edward Heath the deposed Conservative leader and ex-Prime Minister! But you don’t have to believe Heath – you can hear it from Tony Benn instead. ; ) –


    “The US Empire is a declining empire, with new powers rising – India, Brazil, China.” @ 9.00

    Q. “Isn’t the US Empire the pre-eminent power _now_?” A. “There is a growth of radical ideas. In my view you have to look ahead to when American power is not the primary power in the world.” @ 11.05

    Q. “What about the special relationship?’ A. “The UK is a subject nation. Because the UK wants to remain a nuclear power and keep nuclear weapons, the UK is a subject nation to the US Empire.”

    HA! Thank you very much Lobster magazine – Robin Ramsay had it right! ; ) – See Lobster #58, ‘The meaning of subservience to America’ – Page 87, Issue #58 –


    “Bliar was a conservative. Margaret Thatcher said that New Labour was her greatest achievement. Bliar did not want to change the Labour party, he wanted to replace it. Bliar said that New Labour was a new party.”

    “Bliar is gone now and most people don’t think that he is a model to follow!” (HA! A certain amount of understatement / irony – “War criminal. War criminal!”) @ 19.00

    Q. “There is a lot of discontent in Britain. Do you think it will lead to Socialism with a capital S?”

    A. “There _is_ a lot of discontent in Britain. People are understanding who runs the world. Bankers. International Corporations. Great powers – Empire.”

    “When people realise that they are powerless and want to take control of their own lives – that’s democracy. _That’s_ what I call socialism. That’s how we (in Britain) got votes for men. That’s how we got votes for women. That’s how we got a National Health Service – our greatest socialist achievement. I don’t think that Tony Bliar’s effect – of dismantling the Labour party – will be as lasting as people think.”

    “Ed Milliband. I voted for Ed Milliband. I know Ed Milliband. I knew his parents very well. Ed Milliband is man who ‘says what he means and means what he says.’ That’s very important in politics.” (Completely unlike Bliar, then! (ER … Ed.) ; ) ).

    “The whole Cold War was used to prevent progressive change. The Russians (won WW2 for the world and) lost 25 million people and were never going to invade and occupy western Europe. I think that there can be a lot of good from links between the West and the East.”

    Paraphrased inexactly.

    Tony Benn has been voted Britain’s favorite politician several times and you can see why. And why many revere him as a very rare absolute truth teller.

    He famously retired after fifty years as an MP “to devote more time to politics” – his wife Caroline’s line – and he’s still doing it. Now he’s 87. Go Tony! –

    – Tony Benn – 29.00 minutes – 25th January, 2013 – Voice of Russia – (Streaming is fine but download is v. v. slow – ymmv).


    More – see comments to ‘Fake BBC Video’ by Craig Murray, October 7th, 2013 – ICH –


  127. Kempe is right that, on very close inspection, this is a different take – the position of the arms of the man in the fluorescent jacket is indeed different at one stage. But what that means, is that what is represented as live action footage is in fact a carefully rehearsed – lines almost identical – staged scene. Which is worse than dubbing.

  128. Also, I’m following your debate with Jon on the previous thread, and am amazed that his position basically seems to be that the status quo

    Thanks for the clarification Macky, and as you would have seen up until now Jon has not answered my last post. However the reticence that I have encountered is not so puzzling for me. Despite the fact that the others may be surprised at such a skewed defence of the current status quo by him.


    Ben you are right about the MLK, and Gandhi, the only slight difference is they were not getting bombed the fuck out of at will, and did not live in an open air concentration camp. The notions of none violent resistance is based on “reasonable” measures of violence being faced by its victims. Palestinians are facing an unreasonably mendacious bunch of supremacist fuckwits whom boast about their mad dog methods of murder and plunder, with no regards for the said Palestinians so much as for the feral dogs and cats roaming in the streets.

