Forget Those Shredded Children, Hadley Freeman is the Real Victim Here 419

Do not be deceived. The murdered innocents of Gaza are not those who are really suffering. It is the liberal Jews like Hadley Freeman, victims of the new anti-Semitism.

Israel is a state openly founded on racist and theocratic grounds, in which Jews have an absolute right to live in Israel, wherever in the world they were born and their families have been for centuries, and nobody else does. The unfortunate pre-1946 occupants of the land have been mostly driven out into refugee camps, including in Gaza, while religiously motivated settlers continue apace to grab the best Palestinian land and water. The state does this for them precisely and explicity because they are Jewish. Those non-Jews who remained in Israel proper are subject to a whole raft of apartheid style legislation, even governing whom they may marry, and the quantity of this legislation is increasing. 140 Israeli laws specify treatment by race.

Israel is as a state entirely based and run on a racist premise. Its very foundation is racist. But while the Israeli state may steal land specifically for Jews, make provision for Jews, and make life difficult for non-Jews, anybody else who mentions Jews in the context of Israeli behaviour is a vicious racist and anti-Semite. This warped and ludicrous logic is enforced by political orthodoxy and the mainstream media.

It is as though, in opposing apartheid, it was taboo to mention it had been invented for the benefit of white people.

Reading Freeman’s long self-pitying self-centred whinge I was waiting to find out what had actually happened to her to occasion some distress. Had she had a brick through her window? Had she been assaulted in the street? Has somebody hurled racial abuse at her?

Apparently none of the above. It appears that she feels under unfair pressure to denounce the actions of Israel. And- horror of horrors – the Tricycle Theatre has cancelled a Jewish Film Festival in Kilburn because it was financed by the Israeli Embassy. Oh no, the agony! How can a poor girl survive in a North London which is so rife with anti-Semitism! It reminded me forcefully of the very first diplomatic social engagement of my professional career, in 1985 when our Afrikaaner hostess held forth on how she thought people looked down on her in Harrods.

I deplore racism with every part of my being, all racism. Freeman makes what is intended to be a smart observation that the Tricycle’s act “reminds me how very far I am from the States”. It is very plain that she regrets that and believes that the US attitude to Israel is better than the British one.

This then morphs into the meme that the reaction to the Gaza massacre is part of a wave of the “new anti-Semitism”. There have indeed been several deplorable anti-Semitic incidents in Europe in the last few months. But they have killed absolutely nobody in the last two years, while Israel has killed 1,500 people. There have been three terrible examples of racial murders of Jews in the past eight years, and there needs to be continued and unremitting vigilance against all hate crime. The disruption of Hadley’s cinema treats and the daubing of paint on a synagogue are in themselves bad things. But do they really compare to the massive disproportionate force being used to destroy over 1,000 women and children in a month in Gaza, and the context of the entire seventy year programme of ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people?

You are right, Hadley. Just because you are Jewish does not mean you should be under special pressure to condemn Israel’s actions. But if you take it upon yourself to write a long article on the subject, we are entitled to expect you – as a human being – to condemn the massacre. And as in the article you write about nothing but your own angst and the evils of anti-Semitism, and manage not a single word of sympathy or regret for the victims of the terrible massacre in Gaza, we are entitled to form our own opinion.

And my opinion is that you are a wholly self-centred and self-regarding little person with an abject lack of moral perspective, who seems to think the murder of 1500 people is about the impact on your feelings.

Hadley, you are not disgusting because you are Jewish: you are just a disgusting human being.

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  • Fool

    The Yazidi people have been suffering since 2003. Many may have managed to have left Iraq over the past decade. Apparently they fared better under Saddam then after. Now the world pays them some attention, but it goes back to 2003.

  • nevermind, it will happen anyway

    Can anyone remember the link to the statement by the Jerusalem police chief on the 3 killed teenagers, please.
    thanks in advance

  • Je

    Mary – yeah I heard the World this Weekend.

    We never get the Muslim equivalent even though they’ve suffered much worse. A barrage of demonising in the media, blamed for terrorism they have nothing to do with, abuse, vandalism, assaults, even murders in the UK, the Birmingham schools stitch up etc etc

    More collaboration from the BBC over some of that rather than airing their grievances on the World this Weekend.

  • Rehmat

    Netanyahu-Sisi united against Hamas

    Since military coup headed by Gen. el-Sisi replaced democratically elected Dr. Morsi, the Egyptian official media has been propagating Israeli lies; Hamas is an extended arm of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, it was created by Israel as counter-balance to secularist PLO and it’s running Iran’s proxy war against the only democracy in the region. But in Syria, the US, Israel and Egypt are supporting Muslim Brotherhood in its fight against the secularist Assad’s Ba’athist regime.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Mr Scorgie

    You are on record as welcoming the hoisting of the Palestinian flag by Glasgow City Council. In your own words:

    “Yes it was a “gesture” Habbabkuk but not a meaningless “political gesture”; it heartened a good many people and upset the Zionists so it was a very meaningful gesture of solidarity with the Palestinians.”

    Given that you too surely wish to upset a few Zionists and express solidarity with the Palestinian people could you tell us whether you too are flying the Palestinian flag from your house or flat?


