Liquid Lies Revisited 65

There never was a liquid bomb plot. It was proven in court not to exist. It was a fabrication of the minds governing a Pakistani torture chamber.

It is only a week ago that, as the terrorist industry sought to terrify us with the idea that jihadists from Syria would attack the UK, I wrote that:

“The patent absence of any genuine Islamic terrorism in the UK to fight is an obvious threat to the funding of this huge industry. Hence the current hype about the threat from Birmingham school governors or British residents fighting in Iraq and Syria. We have the usual propagandists for this threat thrust upon the airwaves again – Frank “Goebbels” Gardner and even the utterly discredited “Quilliam Foundation” who have been back on the BBC. At the moment they are peddling the utterly untrue line that 9% of those who travel from the UK to participate in fighting abroad, on return get involved in terrorist activity in the UK. Frank Gardner has been repeating this ad nauseam”

Now the terror industry has moved to ramp up this entirely false fear with worldwide headlines about a new threat of bombs on planes. The BBC and Sky both link this to the great “liquid bomb plot” of 2006. Everybody remembers that massive story that dominated the headlines for weeks. It was described by the British security services as “Bigger than 9/11”. Today BBC News described it as a “plot to bring down seven airliners simultaneously”.

22 people were arrested in Stasi style raids conducted on their hones at 2.30am. These included a 22 year old woman with a young baby. The Home Office proudly proclaimed that the Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, had been awake all night and personally directed those raids on sleeping families with children.

You may recall that the tabloids – directed by Rebekah Brooks and Coulson – ran front page stories about the evil Islamic mother and the liquid explosive in her baby bottles. These evil Muslims are so heartless they are prepared to blow up their own babies!! John Howard, Australian Prime Minister, said “That would be an appalling reflection on the lack of humanity of that child’s parents.”

Except it was all untrue. The chemical traces the police claimed to have found on the baby bottles proved to be Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, normal baby bottle sterilising solution, from Boots. The woman was found not guilty on all charges. Neither the tabloids, the police, nor Dr John Reid and John Howard have ever apologised. Of the 22 people arrested in those darkest night raids, only eight were ever charged – fourteen were released without charge, there being no evidence against them. Of the eight who were charged, five were found not guilty. Three were convicted as terrorists – but there was nothing in their plans about blowing up aircraft. I am not personally convinced of the safety of their convictions anyway. They may have been unpleasant fantasists, but not much else. These three certainly had no practical plan or method to bring down seven aircraft, despite the BBC repeating that lie continually at the moment. The recent death of Gerard Conlon reminds us all of the horrifying willingness of English juries to convict the demonised other, be they Irish Catholics or Muslims.

This is what I blogged just three days after the story broke. Everything I wrote here proved to be true:

“None of the alleged terrorists had made a bomb. None had bought a plane ticket. Many did not even have passports, which given the efficiency of the UK Passport Agency would mean they couldn’t be a plane bomber for quite some time.

In the absence of bombs and airline tickets, and in many cases passports, it could be pretty difficult to convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt that individuals intended to go through with suicide bombings, whatever rash stuff they may have bragged in internet chat rooms.

What is more, many of those arrested had been under surveillance for over a year – like thousands of other British Muslims. And not just Muslims. Like me. Nothing from that surveillance had indicated the need for early arrests.

Then an interrogation in Pakistan revealed the details of this amazing plot to blow up multiple planes – which, rather extraordinarily, had not turned up in a year of surveillance. Of course, the interrogators of the Pakistani dictator have their ways of making people sing like canaries. As I witnessed in Uzbekistan, you can get the most extraordinary information this way. Trouble is it always tends to give the interrogators all they might want, and more, in a desperate effort to stop or avert torture. What it doesn’t give is the truth.

The gentleman being “interrogated” had fled the UK after being wanted for questioning over the murder of his uncle some years ago. That might be felt to cast some doubt on his reliability. It might also be felt that factors other than political ones might be at play within these relationships. Much is also being made of large transfers of money outside the formal economy. Not in fact too unusual in the British Muslim community, but if this activity is criminal, there are many possibilities that have nothing to do with terrorism.”

