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One achievement of which I am very proud was my part in ensuring that the UK did not place restrictions on the right to free movement of the first EU Eastern European accession wave.  The arrival of so many Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Latvians etc in the UK has been a brilliant social and cultural development and provided some support for an economy wrecked by the reckless greed of bankers.

There can be no more stark illustration of the tiny political space occupied by the major political parties and portrayed by the mainstream media as the only “serious” political opinion, than New Labour’s shrill contention that the bankers of RBS/Natwest should only be allowed 100% of salary as a bonus and not 200%.  Why not about 5% like other civil servants, which is what they are.

To return to the subject, free movement of peoples is a great thing.  I do not want governments to tell people where they can and cannot go.  It is wonderful that I can wake up tomorrow and decide to settle in Trieste or Gorzow Wielkopolski, without permission from anybody.  Don’t take it for granted, think about it – isn’t it wonderful?

My role?  I was First Secretary Political and Economic in the British Embassy in Warsaw when the question of our attitude to free movement on accession was decided, and I produced a paper on the subject.  I researched it quite assiduously, including a meeting with the five Romany Kings of Poland in the castle at Oswiecim – Auschwitz.  My conclusion was that there would be no mass migration, but many young Polish people might typically come for a few years to work and earn money to start a home back in Poland.  My paper was influential and I was much congratulated.  Incidentally, I very much underestimated how many Polish people would come, but I am unrepentant – in fact extremely happy about it.

When I first achieved serious political consciousness, in my teen years, I should have been horrified if you had told me that in my lifetime the government would defend the receipt of intelligence from torture and indefinite detention without trial, and much educated opinion would agree.  I would not have believed the government would pay for poster vans going round with signs telling immigrants to go home.  And I would not have believed that some poor Romanian chap arriving in the UK would have been hounded by reporters- to general approbation – because of his ethnicity.

The fundamental worries about Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants do have one rational basis.  More than any other EU states, Romania and Bulgaria were admitted despite the fact that they blatantly did not meet the acquis communitaire across the full range of economic and governance measures.  The decision to pretend they did was fundamentally dishonest, and that will always have future ill-effects.  Romania and Bulgaria are less developed, worse governed and therefore more prone to mass economic emigration.

While I deprecate the dishonesty of pretending they met the acquis, however I did and do support their membership of the EU.  It was the right strategic move.  An approach that said, “you do not meet the acquis, but we will admit you to membership, now let’s work out the consequences” would have had better success.  The EU’s great mistake at present is not offering a fast track to very early membership to Ukraine on a similar basis.

In a couple of decades Bulgaria and Romania will have caught up.  I expect that, because of the difficulties of the societies from which they come in terms of crime and governance, it is not unlikely that there will be a larger proportion of social problems from these new immigrants than from other recent Eastern European immigration, and doubtless we will see these trumpeted in the racist press.  But in the long run, it is another great addition to our country and increase to our own freedoms.  I must go look at the countryside of Eastern Romania.





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141 thoughts on “Those Romanians and Bulgarians

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  • Mary

    What excellent timing Mr Hague. The day before the ‘talks’ begin. Iran now excluded.

    Is there a photoshopping department at Vauxhall Bridge? Or one maybe in King Charles Street?

    21 January 2014
    Syria accused of torture and 11,000 executions


    Interesting too that BLiar changed the subject to Syria when the attempt was made to arrest him.

    I have always admired that journalist who asked ‘Have you got blood on your hands, Mr Blair?’.

  • guano

    OK Assad uses torture. The UK government uses Assad. => The UK government uses torture. The UK government is also using AlQaida. => The UK government is using both Assad/Russia and Saudi/AlQaida to wreck Syria in order to enforce their own values on Syria.

    WE are back with the Sarin gas false claims, same as the Northern Ireland situation, when the general public suspect their own government correctly of being the main agent of terrorism, they correctly abstain from taking sides in a civil war. Because it is the UK government that is to blame.

    This is the particular expertise of the evil shite that rule us. If I did not believe this I would long ago have gone to fight against Assad. The people who tortured, in the photos of this report from Syria are: Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Gaddafi, Saddam, Assad, Cameron, Hague, Kerry, Obama.

    If anyone is going to be led away in handcuffs to the International Courts of Justice at the session in Geneva it should be these men, and (women). These are the ones to blame.

  • guano

    Mary. Stick to your own excellent rules please.You are 100% right about trolls.
    Do not ever read or ever write to Trolls.
    I repeat: Troll moderation is ON. Troll contribution is OFF on my brain’s computer. Spambot appearances are indicators of their Zionist bosses’ frustration that commonsense and truth prevail in this particular CM domain.

  • Jerry Adams

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  • guano

    Yesterday the Daily Trollograph reported that UK citizens are getting “””””” radicalised “””””” in Syria.
    UK citizens go to Syria to fight against Assad fully conscious of the role of UK intelligence, Mossad, CIA etc in making false flag terrorism in order to justify the expensee of universal espionage and divide and rule intervention. They know better than anyone that the UK is the main agent in dividing and ruling the Muslims between themselves and also between the Muslims and other UK citizens etc etc.