    That trouble is, the constant barrage of disinformation and the constant harangues of the despatched gauleiters to every fucking forum and blog have skewed the reality to the degrees that the struggles of MLK and Gandhi become comparable, these struggles are not comparable by any stretch of imagination.

  129. John Goss the clue lies in; delighted to see lots of new contributors here.

    Akin to; I have not got my hand in the cookie jar so I am not caught, clause!

    These vermin have been hounding this blog, without any impunity, and all in the name of “liberalism”

  130. Fedup tell us why you need your sock-puppet Passerby?

    And why you show disrespect to commenters who only comment here once in awhile?

    Now bugger-off you empty-condom eunuch.

  131. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Oct, 2013 - 7:59 pm

    Fedup; I agree the situation is different in Gaza, but the principles are the same. When Israeli’s meet a few katyushas with a aerial bombing run, it may be disproportionate, but it is still a reaction to violence.

    If violence is met with non-violence, the World sees ti for what it is. Not that it’s gonna be easy to get their attention, because a lot of old b baggage has to be traded in, and that will take more time than it did Mohandas.


  132. “These vermin have been hounding this blog, without any impunity, and all in the name of “liberalism””

    Surely, Fedup, you mean “with impunity”?

  133. Ken Waldron

    8 Oct, 2013 - 9:01 pm

    BBC Doctor audio reconstructed.

    Well, despite the differing backgrounds in the video, which I thought pointed to different takes…

    I had a brief analysis done on it, result and comments which I copy fyi here:

    “Here’s the full sentence reconstructed:


    It IS one sentence…you’ll notice the background noise jumps on the switchover: thats due to the effect of compression on the audio, one piece has been compressed more heavily which has raised the noise floor.
    Note that the sentence lines up perfectly despite that, which points to the fact that the section about chemical weapons was actually edited out the first time round, even though she has said it, and the napalm edited out for the later.”

  134. “Kempe is right that, on very close inspection, this is a different take – the position of the arms of the man in the fluorescent jacket is indeed different at one stage. But what that means, is that what is represented as live action footage is in fact a carefully rehearsed – lines almost identical – staged scene. Which is worse than dubbing.”

    In my humble opinion it was dubbed as well. I looked at both sound tracks in audio editing software and up until the relevant part in my opinion they are identical.

  135. meet a few katyushas with a aerial bombing run,

    Come on Ben those so called rockets cannot be qualified as Katyusha.

    Palestinians are facing the cataclysmic calamity of occupation of their country that has continued, for the past seventy years. During which time the outside world has left this beleaguered nation without any help or assistance, to face their murdering, land stealing baby killing oppressors. Whilst at the same time the outside world, has been steadfast in its support of their tyrannical occupiers and ziofuckwit oppressors.


    Maddox, most certainly, but this blog has no facility for edit, hence the persistence of mistakes. Thanks for clarifying it though.

  136. Ken Waldron

    8 Oct, 2013 - 9:29 pm

    Fred, see my post and the reconstruction above. The audio NOT been dubbed but carefully edited: the “napalm” comment was subsequently taken out and “chemical weapons” comment reinstated on its own without the qualifier.

  137. Judge for yourselves. Each word an identical length, each space between words an identical length.


  138. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Oct, 2013 - 10:06 pm

    Craig following up on new thread.

  139. That wasn’t meant to be a reply to your post Ken, I hadn’t seen it when I posted.

    But it’s still my opinion that it is the same sound track on both videos up until the relevant part.

  140. A little more of the same but from a new face.

    8 October 2013 Last updated at 22:09
    MI5 chief warns of threat to public

    Andrew Parker was named as the new head of the Security Service earlier this year.

    Can we trust the spying state?
    UK to create cyber defence force
    Ex-GCHQ boss lifts veil of secrecy

    Thousands of Islamist extremists in the UK see the British public as a legitimate target for attacks, the director general of MI5 has said.

    In his first speech since taking over in April, Andrew Parker gave an update on the threats to security.