    (Excuses like “the local Council won’t let me” are not acceptable, Doug. Surely such a noble “gesture” would be worth a small fine?)

  • Mary

    A new and tentative 72 hour truce starts at 10pm our time. When and how will it all end?

    That news followed an item on the displaced people living outside in Iraq in Irbil and on the mountaintop. The conditions looked terrible especially for the women and children. More of the Bush/Blair legacy returns to torment the Iraqi people.

    The war criminals and their accomplices are silent.

  • Mary

    What is this Anthony Reuben, BBC Head of Statistics, trying to say here?

    8 August 2014
    Caution needed with Gaza casualty figures
    By Anthony Reuben
    Head of statistics, BBC News

    Not as many massacred as we are told?
    More Hamas terrorists among the number?
    Why more men than women?

    Would he like there to be nice equal numbers? Revolting.

  • Je

    Reuben makes out its a choice between all fire being indescriminate and no fire being indesciminate. Then claims its no fire as the figures for casualties don’t match the population distribution. Utter dribble.

    He doesn’t bother with the context of civilian casualties in other conflicts which would show appallingly high they are in Gaza.

    The BBC also buy into a false definition of combatant. A policeman for example is considered a civilain everywhere else in the world except Gaza. Where he can be bombed in his bed at home, with his family and listed as a fighter.

  • Mary

    Proof, if it was needed, that Ban Ki-Moon is a stooge of the US and Israel.

    Wikileaks: Ban Ki-Moon Worked with Israel to Undermine UN Report
    UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon (Photo: Reuters)
    9 August 2014

    The General Secretary of United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-Moon collaborated in secret with Israel and the United States to weaken the effects of a Board of Inquiry’s report accusing Israel of human rights violations in Gaza in Dec. 2008 – Jan. 2009.

    Wikileaks released documents on Friday that revealed that Ban wrote a letter to the UN Security Council asking its members not to take recommendations by the UN Board of Inquiry about Israeli bombings in Gaza into account.

    The report demonstrated that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) had a direct role in seven of the nine attacks against buildings of the UN in Gaza strip, and accused Israel of having breached the inviolability and immunity of UN premises.


    The depths of depravity and corruption have been reached. We can go no lower.

  • Jives

    I applaud Glasgow City Council for flying the Palestinian flag to raise awareness of the slaughter in Gaza.

    I suppose there are some who see this as a mere gesture but then im sure there were some fools who thought Rosa Parks refusing to giver up her seat on a bus to a white person a pointless gesture.

  • Je

    in that thread someone say Reuben “lived in Israel and worked as an intern for one of the most right wing Israeli newspapers (The Jerusalem Post)”

  • Porkfright

    Mary, 6.54p.m. Looking round the internet early this morning I noticed some other commenters going off on this entirely despicable tack. When history doesn’t go quite as you expected it to-it’s time to rewrite it, seems to be the message.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    They tried to tell me you can’t do that. Well I am drowning in Girls including My Ex at CAmbridge Rock Festival and We are The Best of Friends..its a Love Thing. I havent seen for 33 years and my wife loves her..

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    That fool Jives writes

    “I suppose there are some who see this as a mere gesture but then im sure there were some fools who thought Rosa Parks refusing to giver up her seat on a bus to a white person a pointless gesture.”

    in response to which an even greater fool, “Porkfright”, simpers

    “Jives,7.17p.m. An excellent comparison.”

    There is, in fact, a rather big differences between those two acts.

    Rosa Parks had the guts to take a risk in furtherance of her beliefs….and probably suffered for it. Her action was heroic. Moreover, her action marked the start of a process of (welcome) change for blacks in the South.

    Glasgow City Council has taken no risk, whether individual or collective and runs no risk of having to suffer for its action. Nor will that action make one iota of difference to what happens in Gaza, whether now or later. Far from being a courageous action, it is pure gesture politics.

    And that is why the comparison is not excellent but bollocks.


    Habbabkuk against idiocy. Support the $, £, € and shekel.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Jives and “Porkfright”

    Are you flying the Palestinian flag as a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinians and Gaza?

    If not, why not?

    The secret police won’t come to your door, you know!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “And that is why the comparison is not excellent but bollocks.”

    And, moreover, belittles Rosa Parks’s courage and achievement.

    Have you people self-awareness at all?

  • Je

    Also from that helpful thread Reuben’s piece perhaps stems originally from this on Isreallycool

    Reuben’s article is pretty much a parrot of what’s there. The same either ALL indiscriminately killing or ALL not – to be deduced from age/sex statistics. Exactly the same nonsense proposition.

    Even if you take their figures of women killed 21% and children under 14 killed 15%. And assume male non-combatants die at the same rate as women you get 57% civilian casualties. Which is higher than WW1 (40% estimate) and about the same as WW2 where they had carpet bombing and death camps.(60% estimate)

    Then there ARE factors like the ambulance crew and other first responders in the young male bracket who would partly explain greater casualty numbers for that group. Reuben, with all his statistical experience, couldn’t manage to think of or mention ANY of those people – any more than Isreallycool could.

