Fake BBC Video 162

Irrefutable evidence of a stunning bit of fakery by the BBC:

In this version the medic being interviewed says about the 2 minute mark:

“..It’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, erm we’ve had a massive influx of
what looks like serious burns, er seems like it must be some sort of chemical
weapon, I’m not really sure..”

In this version she says – it is at about 2 mins 20 seconds in this edit:

“..It’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, erm we’ve had a massive influx of
what looks like serious burns, er seems like it must be some sort of, I’m not
really sure, maybe napalm, something similar to that..”

The disturbing thing is the footage of the doctor talking is precisely the same each time.  It is edited so as to give the impression the medic is talking in real time in her natural voice – there are none of the accepted devices used to indicate a voiceover translation.  But it must be true that in at least one, and possibly both, the clips she is not talking in real time in her own voice.  It is very hard to judge as her mouth and lips are fully covered throughout.  Perhaps neither of the above is what she actually said.

Terrible things are happening all the time in Syria’s civil war, between Assad’s disparate forces and still more disparate opposition forces, and innocent people are suffering.  There are dreadful crimes against civilians on all sides.  I have no desire at all to downplay or mitigate that.  But once you realise the indisputable fact of the fake interview the BBC has put out, some of the images in this video begin to be less than convincing on close inspection too.



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  • John Goss

    Distortion of the news, and suppression of non-government opinion, in mainstream media, is nothing new. There are those who comment here who think the mainstream media presents balanced reporting, but they are here, largely, for a purpose. I’ve just been reading the Wikileaks blog on Sanya Popovic, betrothed girlfriend to UN diplomat, Bernt Carlsson, who died aboard the Lockerbie plane.


    An interesting aspect of those who do not want a public inquiry into Lockerbie is the way they restrict the opinions of Patrick Hasledine, a former British diplomat, without giving him a voice (since 1993). Judging by who the media do give a voice to, Dr Rola Hallam for example, it has to be suspected that there are dark forces at work in keeping De Beers, and Ms Popovic’s early opinions, quiet, while publishing her apparently changed opinions since she became a US professor.

  • Komodo

    I was being facetious, John. Evidently Gould is so dearly loved by the Israeli – can I call it a regime or do we reserve the term for brutal and oppressive governments? – regime, and is providing so many trade deals for UK plc, that he is too valuable to send to Liberia on his next posting. He is obviously and radiantly happy where he is. We should be glad for him and his lovely family, and reflect that while the nail that stands up is the nail that is hammered down, it is very difficult to hammer a lump of grease without spattering yourself.

  • Red Robbo

    “There are those who comment here who think the mainstream media presents balanced reporting, but they are here, largely, for a purpose.” (John Goss)

    Here we go again! That’s one aspect of what I meant by having a Stalinist mind-set. The agents of imperialism and fascism! A dastardly plot against the masses!! Silence them, and if you can’t, vilify them!!!

    Err, no John : just people who happen not to agree with you!

  • Mary

    Such gratitude for invading their country in 2011.

    ‘The Libyan government has called in the US Ambassador Deborah Jones for clarification of the capture and arrest of alleged al Qaeda leader Abu Anas Al Libi by US special forces.’

    Welcomed here


    Her biography


  • Mary

    Sorry O/T We have heard a lot lately about mobile phone logs being used in the Madeleine McCann investigation.

    Strange that this did not take place in the ‘investigation’ into Dr Kelly’s death. The question of the actual location of where he died was never raised by Hutton and there was NO inquest. See here.

    David Kelly’s mobile phone logs ignored by detectives
    By Miles Goslett
    UPDATED: 14:08, 7 January 2011

  • Patrick Haseldine

    Blackout of Mandela blueprint
    (or, why there’ll never be a public inquiry into the Lockerbie bombing)

    After years of sleuthing, Emeritus Professor of Lockerbie Studies Patrick Haseldine eventually identified British mining magnate, ‘Observer’ newspaper owner and MI6 operative Tiny Rowland as the UK coordinator of the Lockerbie cover-up.

    Haseldine alleges that Tiny Rowland recruited Emeritus Professor of Scots Law Robert Black to organise the British Blackout and to frustrate all of Nelson Mandela’s plans for Lockerbie justice.