    Mr Parker named al-Qaeda and affiliates in south Asia and the Arabian peninsula as presenting “the most direct and immediate threats to the UK”.

    He was speaking to a closed Whitehall audience on Tuesday night.


  141. Yes that is the case Fred. There is indeed only one original track: but there are two different edits. Not dubs: but edits.

    In the original the doctor says both as per the reconstruction I had made.
    In the first edit the “chemical weapons” element has been removed.
    In the second edit “chemical weapons” has been reinstated and the qualifier/ moderator “Napalm” removed.
    It has been “firmed up” to point to “chemical weapons” at the second stage by a later ( & higher?) editorial decision.

  142. And in contrast to Parker’s stuff, something that lifts the soul. Sam West and his colleagues are ALIVE!

    The inaugural Palestine Choral Festival brought Britten to Bethlehem, Jordan and the West Bank. Actor Samuel West performed with the Choir of London, adding carols to calls to prayer, and discovering that music can – quite literally – cross borders.

    Sam West
    The Choir of London is an unusual group – itinerant and committed, it mostly tours the Middle East, maintaining and strengthening links made with Palestinian choirs and musicians since 2004. This is my third visit to Palestine with them.

    The last time I directed The Magic Flute in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, which turned out to be the first fully-staged opera ever to visit the West Bank. This time we’re here as part of the inaugural Palestine Choral Festival, a big project curated by the COL’s Michael Stevens, involving 26 Palestinian and five international choirs. I’m looking after a new opera production by the tenor Andy Staples, based on Britten and Auden’s Hymn to Saint Cecilia. We’re also doing workshops, cabaret songs, close harmony groups, a gala concert at the Ramallah Cultural Palace and three performances of Britten’s Saint Nicolas conducted by Britten scholar Paul Kildea. It’s all hands to the pumps for those, and I get to sing.


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_West Son of Timothy West and Prunella Scales.

    PS In the summer, I went up to Kings Place nr Kings Cross to hear the Choir and the young Palestinian instrumental soloists they had brought over to visit the UK. A brilliant concert.

  143. A depressing read especially being informed that the younger generation of Israelis are more racist than their elders.

    October 7, 2013

    Israeli apartheid: the numbers

    Richard Silverman, Tikun Olam – The Israel Democracy Institute released its latest Democracy Index (summary and full findings), [confirming] that by and large Israelis hold racist views and reject bedrock democratic principles, while believing that their country should be both Jewish and a democracy.

    Just under 50% (48.9%) believe Israel should privilege Jewish citizens over non-Jews. Of those, younger Israelis showed an even higher preference for Jewish privilege (65%). 47% of Jews said that in terms of neighbors, their greatest aversion was to having an “Arab” neighbor. An even greater proportion, 56% expressed antipathy to having a foreign worker as a neighbor (among whom would be included African refugees). 42% of Palestinian respondents shared an aversion to a Jewish family as neighbors.


  144. Here is my take on it:

    Link text

    The video showing Dr Rola in each case is different – see the man just behind her in the fluorescent jacket, his arms are in a different position. The audio does sound exactly the same to me except for the change of words. The only other explanation, given the video is different, is that they took several takes. In any case that is just as fraudulent in what we’re supposed to believe is a chaotic situation where she needs to attend to patients.

  145. After seeing the videos on the “liveleak” site, it is quite clear that these are two different takes – both audio and video are different and no evidence in these videos that there is any extraordinary tampering or editing.

    Having said that, it is also clear that the “British doctor” is uncertain how to describe the cause of injuries to victims – “napalm”, “chemical weapons”? Does it make a whole lot of difference? She’s not a weapons expert, we can assume, so her opinion is speculative. Good for shock news, bad for accuracy of reporting.

    She might have been asked to make a statement a couple of times to ensure at least one usable version and resulted in rewording. It has the unfortunate effect of appearing fake because subsequent takes lack spontaneity and consistency, so we sense insincerity. Alternatively, a retake of the audio might have been dubbed over other video in the usual way of editing for dramatic effect but also having a dubious feel.

