The Big Gay Wedding 389

As long term readers know, I love the Eurovision Song Contest. It is just so much fun and so resoundingly daft. Graham Norton’s comment last night, “it’s like the gay wedding I’ll never have”, summed it up rather well. We also learnt that Danish humour is impenetrable. Having once spent a week there living with Danish friends, I guess a country that seems to live on raw fish and raw eggs will forever shimmer beyond my comprehension. Like Hamlet’s mind – impossible to understand completely, but marvelous.

I was however saddened by the audience booing of the two young Russian girls. That was really nasty and unfair. They were scarcely more than children, for goodness sake. Putin is not their fault. That booing was an exhibition of racism; nothing else you can call it. If people wanted to make a point, they could have screamed for the Ukrainian girl – they didn’t have to boo the young Russians.

People always complain about political voting, but I think that’s half the fun. I always enjoy the voting far more than most of the singing. Last night, I think, was political voting in a wonderful way. It was a joyful expression of approval for the idea that human beings can and should be what they want to be. It wasn’t the first time either – I remember a similarly gender challenging singer from Israel winning some years ago. What was even better this year, was that another stereotype was also challenged, in that Conchita swept up much support from Eastern as well as Western Europe. Let it be said that she had a damn good song too.

We voted for the Polish girls. I thought the honesty of their approach was brilliant, and reminded me of so many happy days in Warsaw in my youth. Good to see women doing the washing too.*

All in all, great fun and a life-affirming evening. Now to clear away all the mess – why did I stick all those empty Prosecco bottles on the front garden railings?

*Private joke for my friends at Russia Today media (formerly trading as Indymedia).

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389 thoughts on “The Big Gay Wedding

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  • guano

    The arrival in London today of John Kerry highlights the concern of UKUSIS about Assad’s looming elections.

    Both Russia and Iran have been paid off for their assistance in the UKUSIS plan to destroy Syria. Iran with Nuclear go ahead, and Russia with the Crimea Naval Base.

    The destruction of Syria is complete and the only obstacle to UKUSIS’ mission is Assad himself.

    David Cameron long ago presented parliament with the long-term plan. An aerial bombardment on Assad, a UKUSIS secret ground forces / Al Qaida takeover/ genocide. Followed by many crocodile tears from Ban Ki Moon. Then Israel given aid to hold the peace between the confronting parties.

    Political solution: partition of Syria. (aka Scotland)

    Kerry’s salmon pink tie = Syria – smoked and mirrored diplomacy.

    Livni – we love you – cast lead looked like a fireworks display compared to the NATO assaults on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria. Livni – our hero – come to London and stiffen our resolve for the genocide on another Muslim, Arab, Middle-Eastern population.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Demoniser)

    Martin Indyk – the neocon acting as Kerry’s negotiator in the recently failed peace talks, and a staunch supporter of Israel – is now on record as deploring the settlement programme. He’s consistently supported a two-state solution, in fairness, but now even he seems to have at last realised what’s going on.

    In his talk at the Washington Institute for Near East, Indyk said that continuation of building of settlements pushes Israel into an “irreversible binational reality”.

    He added that the settlements not only undermine Palestinian trust in the negotiations, but pose a danger to “Israel as a Jewish state – and that would be a tragedy of historic proportions.”

    During the nine months of negotiations, Indyk explained, construction agreements were made to build 4,800 residential units, while 8,000 units were announced, the majority of which were planned in areas not under Israeli control.

  • Kelly ben Maimon

    Good Morning Mary,

    Quite expected you to come after me. Lol! Gives me another opportunity to respond to you as I have clearly managed to get under your skin (that’s if you even have one). Who knows, what multipule identities you have. That is why I find you so intriguing. In a funny kinda of way of course.

    The LinkedIn is some thing that was set up years ago and it has been hacked & certainly was not by me. Have been trying to delete it for years. There you go, believe, if you what, otherwise continue with your conspiracy theories, if you like. Don’t mind.

    Urban 75. That was something from 2006 or thereabouts. By my calculations 8 years ago. In fact funny you mention this, has I was having a beer (well he was, I had orange juice) with some one (David Warner) last night, (who is standing as an Independent, in the ward where I live Coldharbour for 22 May local elections. He’s put up a website called Brixtonrocks, if your that interested in looking at his manifesto type pledges. He posts regularly on Urban 75, under an assumed name and if I remember back told me comments made and suggested I write back. Which I did.

