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“You have had to live with the missile threat from Gaza for fourteen years now. But now you face a new threat, the tunnels Hamas have built running here from Gaza. How concerned are you about that?”

Incredibly, that really was a question asked by BBC journalist Stephanie Bell of an Israeli man, just broadcast on BBC1. So far over 600 Palestinian civilians have died compared to two Israeli civilians (one of whom was a Bedouin who as a matter of policy are denied air raid shelters). Yet the BBC continues to pump out the narrative that the “problem” is Hamas attacks on Israel.

There are many other more interesting questions Stephanie Bell might have asked. Here are some:

“Do you ever wonder about the lives of the Arab families who lived here before they were removed by force? Whether any of them are now living in Gaza and under those bombs and shells”

“Do you honestly believe that this land is yours because God said so?”

The BBC had also been reporting as credible Israel’s appalling denials that it massacred those families in the UN school, and completely unsubstantiated claim it was stray Hamas fire that did it. The UN have confirmed that Israel has regularly been hitting UN schools and medical facilities.

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  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    The party was good, but it ain’t over till the lady with the letterbox mouth sings.

    Tony Blair’s conveyance, Bombatdier Global Express G-CEYL, is now getting quite near Las Vegas: heading SW, origin Farnborough, where the plane’s based. Rather unusual. He usually summons the coachman to pick him up from Luton…

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    The Quartet Representative for Fuckall has landed at LA and sadly appears to be in one piece.

  • Clark

    Peacewisher, language is morphed in pursuit of an agenda, like calling file sharing “piracy”. Giving a friend a copy of a piece of music is nothing like attacking a ship at sea, killing the occupants and looting the cargo.

    From “the last true hacker” and friend of this blog, Richard Stallman; a list of misleading terms:

  • Peacewisher

    Have to agree with you about misuse of words to serve political agendas, but its probably too late to revive the original meaning for (computer) hacking.

    Incidentally, I wonder if Ukraine has a Computer Misuse Act, or something similar. In the UK, what happened to Graham Phillips computer would probably carry a prison sentence for the perpetrators.

  • Peacewisher

    BBC now reporting Nick Clegg saying that Russia should have the 2018 world cup taken away from them, based on their role in the downing of MH17. How anyone could bring themselves to vote Libdem in 2015 is beyond me.

    Methinks the local agenda is to get it transferred to the UK. The neocon agenda would probably be to make Putin very unpopular in Russia. The global capitalist agenda would be that they could make more money through sponsorship trough the (by 2018 if tories in power) freshly privatised UK.

    In the real world (twittersphere… is that real?) the ICC4Is… tag is still number 1 worldwide.

  • Harry

    Will protests against the Gaza massacre be banned in Germany and Britain as well as in France?

    I would like to hear a German anti-Zionist account of those two “Israeli tourists” who had to be protected by German police after encountering the ire of anti-Zionist protestors.

    Were they carrying cameras or doing other surveillance?

    What are their names?

    One thing we in such countries can do is talk loudly about the power of the Zionist machine in Britain, France and Germany – its defence squads, its media presence, the way (as most journalists know) it packs considerable force whenever any mainstream newspaper publishes something it doesn’t like.

  • Resident Dissident

    I am enjoying a well earned break at present so haven’t had much of an opportunity to comment, including on Craig’s excellent piece on Putin which has got the Putinistas slavering in their usual manner. But the useless idiot decided to have another personal attack which needs answering:

    – first of all he take me to task for not distinguishing between comments and posts, and then misses the irony of the first line of his “post”.
    – second – even by his definition his comment/post would be a post since it has nothing to do with the thread.
    – third it would probably best be described as an advert for his miserable little blog
    – fourth, the central premise of his post/comment/drivel is more than adequately dismissed here which was posted the day before his blog posting the source of which is as he states note TASS but the Russian Defence Ministry
    – fifth, the Krasnoarmeysk he refers to in his blog is 138km from Torez not the 843km he refers to, there is another Krasnoarmeysk in Russia near Saratov that is 843km away – but then accuracy has never been one of Mr Goss’s strong points or like Mr Putin he continues to use a map which doesn’t recognise the border between Russia and Ukraine.

  • Peacewisher

    @RD: I’m just interested in the truth. I have been educated a little on this blog about Putin’s excesses when he first came to power. Fair enough! But in recent years – especially since he put a spanner in the machine re Syria – much of the bad publicity about Putin has indeed been propaganda… and the BBC has been one of the worst offenders. I pay my licence fee to be entertained and informed, not get propaganda. I can accept a little of the “state broadcaster” bit, but it has been totally overblown. One might even think they are preparing us for war…

  • Peacewisher

    @RD: [playing devils advocate] I think Putin just wants Russia to be left alone. His agenda is defence of his (massive) country. On one flank, there is the Ukraine, and on the other is Japan. Both suddenly seem threatening to his country… it seems for no particular reason other than spreading the neocon globalisation agenda. How would you feel?

  • nevermind, it will happen anyway

    Did you mean this incident Harry.

    Berliner nightclub Matrix, 3 am in the morning. A Israeli topurist age 22 was asked to his whereabouts and when he said Israel, he was punched and beaten by what was most likely a Palestinian. His friend came to the rescue after narrowly missing a beerglass thrown at him. Outside they were all subsuded by pepperspray.
    The attacker bolted and the two called the police. Thats the Staats sicherheits polizei, not your usual copper, those who deal with terror incidents.