    The UK has used these tactics from the beginning of time.
    The facilitate jihad through their own agents in order to utilise the casualties of mind that will return frustrated to the streets of Benefit Land. Is it conceivable that Russia could be holding the Winter Olympics at the same time as being an enemy to the West in Syria. They are in it together up to their eyeballs. Some enthusiastic Muslims are not long enough in the tooth or mind to fully appreciate what is going on.

    The old hands of AlQaida who have worked and earned in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan recruit the brothers and sisters who love the Qur’an, to the cause of Neo-Imperialism, in order to reap cash, power, influence for their own pockets, deceiving themselves that they are fighting for Islam. Politics is always for self, never for Islam.

    Then, when the disappointed are scooped up by UK intelligence for future false flag operations, and AlQaida have received their fat bribes, others will move into the war-wrecked countries and re-build what AlQaida have ruined.

    When something is ruined, there is always someone who will claim credit for its destruction as a precursor to its re-building. In reality all of the defeats and destructions of the Muslims throughout history have been perpetrated by the personal-ambitions of Muslims.

  • guano

    The Oestridae are a family of flies variously known as bot flies, warble flies, heel flies, gadflies, and similar names. Their larvae are internal parasites of mammals, some species growing in the host’s flesh and others within the gut.

    Liars and enemies of truth who try to get under your skin. In my case because I speak the truth about Islam.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    From the ineffavle Guano :

    “Mary. Stick to your own excellent rules please.You are 100% right about trolls.
    Do not ever read or ever write to Trolls.”


    That’s the way, boyo!

    1/. I never respond to trolls.

    2/ Everyone who disagrees with me is a troll.

    3/. Therefore I never respond to anyone who disagrees with me.


  • Beelzebub (La Vita è Finita)

    Loanshark? Not even that. Text is bad translation from perhaps Russian perhaps Chinese. Do not click on spambot. Spambot would like individual bank details.

  • doug scorgie

    20 Jan, 2014 – 5:58 pm

    “There wouldn’t appear to be any grounds for a citizens arrest on Tony Blair and any attempt to detain him or drag him off to the local nick would seem to invite charges of assault, false imprisonment and kidnap.”

    Kempe, don’t believe everything you read in the press; the Guardian article is incomplete.

    The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 section 24A.

    “Where an indictable offence HAS BEEN COMMITTED (ie past tense), a person other than a constable may arrest without a warrant –
    Anyone whom he has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be guilty of it”

    So indictable offences (ie War crimes) have been committed and anyone has reasonable grounds for suspecting Tony Blair of being guilty of them.

  • Kempe

    No warrant or summons against Blair has been issued by the ICC. Until that happens a citizen’s arrest is pointless and of dubious legality. Those campaigning to put Blair in the dock should be concentrating on getting that indictment up and running. Until then trying to arrest him is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

    Whilst I’d be pleased to see this happen, or indeed anything that would wipe the smug grin off that face, realistically I’m not exactly holding my breath.

  • Beelzebub (La Vita è Finita)

    ‘So indictable offences (ie War crimes) have been committed and anyone has reasonable grounds for suspecting Tony Blair of being guilty of them.’ (Doug)

    Isn’t it necessary to quote chapter and verse the specific offence for which the arrest is taking place? None of the heroes so far claiming their reward appear to have conducted a formal arrest, beyond “Mr. Blair, I’m arresting you for er war crimes and stuff.” Giving any nearby policemen the opportunity to piss themselves laughing. As Kempe says, get the proceedings going first. With evidence relating to a legally prosecutable case. Not easy. Probably easier to bring the little fuck down on his financial dealings….or, the way he’s going, get him sectioned.

  • Mary

    The Romanian Ambassador to the UK writes

    Romanians’ Migration to the UK: Predictions Versus Reality

    Posted: 02/02/2014

    ‘I cannot tell how many of my compatriots came to Britain last January, as British statistics will be available only next May. As citizens of the European Union, Romanians are fully entitled to freely travel and find jobs in all 28 EU member States. The UK Commission for Employment and Skills found there were 655,000 vacancies in the UK between March and July 2013. Figures from a Romanian website that hosts more than 200 recruitment agencies shows 10,367 vacancies advertised by British employers on the website last month. But it looks like Romanians are not in a hurry to come.’

  • Mary

    Just for record on this thread, the Minister for Immigration, Mark Harper, resigned yesterday when he discovered that he had been employing an illegal immigrant as his cleaner since 2007. He had claimed her pay in his second home expenses. He is also the minister who devised the plan to send advertising vans around London telling illegal immigrants to go home.

    viz ‘Go home’ vans for illegal immigrants reported to advertising watchdog
    Home Office vans telling illegal immigrants to “go home” have been reported to the advertising watchdog by Labour over claims they are “grossly misleading”.

    Immigration minister quits over cleaner
    Mark Harper had been the face of the Coalition’s Immigration Bill reforms and was responsible for driving the Government’s increasingly hard line on illegal migrants

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