Despite the fact I was right and the entire mainstream media was wrong, I was directly attacked by highly paid alcoholic warmonger Nick Cohen in the Observer as a “conspiracy theorist”.

The famous “liquid bomb plot” was used by both the UK and US governments to drive through yet more anti-civil liberties legislation, despite the fact that the plot did not actually exist and the technology of home made portable and easily deployable binary liquid explosives is a myth.

The mass hysteria whipped up by the mainstream media and appalling neo-con politicians over the “liquid bomb plot” did a huge amount to boost the massive budgets of the terrorist industry. The media never carried the news of the non-existence of the plot, so there was never any downward pressure on those budgets as a result. The patent lack of Islamic terrorism in the West is becoming a threat to those budgets now. But, Hell! The liquid bomb myth worked last time, didn’t it? Why not use it again?

That the BBC can recycle as fact the “liquid bomb plot to blow up seven airlines” is sickening enough. But then they did something that was so jaw-dropping as to be unbelievable, even given the total lack of ethics at the BBC. To make sure the “fear” really sunk in, they showed a “reconstruction” of the liquid bomb plot. A section of aircraft fuselage was mounted on the ground, and then an explosion blew out a big hole in it. Text labelled it “reconstruction” underneath.

How can you have a “reconstruction” of something which never happened, and was shown in court not to have happened? I should love to believe that this BBC ploy is so ludicrous it did not work; but I have a sad feeling that 90% of people probably believe the “liquid bomb plot” did exist, as Tony Blair, George Bush, John Reid, John Howard and the entire media told them it existed, and nobody has ever told them it did not.

65 thoughts on “Liquid Lies Revisited

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  • Herbie

    Why is a 100ml toothpaste bomb OK, but a 125ml toothpaste bomb not OK?

    There must be some complex technical reason, understandable only to pimply 20 nothings.

    I mean, they’re not going to just make up stuff like that, are they.

    Anyway, I’m sure Kempe is right to be worried about this increased threat to hearth and home, and hope that his tinfoil hat fits well. Could be a bumpy ride.

  • nevermind, viva beautiful football

    How much of a liquid chemical bomb does Shillary Clinton represent?

    “Israel is moving troops up to Gaza border. Ominous. That’s how they start.”

    yes and the IDF is pleading with Hezbollah not to send any missiles into Israel, queue Sheik Nasrallah
    “That’s the people of Lebanon for you: tougher than rock and gentler than a mother cradling her child. ”

    Israel is setting the region alight and we better watch their subs.

    Maybe someone could suggest some good subwatch spots such as Sharm el Sheik, or Bahrain. I’m sure there would be some disaffected fishermen who be only too pleased to monitor their movements.

  • Ruth

    The hype over this may be an intentional distraction from the paedophile allegations of the 80s and the explosive missing dossier.

  • Stevemol

    Without any hint of irony, news bulletins today were reporting that travellers from UK airports should expect to have electronic devices examined more closely following US intelligence reports that terrorists are developing an undetectable explosive device. Good luck with that one, airport security person.

  • mike

    Great post, Craig. The lies told to sustain the War on Terror are parroted by the corporate media. Insecurity is good business for everyone.

    And here’s Israel, that toxic little bully, getting ready for another turkey shoot. Doubtless it’ll be spun as an actual conflict by those same media groups, but it’ll be 100 x 3 dead teenagers when the dust settles. The continuation of a War on Terror that started on 22nd July 1946, you could say.

  • mike

    Indeed, Tris. And like good little dogs the corporate media have chased the new scrap of fresh meat.

    The real story of course is that there was, and probably still is, a very high level paedophile ring (or rings) operating at the heart of the British state. I’m sure it’s connected with similar cabals in other countries.

  • Resident Dissident

    “despite the fact that ……………..the technology of home made portable and easily deployable binary liquid explosives is a myth.”

