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My last post on the BBC footage of Syrian casualties – and the different versions of what the doctor said – has brought me a deluge of emails, not least from the Guardian who have been in touch with the BBC and, if the Guardian can get over its phobia at ever mentioning me at all, will doubtless produce a “Craig Murray is a Conspiracy Theorist” piece.  It would be unethical for me to reveal what the BBC said ahead of the Guardian, but I might point out that in a large amount of verbiage they completely failed to address or admit the point that they showed two different versions of what the doctor said.

Close inspection of the two different versions, by numerous commenters and for which I am grateful, reveals that there were actually two or more takes of this scene.  The easiest tell is the arm position of the man in the fluorescent jacket next to the doctor.

Actually, that is much worse than if it were overdubbing.  What this means is, that what is portrayed as a live action piece with casualties being rushed in, was actually a rehearsed piece of which several takes were done.  Rehearsed because, with the exception of the words napalm and chemical weapons, the words are precisely the same, which is not easy spontaneously especially under that kind of stress.

This raises some even weirder questions.  In a hospital where dozens of  desperately wounded casualties are at that moment being rushed in for life-saving treatment, this British doctor not only has time to talk to the BBC, but to do several takes? Is that not extremely strange?  Furthermore, nobody else in the courtyard is wearing a face mask.  If the doctor has time to do several takes with the BBC, why on earth has she not slipped off her mask to talk?  Is it for theatrical effect, to give the impression of someone just rushed from the theatre, as opposed to someone doing several takes for the BBC?

The BBC report says specifically the doctors were “overwhelmed”.  In which case how on earth could the BBC even ask them to do several takes of an interview in the middle of the crisis?  And why would they agree?






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  • Mary

    Jon Snow on Syria, quoting D Miliband now embedded in New York collecting the shekels.

    Snowmail – Jon Snow on Syria
    Posted by The Editors on October 10, 2013, 6:40 pm


    “Syria facing ‘winter of hell’, says David Miliband

    “Spared military intervention for agreeing to decommission his chemical weapons, Syria’s President Assad appears to feel he can use every weapon in the book to destroy his own people. It is harshly symbolised by his initial gassing of Moadamyeh followed by the bombing of the town’s water supply and finally by the denial of all food into the town. David Miliband now heads the International Rescue Committee, one of the key aid agencies dealing with the crisis, and in an exclusive interview tonight he warns of the terrible consequences of winter and of the international community’s failure to come forward with aid.

    “Asked about the recent Daily Mail coverage, which described his father Ralph as “the man who hated Britain”, the former foreign secretary said the incident was “hateful” and described his father as a very loving man. But he added that the public can discern between what was written and the truth.”

    If Snow has seen any evidence that Assad ordered, gas attacks in Damascus, he should make it public.


    Thursday 10 October 2013 Syria , World

    David Miliband: Syria is facing a ‘winter of hell’ – video

    David Miliband warns the “humanitarian catastrophe” being inflicted on Syrian people risks being put on the “back burner” because of diplomatic breakthroughs over Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons.

  • Chris Jones

    Welcome to the world of evil conspiracy theorists Craig – now that you have questioned and pointed out some obvious misnomers in the defunct dinosaur mainstream media, you will be officially, as if by magic, become an overnight racist, ‘anti semite’, homophobic, ‘climate change denying’, anti children, wife beating, flower bed destroying,kitten drowning monster..

    This video was a farce from the start – it is Michael Jackson’s thriller for Zionist news consumption. The acting is worse than a £500 D movie

  • Fred

    “Once again Fred directly links the democratic, peaceful independence movement for Scotland with the NSDAP and other fascist elements.”

    Because they behave like them.

    My point was valid. If an employee of BBC Scotland had a blog such as that so blatantly pro Unionism the Nationalists would be up in arms and screaming for his resignation.

    But for stating the obvious all I get is personal abuse from Juteman, he doesn’t address the issue, all he pipes in with is name calling as usual.

    Those are Blackshirt tactics.

    You can’t pretend to not be like them when you act like them.

  • Juteman

    You’re so funny Fred. Really. 🙂
    Why can’t you just accept your British Nationalism, instead of projecting your own aggressive views onto others?
    Self denial can’t be doing much good for your health.

  • Fred

    “Why can’t you just accept your British Nationalism”

    Why don’t you just accept that you are a shit for brained moron who hasn’t got a clue.

    I have stated many times that I am not a Nationalist and that I am opposed to Nationalism and all other racist doctrines in any form.

    So if you have anything to say on the issues say them, if you continue to tell lies about me you will be flamed.

    Got that yet retard?

  • Juteman

    What racist doctrines, Fred?
    Have you even looked at the various folk that or on the Yes side? There are MSP’s of all colours, creeds and nationalities backing Yes.

    Were you once molested by a big hairy Highlander, Fred?
    It really puzzles me where your hatred of Scottish independence comes from, if not a sense of British superiority.

  • Fred

    “It really puzzles me where your hatred of Scottish independence comes from, if not a sense of British superiority.”

    Once again you turn the thread to lies about me shit for brains.

    I have no hatred of independence.

    It’s rabid fanatical racist Nationalist knuckle draggers like you I’m opposed to.

  • Fred

    “So you support Scottish independence?”

    Mind your own business.

    Would you like to talk about the issues and not about me?

    Or don’t you have any valid points? Is all you’ve got lies and character assassinations? Do you intend to continue proving everything I’ve said about Nationalist Blackshirts true?

  • Juteman

    I simply womder why you lose the plot anytime someone mentions Scottish independence. It’s as if you don’t want the subject discussed on this forum.
    Anyway, i’ll leave you to your duty for the night.

  • David McCann

    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

  • Fred

    David McCann

    I’ve never yet seen Juteman even attempt debate, he just fires right in with the slander right from the start.

  • Fred

    “I simply womder why you lose the plot anytime someone mentions Scottish independence.”

    I think everyone else has caught on by now but you seem to be a bit slow.

    Make it personal and you get flamed, stick to the issues and you don’t.

    That’s simple enough even a retard like you to understand.

  • Juteman

    So asking you a question is making it personal?

    Ok, I wont ask you a question.

    What if a mythical fairy at the bottom of my garden lost the plot every time Scottish independence was mentioned, and started raving, dribbling and foaming at the mouth. I wonder what happened to that poor fairy to cause such mental distress. Anybody have any thoughts?

  • Fred

    “So asking you a question is making it personal?”

    The purpose of my first post is clear. To point out that if the BBC employ someone so obviously fanatical Nationalist as reporter and presenter then that is evidence they do not have a pro Unionist bias.

    What was the purpose of your first post in this thread then? Was your post about the BBC, Derek Bateman or was it about me?

    You didn’t ask a question you stated I was a Nationalist, which is a damned lie as you well know. No attempt at debate right in with the libels and slander. Typical Blackshirt tactics. Typical Nationalist thug.

  • Juteman

    My first post was to expose your usual tactics.
    Any time someone posts a comment or a link concerning Scottish independence, your response is to attack anyone that dares criticise your beloved Britain, and accuse folk of being rabid Blackshirts. A perfect example of projection.
    You may not be a British Nationalist, but do a brilliant job at impersonating one.

  • Dave

    @ Chris Jones – Spot on mate. Interesting how wayward this comments thread has become. Focus people, we’re talking about TV Fakery, and once you see it, you can’t un-see it. It’s everywhere in the MSM…

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