    The claims of green screen staging and actor-victims are, of course, the usual bullshit from online retards and hoax trolls.

    I think there is nothing obviously sinister in this incident (ie AV editing) except for maybe the apparent decline in accurate and consistent reporting which should be enough to justify criticism.

    BBC news sucks.

  146. charlie drake

    9 Oct, 2013 - 4:36 am

    stop pickin on poor kempe e ain’t the same since they kicked him off that itv sas tv show.
    as for the bbc in my day they had a mi5 office in tv centre near the passport and visa office ground floor the bush.
    probably pretty close to the spot where unkle jimmy raped kids while the friendly spooks filmed it on bbc 16mm cameras using licence fee monies paying for film stock.

    gabriel gatehouse around gaddaffi as he is dragged out of a drain and sodomised it is all a sham captured news editors and mi5 sickos like frank guardiner.

  147. “Kempe is right ”

    Well that’s going to cause a lot of the regulars here to choke on their muesli. I think I might have it framed.

    I’m still of the opinion that what we’re seeing is two different takes. You can’t have it both ways, either the background being the same is evidence of fakery or it isn’t.

  148. charlie drake

    9 Oct, 2013 - 10:09 pm

    if the bbc was full of arabs then we would get a different play.
    since it is full of alan yentob types and zionist tools what do you expect.
    simon scharma and the history of the jeews any mention of rothschild.
    laurence rees variations on a nazi history theme.
    it is a lie machine bending history following a very well constructed path a purveyor and wrangler over the years of children.
    proof of the lie every day is a lie day.
    is it racist to ask the percentage of jewish folks working at this bastion of the mi5.

  149. “it must be true that in at least one, and possibly both, the clips she is not talking in real time in her own voice”

    Craig, you are not correct. In fact, both clips contain exactly what she said in real time in her own voice. The story is not complicated. BBC did not fake the clips or voice, but they did edit them in a following way:

    Clip 1, released on 29 Aug: “…some sort of [cut] I’m not really sure maybe napalm …”
    Clip 2, released on 29 Sep: “…some sort of a chemical weapon I’m not really sure [end] …”

    So, full unedited segment would sound: “…some sort of a chemical weapon I’m not really sure maybe napalm…”


  150. BBC has long been occupied by the Zionist Mafia. It has senior staff who have no moral standards. They distort, lie and fabricate documents to fool the listners.

    For example, in 2011, BBC took five non-believers of 9/11 official story on a 8-day journey across the east coast of United States in search for ‘the truth’ (watch the documentary below). On the way they meet ‘experts’ and victims of the attack. Their guide was no other than Irish comedian with a Jewish surname, Andrew Maxwell. He tried to convince the five non-believers that Osama Bin Laden was indeed behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. However, Osama Bin Laden was never wanted for this crime and his name never showed-up on FBI’s wanted poster due to lack of evidence….


  151. this case is equal to the paper talking about Iraq trying to buy yellow cake to make Uranium. The Germans said was an obvious fake document. The US and UK decided to consider it real. Some people from the US and UK should be in trial for hundreds of thousands of dead people (Rumsfeld and friends).

  152. Another ongoing propaganda psy-op is the Malala affair (Malala does this, Malala does that, Malala meets the Queen, Malala opens a school – a constant drip of Malala stories). I would urge people to look at the images that appeared in the media when this story first broke and see how the ‘wound’ wandered around her head, in some her left-eye is bandaged and reports were that she was hit just above the eye, with blackened eye to ‘prove’ it – yet in others her head is bandaged and her eye and forehead appears to be perfectly untouched. In fact I would defy anyone to produce and image that shows the least bit of trauma to her head, not a scratch or a scar to be seen anywhere. And now every time she opens her mouth it is reported at the top of the news and she always says how wonderful the West is and how it protects freedom!!! Honestly, talk about coaching – her narrative is exaclty the same as the chief editor of BBC News.