    Did vote Labour in 1997 (what possessed me, don’t know). Never did any political campaigning, nor did I renew my membership. Several years later, a terrible incident occurred, where a child drowned in a swimming accident, in France. A diplomatic incident, in some sense. The child’s name was Bumni A. The school was called Hillmead Primary School. Located opposite, where I lived. As you can imagine, most of the governing body jumped ship, including the Chair of governing body, who worked in Blair’s office, whilst he was PM. Check it out if you don’t believe me but am sure my memory serves me well. The school direction continued in a haphazardly kind of way according to some.

    Was then approached by a Lib Dem (Anthony Bottrall, affectionately referred to as ‘Lurch’ by some of us that knew him well. He was cabinet level member for Education at Lambeth. He was obviously concerned about Hillmead Primary School and was aware of my community activism at grassroots level). Pleaded with me for a long timeto help. In the end, I relented because it was a cause I believed in. To go in to school, as a school governor, I needed to be a political appointee, as I didn’t have children. This meant that I had to join the Lib Dems. Which I did and I always served as honourably as I could. Never got to see what the joint report that was produced, about Bumni’s death. One concern that was raised in the community, was how so many children were allowed to go abroad, from the primary school, when it was clear some parents had not had immigration status sorted, for example indefinite stay status. Perhaps names of children were all entered on a list. Who knows? In any event, never delivered a leaflet for Lib Dem

    Grew increasingly bored with Lib Dems and wanted to know who actually did any work at the town hall. Absolutely STILL love John & Clare Whelan to this day. Joined Conservatives and have remained there ever since. At least I have the balls, to go out and find out about what is going on. We all make mistakes.

    As for FCO and Embassy connections, LOL. Are you losing the plot Mary? Now stay focused please and listen very carefully. I have no recollection of ever speaking to ANY ONE at FCO or visiting any embassy to my knowledge. Unless, you want to introduce me to some one. Can I have their CV in advance? And then, I will think about it.

    For what it is worth, still think you have a forensic mind Mary, when you concentrate. I enjoy working late at night, listening to Vivaldi (Four Seasons), and whilst having a coffee, with legs on top of my desk, was flicking through how many times you used the word Israel. Lost count in the end, but it did make me smile.

    Finally, thank you for the attention you have given me. I am deeply flattered. No, seriously I am genuinely grateful. Try and get some more up to date facts. You could of course always ask me. But I doubt that is your style. Fair enough.

    Hoping you have a productive day.

    Warm regards, Kelly

  • Ba'al Zevul (Demoniser)

    Meanwhile, the Sunnis in Syria are now looking to Israel for help. Allegedly:

    A quick look didn’t find this on the Times of Israel site, btw, but did turn up its possible basis, from an anonymous Syrian:

    Coupled with: ,

    it looks as if William Hague will be waxing orotund on one of the many issues he fails utterly to understand, for months to come. You have been warned.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Demoniser)

    Kelly- I’d be interested to know whether you think there is any kind of genuine desire on Israel’s part to achieve a fair settlement with the Palestinians it is so blatantly displacing and marginalising? Is an equitable democracy even faintly consistent with the notion of an exclusively Jewish state as proposed by the Zionists now in charge? Do you think demonising Hamas – and now by association, Fatah – is a sensible way of negotiating?

  • guano

    Kelly puff

    So you’re a really important nobody, and Israel just exists in a defensive survival mode.

    I believe the Kelly bit – because of the blarney. Would that be southern isreal blarney or northern israel blarney? You wouldn’t be pulling my leg would you. You’ve got to be very careful these days.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Demoniser)

    I think, Guano, that having no logical or moral arguments for their actions, Hasbara (UK) plc has no option but to deploy a faux-naive character (in the theatrical sense) to overwhelm us all with her (/his) sincere emotion. Your scepticism is IMO justified.

  • guano


    Yadlin’s let the cat out of the bag. All we need now is for Cameron to sign it off, Hague to seal it with spunk from the lubey Libni’s douche. Syria is a new country. Al Qaida can move on down to Jordan.

    What?! They want a holiday? Kicking out the royalty form Jordan is their holiday. There’s work to be done back in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    14 May, 2014 – 1:23 pm

    “…the issuance of arrest warrants for the alleged offences is a matter for the Director of Public Proecutions. The aim is to prevent trivial and/or vexatious action…”

    Working with the Gaza-based Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), the law firm [Hickman and Rose] requested the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to advise police to arrest Livni for suspected war crimes, and to liaise with the attorney general to approve criminal charges.

    Raji Sourani, PCHR director, said he was very disappointed at the government’s decision given that a British judge decided in December 2009 that there WAS SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to justify Livni’s arrest over the three-week Israeli military assault on Gaza.

    So this case is in no way trivial and/or vexatious is it Habbabkuk?

