Cameron Lies 65

“It’s not often you see me and Gordon Brown in complete agreement” says Cameron.
Voting to invade Iraq?
Voting to Bomb Libya?
Bailing out the fatcat bankers with 60,000 pounds from every family in the UK?
Supporting Trident missiles?
Opposing curbs on bankers bonuses?
Supporting the security state?
Supporting the Private Finance Initiative?
Supporting “Private Provision of Services” in the NHS?
Supporting deregulation of the financial services industry?
Supporting cuts in corporation tax?
Supporting privatisation of railways and utilities?
Supporting arms sales to Saudi Arabia?

etc. etc. etc.

Get rid of the Red Tories and the Blue Tories. Vote for independence.

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65 thoughts on “Cameron Lies

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  • nevermind, Scotland will be free

    Todays Independent has an article by Kim Sengupta who was in the Ukraine and visisted the site as one of the first journalists there.

    He wrote of the lies that were created to obscure the aircrash scenario, of people stealing. He has seen nobody stealing and he only saw an OSCE man taking something away, nobody else did.

    He also questions the investigation as being not thorough enough, sporadic and without wanting to find out, something he gathered from an interview with a retired miner Aleksandr Borodkin 68. ” I’m a retired miner. Accidents in mines got much more examined than what went on here”

    sorry could not find the link to it, read it in the paper version.

  • Ben


    “. Similarly the approval rating for Barack Obama’s handling of international policy declined by 20 percentage points to 56 percent.”

    His approvals range from 35-40% in the US for FP handling. Maybe he should consider dual-citizenship and run for office in Germany. 🙂

  • Ba'al Zevul (For Scotland)

    the overwhelming majority of votes in England were cast for the ‘neoliberal’ parties

    The overwhelming majority of campaign funding in England went to the ‘neoliberal’ parties. From neoliberals.

  • Republicofscotland

    Also today, wee bald Willie Hague took PMQ’s at Westminster, with many of his acolytes,having a dig at Scotland like nodding punchinello’s MP’s on both side, gave a “here! here!” as wee Willie castigated the SNP, and nationalist.

    Of course to nationalists, Westminster is some Siberian outpost, that may as well be based on the moon for all the difference it will make after independence.

    In stark contrast Alex Salmond and yes politicians strolled throught the streets of Scotland today, as if out on a summer stroll,they were met with praise, rounds of applause and smiles all around. No fear, or handpicked proselytes around, only the agreeing public, it would seem the Jedi, are on the cusp of defeating the Empire.

  • Republicofscotland

    We also had, Peter Robinson the PM of NI say he’d do all he could to deter Scots from voting yes. As if NI didn’t have its troubles to seek, and his side kick in appeasement to Westminster, the PM of Wales Carwyn Jones, has also said he do everything in his power to block Scottish independence.

    Jones of course doesn’t reflect all of the Welsh peoples attitudes towards Scottish independence, many Welsh people see Scottish independence as a catalyst, to Westminster reform, though I doubt you can teach an old dinosaur new tricks.

  • Just saying

    MH17 – a computer savvy high school kid would have easily given us a virtual profile of the plane, as seen in all those pics, showing all the puncture holes on the fuselage. But not the Dutch investigators?! Mebbe that would have clearly shown a single BUK cannot have caused all those punctures, that they were caused by cannon fire from the pursuing SU?! But they invented double-dutch after all, and dutch courage to go with it in the face of this outrageous impunity of a false flagging Great Satan and its operatives including Kohn and Obomber.

  • Republicofscotland

    Like a battle scarred Trebuchet, whose definitely seen better days, (Though when I can’t recall) Gordon Brown has constantly been wheeled out by the Better Together camp.

    Westminster and Better Together seem to think Gordon Brown has some form of credibility in Scotland, and for most Scot, that notion just doesn’t ring true.

