Happy New Year 888

This is my last comment for the year as we are off to spend Hogmanay as the guests of an Ambassador in Paris. Out of deference to my family, who have had the brunt of it these last few days, I am definitely not taking the laptop, so I will no longer be able to take part in the popular new bloodsport of proving your loyalty to the SNP by being nasty to Craig Murray.

My parting thought is that, as every year of my entire life, it has been a disastrous one for the Palestinians. Yet more land occupied, settlements built, homes destroyed, olive trees uprooted, shipping vessels sunk and yet another murderous onslaught on Gaza.

I warmly recommend this rare public appearance by Col. Larry Wilkerson, ex-Chief of Staff to Colin Powell and a fellow recipient of the Sam Adams Award for Integrity. His brief musings here on Israel and Syria come from a deep store of knowledge and a razor-sharp intellect.

Do have a wonderful celebration. The future will be good. We are closer to a transformational change in society than you may realise.

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888 thoughts on “Happy New Year

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  • Resident Dissident

    Are they misunderstanding him?

    Yes – but Hitch had no problems with others disagreeing with him providing they were being honest.

  • Jemand

    Technicolour :


    “Is it possible to effectively outlaw a religion? It is in the muslim world. Is it desirable? No. But it’s better than a civil war in 40 years time.”

    Hitchens on the Nazis:

    “By means of oppressive legislation, they began to make all of Germany Judenrein, or “Jew-free.” Jewish businesses were first boycotted and then confiscated. Jewish places of worship were first vandalized and then closed.”

    Others have woken up to your dishonesty and sleazy attempts at twisting the meaning of words and imagining ulterior motives. Across the board, those on various sides see you for what you are. A troublemaker and a fool.

    For your last comment directed at me, you are trying to compare me with the Nazis. You’ve done it before and here you are, dishonestly conflating an ideology with a so-called race.

    Muslims are not a race any more than fascists are. Jews, while not a race, are believed by many, including themselves and their historical enemies, to be a distinct race with congenital dispositions. Shutting down a violent cult is not the same as murdering millions of people, you dopey bitch. I’m quite sure that if I advocated for the EDL to be shut down, you’d have shown gleeful support.

    It looks like you are roundly hated here, Technicolour. Maybe it’s time for you to fuck off and join a libturd extremist group with other indigenophobic wankers who like to sit around campfires, singing protest songs and stroking each other’s egos at the taxpayer’s expense.

  • Mary

    P Andrew has returned from a skiing holiday to speak to Mummy and consult with advisors. Step forward Sir David Manning!

    Do the denials remind you of the Clinton/Lewinski episode?

  • Neil Barker

    Herbie asked:

    “Are you this Neil Barker?
    Anything come of that, eh? Perhaps you could some advice to Red Diss on the tort of defamation.”

    I ask:
    Are you this Herbie?

    What does ‘could some advice’ mean?

    Usually I’m not in favour of torting. It’s not very effective. It’s also wrong.
    You lefties should pick up a copy of the Daily Mail from time to time. You might be very surprised to find that it’s the only mainstream paper that consistently opposes torture, the expansion of police powers, the war of terror, secret courts, socialist wankers, adultery, paedophilia, fat people, Scottish nationalism, republicanism and prince Charles. It’s a strange, original, very independent-minded Tory organ, quite unlike your normal organs. It also has by far the best website of all UK newspapers.
    They have wonderful photographers. They are not owned by anyone called Rupert. They are damn fine people.

    Oh, did I mention that they have wonderful photographers?

    Craig, I do hope you had a thrilling experience in Paris with ‘an Ambassador’ – I’m sure you’ll give us all the details for the next few years.

    Do you think that the ‘Ambassador’ blogged that he was offline because he was expecting a guest who was a former ambassador?

    Capitalisation, like capital punishment, is somewhat controversial. I favour the latter more than the former. But then, I went to Burton’s finest grammar school. I know the difference between common and proper nouns. I know, very much more, who are proper people (they’re all common).