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    14 May, 2014 – 1:27 pm

    “It removes the power to cause the issuance of arrest warrants from the man in the street and puts it in the hands of the DPP.”

    Wrong again Habbabkuk; it removes the issuance of arrest warrants from Judges and puts it in the hands of a politician appointed by the Prime Minister.

    Habbabkuk, as I’m sure you know, the DPP (currently Alison Saunders, honoured for her role in bringing London rioters to “justice”) is appointed by the Attorney General (currently Dominic Grieve; a Tory MP) who in turn is appointed by the Prime Minister David Cameron (a Tory Zionist).

    So Habbabkuk it is not the DPP that has the say in the matter of Tzipi Livni, but Dominic Grieve (her Tory boss).

    Anyway Habbabkuk why should Livni not face a trial like anyone else accused of crime?

  • Ba'al Zevul (Demoniser)

    The cat’s outline was always visible. It was in a string bag. Note the heavy emphasis on ‘democracy’ as applied to Syria, but the usual tolerance of autocracy for states who sell us, or might sell us, oil. They’ve even dropped “freedom”, although I notice that “WMD’s”, in the form of alleged use of chlorine, are still with us.

  • doug scorgie

    Kelly ben Maimon
    14 May, 2014 – 11:59 pm

    “I love Israel, always have and always will.”

    Yes Kelly, the Israeli landscape is beautiful, even when it was called Palestine.

  • John Goss

    Habbabkuk, my dear, as this is on topic and in the light of your comment:

    “Yes, Tory MP Gordon Henderson sounds almost as nasty as Russian vice-premier Dmitro Rogozine and red-fascist leader Vladimir Jirinovsky, doesn’t he.

    The difference being that he doesn’t have any bands of fascist thugs at his disposal, ready and eager to beat up (or worse) gays, lesbians and transgender people.

    Thank God we live in the UK.”

    I was wondering what your opinion was about the gay-bashing leader of the unelected bunch of fascist thugs as covered in my previous comment (which contains the link)?

  • Mary For Truth and Justice

    H Let it be known that when the latest Hasbara employee landed on this site some time back I asked her which government she worked for. Reply was there none.

    PS She chose to give her full name so it is up to her if she is in our faces. I scrolled through something she has written this am.

  • ESLO

    John Goss

    Who on earth do you think you with your snide unsupported insinuations and name calling? If you spoke face to face in such a manner with those whom you disagreed then you would probably have a very sore nose by now. You are clearly lacking in the most basic of manners.

    Why do you think you can act as judge and jury on what is not even your blog – if you wish to behave in such a manner then might I kindly suggest that you return to your own deserted blog.

  • Mary For Truth and Justice

    The irony and the tragedy of homo non-sapiens. I have just come back from hearing the birdsong in a beautiful wood on a lovely May morning. The blackcaps and blackbirds are singing lustily, the beeches – up to 70 ft, are that fresh young green.

    And yet Livni comes, and all over our still beautiful world billions of creatures suffer.

    Why does she come? To conspire with her blood brothers, as with the mafiosi. You will remember Hare’s studies. 4% of males are psychopaths, and 0.4% of ‘females’. I have said this apocalyptic trait is largely or wholly induced. Were not her parents both Irgun terrorists? But how awful that a woman could do what she did – ordered the killing of children and her own gender in 2008/9. She comes from the same mould as Albright and Shillary. ‘The price is worth it’ and ‘We came, we saw he died’


    FCO agenda today? How to restrict SAMs to trusted surrogates. No blowback. Assassinate Assad? Mr Humphrys BBC Radio 4 Today (aka Minister for ‘Defence’) said the other day ‘We must get rid of Assad!’ yet he professes to be a journalist. So how will they do it?
    The ‘peace talks’ Actually the plan is to isolate Hamas and make sure that there is no rapprochement, not one mm, with the Arab?

    Ukraine – what next to stir the long planned hornet’s nest? The EU – that shadowy force, Baroness Ashton poisoning all.

  • ESLO

    “Let it be known that when the latest Hasbara employee landed on this site some time back I asked her which government she worked for.”

    Have you heard of leading questions? Are you another one who thinks that they can act as judge and jury in relation to all with whom they disagree? Isn’t it just a tad hypocritical to demand answers to your questions but never to answer questions others ask of you?

  • Kelly ben Maimon

    Guano 15 May, 2014 – 1142am

    “Kelly puff

    So you’re a really important nobody.”

    In your opinion, I am. No problems with that.

    I don’t know you. I am have never looked for recognition for efforts I complete on a day to day basis. The greatest satisfaction I get is looking in to the eyes of people I try to help annonomously. To shake hands, embrace and spread a kind word always affects me. Hence been able to communicate with people of other political persuasions, beliefs etc.