  • Jives


    Your pant pissing over the flag in Glasgow and Rosa Parks reveals your idiocy and twistedness.

    You really are a chanty wrassler Habbabkuk and i am happy to grind your sockpuppet gears.

    And you belittle the slaughtered in Gaza by your position.


  • Je

    Also the figures are those for the dead, not all casualties. Even though he heads his article with the word “casualty”. That should trouble Reuben – as all casualties might give very different statistics – but doesn’t. He just does exactly the same thing the blogger at Isreallycool did.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    Dear Moderator/s,

    Please put my mind at rest. Was just about to thank someone who posted a link to, amongst other fascinating details, a photograph of a Zionist medal carrying a Star of David on one side & a Nazi swastika on the other. This was in response to my own comment carrying a link to a lengthy YouTube interview detailing collaboration between Zionist organisations & Nazi Germany/fascist Italy.

    Both my comment & the reply appear to have been removed. Did you remove them? If so, I’d be grateful to know why.

    Meantime, this presents me with the excuse to re-post the mysteriously Missing Link. And then my reply to whoever was kind enough to post the link to the scandalous but revealing little-known medal.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    ‘Israel is as a state entirely based and run on a racist premise. Its very foundation is racist.’

    Indeed. And I fear CM (on the basis of occasional past comments) may still not appreciate the extent to which this is bizarrely the case. Ms Freeman, I’m sure, will be ignorant of the following. Would be most interested to hear her response:

    Likud founding father Vladimir Jabotinsky collaborated with Mussolini. Ben-Gurion denounced VJ as ‘Vladimir Hitler.’ Netanyahu’s father was VJ’s secretary.

    Lenni Brenner, author of ’51 Documents’ & ‘Zionism in the Age of the Dictators,’ casts light on what to many readers of this blog, CM included, may seem astounding. 

    Particularly at the present time, I suggest, these largely hidden facts need to be disseminated as widely as poss:

  • Jonangus Mackay

    Many thanks. Was about to go looking for the Star of David/Swastika medal to which Brenner refers; but you’ve saved me the trouble. Most grateful.

    BTW: The ‘Star of David’ & the Nazi swastika may be seen not merely as (in this instance, quite literally) two sides of the same medal. Contrary to popular belief, Zionist use of the star, like the Nazi adoption of the swastika, has its origin in Teutonic-style myth-making rather than cultural tradition. Most will be astonished & indeed outraged—those of Jewish extraction, & Zionists, in particular —at any such suggestion. In his volume ‘The Messianic Idea in Judaism’ the justly revered Jewish historian Gershom Scholem, however, devotes an entire essay to the topic. He details how only two instances of Jewish use of what’s become know as the Star of David have ever been found prior to the 19th century. 

  • Tony M

    The question for those with somewhere to fly one, is really that of where Palestinian flags can be obtained reasonably cheaply and by such sales money can be raised for food and medical care, temporary housing, whilst the comprehensive rebuilding of Gaza’s bombed-out infrastructure and its surviving people’s shattered lives is planned and costed in detail and the bill, printed in bold blood red, handed to Netanyahu in his Tel Aviv bunker.

    Rather than us buying useless and inedible flags, made of oil-derived fabrics or perhaps child or slave labour grown cotton, in which we would be soon be subsumed (albeit pleasantly) their is a neater, quicker easier obvious alternative, and the ball is already rolling and gathering momentum it is BDS –Boycott, Divestment and sanctions.

    By all means local authorities in Scotland and in other countries and parts of the British Isles, should make some highly visible show of support for Palestine, assert their independence and autonomy now, from rotten crumbling centre at Westminster, and examine their business dealings, suppliers and contractors for any taxpayers money, including Council Tax siphoned off into the Israeli war machine.

    Israeli funds held in any banking institution worldwide should and must be seized to pay for the damage done to Gaza, and for compensation to those or their descendants whose houses and land the Israeli thieves are living in, and pay for what is by far the greatest outstanding debit on Israeli accounts, compensation for the many millions of victims killed and injured by wanton Israeli psychopathic violence. The Palestinian’s inviolable right of return means they would also need protection from Zionist extremists along with ‘de-nazification’ of Israel. Bankrupt the swine to come to the negotiating table begging.

    Consumers can act positively too, save this image, print it out:

    Finding substitute brands for this over-priced and tainted tat is easy, and saves you money.

  • Je

    Reuben: “It’s important to bear in mind that in Operation Cast Lead … Hamas and Gaza-based organisations claimed that only 50 combatants were killed”

    The BBC’s own article here says 120.

    “Hamas has said 48 of its fighters were killed. The Popular Resistance Committee says 34 died and Islamic Jihad said it lost 38 men. ”

    Really sloppy for a head statistician, no?

    Reuben: “, admitting years later the number was between 600-700, a figure nearly identical to the figure claimed by the IDF.”

    No evidence given. “admitting” is a loaded term. And it all depends on who you define as a combatant – someone actually fighting at the time or including those killed when not fighting. Since there is no reference to this, no actual quotes, there is nothing to convince that Hamas ever changed their story. We’ve just got Reuben, sloppy as he is, and ex intern at the Jerusalem Post telling us…

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