    There was another case, link on the same page at the bopttom, of a dance troop being verbally embarrassed somewhere else. Despicable, but inevitable, due to the circumstance we find oursaelves in.

    If they ban demonstrations supporting Palestinians here and in Germany, against the laws of free speech, all hell would break loose, me thinks

  • Resident Dissident


    I think Putin’s motivation lies in the defence of himself and his fellow oligarchs’ interests – given that they have systematically plundered Russia for many years saying that he wants to defend Russia (which is not HIS country whatever you and he may think) is hypocritical in the extreme.

  • Peacewisher

    RD: Interesting, and probably somewhat correct. However, we have undergone a similar “selling of the family silver” to corporate oligarchs, so probably not too much difference there, and David Cameron certainly seems to be a puppet of the corporate oligarchs. Maybe Putin is trying to stop this process going any further… ?

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    The World’s hotspots are diverting attention from ‘grass roots’ protests in US (madison wisconsin) over water access policies that seem to mirror Israel’s wrt Gaza.

    If I think of courageous journalist/dissidents, I think of John Reed. Now there’s a guy with balls.

  • Clark

    Ben, 15:19

    “Funny that RT is covering US news better than our own media”

    Not really. Propaganda works more by omission and suggestion than fabrication, so Russian propaganda stresses anti-US points, whereas “Western” propaganda stresses anti-Russian points. Just as in personal life, it is easier to see another’s faults than ones own.

    Whatever their position in the argument, people should bear this in mind before quoting either “side’s” propaganda about itself.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Clark; I really don’t care about ‘sides’ when it comes to information. If I can corroborate, it doesn’t matter….not a bit.

  • Clark

    Ben, OK, your choice. But if you don’t feel like calibrating your instruments, your model must be regarded as potentially more prone to inaccuracy.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    So you don’t bother to read sources that may be suspect? I think that approach means you are leaving food on your plate.

    I don’t swallow the flounder whole, but I do find nuggets of import even on Prison Planet and Godlike Productions. Any research is like that. Take String Theory, for instance. I am not beholden to Quantum, even though it is the accepted science because it is inadequate for such things as Dark Matter. It seems many are afraid, or feel it a waste of time to discuss because it is ‘exotic’, and they might offend colleagues who snigger behind their backs. Progress toward solutions is harder that way.

  • Sofia

    Clark and Ben.

    In an ant colony workers explore in every direction. Nowhere is out of bounds. If an ant body can get to it and return without being drowned, squashed, or eaten then it is part of the ant commons.

    The whole of their forage range is regularly crawled over. When an ant finds a food source it takes it home, laying a scaent trail that some others will follow. If the food source is worthy of multiple visits, the scent trail grows stronger and more ants check it out. If not it soon diminishes and disappears.

    What I love about visiting these threads is trails we all lay down. So my request is lets have no “should nots” about where we explore.

    When RD/ELSO kindly alerted us to the existence of the Stormfront website I sure learned plenty about the unpleasantness inside the ultra-right mind. Thanks.

    I’m sure it prepared me to learn about Svoboda and Stephan Bandera.

    So, my request is this. Please keep laying down the links and then let’s trust each other to draw conclusions. That way, if something is dodgy, we can examine it, and pick it apart or not for it’s content rather than it’s source.


  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    “What I love about visiting these threads is trails we all lay down.”

    My pheromones are distributed without prejudice, sofia. 🙂

    No Nazis in Ukraine… early genuflect swallowed whole by some. 🙁

  • nevermind, it will happen anyway

    Thanks Sofia, good link that, holiday snaps of dad, are they?….;)

  • je

    Its *Bethany* Bell. I’ve just heard her latest report from Israel. Totally one-sized, I mean 100% Israel-as-victim script that could have been written for her by the IDF.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Er, Ben…String theory isn’t opposed to quantum theory. As this site

    does its best to explain…*

    Modern physics has two basic scientific laws: quantum physics and general relativity. These two scientific laws represent radically different fields of study. Quantum physics studies the very smallest objects in nature, while relativity tends to study nature on the scale of planets, galaxies, and the universe as a whole. (Obviously, gravity affects small particles too, and relativity accounts for this as well.) Theories that attempt to unify the two theories are theories of quantum gravity, and the most promising of all such theories today is string theory.

    It’s actually quite a respectable attempt – not exotic – to make the maths work. And I stress the maths. The pictures and models you may form in your head are even more wrong than the ones you get from wave-particle duality. This really isn’t an area for amateurs, and the solutions, if any, aren’t going to be neat and easy. They weren’t for quantum theory and they very quickly stopped being for relativity. The maths will, or will not, determine how far it gets, not the lay supporters of the theory. This ain’t politics. It’s science.

    *and probably** fails

  • mike

    Ben, I think once quantum computing is scaled up, then a whole host of discoveries regarding such “anomalies” as dark energy (even more reviled by the particle guys than dark matter) will flow from that. The quantum realm is, possibly, the key to the universe, and by that I mean getting around it (or communicating through it, which may the same thing) in a fashion more efficient than using third law reaction drives. We haven’t moved out of the nursery yet, in a lot of ways. But it’ll come. I’m an optimist.

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