    In January 1992, Mandela outlined his blueprint for the Lockerbie trial:

    1. If no extradition treaty exists between the countries concerned, the trial must be conducted in the country where the accused were arrested;

    2. The trial should be conducted in a neutral country by independent judges;

    3. The trial should be conducted at The Hague by an international court of justice.

    Five years later, President Mandela emphasised at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Edinburgh that “no one nation should be complainant, prosecutor and judge” in the Lockerbie case.

    By 1999, the so-called “architect of the Lockerbie trial” had managed to blackout the whole Mandela blueprint. Professor Black:

    a. ensured that the Lockerbie trial was not held in a neutral country. Instead, he arranged for the trial to be conducted from May 2000 to January 2001 at Camp Zeist, a former US Air Force base in the Netherlands which, for the duration of the trial, became British territory;

    b. decreed that Scotland’s Crown Office would be the ‘complainant’ at the trial;

    c. arranged for Scotland’s Lord Advocate (Colin Boyd) to be the ‘prosecutor’ at the trial; and,

    d. insisted that – instead of ‘independent judges’ at the trial – all four Judges (Lords Sutherland, Coulsfield, MacLean and Abernethy) had to be from Scotland.

    Although one of the two accused Libyans was found not guilty of the Lockerbie bombing, Haseldine alleges it was thanks to Professor Black that the other Libyan, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, was found guilty.

  • John Goss

    Yes I got that Komodo. I just thought it was important to point out that the slavery in the cotton fields is still going on. Israel is welcome to Gould. For the first time ever the three ambassadors to Israel from the USA, Canada and the UK are all Jewish. Gould’s extension is probably because the end goal’s not been achieved in the destabilisation of what some are hoping will become the United States of Israel.

  • John Goss

    Patrick, if ever there needs to be a public inquiry into a disaster Lockerbie is it. It is replete with shady secret services cover-ups and misinformation, the worst of course being the wrongful imprisonment of Abdelbaset al Megrahi. But then the facts that CIA investigators were first on the scene and they handled the prosecution case which saw al Megrahi answering on behalf of those who actually did it. To my mind it seems pretty certain that the bomb was planted at Heathrow.

    Cameron has said there is not going to be an inquiry. This has been endorsed by Miliband. At least three former prime-ministers have refused to call one and only public pressure can force one now, since the families have been refused. There is a growing list of ‘incidents’ which need answers, Lockerbie, 9/11, Princess Diana, Jean Charles de Menenez and I am sure that list can be added to by others.

  • Mary

    Good for Paxman speaking out here.

    Jeremy Paxman criticises David Cameron’s WWI comments

    “A truly national moment”: Watch David Cameron speaking in October 2012

    Related Stories
    £50m allocated for WWI centenary

    Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman has criticised the prime minister for comments he made about how Britain will mark the centenary of World War I.

    David Cameron said he wanted to see a “commemoration that, like the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, says something about who we are as a people”.

    Paxman told the Radio Times that centenary events should “have almost nothing in common” with the Jubilee.

    He spoke of concerns the centenary could become a “celebration of war”.


  • Komodo

    I see Jon Benjamin, currently our Ambassador to Chile, and sometime author of a particularly undiplomatic tweet disparaging Argentina, is to be replaced next year (by *gasp* a woman – Ms. Fiona Clouder)

    I think Craig will remember Benjamin, formerly the FCO’s Man in Human Rights….

    While in London in approximately May 2004 for a medical check-up I was informed by Jon Benjamin, Head of Human Rights Policy Department FCO, that there had just been a senior level interdepartmental FCO meeting on receiving intelligence from torture and he had been surprised I was not invited. The policy that we would accept this intelligence had been re-affirmed.

    On return to Tashkent I sent on 22 July 2004 yet a further telegram arguing we should not obtain intelligence from torture. I kept an electronic copy and this is attached.

    I specifically argued (paras 16 to 18) that we were in breach of Article 4 of UNCAT which concerns complicity with torture. I also referred to the US transport of detainees to Uzbekistan (para 18). I referred to the London interdepartmental meeting (paras 8 to 9).

    I received a brief and extraordinary reply to the effect that there had been no such meeting in the last two weeks. I knew it had been before then and had not referred to a date in my telegram.

    This telegram, which was sparked by my anger at the lies in our public position on torture after Abu Ghraib became public, resulted in my dismissal as ambassador when it was leaked to the Financial Times (not by me).

