Liquid Lies Revisited 65

There never was a liquid bomb plot. It was proven in court not to exist. It was a fabrication of the minds governing a Pakistani torture chamber.

It is only a week ago that, as the terrorist industry sought to terrify us with the idea that jihadists from Syria would attack the UK, I wrote that:

“The patent absence of any genuine Islamic terrorism in the UK to fight is an obvious threat to the funding of this huge industry. Hence the current hype about the threat from Birmingham school governors or British residents fighting in Iraq and Syria. We have the usual propagandists for this threat thrust upon the airwaves again – Frank “Goebbels” Gardner and even the utterly discredited “Quilliam Foundation” who have been back on the BBC. At the moment they are peddling the utterly untrue line that 9% of those who travel from the UK to participate in fighting abroad, on return get involved in terrorist activity in the UK. Frank Gardner has been repeating this ad nauseam”

Now the terror industry has moved to ramp up this entirely false fear with worldwide headlines about a new threat of bombs on planes. The BBC and Sky both link this to the great “liquid bomb plot” of 2006. Everybody remembers that massive story that dominated the headlines for weeks. It was described by the British security services as “Bigger than 9/11”. Today BBC News described it as a “plot to bring down seven airliners simultaneously”.

22 people were arrested in Stasi style raids conducted on their hones at 2.30am. These included a 22 year old woman with a young baby. The Home Office proudly proclaimed that the Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, had been awake all night and personally directed those raids on sleeping families with children.

You may recall that the tabloids – directed by Rebekah Brooks and Coulson – ran front page stories about the evil Islamic mother and the liquid explosive in her baby bottles. These evil Muslims are so heartless they are prepared to blow up their own babies!! John Howard, Australian Prime Minister, said “That would be an appalling reflection on the lack of humanity of that child’s parents.”

Except it was all untrue. The chemical traces the police claimed to have found on the baby bottles proved to be Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, normal baby bottle sterilising solution, from Boots. The woman was found not guilty on all charges. Neither the tabloids, the police, nor Dr John Reid and John Howard have ever apologised. Of the 22 people arrested in those darkest night raids, only eight were ever charged – fourteen were released without charge, there being no evidence against them. Of the eight who were charged, five were found not guilty. Three were convicted as terrorists – but there was nothing in their plans about blowing up aircraft. I am not personally convinced of the safety of their convictions anyway. They may have been unpleasant fantasists, but not much else. These three certainly had no practical plan or method to bring down seven aircraft, despite the BBC repeating that lie continually at the moment. The recent death of Gerard Conlon reminds us all of the horrifying willingness of English juries to convict the demonised other, be they Irish Catholics or Muslims.

This is what I blogged just three days after the story broke. Everything I wrote here proved to be true:

“None of the alleged terrorists had made a bomb. None had bought a plane ticket. Many did not even have passports, which given the efficiency of the UK Passport Agency would mean they couldn’t be a plane bomber for quite some time.

In the absence of bombs and airline tickets, and in many cases passports, it could be pretty difficult to convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt that individuals intended to go through with suicide bombings, whatever rash stuff they may have bragged in internet chat rooms.

What is more, many of those arrested had been under surveillance for over a year – like thousands of other British Muslims. And not just Muslims. Like me. Nothing from that surveillance had indicated the need for early arrests.

Then an interrogation in Pakistan revealed the details of this amazing plot to blow up multiple planes – which, rather extraordinarily, had not turned up in a year of surveillance. Of course, the interrogators of the Pakistani dictator have their ways of making people sing like canaries. As I witnessed in Uzbekistan, you can get the most extraordinary information this way. Trouble is it always tends to give the interrogators all they might want, and more, in a desperate effort to stop or avert torture. What it doesn’t give is the truth.

The gentleman being “interrogated” had fled the UK after being wanted for questioning over the murder of his uncle some years ago. That might be felt to cast some doubt on his reliability. It might also be felt that factors other than political ones might be at play within these relationships. Much is also being made of large transfers of money outside the formal economy. Not in fact too unusual in the British Muslim community, but if this activity is criminal, there are many possibilities that have nothing to do with terrorism.”

