Forget Those Shredded Children, Hadley Freeman is the Real Victim Here 419

Do not be deceived. The murdered innocents of Gaza are not those who are really suffering. It is the liberal Jews like Hadley Freeman, victims of the new anti-Semitism.

Israel is a state openly founded on racist and theocratic grounds, in which Jews have an absolute right to live in Israel, wherever in the world they were born and their families have been for centuries, and nobody else does. The unfortunate pre-1946 occupants of the land have been mostly driven out into refugee camps, including in Gaza, while religiously motivated settlers continue apace to grab the best Palestinian land and water. The state does this for them precisely and explicity because they are Jewish. Those non-Jews who remained in Israel proper are subject to a whole raft of apartheid style legislation, even governing whom they may marry, and the quantity of this legislation is increasing. 140 Israeli laws specify treatment by race.

Israel is as a state entirely based and run on a racist premise. Its very foundation is racist. But while the Israeli state may steal land specifically for Jews, make provision for Jews, and make life difficult for non-Jews, anybody else who mentions Jews in the context of Israeli behaviour is a vicious racist and anti-Semite. This warped and ludicrous logic is enforced by political orthodoxy and the mainstream media.

It is as though, in opposing apartheid, it was taboo to mention it had been invented for the benefit of white people.

Reading Freeman’s long self-pitying self-centred whinge I was waiting to find out what had actually happened to her to occasion some distress. Had she had a brick through her window? Had she been assaulted in the street? Has somebody hurled racial abuse at her?

Apparently none of the above. It appears that she feels under unfair pressure to denounce the actions of Israel. And- horror of horrors – the Tricycle Theatre has cancelled a Jewish Film Festival in Kilburn because it was financed by the Israeli Embassy. Oh no, the agony! How can a poor girl survive in a North London which is so rife with anti-Semitism! It reminded me forcefully of the very first diplomatic social engagement of my professional career, in 1985 when our Afrikaaner hostess held forth on how she thought people looked down on her in Harrods.

I deplore racism with every part of my being, all racism. Freeman makes what is intended to be a smart observation that the Tricycle’s act “reminds me how very far I am from the States”. It is very plain that she regrets that and believes that the US attitude to Israel is better than the British one.

This then morphs into the meme that the reaction to the Gaza massacre is part of a wave of the “new anti-Semitism”. There have indeed been several deplorable anti-Semitic incidents in Europe in the last few months. But they have killed absolutely nobody in the last two years, while Israel has killed 1,500 people. There have been three terrible examples of racial murders of Jews in the past eight years, and there needs to be continued and unremitting vigilance against all hate crime. The disruption of Hadley’s cinema treats and the daubing of paint on a synagogue are in themselves bad things. But do they really compare to the massive disproportionate force being used to destroy over 1,000 women and children in a month in Gaza, and the context of the entire seventy year programme of ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people?

You are right, Hadley. Just because you are Jewish does not mean you should be under special pressure to condemn Israel’s actions. But if you take it upon yourself to write a long article on the subject, we are entitled to expect you – as a human being – to condemn the massacre. And as in the article you write about nothing but your own angst and the evils of anti-Semitism, and manage not a single word of sympathy or regret for the victims of the terrible massacre in Gaza, we are entitled to form our own opinion.

And my opinion is that you are a wholly self-centred and self-regarding little person with an abject lack of moral perspective, who seems to think the murder of 1500 people is about the impact on your feelings.

Hadley, you are not disgusting because you are Jewish: you are just a disgusting human being.

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  • Porkfright

    Habbaclown-I have a slight feeling that you may be the secret police, since you were the one who brought the matter up. No matter-you never answer questions, so why should I?

  • Samson

    Tony M,
    I support all your thoughts, the electorate, first and for all, should demand from MPS to introduce a law which would ban lobbying in my country’s parliament or government institutions for any other country. The biggest problem in the West and America is we have lobbysts,and these lobbysts are mainly zionist regime poodles. They are the ones who lobby interests of Israel, which is acting viciously with no respect for international law.
    If some kind of zionist bastard wants to lobby the interests of a zionist regime, let him leave my country and lobby for it there, but not in my name and not in my country. Enough is enough!

  • Mongol in China

    I dreamed that a white feather of truth fell on the dark waters of Zionist propaganda forcing them to speak in context. They now said:

    We have a right to defend ourselves
    against any irritating resistance to our campaign of genocide.
    We remember our holocaust
    and we’ll do things differently.
    Hauling people off to extermination centers is logistically complicated,
    expensive and politically dangerous.
    We’ll simply keep them confined, bomb the shit out of them and cut off their means of survival.
    Our powerful friends will cover our backs.
    After all, we’re doing it for them.
    Today Israel, tomorrow the Middle East.