    You, Craig, are neither proper nor common. Circumstances permitting, I will post some relevant photos.

  • Neil Barker

    Mark Golding:

    “Consulting the Yijing 2015
    2015 – The Focal Points of Intention

    1. US right-wing thrust to maintain econ. blockade of Cuba.

    Not going to happen

    2. Israel in the US will undermine Iran Agreement.


    3. Colonization of Palestinian land by Israel continuing.

    Good! The Palestinians have already got their country – east of the river Jordan.

    4. Full scale economic war against Russia.


    5. Heightened econ. tensions with China and North Korea.

    Possible but not important.

    6. US free trade agreements with Europe & Asia discarding China and Russia.

    Highly improbable.

    7. Strengthening powers police/GCHQ/SIS, school/college/Uni admin.

    Yes – stupid and bad.

    8. Middle and working class become further alienated.

    Not where most of us live (outside London).

    9. More financial volativity.

    I love that word, volativity.

    10. US/UK/IS ISIS long term war.

    Agreed. But that’s not a bad thing. We need our militaries to be trained, and there is no better training than real fighting.

    11. Taliban increases strength, numbers chaos.

    Didn’t understand that one.

    12. Ukraine bankruptcy.

    Woohoo! It’s not like it’s a real country anyway. How many of you readers can correctly name its currency, president, and another city there, without Googling?

    13. National Front ++popularity.

    Not happening. All those fruitcakes joined UKIP.

    14. Alignments – Saudi/Israel Iran/IraqTurkey/Russia Brazil/Venezuela

    That’s not very clear.

    15. China anti-corruption clean-up riots

    How can a clean-up riot? Oh, I get it – no, not going to happen either.

    Any typos are an indication of illiteracy and should not be regarded as typos.
    This message is intended for the sole recipient but may be copied, transmitted, rubbed against and swallowed at will.


  • Neil Barker

    My hedge fund is now almost 22 pounds. Almost enough to plant 60 saplings.

    God bless you all, even you evil atheists.

    Special God bless you all for the new year to Jews and nice Muslims.

    6th January marks the end of Christmas. Take the tree down.

    Craig, stop surrounding yourself with conspiracy weirdos and do things differently this year, or risk becoming marginalised – to the very edge.
    Engage with your opponents – don’t just abuse them. Remember your own experiences when you were fired.

    And, by the way, did I mention that I’m the best photographer that you never met?

  • Kempe

    ” @Mark Golding – its really very simple, ALL THAT ENERGY (that turned the towers to dust and molten metal) in MID AIR did not come from some aviation fuel. It may be Kempe forgot some nuclear matzoballs in the lift shafts on his last NY sightseeing trip !! ”

    Previously the tin-foil hat brigade jumped on the fact that 1.2 million tons of debris was sent direct to the Fresh Kills landfill site and the steel dispatched for re-cycling as evidence of cover up. Now it seems this material never existed, was all turned to dust either by “mini-nukes” which somehow left adjacent buildings unscathed or a ray-gun fired from outer space.

    Incidentally Ken O’Keefe doesn’t subscribe to either theory. He just thinks MOSSAD flew planes by remote control. Maybe that’s something you and Mr Golding could thrash out between you.

  • Kempe

    ” Craig, stop surrounding yourself with conspiracy weirdos and do things differently this year, or risk becoming marginalised – to the very edge. ”

    A fair comment. It damages your credibility and provides ammunition for your detractors.

  • Herbie

    Couldn’t care less about Randy Andy. He’s a distraction.

    The Dershowitz is the much more interesting case. He’s going all in on this. Taking his accusers on big time.

    And there’s much more to it than the allegations of sex with a minor.

    There are allegations about threats to prosecutors etc. Very high level shenanigans alleged. All denied.

    Then there’s those whose lips are sealed.

  • Mary

    Don’t forget P Andrew has always been featured as the brave helicopter pilot who saved the Falklands for the Empire. All part of the propaganda for militarisation provided by the royals.

