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One thought on “almosrnobody

  • Tony M

    I agree, there’s too much of whatever this sort of thing is.

    It makes we wonder about other events in more recent memory are what they seemed. Does what the media told us happened back whenever, correspond even remotely with what actually took place? I’m not disputing in the following that Chinese governments have not killed millions of people at times in their history, as have so many governments, but exceptionally bad criminal ones, it not the norm.

    A photo of a lone person stood before tanks in Tiananmen Square has been used recently in another blog, Scottish Independence related, on which the comments facility seems broken, but if commenting were possible, I’d likely be assailed as trolling or against Independence by posting a gripe. People now accept that the media in Scotland are telling huge whoppers, deliberately, maliciously, with the No campaign participating in and the beneficiaries of the stream of dishonest shit that sprays from our tv screens and dying print media. Yet seem unable to discern that they’ve been subjected to this their entire lives and what they think they know about almost any situation or event is as often as not likely to be untrue.

    Quoting from:

    “The facts of Tiananmen have been known for a long time. When Clinton visited the square this June [1998], both The Washington Post and The New York Times explained that no one died there [in Tiananmen Square] during the 1989 crackdown. But these were short explanations at the end of long articles. I doubt that they did much to kill the myth.”

    All the signs are that this (new to me) website is a ‘socialist’ one, or purports to be, you never can really tell these days, even New Labour make this claim still when it suits, and the usual suspects will cry foul on those grounds and perhaps rubbish it, but the same article can be found word-for-word on places like too, which has also received criticism, though it simply carries articles from many other places.

    I contend then that no massacre ever at Tiananmen Square, no students peacefully coincidentally present in the square were killed, injured or even involved in violence, as victims or perpetrators; an organised 200-strong armed gang launched an attack on a Chinese barracks nearby which included setting unarmed soldiers on fire in the street, and tried to launch a coup attempt in the capital, a gun battle ensued with casualties on both sides, in which the authorities prevailed eventually, this disturbance, was deliberately and falsely reported in our western media as a massacre of students, the immediacy and uniformity of the western media ‘massacre’ tale told suggesting prior knowledge and preparation of this fabricated cover story, most western governments and media would now grudgingly admit that they perpetrated a huge falsehood in fabricating a massacre that never was, a story that bore no relation to whatever did actually take place.

    Our media contrived picture of the world – even in our local part of it, where our senses directly contradict their fake reality – as it is in the relentless anti-independence message they pound, is founded on falsehoods.

    (Perhaps, moderators, this belongs in some other thread, this one seems a bit lost)

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