    There is also a precedent for small girls being used by their fathers to further a geopolitical agenda; when the Kuwaitu ambassador to the US allowed his daughter to go on the international media circus to fake her tears while saying she had witnessed Iraqi troops dragging children from incubators and throwing them out of windows. Lies of Naziesque proportions. Also, why do we never hear from Malala’s father, an outspoken pro-west political activist in his own right? Would it begin to look too obvious where her highly developed views (too highly developed to the point that they deviate from reality and her own personal experience) are coming from?

    I doubt very much that anything we hear reported on the News these days remotely resembles reality. We see a similiar drip of stories about the accused in the Woolwhich attack, e.g. they were attacked in prison (bullshit, as terrorist suspects they will not be allowed any association with other prisoners), they changed their names to Islamic terroist ones (normally you do that when you convert to Islam) etc. etc. Non-stories just to keep the propaganda drumming (excuse the pun) into peoples heads. And today it’s reported that the six arrested ‘in connection’ with the attack are not to be charged wih anything, i.e. there is no connection, so all the talk of further attacks from terror cells at the time was complete hogwash. How many times have we seen mass arrests within hours of dubious operations only to see them all freed without charge? It’s all bullshit I’m afraid.

  153. Girls in Syria, Iraq and Libya all used to go to school. Those countries had health and edcuation statistics that were on a parallel with, or close to, those of some (Western European) EU countries.

    Following Western (and their lackeys’) ‘intevention’, those three countries no longer have excellent health and education statistics. During the 1990s, due to the criminal sanctions imposed by the UN at the behest of the USA, and enforced by the spies known as ‘weapons inspectors’ (which included, as one of their chiefs in the promulgation of mendacity and mass murder, Dr David Kelly), Iraq went from having health and education statistics equal to those of (pre-financial crash) Greece to having those of Mali.

    So, the ‘West’ doesn’t give a [Fedup, or anyone, please feel free to insert your expletive of choice here] about girls’ education/women’s rights/anyone’s rights in ‘Muslim’/Third World’ countries. ‘Human rights’ is used simply as a tool of propaganda/political expediency.

    So, if Malala was a Syrian/Iraqi/Libyan/Palestinian girl, pleading to be allowed to go to school, etc., or get vaccinated so she didn’t die of preventable disease, etc., she would be ignored by the media and NGO imperialist apparatus.

    Actually, once she ceases to be useful, they will drop Malala and all the other girls of Pakistan like hot potatoes.

    There are bad systemic situations in Pakistan/Afghanistan. The actions of ‘The West’ have never represented solutions to those bad situations; quite the opposite, in fact; the solutions must arise systemically from within those societies. The interests of the ruling classes of ‘the West’ do not coincide with those of the ordinary peoples of those countries. It is at best naive to pretend otherwise. The best ‘The West’ could do would be not to make things worse by constant ‘intervention’ of one sort or another.

    In other words, (since we all are ‘Yankees now), ‘Yankee Go Home!’.

  154. Malala is just being used as a PR justification for NATO military intervention – and to cover-up probable strategic defeat – in South/Central Asia. That most people here are in solidaity with girls’ (and everyone’s) education in Pakistan is irrelevant. Our ruling classes are busy cooperating with the very same forces that are busy crushing girls’ (and everyone’s) education across a range of other countries in the ‘Greater Middle East’. That’s not even beginning to talk about the economic system. So, in essence, we are providing the guns that the death squads are putting to the heads of thousands of ‘Malalas’ across the region. Then we give one Malala prizes, to make us feel better, to obscure those facts and, as I said, to attempt to justify an ill-conceived, badly-implemented and profoundly failed, military ‘intervention’ that has cost many thousands of lives.