    Now a fallen idol to many but not to his ex wife (“the best man in the world”) who shares his roof! and also took £15k from Epstein. You couldn’t make her up.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    There you go, Neil Barker
    I’ve converted this into redneck-speech for the convenience of your usual audience in the Daily Mail and Burton Mail :

    “Usually I’m not in favour of to’tin’. It’s not mighty effeckive. It’s also wrong, acco’din’ t’ th’ code o’ th’ heells!
    Yo’ lef’ies sh’d pick up a copy of th’ Daily Mail fum time t’time. Yo’ might be mighty surprised t’find thet it’s th’ only mainstream paper thet cornsissently opposes to’ture, th’ expanshun of po-lice powers, th’ war of terro’, secret courts, socialist wankers, adultery, paedophilia, fat varmints, Ole Jebish nashunalism, republicanism an’ prince Charles. It’s a peekoolyar, origeenal, mighty independent-minded To’y o’gan, quite unlike yer no’mal o’gans. It also has by far th’ bess website of all UK noospapers.
    They haf wonnerful photographers. They is not owned by ennyone called Rupert. They is dadburn fine varmints.

    Oh, did ah menshun thet they haf wonnerful photographers?

    Craig, ah do hope yo’ had a thrillin’ experience in Paris wif ‘an Ambassado’’ – I’m sho’nuff yo’’ll give us all th’ details fo’ th’ next few years.

    Do yo’ reckon thet th’ ‘Ambassado’’ blogged thet he was offline on account o’ he was speckin’ a guess who was a fo’mer ambassado’?

    Capitalisashun, like capital punishment, is somewhut corntrovahsial, ah reckon. ah favour th’ latter mo’e than th’ fo’mer. But then, ah went t’Burton’s finess grammar skoo. ah knows th’ difference between common an’ right nouns. ah know, mighty much mo’e, who is right varmints (they’re all common).

    Yo’, Craig, is neifer right no’ common, as enny fool kin plainly see. Circumstances permittin’, ah will post some relevant photos”

    Thanks once again to the The Dialectizer.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    The Dershowitz is the much more interesting case. He’s going all in on this. Taking his accusers on big time.

    “He would, wouldn’t he?” (M. Rice-Davies, RIP)

    MASSIVE self-publicist, and Israel fan, so anyone who thinks he might have been up to something is obviously antisemitic – check: http://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Alan-Dershowitz-says-Anti-Israeli-zealots-are-loving-accusations-against-him-386635

    I wouldn’t call myself a zealot, exactly, but otherwise…yes.

    Jeffrey Epstein, formerly defended by Dershowitz, is a supporter of Friends of the IDF, and “a growing number of international schools, international student initiatives and associations working towards peaceful accords and conflict resolution”. Take your pick. He’s already done a very lenient (thanks to Dershowitz and loadsacash in the right places) 13 months for his activities with very young girls.

    But many as the reasons are for us to believe, utterly, anything Dershowitz and Epstein tell the media, this lady has an informed take on the allegations:


    Whether this actually involves Azerbaijan Andy* may never emerge, of course.

    *He went back there again in November…


    No secret now, eh?

  • Herbie

    Dershowitz defended OJ as well. Persecuted poor old Norman Finklestein.

    Big media name. Harvard Prof.

    Bigtime cnut.

    He’s hoping Randy Andy publicly defends himself as well. He said it almost plaintively.

  • Jemand

    Prince Andrew fucks a high paid 17 year old prostitute and people get all in a tizz. Meanwhile, Arabs fuck their 9 year old forced brides and people say almost nothing. People like Jihad Mary and her Islamophile friends, that is.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Arabs fuck their 9 year old forced brides

    Well, that canard, dating to the 7th century CE (when the practice was not unknown in Europe), might still be a genuine problem, though supporting data is absent from your comment. However,we’re the ones that pride ourselves on our superior values (don’t you?) and maybe if our deeply respected superiors – an example and inspiration to us all – are up to underage nooky, that comes significantly closer to home.

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