Despite the fact I was right and the entire mainstream media was wrong, I was directly attacked by highly paid alcoholic warmonger Nick Cohen in the Observer as a “conspiracy theorist”.

The famous “liquid bomb plot” was used by both the UK and US governments to drive through yet more anti-civil liberties legislation, despite the fact that the plot did not actually exist and the technology of home made portable and easily deployable binary liquid explosives is a myth.

The mass hysteria whipped up by the mainstream media and appalling neo-con politicians over the “liquid bomb plot” did a huge amount to boost the massive budgets of the terrorist industry. The media never carried the news of the non-existence of the plot, so there was never any downward pressure on those budgets as a result. The patent lack of Islamic terrorism in the West is becoming a threat to those budgets now. But, Hell! The liquid bomb myth worked last time, didn’t it? Why not use it again?

That the BBC can recycle as fact the “liquid bomb plot to blow up seven airlines” is sickening enough. But then they did something that was so jaw-dropping as to be unbelievable, even given the total lack of ethics at the BBC. To make sure the “fear” really sunk in, they showed a “reconstruction” of the liquid bomb plot. A section of aircraft fuselage was mounted on the ground, and then an explosion blew out a big hole in it. Text labelled it “reconstruction” underneath.

How can you have a “reconstruction” of something which never happened, and was shown in court not to have happened? I should love to believe that this BBC ploy is so ludicrous it did not work; but I have a sad feeling that 90% of people probably believe the “liquid bomb plot” did exist, as Tony Blair, George Bush, John Reid, John Howard and the entire media told them it existed, and nobody has ever told them it did not.

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65 thoughts on “Liquid Lies Revisited

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  • Mary

    Typo Craig ….This is what I bogged’

    The media are loving the story and are giving it full welly emphasizing that the holiday season is upon us. Reporters at airports reporting on queue lengths. Pathetic.

    This is the Sky lead.

    Breaking News

    US Warned Of Terror Threat To Ugandan Airport
    Entebbe airport photo
    US authorities have been warned of a specific terrorist threat to Entebbe Airport in Uganda later today.

  • Mary

    This is by the US attorney who with his wife s1aw the accused waved through Schiphol (security courtesy an Israeli company) without a passport.

    Attorney Kurt Haskell on the Underwear Bomber, 2 Years Later

    This was a CNN video of his speaking soon after the event and another passenger.

    This on the Israeli security.
    Israeli Airport Security responsible at Schiphol Amsterdam

  • Porkfright

    How strange that this should emerge at the behest of our American friends at the time that another story desperately needs to be shovelled into a hole. Anyone else noticed how much assorted stuff has kicked off suddenly just after the Bilderburger Kings had their meeting?

  • Kempe

    Never sure if there was no plot or if the accused had the intend but were ignorant and incompetent. Why for example did six of the men make martyrdom videos?

  • Abe Rene

    “But then they did something that was so jaw-dropping as to be unbelievable, even given the total lack of ethics at the BBC.” I say, whatever next! 🙂

  • Mary

    Latest – no electrical or battery operated items allowed. They must be removed from hand baggage under new regulations. Airports are going to be such fun in the heat and crowds.

    Sky have just shown a photo of home made bombs the size of milk churns made by terrrrrists. This was in the same segment as the piffle about bomb threats to aircraft.

    They have just had Tim Marshall who I think of as moderate and sensible recounting the details of the Entebbe aircraft attack. How long ago was that?

    On the liquid bomb threat, both I and another person saw the news on BBC TV when Homeland Security were announcing the restrictions on liquids. That was before we had had the terrr threat announced here and the restrictions announced. I wish I could remember the exact details. I can remember them saying that baby’s bottled milk would be allowed through.

    In Ello Ello the French policeman used to pronounce bomb as berm. I always think of the pantomime comedy we get from the state on these occasions.