    Is there any more evidence for this other than one 2006 article from “the Register”? I can accept the argument that security forces can overreact to threats – as this is a pretty common reaction to most threats on their part, and within reason is understandable as the consequences of underreacting can be so much greater. But to dismiss a threat as a myth on the basis of what appears slender evidence isn’t right either.

  • mike

    Syria was meant to have suffered the same fate as Iraq.

    The big question is: When was this plan first thought of? Was it before 15 March 2011, when the “rebellion” started in Deraa? That town sits nicely on the Jordanian border. Easy access for the US and its ISIS proxies. Or was it the heart-eating Saudi-funded al Nusra back then?

    Obama/Bush/Hollande/Cameron/Blair…it doesn’t matter. The only party is the War Party.

    Vote Yes.

  • Bert

    The whole ‘plot’ was a crock.

    Remember that the police/MI5 had secretly installed video and audio recording equipment inside the apartment where the ‘martyrdom’ videos were made. (source: banned in the UK, NYT article)

    The ‘raid’ was sprung once the videos had been recorded.

    On 8th September 2008, Mohammed Gulzar, was acquitted of all charges and was formally discharged, even though the prosecution case posited that he was a key link in the ‘plot’. He was then placed under a Control Order!

    After trial #1 in September 2008, there were further trials in February 2009, October 2009 & January 2010; there were also other trials associated with the alleged ‘plot’ members.

    Complete bobbins……

  • mike

    Good shout, Bert.

    Perhaps Mohammed Gulzar was the chap employed by the spooks to drum up the plot. Shades of Rashid Rauf there.

  • Fedup

    The snake oil brand is the same, marketing is different

    The corporates have always had their snouts in the trough of the taxation funds. No one is afraid of spending the funds, there can always be more taxation of the poor to make sure that the corporates, their ceo, their shareholders and their sponsors the banksters, can live in the style they have become accustomed to.

    Liquid explosives were originally introduced in that petri dish of inhumanity, injustice and genocide, namely; zionistan. This then was exported around the world, which finally ended up in the underpants, shoes and even claims of secreted up in the anus of the would be tayyrrori$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$t£!

    So far there have never been any explosions of the liquid bombs, other than the “reconstruction” in the know history. Oh forgot nitroglycerine is liquid too, but all too often blow up when it felt like it, hence the patent of one Mr. Nobel, and his prize to atone for his sins of inventing the dynamite.

  • InDEEpendent

    Been on web sites round Europe about this terribly important plea for help from America!

    Looks like a deliberate ploy to get Leon BRITTAN out of the medja spotlight??????

  • InDEEpendent

    Also What’s best fro Britain may NOT be whats’s best for BRITTAN!!

    Bullingdon for BEND OVER and pass the SOOOOOap!!!!

    Oh Dammit you must have lost IT!!!

    How REMISS of those friendly CHAPS at the Home ORIFICE, they can bring up 300 years of history but can not find a dossier from the 1980’s.

  • Jives

    Excellent and most truthful post Craig-thank you.

    The whole War On Turrrr,Inc is a grotesque worldwide lie.

    Kempe…have you stopped pissing your pants,as usual,yeah?

    It’s all you seem to do on this blog ya fake sockpuppet pant pissing twat.

    Kempe… the paid pant pissing shill troll…LOL…


  • Jives


    Great post-and truthful too.

    How do all the bullshitters-and Frank Gardiner-sleep?

    Cunts,lying evil warmongering torturing cunts.

  • Mary

    dos·si·er [noun]
    a collection or file of documents on the same subject, especially a complete file containing detailed information about a person or topic.

    1875–80; < French: bundle of documents with a label attached to the back or spine, equivalent to dos (< Latin dorsum ) back

    This dossier is a different dossier to the dodgy dossier – the one that surfaced in 2003 that enabled Mr BLiar to hoodwink the occupants of the green benches.

    At that time, February 2003, this was rather a cryptic thing for Michael Howard to have said.

    'The dossier became a point of amusement in British politics. In a Questions to the Prime Minister conflict, Michael Howard (then leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition), informed Blair, "I have got a great big dossier on his past and I haven't even had to sex it up."11

  • glenn_uk

    “What would happen if they pulled a grenade or a mortar shell out of my bag?”