    Brown who I would imagine would love to take a seat again at the top table in Westminster, sees an opportunity,that after he manages to secure a no vote, he could rise from the shit,he’s helped create, up into the echelons,were ego’s are constantly massaged, as long as you toe the party line.

  • Abe Rene

    I understand that “may you live in interesting times” was a curse in ancient China, not a blessing.
    If the vote is Yes, rUK will just have to manage. But don’t be too quick to assume that things will be hunky-dory North of the border, and if they’re not, THERE WILL BE NO UK ANYMORE, to bail Scotland out.

  • Just saying

    We had LHO magic bullet that made a complete U turn and blew JFKs brains to the back of the limo. Now the same devils want to con us that it was a magic BUK that became a MIRV that caused the extra punctures that may not be explained by a one directional single missile.

  • Republicofscotland

    Alistair Darling, in Glasgow today, like Ed Miliband, Darling is a constant whinger, today he objects to Alex Salmond using the phrase, “Team Scotland” of course Darling isn’t united under the flag of “Team UK” is he now.

    Darling and Brown, who are akin to Medusa and Perseus (They can’t stand the sight of each other)are shoulder to shoulder, in their attempt to thwart Scottish independence. Both men have form when it comes to messing up Brown a calamitous PM and Darling a non too wise Chancellor.

  • Daniel

    “New Labour compromised socialist principles. That’s a reason to argue for them more vigorously, not break up the UK.”

    That’s very much the view of George Galloway. It’s also one that I used to think had some traction but I have since changed my view. I agree that the momentum for independence is an indictment of Labour’s pathetic record in Scotland. However, for there to be the kind of a return to the old Labour values you allude to, would require a massive shift in the prevailing mindset of the average English voter who, despite the disaster of Blair, have successively failed to elect a social-democratic alternative to neoliberalism. Of course, this eventuality is hampered by the first past the post system. But when given the opportunity to make incremental changes that would have provided the catalyst for the introduction of PR, the voters rejected it.

    The truth is the central issue is one of political awareness. It seems to me that in general the Scots are far more politically aware and therefore far more class conscious than the English are. The Scots recognize that the lack of class consciousness among the average English voter mirrors the narrow party-political structure and ideological discourse of the Westminster elite.

    A yes result next Thursday will be provide the long-awaited wake up call for England which is why, as a working class Londoner, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an independent Scotland.

  • JimmyGiro

    “Get rid of the Red Tories and the Blue Tories. Vote for independence.”

    You’ve given it a name, and you compared it with the concept of left and right dichotomy; but do you understand the consequences?

    You want more choice, and by your nationalist view, you will elect those who best represent those views… and no others.

    By the ‘iron rule of oligarchy’, when the honeymoon period is over, you will bring upon yourselves a new step father, one of your own choosing, who, free from the shackles of tradition, will rule your wee kingdom with the iron rule of a dictator.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “Gaia Hepburn”

    Is sock-puppeting in your disinformation guide?

    Because you’re clearly one.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    advocates breaking up the UK in order to provide a wake up call for the English to develop a greater sense of class consciousness – which in turn will bring about true socialism – which in turn will bring Heaven unto earth. In French, this is known as la politique du pire.

    In the face of crazy “reasoning” like that one reluctantly has to side with GG.

  • Daniel

    “advocates breaking up the UK in order to provide a wake up call for the English to develop a greater sense of class consciousness – which in turn will bring about true socialism – which in turn will bring Heaven unto earth. In French, this is known as la politique du pire.

    In the face of crazy “reasoning” like that one reluctantly has to side with GG.”

    You are in denial. To deny that the English are not as class conscious as the Scots is fanciful. Craig’s experience of English attitudes and political ignorance in Ramsgate is not untypical. A yes vote, just MIGHT be the wake up call required. That’s all I suggested.

  • Mary

    The war criminal and his wife, contd,

    He is nowhere near Scotland.