  • Robert

    Craig, I agree with your post.

    Having bought the Guardian on Saturday, I started to read Ms Freeman’s article but I gave up since it seemed nothing but a self indulgent wallow in hurt feelings. I’ll avoid reading anything by her in future.

  • Tony M

    Here is a link to a slightly better copy of that list of brands/companies to avoid.


    Brands/products with a recognisable presence here (Britain) include:

    Maxwell House
    Signal (Toothpaste)
    Estee Lauder
    Marks and Spencer
    Johnson & Johnson

    Many once respected household names there, and I’ll add, mindful of house demolitions and the American girl crushed under one in IDF hands: JCB. Feel free to add to this list.


  • DoNNyDarKo

    Fred: Low even by your poor standards.
    No doubt from an anonymous source.
    They’ve been trying to tar the SNP with the nazi brush for a while now.Isn’t working.
    This fictitious journalism is unfortunately the norm these days.
    Zionists prove with every atrocity and war crime they commit they are every bit as
    evil as the nazi’s were. Are you going to tell me that free prescriptions and Uni is
    proof that Salmond is Adolf reincarnated ?

  • guano

    The MSM do not discuss who has created ISIS et al, they will only show National Geographic style photos of women and children in crisis.

    ISIS started as a resistance to the USUKIS 2003 neo-colonialist invasion of Iraq. USUKIS planned to use Iraqi oil wealth and Saddam secularisation of society to create a less Islamic version of Dubai or Qatar or Kuwait. Blair’s lame promise was to rebuild a prosperous, Westernised society in Iraq.

    One of the reasons ISIS has risen to prominence is that the Bush Blair plan was so blatantly anti-Islam, and so cynically based on misappropriating Muslim resources. This means that however many hundreds of thousands may have died as a result of ISIS, USUKIS crusader mentality created a 100% unshakeable resistance.

    This is a case in which Blair’s measures to oppose criticism from the BBC and from the UK public, are directly responible for the current Middle-East crisis. There were plenty of voices inside his own government and civil service advising him against the ‘disneyisation of Iraq, but he used Thatcher iron-fist control to silence them.

    If David Cameron had used his common sense he would have convicted Blair of abusing the office of Prime Minister, as indeed many Republicans in the US now want to impeach Obama for sailing to close to the wind in his imperialist threats to the world.

    Forget oil. So long as Muslims perceive the West’s intentions as crusadist, as opposed to crude-oil-ist, extreme organisations (by any standard) like ISIS and many others will be seen to be legitimate, whatever they do by the majority of ordinary Muslims.

    It is Christian fundamentalism which has created extremism in Islam. a fact that the hasbara tribe of of Zionist devils in politics and the media know only too well. Zionism has stoked the madness of the Christian fundamentalists and the gay rights etc, in order to aggravate Islamist reaction.

    It’s no good blaming Muslims when it is the Hasbara tribe of Zionist devils like Hadley Freeman who have stirred up emnity between Islam and the West. Craig criticises Arabs for blaming the West. I disagree. Islam is merely reacting to a vile conspiracy concocted by Zionist spite and Christian greed.

    Islam should not be stirred into violence against the innocents. It should rise above the rest.

  • Fedup

    Jives you have hit the nail on the head;

    Your pant pissing over the flag in Glasgow and Rosa Parks reveals your idiocy and twistedness.

    These zionist cretins operate in a most predictable fashion.

    1- They emphasis and over emphasis none existent threats; as in the case of anti semi…. etc.

    2- Concurrently these same cretins play down and belittle any real threats of opposition to their insane policies.

    Anyone taking note of the above soon will see the pattern emerging in many areas. The zionist scum are really rattled by the notion of Palestinian Flags flying over official buildings and elsewhere. The visible erosion of the the zionist power in suppression of the opposition in UK and elsewhere, has a secondary backlash of the “undecided Jews” or those Jews not particularly committed to the zionist cause. that in turn can be the cause of an avalanche of defections, and mass rejections of zionist scum’s conduct.

    This particular point was exhibited when Komodo suggested picketing synagogues on Saturdays. The zionist cretin having blown a gasket then started to goad Komodo to do so!

    Fact is as you would know “community security trust” are a well organised bunch of vigilante in charge of protection of synagogues etc. Further, if you have ever been standing near a synagogue for more that two minutes you will soon find various characters approaching you to find out what is your business, and why are you hanging around?