  • Insiderthreat001965419545125465981

    Interesting, the uniform line on English pedophilia from recent newcomers, ‘I don’t believe it, sputter sputter, outlandish stories, it’s mass hysteria,’ etc., etc. Virtually all of our terror scares were the product of state entrapment, and served their purpose despite their comical absurdity. We should expect the same of child molest, since the purpose is the same: kompromat to coerce new informants.

    Satanists capering in horned hats are ridiculous, as are the hat bombs, underpants munitions, and ostomy bazookas of today, but you have to see them from the viewpoint of a blackmailed government target. When the US government dispatched squadrons of unappetizing ersatz whores to seduce al-Awlaki, and then arrested the poor sap before he even had a chance to solicit sex, that was risibly inept blackmail – but it worked, didn’t it? Al-Awlaki dutifully went online to preach canned GI jihad until the government saw fit to murder their provocateur in noisy triumph.

    The purpose of it all was wholly rational: scare us up some boogey-men to kill. If al-Awlaki had not been such a prude, they might have sent a brigade of Jon-Benets over the top to take him out with awkward faire la moue. Soon enough, as elite revulsion mounts, we’ll learn the specific policy objectives of PIE and Lawrence King’s pedo parties in the states. Wikileaks is not the only way to denounce government crime.

  • Mary

    A Mr Philip Baum is being consulted widely today.
    Current Editor-in-Chief at Aviation Security International
    Managing Director at Green Light Ltd.

    On the same page, this person’s detail is also viewed.

    Aviation Security Operation Center Manager
    April 2007 – Present (7 years 4 months) Israel
    The Security Department of the Israeli Ministry of Transport operates the Aviation Security Operations Center (ASOC) to control the security procedures for the arrival of aircraft into and through Israeli airspace. The ASOC provides a primary coordination point for the multiple security, defense civil aviation and government agencies involved in the implementation of security measures for arriving aircrafts into and through TEL AVIV FIR.

    The ASOC functions as a 24/7 watch, employing well trained and experienced operations officers who operate and maintain comprehensive watch capability in addition to processing all types of security permit applications for arrival of aircrafts into and through TEL AVIV FIR.

    Regional Security Manager
    Public Company; 201-500 employees; Airlines/Aviation industry
    2002 – 2006 (4 years)
    Regional Aviation security manager for the South region of Israel including responsibility over the security of Eilat, Ovda and Sharm el Sheik airports



    Where are John Goss and Mark Golding?

  • craig Post author


    Why did six of the men make martyrdom videos? Fantasists. Hard to kill someone with a video. Now if they had made any bombs….

  • Fedup

    The hate decibel is going way off the scale where are the health and safety executive when you need them?

    The none stop torrent of the “bombers are out to get you” is given a minutes rest so that the next item on the news can proceed; female genital mutilation.

    The conclusion is obvious when the bastards are not bombing anyone, they pick up their razors and start cutting up women for their pleasure of course. How much hatred can the airwaves take before the ozone decides this place is far too crap of a place to hang around and emigrate to Mars or Jupiter?

    The fact that airlines have done well out of the terrrrrrrrist threats is seen in the smaller and lighter hand luggage sizes and weight limit that has resulted in a greater revenue generation by branding the soon to be molested and manhandled punters by charging these with extortionate rates for excess luggage. Then there is the price of the drinks on board the cheap operators because on one can take their drink on-board.

    Meanwhile Chertoff et al are singing their way to deposit the profits from the sale of scanners and things in their ever growing bank accounts. Not to mention the all and sundry whom have become used to luxuries by playing the Cassandra and foretelling the massive explosions that will be emanating from the nether regions of the Muslim flyers if everyone is not inspected, molested and scanned.

    What sort of “researchers” are these to find the same bunch of zionist tapped operatives to be paraded on the “news” (I should cocoa too) bulletins around the clock delivering the same message; bawwhhhhhhhaaaa the Muslims are coming to get kill you and if not then they will cut your little tadger off.