    It was his legislation which got the ball rolling – so why is Tony Blair so conspicuous by his silence in the independence debate?
    Ephraim Hardcastle
    10 September 2014

    She’s in Tokyo.

    Blair: ‘Women still face many barriers’
    On September 12, the World Assembly for Women, a three-day meeting of powerful women starts in Tokyo. Cherie Blair, one of the speakers, tells DW the global economy “misses out” when women lack equal opportunities.
    (A lovely job with the airbrush there)

  • Richard


    “The leaders of the United Kingdom cannot argue for Scotland to stay in a country they themselves are working so hard to abolish.”

    On his blog; I commend it to those interested.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    And all I’m suggesting is that to advocate the breaking up of the UK seems a rather extreme remedy for the claimed lack of class consciousness amoung the English.

    And anyway, your theory presupposes that a highly developed sense of class consciousness is a good thing.

    Many non-UK commentators have claimed – and still claim – that the persistence of a high degree of class consciousness amoung the British is precisely one of the reasons why the UK has been outperformed by many of its European competitors.

  • Ba'al Zevul (For Scotland)

    George Monbiot savages Brown, and Brian Wilson (remember him? Still turning tricks in the New Labour brothel):


    If Labour has any political nous, any remaining flicker of courage, it will understand what this moment means. Instead of suppressing the forces of hope and inspiration, it would mobilise them. It would, for instance, pledge, in its manifesto, a referendum on drafting a written constitution for the rest of the UK.

    It would understand that hope is the most dangerous of all political reagents. It can transform what appears to be a fixed polity, a fixed outcome, into something entirely different. It can summon up passion and purpose we never knew we possessed. If Scotland becomes independent, England – if only the potential were recognised – could also be transformed.

    YES. Amen to that.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    You appear to be calling for a continuation or even higher level of the “them and us” mentality so many Continental and American commentators and academics have noted with a mixture of pity, astonishment and occasional amusement.

  • Clydebuilt

    Cameron loves Scotland more than his party.
    He loves Scotland so much he stayed for nearly a whole day before dashing south.
    He loves Scotland so much that he will come back up next Monday.

  • Ba'al Zevul (For Scotland)

    Richard, thanks for pointing out the Peter Hitchens piece, which is here:

    Further down the same page:

    I think the shock of actual Scottish independence will be huge when it comes. And I think the government that loses Scotland will not be readily forgiven.

    People will be amazed at how quickly our world standing will sink. The departure of Scotland will alert the whole planet to how much we have in fact declined in the past 50 years.

    You would be amazed how many people abroad still think we are the well-educated, well-governed, economically successful civilisation we were five decades ago. A border at Berwick, and the compulsory redesign of our national flag and our Royal Standard, will make them look again, and see what we have now become.

    I think this will lead to some pretty radical changes in England. One of them might be that English people will at last grasp the true extent of the Tory Party’s treachery and incompetence. That would be one good outcome.

    Agree. It will be the emperor’s-new-clothes moment.

  • OldMark

    Komodo/Richard- thanks for referring back to the Hitchens article- very prescient, given he wrote this back in February.

    ‘the smaller nations of Europe are indulged by the EU, because (unlike the big countries) they are no threat to it. They are happy to be allowed a flag, an anthem, a well-paid political class, a little pomp and circumstance – and no real power.
    Like many of the EU’s smaller members, Scotland is not big or rich enough to be truly independent. It can never hope to have its own free-floating currency, or its own armed forces capable of projecting power – the true indicators of sovereignty.’

    Hitchens here correctly identifies the X Factor behind the SNP’s infatuation with the EU.

  • Daniel

    “You appear to be calling for a continuation or even higher level of the “them and us” mentality so many Continental and American commentators and academics have noted with a mixture of pity, astonishment and occasional amusement.”

    Your comment is indicative of the underplaying of an understanding the concept of class as one that has an objective meaning. Rather, the above is consistent with the misguided assertion that class is subjective.

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