    This kind of mass action picketing will visibly erode away the security blanket myths promised in return for the support of their inhuman policies, and create all manner of problems for the zionist scum. To begin with damage the progress of their priority outside of zionistan; to ensure Jews do not assimilate, thus weakening the zionist cretins power base.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “The zionist scum are really rattled by the notion of Palestinian Flags flying over official buildings and elsewhere. ”

    Well,, Fedup, I’ll let the Zionist scum speak for themselves, but if I may speak for myself:

    are you going to fly the Palestinian flag from your house/flat?

    Surely, like Mr Scorgie,* you also want to upset a few Zionists and show solidarity with the people of Palestine and Gaza?

    Or are you just another internet hero-bigmouth?


    * who has, of course, not yet responded to the same rather simple question, despite vaunting Glasgow City Council for flying that flag (ditto Jives and “Porkfright”).

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    Are you man enough – or, perhaps, sober enough – to admit that the comparison you made between Glasgow City Council and the heroic Rosa Parks was a most foolish and insulting one?

    Or are you just another internet hero-loudmouth?

  • karel


    “9 Aug, 11:58 pm: do you edit Wikipedia?” No, I do not after having been advised about the futility of doing so. I waste already much time stuggling with lunatic editors and the so called referees who are all bent on buggering my articles.

  • Fedup

    Well,, Fedup, I’ll let the Zionist scum speak for themselves, but if I may speak for myself:

    Self inflicted prophet, why don’t you go and ask G_d and complain to G_d as you are suppose to?

    Your “super divination” among other “super characteristics” are being let down by these silly questions you ask.

  • Tony M

    Guano lifts the runner-up prize, after Tony Op_moc for incomprehensible rambling today.
    Build up the phantasmagorical ISIS that wipes all else from the news and do not mention its Saudi funding and extremist religious philosophy which does not resemble mainstream Islam in the least. It’s funny how they went on the attack against secular Syria’s majority Muslim population, so ‘Islamic’ are they and everyone else not nearly enough, then turned on Iraq when the Iraqi government refused legal immunity for crimes, including crimes against humanity committed by the US and its coalition forces. Now they seek to fragment Iraq as punishment, fuelling only with certainty to cruelly dash Kurdish aspirations, as North Iraq’s oil is exfiltrated to Israel. ISIS is as phoney as a very phoney thing indeed, they have lost a revered leader in William Hague, but have gained as Mark Golding pointed out here and here, an out-of-work Israeli actor is their leader in his place, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi aka Elliot Shimon aka Simon Elliot.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Obomber the Cautious sure made a quick decision to bomb ISSIS in Iraq. I wonder if Aleppo is the real target. The House of Saud is full of sodden souls.

    “In the last two weeks alone, Isis has fought on five fronts: against the Iraqi army, the Kurdish peshmerga, the Syrian regime, the Syrian opposition and the Lebanese army. In Syria the group has all but consolidated control of the eastern provinces of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, as it made advances against government forces in Raqqa and subdued most of the rebel forces in Deir Ezzor. It is also advancing into Aleppo, reaching the city’s eastern outskirts, and in Hasaka, and is battling the Kurdish militias in the north-east. In Iraq it has advanced to a point only half an hour’s drive from Irbil, the Kurdish capital.

  • Je

    Here’s what I think about Reuben’s “Caution needed with Gaza casualty figures” article put altogether.

    Its pretty much a parrot, knowingly or not, of what’s on Isreallycool.

    There is a false dichotomy behind all of it. The same either ALL indiscriminately killing or ALL not – to be deduced from age/sex statistics for the dead. Exactly the same nonsense proposition in both. All one or all the other. When nobody is suggesting all Israeli fire was “indescriminate”. Something which neither define.

    Even if you take the figures from Isreallycool of women killed (21%) and children under 14 killed (15%). And assume male non-combatants die at the same rate as women you get 57% civilian casualties. Which is higher than WW1 (40% estimate) and about the same as WW2 where they had carpet bombing and death camps.(60% estimate). Reuben doesn’t give any of that context.

    “…if the Israeli attacks have been “indiscriminate”, as the UN Human Rights Council says, it is hard to work out why they have killed so many more civilian men than women.”

    Note how its all indescriminate or all not. And really that hard that Reuben had no ideas at all about why there could be more men than women? There are ambulance crew and other first responders in the young male bracket who would partly explain greater casualty numbers for that group. And vehicle drivers, and other groups who might be more male. Then there are young male civilians who we know have been deliberately targetted. Policemen for example are considered civilians everywhere else in the world – but not by the Israelis in Gaza. Reuben, with all his statistical experience, couldn’t manage to think of or mention ANY of those people – any more than Isreallycool did.