    Memorandum submitted by Craig Murray to Human Rights Joint Committee, 13 Mar, 2009.


  • Mary

    Adelson describes Kagame as a leader of military genius!

    Boteach describes Wiesel as a secular saint!

    No words.

    Another Problem from Hell? Adelson and Wiesel laud Rwanda’s Kagame
    8 mins

    Transcript below the video.

    The reporter later questions Wiesel about El Ad. ‘Not now’ came the reply.
    Wiesel is chairman of El Ad, an organization that supports Israel’s colonization of occupied East Jerusalem.

    ‘BLUMENTHAL: Considering Adelson’s aggressive financial support for the political career of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, me and reporter Alex Kane wanted to ask him what could be done to protect Palestinians from the policies of his beneficiary.

    ~~~ KANE: Mr. Adelson, you’re a close ally of Benjamin Netanyahu. What can we do to protect the Palestinians from Mr. Netanyahu?



    Published on 7 Oct 2013

    Billionaire right-wing donor Sheldon Adelson and Elie Wiesel celebrate Rwandan strongman at TV rabbi’s genocide panel

  • Andy

    Surreptitious editing of the news to promote one side or another is very difficult to identify and even more difficult to prove. Yes , most of us suspect that the BBC (amongst others) have an agenda that they would rather keep hidden from the general public and usually they do.
    The recent admission by the BBC that it breached it’s own guidelines on accuracy but not neutrality is a good example of it’s ability to wriggle free of certain criticism. Jonathan Sacerdoti was introduced as being from an independent think tank but it turned out he was an avid supporter of Israel. The viewing public weren’t informed of his affiliations.I don’t accept that with all the resources and researchers they have that such a glaring mistake could be made innocently. The difference in the two videos Craig has highlighted is even more compelling evidence of just how devious the BBC are.

  • Mary

    List of ministerial changes. The usual archaic titles.

    •Alistair Carmichael appointed as Secretary of State for Scotland
    •Don Foster appointed as Comptroller of HM Household (Liberal Democrat Chief Whip)
    •Greg Hands confirmed as Treasurer of HM Household (Deputy Chief Whip)
    •Esther McVey appointed as Minister of State (Employment) at Department for Work & Pensions
    •Greg Clark appointed as Minister of State (Cities and Constitution) at Cabinet Office
    •Mike Penning appointed as Minister of State at Department for Work & Pensions
    •Sajid Javid appointed as Financial Secretary to the Treasury
    •Nicky Morgan appointed as Economic Secretary at HM Treasury
    •Andrew Robathan appointed as Minister of State at Northern Ireland Office
    •Matt Hancock appointed as Minister of State for Skills & Enterprise jointly at Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Department for Education
    •Helen Grant appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Sport and Equalities) at Department for Culture, Media & Sport
    •Baroness Kramer appointed as Minister of State at Department for Transport
    •Hugh Robertson appointed as Minister of State at Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    •Norman Baker appointed as Minister of State at Home Office
    •Shailesh Vara appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Ministry of Justice
    •George Eustice appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
    •Robert Goodwill appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Transport
    •Baroness Stowell appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Communities and Local Government
    •Dan Rogerson appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
    •Stephen Williams appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Communities and Local Government
    •Jane Ellison appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department of Health
    •Anna Soubry appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Ministry of Defence
    •Kris Hopkins appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Communities and Local Government
    •Karen Bradley and Sam Gymiah appointed as Whips (Lord Commissioners)
    •Amber Rudd, Claire Perry, Gavin Barwell and John Penrose appointed as Assistant Whips
    •Baroness Jolly appointed as a Whip in the House of Lords
    •Desmond Swayne appointed as Vice Chamberlain of HM Household (Senior Whip)
    •Gavin Williamson to be new Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
    •Lord Bates appointed as a Lords Whip (Lord in Waiting)


  • Kempe

    “What an eye opening article. ”

    “The difference in the two videos Craig has highlighted is even more compelling evidence of just how devious the BBC are. ”

    You clearly haven’t read through the comments or indeed watched the clips with any attention.

  • A Node

    Mary 8 Oct, 2013 – 12:13 pm

    “Good for Paxman speaking out here.