    All the while Clegg the spokesperson for the government (Coulson is facing jail time) does not want any public inquiry into the missing dossier that was mislaid by little Leon Britten.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Spot on, and the security at the airports is just about to be upped yet again… which leads to problems for the CIA & MI6 etc on how to get the bombs on board past security. That’s why we’re seeing the Marx Brother’s attempts with exploding underpants, shoes ,cigars , and in Sochi it was toothpaste. And now having run out of idea’s, terrorists ,aka our security services, have discovered an undetectable way of smuggling a bomb on board.

    Qatada had a solid record of inciting to and facilitating terrorism, including active links with al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Algeria and Spain, as well as providing religious counsel to 9/11 plotters, Zacarias Moussaoui and ‘shoe bomber’ Richard Reid. Qatada as we know now was/is an MI5 asset.

    Eyewitness Kurt Haskell reported that a sharply dressed Indian man escorted him to the gate and told the attendant that the knicker bomber had no passport but needed to get on the flight. The sharply dressed man was told that he would have to speak to the manager, which he apparently did and successfully got the young ‘terrorist’ on board.
    So how do two suspicious looking terrorists, at least one of them without a passport, get to the gate in an airport and then onto the flight? The answer is they don’t unless they have some diplomatic credentials or high-level contacts in the airport.

    Guess who runs the security at Amsterdam Schipol airport? ICTS of course! the same Israeli owned security company that somehow managed to let the shoe bomber on his Miami flight in 2001 and several of those mythical hijackers who allegedly flew out of Boston’s Logan airport on 9/11. It is also useful to remember that the shoe bomber was cleared through ICTS and El Al security at Amsterdam airport on a flight to Tel Aviv in July 2001 for what was apparently an all-expenses paid week-long trip to the Israeli city. What precisely he did there remains a mystery.

    When I flew to the States 2 years ago, an external hard drive and a new pair of trainers were missing despite crazy security at Frankfurt and Philadelphia. If they can take stuff out of a locked suitcase, they can put stuff in.

    Last year when I was flying out of Khartoum, I was sitting watching people (Arabs) walking past security with 10 litre flagons of water, as many walked round the scanner as through it and the lady supposedly watching the X.-ray machine was busy putting on make up.

    Why should terrorism of the skies be any different than terrorism on the ground ??
    I’m quite sure now in my own mind that the Gladio mentality has been responsible for most of the incidents throughout my 55 years.

    Which reminds me, time to book my seat. Flying tomorrow to London for Monty Python. Will be able to experience it all first hand.

  • Tony M

    I am reminded that Samuel Pepys (a roundhead in his student days, later to became a royalist and courtier to King William of Orange -equivalent maybe to the journey left authoritarians make to become fanatical neo-cons) feared being stripped of office and carted off to the Tower as rumours went around that his wife was flirting with Catholicism (which might have been true) and had an altar with a cross, in the basement. Later all that was found which might have accounted for it, and probably destroyed as a precaution, was an innocuous painting depicting a cross. Papist plots, Dutch or French invasions rumoured imminent then the Great Fire of London followed, a predictable inevitable consequence of tightly packed wooden buildings and a long hot dry summer, not conspiracy. The common factors seem to be religion and attempts by the state to produce mass psychosis and hysteria. All merely to distract us from the elites’ abuses of usurped power and unearned wealth, and their criminal and venal excesses which their pride compels them to to flaunt, it isn’t enough they’re getting away with murder, theft, abuse, they need it known they have and will continue to get away with it, like a criminal conspicuous by being drawn back to the scene or leaving a calling card or signature. I think people have changed now, it has become so common – wolf being cryed incessantly – that we’re becoming resistant to this sort of emotional manipulation. We should be wary, they need a ‘real’ incident with lots of smoke and wreckage, victims on stretchers -as public incredulity has gone off the scale, September 2001 has long lost its shock value as a rallying cry for unconstrained random revenge on all and sundry, it had already when already utterly destroyed Iraq’s re-invasion was being crazily mooted in 2003. We no longer fear power we despise scorn and ridicule it, though it can still crush us individually or in part and remains, perhaps becomes even more, dangerous in its death throes. It is not time for a new government, a reshuffle of the same grisly crew, but a new system of government, with all that was Westminster and Whitehall, Downing Street and The City, excluded from any influence. Hark, is that not the sound of the squeaking wheelbarrow of reaction approaching, to your places info-warriors, the revolution starts after dinner.