    The figures are those for the dead, not all casualties. Even though he heads his article with the word “casualty”. That should trouble Reuben – as all casualties might give very different statistics. But it doesn’t. He just does exactly the same thing the blogger at Isreallycool did.

    “It’s important to bear in mind that in Operation Cast Lead … Hamas and Gaza-based organisations claimed that only 50 combatants were killed”

    The BBC’s own article here says 120.

    “Hamas has said 48 of its fighters were killed. The Popular Resistance Committee says 34 died and Islamic Jihad said it lost 38 men. ”

    Really sloppy for the head statistician.

    “, admitting years later the number was between 600-700, a figure nearly identical to the figure claimed by the IDF.”

    No evidence given. “Admitting” is a loaded term. And it all depends on who you define as a combatant. Someone actually fighting at the time – or including those killed when not fighting. Since there is no references to this, no actual quotes, there is nothing to convince that Hamas ever changed their story. Rather than there being two figures refering to those two different things. Or some other explanation. We’ve just got Reuben, sloppy as he was with the first figure, and ex-intern at the Jerusalem Post, implying Hamas deceived and the good old IDF were right all along.

    Finished off with

    “But it does mean that some of the conclusions being drawn from them may be premature.”

    A lack of specificity that casts aspersions upon everything said about the casualty figures. So they don’t matter, unreliable, forget children blown to pieces, we can all just move along..

  • Do not tolerate the morons

    Thank you Craig. Guardian’s drivel as expounded, in particular, by H. Freeman, is appallingly offensive. Guardian’s main audience is now zionist yanks and in particular moron groupie followers of “Hey Hadley you’re fabulous” when she bitches about some idiot celebrity ! Moronic, snearing, offensive drivel written by that appallingly arrogant and vacuous liberal “Jew” – as she wishes to define herself. And yes, she is disgusting – no mention of the children, women, old people, innocent civilians – all slaughtered by thugs from Israel. Sanctions against Israel and US – its arms supplier.

  • mark golding

    ZIONIST TREACHERY – Israel is in reality a state-sized forward operating base (FOB)

    As such, Israel’s constant and otherwise irrational aggressiveness and belligerence makes perfect sense. An FOB’s priorities are not prosperity and peace as would a nation’s, but rather to engage forward into enemy territory.

    The trick over the years has been to portray Israel as a nation, while propping up its constant hostility, belligerence and aggression as “self-defence.” To keep this illusion in motion, Israel and its regional and Western collaborators have even created full-time enemies, including Hamas itself – a creation of Israeli intelligence and to this day primarily propped up by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both of which are defacto regional partners with the West and of course Israel itself.

  • BrianFujisan

    Couldn’t make any of the Protests yesterday Got Drooned at the Last Glasgow one.. Great turnout…

    Flying Flags… is it ok to ridicule such Simple if futile Gesture…

    if i fly Palestine flag Futile..????

    If Glasgow Fly’s the Flag…NOT SO MUCH

    Well Done Glasgow.

    NOW… ridiculing – Hundreds of Thousands of outraged souls Global wide… This is Clever? in jest, or For $, £.

    Whilst Fathers in Gaza are Standing with Carrier Bags…Containing….


    Cheers Man… Atz a Mutual my Friend..Stay Good, and see ya soon

    Here is Tariq Quenching for a wee bit..the ugly bbc –

  • Tony M

    I missed out Toblerone. Think of your teeth.

    In anticipation that someone will say how can Elliot Shimon be an ‘out-of-work’ actor, when he’s working for ISIS. Well if someone is daft enough (probably UK taxpayers) to pay him to grow an odd-looking beard and wave a rifle around on netanyahutube, I suppose you could – but not with a straight face – call that work.

    Mark’s link just above at 12:44am looks incomplete, I think this is the quoted article and is a must read, dispersing the smoke and shattering the bewildering blinding mirrors: and is a truer, sounder background to the issues than our muppet media pathetically expound won’t discuss. And names some of the top-level culprit corporations, think-tanks and individuals: . I wouldn’t agree that consumer boycotts are fruitless, and what else is suggested by the landdestroyer list than boycott, the lists even overlap in places, though how do you boycott a think-tank, outhink them or poison their inputs, on the garbage in-garbage out principle. I would say proven and successful conspiracy to commit acts of terror, war are sufficient to proscribe these organisations and named persons and start proceedings. I recognise that boycotts can have unpredictable and even counter-productive results: Zionist-led boycott of German goods in the US, by dominant, prominent retailers pulling German goods off of shelves as well as consumers acting zombie-like in response to an irresponsible newly ‘owned’ press, flexing its potential for ill and at the height of its malign power, led indisputably and directly to the reciprocal action in Germany called kristalnacht, which ended badly for all.