  155. @Emmpey

    One is Pakistani Malala Yousafzai, whose father part of anti-Islam western NGOs, and she is hailed by every Islamophobe. The other is anti-Taliban former Afghan MP Malalai Joya, who was kicked out Afghan parliament for saying that Afghan women are in worse conditions than they were under Taliban.


  156. Jemand said, “The claims of green screen staging and actor-victims are, of course, the usual bullshit from online retards and hoax trolls.”

    If you aren’t a shill and you genuinely believe that at 3mins into the 2nd link, you are witnessing genuine young victims in pain then you may as well give up on life. Does it even have to be pointed out? Is this the friggin twighlight zone ? Appallingly bad acting by a bunch of inexperienced kids who probably don’t know why they have been asked to do what they do in the first place. I particularly like the chap in the white shirt and jeans in the corner who is laid out in pain and just stands up in a flash! Lol!

    I can’t help but wonder if all this Dr Rola edit controversy is just an attempt to somehow legitamise the pathetic footage.

    I half expected to see Chris Morris at the end there.
    “Those are the headlines. God, I wish they weren’t “

  157. Hey Sid, who are the actors pretending to be victims? Have any of them told/sold their stories about their acting to the media yet? What stops them from recounting this incident in the future to a very embarrassed BBC? Maybe the BBC will have them and others murdered in order to keep the fake story safe from exposure by uncanny internet detectives like Sid here.

    I’m still undecided whether hoax-trolls are paid shills working to blur the lines that divide truth, lies and propaganda, or whether they are functional retards who have no other hobbies to keep them ‘mentally’ active.

  158. As I said Jemand, give up on life. Give up on critical thinking. All your questions are completely irrelevant because the footage speaks for itself. Who would have thought kids might be used as a tool of propaganda eh ? Eeek!! You ask who these ‘actors’ are ? And it’s a purposely loaded question, implying I’m suggesting they may be professional ‘crisis actors’ or similar. How about kids of mercenaries? Or tricked into acting out a school play? I doubt they would be settling down to watch Panorama any time soon. Even if these kids understood the real purpose of what they are doing, who in a complicit media would give them a platform ? I bet you were fooled by ‘nurse’ nayirah too ? When did the media give her a platform once the big lie was revealed? Why isn’t the incubator lie taught in our schools? Why don’t we hear about it today?

    Seriously, I would love to know why you find the footage at 3 mins in the 2nd link so real without resorting to Vicky pollard ‘yeah but no but arguments’ ? I would also like to point out Jim Robinson didn’t really die in Neighbours. Well, he sort of died but it wasn’t real. You see Jim was a fictional character played by a fellow called Alan Dale and you’ll be pleased to know, Alan is very much alive. So some good news there.

    Your 2nd paragraph reeks of projection. Don’t embarrass yourself .

    3 mins in, lol, so funny !

  159. Who’s Jim Robinson, Sid?

    So I guess you don’t really know that they are actors then. We should just imagine that they are. Who was the director of this fake vid? Or don’t you know that either? Do you have any objective evidence that it’s faked or are we supposed to just imagine that it is? And how does the footage “speak for itself”. Is that legalese for “I don’t know how to explain”?

  160. More on this currently on the Media Lens Message Board: http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1381878056.html

  161. Some main points about the full Panorama programme from the above post on Media Lens:

    The baby with “severe burns” looks unharmed, and the doctor’s advice is to pick it up. The man identified as the father, who reporter Ian Pannell had said was also burnt, plainly isn’t.

    Dr Rola states “Most of the people have got 70 to 90% burns”. But everyone has kept their eyebrows.

    The same woman arrives twice at the hospital, once with her face covered in white cream, then in the next scene being stretchered in from the back of an ambulance, without cream on her face.

    There is an ITN report of the same incident which includes scenes, not seen in any of the BBC footage, which were “posted on the internet via an account connected to an opposition group”. Why would there be any other camera person at the scene, apart from the BBC’s Darren Conway, who presumably didn’t shoot these scenes and then post them on the internet himself?

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