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I am available again for Yes meetings on 15, 16 and 17 September. Invitations welcome through the contact button above. Happy to go anywhere I can do good. My St Andrews speech a week ago has now had 75,000 views on Youtube.

It is symptomatic of the way this campaign has gone that I can find nothing online from the No camp which has had one fifth as many views, with the solitary exception of the PatronisngBTWoman video, which has massive views from people making fun of it.

Miliband was in Blantyre yesterday where his every bodily function was breathlessly reported by Severin Carrell in the Guardian – but even the Guardian could not pretend his audience in the “Labour stronghold” amounted to more than “dozens”. I am told it was under fifty. Better Together support on the ground has simply evaporated. What they rely on is that the massive output of mainstream media and the authority of the Westminster parties will have sufficient impact on their key demographics – pensioners, and housewives in a 1950’s sense – to shore up a residual no vote of the easily scared. My challenge to people to identify any Better Together gathering of more than 300 has been met with resounding silence.

Television has been wall to wall Miliband lately, and the BBC in Scotland seem to have simply abandoned their obligation to give equal broadcast time and treatment to both sides. Presumably many of the New Labour hacks who control Pacific Quay realise that their behaviour has made a Yes win a career threatening situation for them, so at this stage they see nothing to lose.

If independence is achieved it will be down to a popular movement and not to any politician. Indeed, if one person has to be singled out, I would say the Rev Stuart Campbell has made the most decisive individual contribution in the campaign. If Social media has beaten the mainstream media, the central rock around which millions of flowers have bloomed has been the Wings over Scotland website. This has a significantly larger daily readership than any newspaper in Scotland. The Wee Blue Book I found everywhere, including copies already available in pretty well every pub I entered, as I toured the East Coast. Over 400,000 downloads of the PDF have been made and 250,000 copies centrally printed, as well as a number of private initiatives which had already obtained professional printings from the PDF. Conservatively, there are over half a million hard copies out there, as well as all the reads online. In a population of 5.2 million, that is a major impact.

When we close down BBC Scotland and create a new citizen based, cheaper and more arts-oriented organisation in its place, let’s put Stuart Campbell in charge. Some state-funded drama and arts output seems to me commendable. State funding of pap entertainment is not needed – the private sector can do that perfectly well. State funding of “journalism” which investigates nothing and never challenges the establishment must be stopped.

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  • Fedup

    I can’t remember exactly why he left, but it had nothing to do with Technicolour or me. I’d remember if it did.

    An admission won’t you agree?

  • Mary

    Tim Schmalz a sculptor in bronze was speaking on Radio 4 Sunday this morning. He has made a sculpture of the Homeless Man and wants suggestions for where it could be sited. I suggested Gaza would be appropriate location where in excess of 100,000 souls are homeless and likely to remain homeless for some times as the Israeli entity are not allowing cement and building materials to enter Gaza.

  • fred

    “Could I please be a mod? I’m a former constituency chair of a political party ”

    Don’t know why you would think that makes you better than everybody else.

  • lysias

    What could be a better well-deserved kick in the pants for the forces of evil in the world than a Jacobite restoration?

    (The person who suggested considering restoring the Plantagenets could do worse in spending his time than listening to a few renditions of Scots wha hae.)

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I tried to send this text message to Craig Murray – last weekend actually…The Scottish band were just so good..but The Internet Didn’t work in The South Of England at a Festival where we all camping..and only a very occasional text message..so I sent it to My South African mate…Can You Forward This on To Craig Murray..He is English Too..and He is My Mate.


    RESULT..well if they don’t cheat – and they won’t..I actually trust the Election Process in England, and Scotland, and Wales and Ireland…

    We are CLASS


  • Ben

    “Here is another entity”

    What a difference two years makes, eh Fedup?

    Tech/Dre/Jon hoisting Palestinians on their shoulders and doing a rugby ‘Hukka’ resembling the tattooed natives of NZ on a hunt for just desserts.

    Havasack wasn’t spawned yet was he?

  • Dreoilin

    “An admission won’t you agree?”

    Nope. I don’t recall ever arguing with Cryptonym myself. And I don’t recall Tech arguing with him either. I think he had some grievance or dispute with Craig.

    “Here is another entity, whom no longer interacts with this blog highlighting the pattern of harassment and bullying.”


  • Mary

    We have had the Limp Ics, the Commonwealth Games and now the Invictus Games, the brainchild of Prince Harry of ‘We do bad things to bad people’ fame.

    Various ex servicemen and women, some with horrendous injuries and disabilities. from thirteen countries compete against each other.

    The young prince seems to think that this staged event honours those who served their country. I would see the games (a US invention) as an indictment of our illegal and pointless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The very opposite of an advert for militarization. More like a condemnation.

    ‘Come and cheer on wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women at venues made famous by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Check out the competition schedule to plan their Invictus Games experience.’

    No show without the ubiquitous Katherine Jenkins and Joanna Lumley amongst the ‘celebrity’ supporters.

    No words.