  • Jives


    You accuse the Glasgow Council of gesturism by flying the Palestinian flag.

    Yes indeed it’s gesturism.So what? Don’t you like compassionate gestures?

    The fact that you’ve posted at least 8 times on various threads about the Glasgow flag shows you’re clearly rattled by such gesturism.Scared it might go global Habbatroll?

    There’s really something quite sad and desperate about you Habbabkuk.I hope you recover and become a compassionate person.There’s still time old boy.Until then i just feel sorry for you and the shitty job you have to do.

    Who knows if i’m an internet hero-loudmouth? Maybe i am? At least i’m posting from a position of genuine feeling and not a bought and paid for sockpuppet shill who’ll write anything for money and their line manager’s favours.

    Secret services you say? Is that Hasbara manual Chapter 1 instructions of low-level Zerzetzen personalised intimidation? You know…the sorta not-so-veiled personalisation of,for example,Mary’s life and home? Very twisted Habba,very dark.

    Whatever flag(s)i choose-or not- to fly in my own home is none of your business,frankly.

    But i have no objection if you wish to fly the Jolly Roger or your raggedy old stained string vest from your own home.

    You really are a desperate little shill Habbabkuk.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    The entire piece is worth reading.

    “Isis may well advance on Aleppo in preference to Baghdad: it’s a softer target and one less likely to provoke international intervention. This will leave the West and its regional allies – Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey – with a quandary: their official policy is to get rid of Assad, but Isis is now the second strongest military force in Syria; if he falls, it’s in a good position to fill the vacuum. Like the Shia leaders in Baghdad, the US and its allies have responded to the rise of Isis by descending into fantasy. They pretend they are fostering a ‘third force’ of moderate Syrian rebels to fight both Assad and Isis, though in private Western diplomats admit this group doesn’t really exist outside a few beleaguered pockets. Aymenn al-Tamimi confirms that this Western-backed opposition ‘is getting weaker and weaker’; he believes supplying them with more weapons won’t make much difference. Jordan, under pressure from the US and Saudi Arabia, is supposed to be a launching pad for this risky venture but it’s getting cold feet. ‘Jordan is frightened of Isis,’ one Jordanian official in Amman said. ‘Most Jordanians want Assad to win the war.’ He said Jordan is buckling under the strain of coping with vast numbers of Syrian refugees, ‘the equivalent of the entire population of Mexico moving into the US in one year’.

  • BrianFujisan

    Ben there But cant do the Noo..Great link…Will get back to ya on that..Cheers

    Jives Kool as fuck

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    The most likely descendants of the ancient tribes of the bible are the Palestinians who, for this unpleasant truth, have to be exterminated by the “Jewish” impostors. (Karel)

    Look familiar?

    PS, Don’t worry too much about Habbabkuk. It’s not hasbara, just nasty. Craig and it have history. Ask it about the kangaroos.

  • Mary

    The languid Welby on the plight of the Iraqi religious minorities.
    BBC Radio 4 Sunday 32mins 45secs in

    Welby is in Papua New Guinea!! WTF? Converting the native people?

    This morning on Radio 4 Today, Dannatt ex chief of the general staff 2006> spoke of our ‘culpability for the current state of Iraq’. YCNMIU. Too right we have.

    He wants a little more war, war!
    Lord Dannatt: We know the dangers of inaction – the West must intervene in Iraq
    Lord Dannatt, a former Chief of the General Staff, says faced with these dire circumstances, our politicians must demonstrate courage and act

  • Mary

    This morning on Radio 4 Today, Kevin Connolly reported from Gaza on the horror there. He spoke to a Palestinian plastic surgeon who sounded broken and to a NHS female anaesthetist from Bristol who is spending her annual leave working in Gaza. Her heart like many working in our NHS is huge.

    BBC Radio 4 Today @BBCr4today
    About 2,000 people have been killed in the Gaza conflict so far. We hear from a UK doctor who is working in a Gaza hospital (0730).

    BBC Radio 4 Today @BBCr4today
    Rachel Craven is one of the British doctors treating wounded people in #Gaza @MSF_uk #r4today

    Quite a change from Connolly’s usual Zionist propaganda that he pumps out from Jerusalem.

    Followed a little later by Tony Lawrence of Medical Aid for Palestinians on the plans to deal with the 10,000 wounded. Absolutely dreadful. Yet Israel stays silent on the humanitarian disaster that they have created.

    I will put up links later.

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