    ” wolf being cryed incessantly – that we’re becoming resistant to this sort of emotional manipulation. We should be wary, they need a ‘real’ incident with lots of smoke and wreckage, victims on stretchers”

    We’ll see how resistant the Public is. So far they have capitulated with little awareness of what that means. If a major attack occurs, all bets will be off. I think this is why USdotgov made a request to Intercept that they delay release of the names. After the event, there will be little anyone can do, iconoclastic Media or no.

  • DomesticExtremist

    Now is a good time to remind ourselves of what the 2010 LibDem manifesto had to say on the matter:

    restoring your freedoms
    Liberal Democrats believe it is an individual’s right to live their lives as they
    see fit, without discrimination, with personal privacy, and with equal rights
    before the law.
    Decades of Labour and Conservative rule have overthrown some of the basic
    principles of British justice and turned Britain into a surveillance state.
    Liberal Democrats will protect and restore your freedoms.
    We will:
    • Introduce a Freedom Bill. We will regulate CCTV, stop councils from
    spying on people, stop unfair extradition to the US, defend trial by
    jury, and stop children being fingerprinted at school without their
    parents’ permission.
    Restore the right to protest by reforming the Public Order Act to
    safeguard non-violent protest even if it offends; and restrict the scope
    of injunctions issued by vested interests.

    • Protect free speech, investigative journalism and academic peer-
    reviewed publishing through reform of the English and Welsh libel
    laws – including by requiring corporations to show damage and
    prove malice or recklessness, and by providing a robust responsible
    journalism defence.
    ••••••Scrap intrusive Identity Cards and have more police instead, and also
    scrap plans for expensive, unnecessary new passports with additional
    biometric data.
    Halt the increase in unnecessary new offences with the creation of a
    ‘stop unit’ in the Cabinet Office. Every department in Whitehall would
    have to convince this unit of the need for a new offence.
    End plans to store your email and internet records without good
    Remove innocent people from the police DNA database and stop
    storing DNA from innocent people and children in the future, too.
    Ensure that everyone has the same protections under the law by
    protecting the Human Rights Act.
    Scrap the intrusive ContactPoint database which is intended to hold
    the details of every child in England.
    We believe that the best way to combat terrorism is to prosecute
    terrorists, not give away hard-won British freedoms.
    That is why we will:
    •Reach out to the communities most at risk of radicalisation to improve
    the relationships between them and the police and increase the flow
    of intelligence.
    •Scrap control orders, which can use secret evidence to place people
    under house arrest.
    • Reduce the maximum period of pre-charge detention to 14 days.
    •Make it easier to prosecute and convict terrorists by allowing
    intercept evidence in court and by making greater use of post-
    charge questioning.

    I so hope they get wiped put at the ballot box next year.

  • Mary

    Frank ‘I Was There’ Gardner has just had a long segment on the opening of the 6pm news. He introduced an ‘expert’ who spoke of ‘low vapour bombs’ being the threat. Even doggies cannot detect them. (She can detect a smell at 100 metres and bustles off to see what’s what.)

    All the zombies interviewed at the airports by the BBC brigade seem to be more than happy with the new arrangements. The British public is moronic to have swallowed this whole.

    UK airports running ‘as normal’ after US terror warning


    Israel is moving troops up to Gaza border. Ominous. That’s how they start.

    ‘Israel moves forces near Gaza border Palestinian protesters.
    Israel begins reinforcing its military forces on its border with the Gaza Strip, amid heightened tensions with Palestinians over recent murders.’

  • Richard

    A good article, the contents of which, sadly, won’t be widely distributed.

    Being around young people quite a bit as part of my job (in education) I am constantly saddened by the effect that TV has on them. They don’t read – no, really, they don’t. If they’ve seen it on TV they believe it, it’s as simple as that. They can be told anything using roughly the same techniques of suggestion used to sell them cornflakes and soap powder. Hence the “blowing holes in airliners” thingy described in the penultimate paragraph.

