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CNN just announced that Israeli is launching a ground invasion “after ten days of Hamas attacks by land air and sea.” There was no questioning of that quite incredible statement. Talk about the big lie.

In a strange way I prefer this to the continued aerial bombardment, because at least the Palestinians will be able to fight back to some extent. I do hope the Palestinian defenders have a good deal of success against the Israeli tanks. Let us hope the IDF get a bloody nose like they did in Lebanon 2006.


The heroic Israelis have killed a five month old baby with a tank. Hope they are very proud of themselves.

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  • Anon

    Let’s hope the two sides can arrive at a peaceful solution so that no more lives are lost.

  • craig Post author


    I am afraid there is nothing we can do. The US openly and the UK tacitly will protect Israel in the UN and all international organisations for as long as Israel wants to continue killing people. The only thing that might halt Israel is effective resistance on the ground. They are too used to being able to kill thousands of Palestinians with no casualties themselves.

  • Andy

    The Middle East peace envoy will be in London on Monday morning to answer questions about the latest developments:

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  • Je


    Contribute to humanitarian charities, join the boycott of Israeli products, and contradict Israel’s propoganda and lies when you hear them.

    And possibly join a political party. Western establishments are very much in the pockets of the Israeli lobby. That’s not just because of their activity but because of the inactivity of those who might oppose them.

    In the UK the Conservatives have about 170,000 members, Labour 190,000, Libdems 43,000. There are 2.4 million Muslims in the UK (whom I’m not one BTW) – if they started becoming politically active, in the way the Zionist lobby is, then they could put an end to 80% of Tory MPs being in Conservative Friends of Israel.

  • Kempe

    Only two things are certain, a lot more people on both sides will die needlessly and it won’t improve the situation one iota.

    Very sad that somebody should wish death onto young men who, as with all wars, aren’t really the ones most responsible.

  • Fedup

    peaceful youth peacefully looking around to only lynch some Arabs

    The notion of even one zionist mercenary death is far too heavy and as the good rabbi puts it, one million Arabs ought to be avenged for a Jewish finger nail!

    Wait and see if the Palestinian fighters can hand the butts of the zionist mercenaries back to them on a platter.

    This is the most one sided war in the history of warfare, the siege of Gaza is akin to no place on Earth and in the history of Earth. Gaza has been under siege for so long by a mendacious enemy. History shall not look back kindly at those who made this possible.

  • Dreoilin

    “after ten days of Hamas attacks by land air and sea.”

    As far as I know, that is word for word from Netanyahu’s office. Lisa Holland on Sky News read out the full statement from his office when Sky reported the start of ground invasion. When I heard those words, I was almost-stunned. (It takes a lot to stun me these days.)

  • John Goss

    There was a good turnout tonight at the Council House in Birmingham, in fact too many to accommodate so the room was paid for for nothing. But it was hot and we went outside. A young man from Gaza who now lives in Birmingham made an impassioned speech, unable to comprehend the genocide against his people. When he spoke to his father on the telephone his father was happy. He asked how he could be so happy when all around was danger. His father said he was happy because he had one son safe in England. The discriminate bombing of selected homes with a warning missile giving families at most three minutes to get out was killing people with the warning missiles. Israel is testing its latest weapons on Palestinians to sell abroad, said the young Palestinian.


    The Greenwald piece was interesting. The NBC Egyptian/American reporter who witnessed Israeilis attacking Palestinian children on the beach in Gaza will be lost in the fog of Israel’s continuation of genocide, and the super-righteous invasion.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    I think that the eruption of violence cannot be stopped for the following reasons:-
    1. Around 1947 and 1948 some 700,000 Palestinians were expelled and their land was occupied in a colonial conquest.
    2. There has been no real effort from the Israel side ( despite International Law’s acceptance of an Israeli right to land up to the 1967 border).
    3. A Zionist philosophy assumes that God gave them the land, so illegal settlements and a system that is Bantustan and Apartheid has not the least meaning for the Zionists.
    4. There is a process of racism in operation:-

    i) How can one ethnic/religious group dominate representative politics in Israel when some 20% plus are non-Jews?
    ii) Is there not in Israel a process of racism pervading every aspect of society, including the economy, land distribution, urban planning, security and politics?

  • Fedup

    ii) Is there not in Israel a process of racism pervading every aspect of society, including the economy, land distribution, urban planning, security and politics?

    Yes! There exists a process of pervading racism in every aspect of the zionists society that is successfully getting exported to the rest of the world too. The world pays with goods and services and the zionists in return pay back through the export of their congenial hatred, bigotry and prejudice to the rest of the world.

  • Mary

    The two sides have fought wars before. How did they end?

    Palestinians run during an Israeli strike at a UN school in Beit Lahya, northern Gaza, on 17 January 2009


    Gaza’s civilian infrastructure was damaged extensively during Israel’s ground offensive in 2009.