    Additionally, love History. Regularly go and visit Moses Monitifore’s resting place.

    I continue to post on Craig’s website because he doesn’t want everyone to agree with what he says. That is why I like him.

    And think some one mentioned I am a Tory. Indeed I am.

  • Mary For Truth and Justice

    Recommend that you see this 8 minute video
    Imperial Decay
    “Like so many Empires before it, America bid for world dominion, and lost”

    Remarkable images. There is a message at the end from the excellent Chris Hedges. I agree with every word. ‘The fusion of corporate and state power’ = Il Duce’s definition of fascism. At the nub is ‘capitalism’ – with open talons.

    The Zionists escape mention but the devil is within them and capital in its heart – wherever that is.

    Iraq – ‘third’ world. No. Only after 12 years of terrible
    ‘sanctions’ and war.

    But the main message is that mass movement is the only way forward but first we need a ‘revolution of the mind’.

  • Mick


    Good show. Now hunker down and wait for the viterol to past. Craig appreciates (some of the time) those who do not share his opinions and are willing to challenge him. Unfortunately the same can not be said for the most ardent commentators on this blog.


    In response to your question yesterday, why should I mention the visit of Ms Livni when we were discussing AZ/Pfizer and your quest to find out the nationality of Mr Dolsten? Pity you didn’t see fit to address the question of whether a place of study has any bearing on nationality. (I will give you a clue it doesn’t)

  • Ba'al Zevul (Demoniser)

    (in case that goes too-)

    kelly ben-Maimon

    Reseracher at Government
    London, United Kingdom | Government Relations

    Reseracher at Government

    (sic – BZ)

  • John Goss

    “John Goss

    Who on earth do you think you with your snide unsupported insinuations and name calling?”

    I guess you have limited time but I would like to know to what you are referring. Is it Yarsenyuk’s gay-bashing? If not what? You’ve lost me and probably everyone else on Craig’s blog.

  • Phil

    Heeeeere’s Kelly! Our passive aggressive candidate towing the larger line longing for a winnable ward.

    Hell will freeze over before Vassal returns a tory. However, the long creeping gentrification of Brixton is progressed to a point where now must be a moment of great opportunity towards an accelerated career progression for an ethnic minority wannabe politician in the currently all white Conservative Lambeth council group. I’m thinking Herne Hill? Property prices are through the friggin roof there. Anyway Kelly, well done, you finally found the right party for you!

    Go Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative, whatever! Go Israel! Go Kelly!

  • Kelly ben Maimon

    Baal Zevul Demoniser 15 May 2014 1.18pm

    i have no idea what you are talking about? Would be more than willing to show you contact with LinkedIn to prove I have been asking then to take me down. I have never posted anything on it. If you think it was quick, in coming down, I’ve been waiting years! Incidentally, carry on taking the medication.

  • Kelly ben Maimon

    PS The only time I remotely know Linkedn is still around, is when I get email messages that some one has been looking, at so called profile. If you think it has disappeared, delighted to hear about, although I doubt, as I have been trying for years.

  • doug scorgie

    Kelly ben Maimon
    14 May, 2014 – 11:59 pm

    “..would make derogative remarks about Israel, hoping that it would change my point of view. It didn’t work and she reluctantly gave up after more than 10 years of trying.”

    That could be explained if you are a bigoted Zionist Tory supporter.

    Are you?

  • Kelly ben Maimon

    Phil 15 May, 2014 1.25pm
    Yes I did stand in a by election not so long ago. Got 153 votes, for which I was grateful for, due to the effort people had taken. Even if I only got one vote, would have been equally happy. Highly likely that I will help set up a group entitled 153, with my friends. Most of the country doesn’t vote. I wish they did. When I think to what the Suffragettes went through, to further their cause.

    Signing off, as have to go and do other stuff. Appreciate the attention non the less Phil. Thanks.

  • John Goss

    People have a right to change their political allegiance. I have done it myself. Craig too. Any Labour supporter who did not do it after Blair’s Iraq war gets what they bargained for – more of the same.

    Just because Kelly Ben Maimon chooses to support the Conservative Party, and has changed her party support, is no reason for criticism and may even be applauded, though it is not for me. She also writes under her own name. I recall some gale-force discussions with my late Auntie Gwen who for many years was active in her Conservative ward committee in Falmouth. ESLO thinks I should direct people to my blog so here is a link which those who want to know something more about my family and past can do so. It contains a potted biography of Auntie Gwen, who though a Conservative was also my mother’s sister, and someone I loved dearly.

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