    As for ‘liquid bombs’ I’m sure that everyone has seen what happens to this highly dangerous stuff when travellers are relieved of it at airports. It happened to me once coming back from Budapest. In addition to the usual embroidery and what-not for presents, I stopped by the Krishna temple and saw some Tulasi shampoo. Well, that’s a bit different, so I bought some for a friend, dropped it in my bag back at the hotel and forgot about it. I didn’t remember about it at all until I had the “Did you pack this bag yourself sir?” question post x-ray at the airport. Oh, bollocks! Anyway, the woman was quite apologetic about relieving me of my purchase, but then of course, it just gets dropped into a bin: bang. Or not bang, actually, but thump. No careful handling, no bomb squad, no evacuation of the area, despite the fact that a bin is sat there one third full of suspected explosive and I’m allowed to go on my merry way otherwise unmolested. Nobody seriously believes this stuff is going to explode. What would happen if they pulled a grenade or a mortar shell out of my bag? “Oh, dear. We have been absent minded here, haven’t we sir!” Drop it in the bin with a thump on top of the other suicide vests, I.E.D.s, sticks of dynamite and the like confiscated from other silly travellers and let me bugger off. It really is amazing that nobody in the main-stream media comments on this tripe.

  • Porkfright

    Clearly the sheep-having been shorn regularly for so long-are accustomed by now, and even happy about it all. We can probably guess that they will welcome the next step-at first, until too late.

  • CanSpeccy

    As for ‘liquid bombs’ I’m sure that everyone has seen what happens to this highly dangerous stuff when travellers are relieved of it at airports.

    Since manufacturing has been largely exported to plantations in Asia the anti-terrorism, domestic spying and the bullshit education industries have become a mainstay of the US-UK economy. Only last week a pimply youth at Heathrow insolently confiscated my tube of Pepsodent high explosive tooth paste because the tube, practically empty, had a capacity when full, in excess of 125 ml.

    What a pathetic end to the civilization of Newton, Shakespeare, Darwin, Clerk Maxwell, Stephenson, Brunel, etc. Not only, as Putin recently remarked, are “moral and spiritual values are being washed out,” but even the most elementary common sense.

  • Mary

    I heard a girl speaking on the radio the other day. She works at an airport. People buy those musical snowstorm-in-a-globe things which then get confiscated. She takes them home and sets them all off together to play their tunes. The music was strangely other-worldly.


    Must go. My heroine Shillary is coming on the One Show!

  • Mary

    O/T Absolutely outrageous Channel 4 anti Assange propaganda.

    On Medialens

    Channel 4 News….scraping the barrel on Assange…
    Posted by Ed on July 3, 2014, 6:19 pm

    Channel 4 News bringing in a rape victim to discuss if Assange should be allowed to attend a fashion show at the Ecuadorian embasssy…how fair and unbiased is that?

    Should Julian Assange be invited to model a fashion range?

    Vivienne Westwood’s eldest son Ben wants to launch his new menswear collection with a catwalk show in the Ecuadorian embassy on the fringe of London Fashion Week in September. The WikiLeaks founder has been confined to the embassy in a long battle to avoid extradition to Sweden over allegations of the rape and sexual assault of two women. Ben Westwood will join us live, as will Jill Saward, victim of the Ealing vicarage rape in 1986, who doesn’t think it is such a good idea.

  • KingofWelshNoir

    Does anyone remember the Wood Green ‘Ricin’ ring that never was? The authorities at Porton Down knew within two days that there was no ricin in the flat but this news was not passed on to the Press. ‘It’s here!’ screamed the front page of the Daily Mirror with a picture of a skull and crossbones. They also ‘forgot’ to tell Colin Powell who alluded to the Ricin ring in his address to the UN. Tony Blair endorsed Colin Powell’s speech on Newsnight the same evening, even though he must have known it was bullshit. It doesn’t get much more brazen than that.

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