    Israel launched a ground offensive in December 2008 dubbed Operation Cast Lead in response to rocket fire. It ended when Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire 22 days later, saying its goals were “more than fully achieved”.

    An estimated 1,300 Palestinians had been killed, many of them civilians. Thirteen Israelis also died, including four soldiers in a “friendly fire” incident. Gaza’s civilian infrastructure was damaged extensively.

    Four years later, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defence, again with the stated goal of stopping rocket fire and crippling Hamas’s capability to launch attacks. Eight days into the operation, Egypt brokered a ceasefire agreement that included a promise from both sides to stop attacks. At least 167 Palestinians and six Israelis were killed.

    Gaza-Israel conflict: Why are civilians on the front lines?

    As you can see, the photo shows white phosphorus raining down on a UN schoolyard during Cast Lead. Note that there is NO mention in the caption of that being used, illegally as it happens.

  • BrianFujisan

    Hullo Ben…one or Two of your Ghosts.

    i can’t get over what they ( israel ) are allowed to get away with – Bombing Hospitals, targeting Children at Play… Just days after the World cup ends..Four wee Footballers dead…Sorry Murdered

    And the Hate of those spectating –

    And teach them very young to hate…Young kids writing messages on Missiles in Israel. i can barely comprehend this Sordid activity…

    And as this Piece asks…

    Not only are the Israeli state and its ruthless methods here to stay they could also be, very frighteningly, a prototype of our collective global future.

    Watching the unbelievable destruction wrought by the Israelis in Gaza a simple question very high on many minds must be “How in hell does this artificially concocted child of European guilt and American ambition get away with all this again and again and again?”’

    The answer is that instead of being a strange historical aberration Israel may well be a model state that global elites want to establish to control the world in the days to come.

    A world where the ruling classes live off the stolen resources and labour of those they contemptuously deem as lesser human beings in a system of institutionalized apartheid.

    A world where the forces of the militarized State can routinely shoot anybody, even entire populations and call them ‘terrorists’ with complete impunity.

    A world where the process of nation building automatically involves smashing the sovereignty of every other nation reducing their people to a faceless, nameless, helpless mass.

    The question of why Israel’s brazen crimes against humanity have been tolerated by the so called international community is not new at all, being one asked from the very day this nation was violently forged nearly seven decades ago. The legacy of Zionist terrorism, the numerous pogroms against the Palestinians, the systematic usurpation of their land, the routine bombing of civilians, the murder of peace activists— any other fledgling nation even contemplating crimes on this scale would have been ostracized out of existence by now.

    Full piece @

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Not quite at the target of 300 dead Palestinians required to satisfy Israeli public opinion. The ground invasion is necessary to achieve this. Please don’t call it the Jewish Jihad.

    Yes, the Malaysian airliner made it a good day to bury bad news. (and, pace the last thread, a good day to compare the instant indignation at this, in all media, with the grudging reportage of the constant, wholly intentional murder and maiming going on in Gaza)

    Other than that, what’s to say? We’ve seen it all before, four times.

    Blair flew back to the UK yesterday, having done the groundwork for the Israelis by colluding in an unacceptable and failed truce proposal. Interesting that the UN, without his help, managed to get a temporary ceasefire yesterday.

    Trivium: I’m going to have to buy a new razor,as the current one’s blades are made in Israel. And check everything else I buy very carefully. So be it.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    And thanks for the Sagar link, Brian. You can’t help wondering, can you?

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Just an aside here. The media are happy to supply the numbers (variously calculated/estimated) of dead in Gaza. Not so prominent are the numbers of wounded. Credible recent estimate: 1685. Of which we can take it that perhaps 20% will be permanently and badly disabled, and/or in pain, and a further drag on the nonexistent resources of the shot-to-pieces Gaza health structure.

    I am sure this figures, too, in the Israelis’ long term strategic planning.

  • Mary

    CNN forced to film Israelis cheer Gaza strike
    18 July 2014

    Here is CNN’s Diana Magney put in a very uncomfortable position indeed for a mainstream reporter. She has to acknowledge the delight a large crowd of Israelis on a hilltop near Sderot are taking in watching missiles hurtling into Gaza. As they cheer in the background of her video report as a missile explodes (see link to CNN below), she has to explain what the noise is.

    Notice too how the cameraman avoids panning across to show the celebrating Israelis, despite Magney assuming that we can see them. Can you imagine CNN not leaping at the chance to film Palestinians cheering Israeli deaths? No, neither can I.

    This is a narrative the media like to play up in the case of Palestinians, but not when it refers to Israelis.

    That may in part also explain her angry tweet against the crowd on the hill, calling them “scum” after they made threats if she did not say nice things about Israel. The tweet, of course, was quickly deleted – presumably after her minders at CNN intervened.

    It is a revealing moment, showing the difference between the carefully choreographed, pantomime-like “reality” we are supposed to be shown, and the far more complex and ugly reality on the ground.

    (h/t Padraig McShane)

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