    “Wait there Saarrr… you’ve got a pin in that, and it might be used as a wah-pon on-board. Lets have this pin off you… off you go now.”


    Seriously, I saw one poor sod have a couple of exquisitely shaped bottles of wine (wrapped in some “security bag”) taken off him at Schiphol, apparently the last leg of his journey . He explained that he’d bought them in Portugal, and that customs there had assured him the transfer would be just fine, on account of their own “security wrapping”.

    It got zero traction whatsoever – confiscated. Not tested, with the suspect terrorist held while the examination was made, just confiscated. Would this attitude be extended to suspected traffickers in contraband? Very unlikely. But “suspected” of carrying a bomb, for the purpose of terrorism? Heck, we’ll just take this potentially devastating item, make no notes about it and its ownership whatsoever, and just send you on your way.

    “I hope you and your friends enjoy drinking them,” the fellow said.

    The “security” woman gave him a smirk in return.

  • Kempe


    Thank you for your erudite and insightful observations. It’s being able to exchange views on such an elevated intellectual plane that makes this blog so entertaining and educational.

    Well once the mindset that the defendants were innocent of all charges has been adopted dismissing the martyrdom videos as the work of fantasists is the only maner in which they can be explained away.

    Glenn, perhaps next time your man passes through Schipol he’ll use a syringe to introduce something unpleasant into the wine first. A powerful laxitive perhaps.

  • Richard

    Come to think of it, there’s a Benny Hill-type sketch somewhere on Youtube from Japan that I saw a year or two ago. It features an old letch on airport security who lets all kinds of dubious-looking characters go through and focuses all his attention on pretty young girls. Well, at least we can feel glad that nothing like that happens in real life. (Like Hell).

  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    I will not name the airport ( I may well want to revisit it) which waved through two metal cylinders and a (wired) aluminium subassembly when x-raying my suitcase, but which, on the return journey, confiscated my wirecutters.

    On an internal flight, too.

    No-one died.

  • Mary

    Snow has fallen under Clinton’s spell too. The interview content sounds just the same as in the others she has done since she arrived. She is like one of those LPs which keeps repeating when the needle found a flaw.

    Clinton: I’ve run for president – but never been a granny
    With two years before the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is coy about whether she will run. But the ex-first lady tells all about US policy on Putin: “If he will talk to us, we talk to him.”

  • Bert

    The Airline Liquid Bomb Plot Shenanigans was brought to you by Mi5/Special Branch/Compliant Media, with the support of the Airside Drinks Retailers Association.

    Ask the Met Police why the funds for this ‘Opertion Overt’ were inextricably linked with the Operation Overamp (Mohammed Hamid) stuff.

  • Daniel

    My next door neighbour slipped on soap while taking a shower and the resulting knock to the head killed him. I am still waiting for the front page story in the Daily Mail.

  • Tom

    Raids at 2:30 AM are not exactly “Stasi style”. The Gestapo was famous for that. That is, by the way, why night time raids are officially “to be avoided” in Germany, nowadays.

  • Mary

    Another of the armchair warriors, sitting comfortably at home with his nice fat pension going into the bank each month, would like more innovative spending on anti terror measures.

    Britain playing catch-up on terror defence
    Ministers should fund more novel science and security technologies to help bolster Britain’s defence against terrorism

    Nice type.


    Lamb again joined McChrystal lecturing for the course, Gateway to Global Affairs, at Yale University in the fall of 2011.[26]

    Lamb serves as a “special adviser” to strategic advisory firm G3 and as director to private military company Aegis Defence Services.[27] In March 2012, it emerged that Lamb’s company G3 had earlier received a £1.5 million contract from the government of Bahrain for “a media campaign to support the Kingdom of Bahrain’s stance before the international community.” This led to allegations that Lamb may have been paid to praise Bahrain’s Al Khalifa regime in public comments and written columns during the Bahraini uprising.

    He disgusts me.

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