    Jeremy Paxman criticises David Cameron’s WWI comments”

    Well, I suppose we have to take our criticism of war-glamourising prime ministers where we can get it, but before heaping too much praise on Paxman, we should wait and see if he does anything similar when he’s NOT in the course of publicising a book he’s just written …… about WW1.


  • Vib

    I’ve patched the two interview tracks together. The newer one is much cleaner and processed (which is to be expected) of the background noises. The first one feels to be more at the scene. The words ‘chemical weapon’ may have just been omitted from the first one, and the edit point may have been masked by a sound of a car horn.

    The whole line could be ““..It’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, erm we’ve had a massive influx of
    what looks like serious burns, er seems like it must be some sort of, chemical weapon I’m not
    really sure, maybe napalm, something similar to that..”

    In the first video the woman appears as a confused witness, whereas in the second video she’s become a concise specialist, who shares no doubts what might have been happened. Even though faking wouldn’t have been involved (by actually adding words “chemical weapon” to the original interview), the result presents the change in the tone of the discourse – underlining the government view of the matter.

    The reality has been changed, which in itself is sort of fakery, because using the interview has not been about presenting the reality but about proving a point. The news pieces have become parts of a story rather than being ‘news’.

  • Andy

    Kempe: You’ll be telling me next that the scene from a Zombies movie was real too. 3m 03s in should be Oscar nominated.

  • Komodo

    Andy @ 1.27 pm mentions the Sacerdoti interview:
    More detail:


    So the BBC sought an interview with an outfit with no office address, and whose track record seems to indicate a strongly pro-Israel tendency, founded by a nonentity with some kind of grudge against Muslims, who was aged 25 at the time….


    the BBC says the broadcasts breached the following clause in its Editorial Guidelines on Accuracy:

    ‘We should normally identify on-air and online sources of information and significant contributors, and provide their credentials, so that our audiences can judge their status.’

    Too bloody right. Meanwhile the utterly shambolic IMED continues to cite the BBC as an organisation where its ‘analysis’ can be found.

  • mememe

    John Goss – If you’re idiotic enough to think this is all part of a conspiracy then me calling you a fucking moron is the least of your worries you deluded pikey-looking dipshit.

    Andy – “Biased editing” How is it biased or dishonest? One clip is slightly longer and in that clip we are given additional information (maybe napalm), extra information which in no way changes the context or overall message.

    Do you expect the BBC, or ANY news organisation for that matter, to either

    A) not edit any of the raw footage, airing the complete video, all XX minutes of it instead of 13 seconds (the 1st clip) or 21 seconds (the 2nd)? or

    B) Make the edits so slow and obvious as to make it look like the work of a rank amateur editing some holiday footage in Windows Movie Maker? Maybe they could use that fade where the screen is divided up into 25 equally sized rectangles which spin away into the distance, mmm nice!

    Seriously, I love a good compelling conspiracy theory, but this is blatantly just anti-BBC nit-picking, accusing them of being part of a non-existent conspiracy simply because their reporting disagrees with your world view. You’re pathetic.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Brian @ 1:15. It has to be a concerted effort. Many heads were cracked in India, then there was slaughter which precipitated Britain’s departure.

  • Mary

    A Node BBC a bit coy there? Wonder why they did not include a plug for the forthcoming series in 2014.

    From your link –

    ‘To mark the war’s 100th anniversary the BBC has more modest ambitions, with Jeremy Paxman presenting a five‑part series called Great Britain’s Great War from which this book is a spin-off – sent out in advance of the main event like a wire-cutting party in no-man’s land, presumably to take advantage of the Christmas book-buying season. A history book written by a celebrity TV presenter rather than a historian starts at a disadvantage among critics, who might remember that Paxman has also published similar TV-inspired books on Victorian painters and the British empire. Are there no limits to the man’s expertise? And above this trivial question hangs the larger one: given all we’ve come to know in the past 50 years, do we need another popular history of the British experience of the war, especially one that turns out be so conventional in its approach?’

    O/T I did not know that he has a brother Giles who is an ambassador to Spain and due to retire this month.


    His successor – ‘Our new man in Madrid, Simon Manley, became embroiled in a controversial court action in 2008 relating to claims of British involvement in torture.

    Then director for defence and strategic threats at the FCO, he said demands by two high court judges that CIA material be made public had harmed Britain’s intelligence services and diplomatic relations with America. The statement was described by one newspaper as “an extraordinary intervention”.’

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