  • Tony M

    Cryptonym never left just took the huff at the sheer injustice of the world it all and explored new online pastures, rather than the manure heap this had become, and reserves still the right to call a cult … a cult, and a seedy, sick cult at that, here there and everywhere. There was another incident immediately preceding this where Jon had modified a comment of his own, after posting it, to change the meaning and wording of it entirely, after I had already engaged in disagreement with his point, and still had the original unmodified comment on my clipboard history and quoted the original unmodified comment, it was on an insignificant matter, but a treacherous ominous abuse of absolute mod-power corrupting. Cult applies to Zionism, applies to specific religions starting with letters A to Z, and in the plural to all religions. Deluded nutters the lot of them. Even if the destruction of religions, supposedly the backbone of states but not where I come from, more an axe in the head, were a goal of some utterly evil force the like of which humanity had never seen since Nerys Hughes, they’d probably be quite right in and applauded for doing so, but not in replacing it with some other equivalent or more likely worse tyranny. Which seems to have happened already. P.S. There were no planes, but were 3 X large deep underground nukes, as per original building designs.

  • Fedup

    dreo it is pointless to carry on any kind of interaction with a shameless bully who is admitting to her nefarious antics, in one post and then denies it in the next.

    In the link that your tag team mate provided you were masquerading as nuid. Interestingly enough there you are denying that there is such a predatory pack of degenerates roaming this blog.

    Now you are denying that you have been engaging in the zersetzung, harassing and assaulting those you have been ordered to as by the puppet master.

    You really have no shame do you?

    Even when you are caught so red-handed, you come back to give it big.


    What a difference two years makes, eh Fedup?

    Very true Ben. The same bunch less their strategically placed ally Jon the mod, promoting that deviant Jemand. Although as you say self inflicted was not around then, and instead we had the “angry” wotsit assigned to this place.

    The same stale and worn out mims, over and again, it is kind of a groundhog day, an unpleasant and sinister one at that.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    A few years ago..I think it was the first time we’d been there actually..(It was dead cheap..just pay for the package holiday including flights including the hotel) so most people just landed and effed off all around the rest of India…

    My wife and I didn’t do that – cos we had never been there before…

    But even so….The Beach went on Forever…or so it seemed…The Arabian Sea…and to be perfectly honest…whilst the hotel was very nice…it wasn’t really my cup of tea…so I got to the beach ran for miles…well not really…got invited into some Real Music Tents…I thought I need to run back to my wife and tell her what is here….

    I got Their First…

    I was going to run back and tell her…

    My wife and I like the World and we like meeting the people of the world…and we like the music of the world..but most of all we like being invited into their tents…particularly when…hardly any English…but Everything else. Its hard to explain the love of people in this world..But My Wife and I know..and we Try To Be as Good and So Welcoming and Open and Friendly and Inviting..as some of the people we have met travelling the world.

    I don’t think we do too bad..but both my wife and I come from Lancashire…and my wife is Naturally Nice. She makes friends with everyone – instantly. She is My Angel.


  • Mary

    Absolutely shocking statistics within here and as you can see, nothing is being done to start the process. Winters in Gaza are cold and wet.

    Gaza rebuilding ‘will cost $7.8 billion’
    Palestinian Authority estimates it will cost $7.8 billion (£4.7 billion) to rebuild after the seven-week war with Israel

    Note it was ‘a war with Israel’, rather than a massive bombardment by a heavily militarized entity who massacred over 2,000 men, women and children and demolished 17,000 homes, the infrastructure and public buildings including mosques.

  • technicolour

    “Now don’t forget to leave hubby’s balls on the mantle when you retire”

    – you forgot to add ‘from a nasty little misogynistic pseud’. But there, done it for you.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “The Plantagenets never ruled Scotland (except for the tyrannical regime briefly imposed by Edward I and his son).”

    You’re right, but it’s never too late to start, is it. 🙂

  • Ben

    The Gorgon states emphatically that her spouse reads the blog and finds some scurrilous creatures making dens of inequity. I suggest her overbearance is somewhat persuasive for his peace of mind. I cannot imagine what it’s like to have her around my neck every day and night, shrewing my every thought and decision with the nectar of her venom. He has my sympathy, but not my respect.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    ““degenerates” – now who would use that kind of language?”

    Allow me to assist. The Nazis did (eg, in relation to art), as did the Soviets (again in relation to art and also during the 1930s show trials.

  • lysias

    Andrew Neil has tweeted:
    “Strong indications from Murdoch and Salmond sources that Scottish Sun will back independence despite protestations from London Sun”

    The last straw?

  • Ben

    “- you forgot to add ‘from a nasty little misogynistic pseud’. But there, done it for you.”

    I can rely on your auspices to reflect the gender bias. Add misogynist to racist and you have the total masculine aspect. It’s nice to have the superior tone to flesh-out your predilections. Don’t get carried away though. Women are unaccustomed to the phenomenon of power and you are learning fast, but not fast enough.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “No its not racist to look at things from a different perspective”

    Indeed not, but your particular “perspective” has no place on this blog. Try David Irving, mortherntruthseeker or Stormfront if you can’t restrain yourself.

    What handle do you use there?

  • lysias

    Anybody who can suggest considering restoring (?) the Plantagenets to rule in Scotland really ought to pay a listen to Scots wha hae. I think Scots would have a much dimmer view of restoring (?) descendants of Edward Longshanks than of restoring descendants of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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