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I am available again for Yes meetings on 15, 16 and 17 September. Invitations welcome through the contact button above. Happy to go anywhere I can do good. My St Andrews speech a week ago has now had 75,000 views on Youtube.

It is symptomatic of the way this campaign has gone that I can find nothing online from the No camp which has had one fifth as many views, with the solitary exception of the PatronisngBTWoman video, which has massive views from people making fun of it.

Miliband was in Blantyre yesterday where his every bodily function was breathlessly reported by Severin Carrell in the Guardian – but even the Guardian could not pretend his audience in the “Labour stronghold” amounted to more than “dozens”. I am told it was under fifty. Better Together support on the ground has simply evaporated. What they rely on is that the massive output of mainstream media and the authority of the Westminster parties will have sufficient impact on their key demographics – pensioners, and housewives in a 1950’s sense – to shore up a residual no vote of the easily scared. My challenge to people to identify any Better Together gathering of more than 300 has been met with resounding silence.

Television has been wall to wall Miliband lately, and the BBC in Scotland seem to have simply abandoned their obligation to give equal broadcast time and treatment to both sides. Presumably many of the New Labour hacks who control Pacific Quay realise that their behaviour has made a Yes win a career threatening situation for them, so at this stage they see nothing to lose.

If independence is achieved it will be down to a popular movement and not to any politician. Indeed, if one person has to be singled out, I would say the Rev Stuart Campbell has made the most decisive individual contribution in the campaign. If Social media has beaten the mainstream media, the central rock around which millions of flowers have bloomed has been the Wings over Scotland website. This has a significantly larger daily readership than any newspaper in Scotland. The Wee Blue Book I found everywhere, including copies already available in pretty well every pub I entered, as I toured the East Coast. Over 400,000 downloads of the PDF have been made and 250,000 copies centrally printed, as well as a number of private initiatives which had already obtained professional printings from the PDF. Conservatively, there are over half a million hard copies out there, as well as all the reads online. In a population of 5.2 million, that is a major impact.

When we close down BBC Scotland and create a new citizen based, cheaper and more arts-oriented organisation in its place, let’s put Stuart Campbell in charge. Some state-funded drama and arts output seems to me commendable. State funding of pap entertainment is not needed – the private sector can do that perfectly well. State funding of “journalism” which investigates nothing and never challenges the establishment must be stopped.

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581 thoughts on “Speaking Date Availability

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  • Tony M

    Both the At Doune and the St Andrews speech pages which had returned 404 “Not Found” errors, since around 5:30pm, are now no longer listed at the bottom of the main page, under Recent Posts.

  • Republicofscotland

    Whistleblower exposing Blair’s sham marriage had Police pay a social call to remove all his papers
    latest whistle blower to have to flee his home this morning is Christopher Cooper.
    Chris who with his “chris cooper investigates” radio show played taped phone calls from Tony Blair’s private line on radio, and claimed that Tony and Cherie’s marriage was a sham,
    he also played tapes from Netanyahu’s phone which showed the man to be a psycho.
    Chris wife admitted police to their home this morning where they took away computers discs and notebooks.

    Chris has confirmed what we already knew, Netanyahu is two sandwiches short of a picnic.

  • Al Milliner

    Craig, it’s interesting that you are on hand to delete virtually every one of my posts critical of your fanciful ideas, but so far have not found the time to delete any of the posts by the weirdo pretending to be me.

  • Republicofscotland


    A Short comment by Gilad Atzmon

    Ynet reports this morning on “the operation to hide Steven Sotloff’s Jewish and Israeli background online.”

    The articles tells a story of a “worldwide network of friends included over 150 members, speaking 20 different languages, who scanned every post Steven has made on Facebook or Twitter and removed any mentions of his Israeli or Jewish connections.” I can only think of one Jewish organization that could facilitate such an grand scale operation and it isn’t JVP.

    We also learned yesterday that Sotloff spent 3 years at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. An institute that is linked to the Mossad according to some media sources.

    Israeli press comes short of linking Sotloff to the Mossad but it produces the necessary evidence that would make such a suggestion into a valid option.
    Still think he was beheaded?


  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “Oh! please give me a break”

    If you need a break that badly, RiS, try Habbabreak; you won’t get one from me.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “You thinkJulia Tymoshenko, calling for the genocide of Ukraine’s six million ethnic Russians is less Nazi than I,…”

    Is she a member of the govt in Kiev, CanSpeccy?

    You must learn to read posts carefully: I wrote ” To judge by your disregard for truth, CanSpeccy (and from your racist views), you are much more of a Nazi than anyone in govt in Kiev.”


  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    Were you dreaming of buggery when you wrote this?

    “Mary {SIC – missing comma}I get the distinct feeling HABB is a misogynist, due to his b*ggering days at bording {SIC} school, a trait way to {SIC }commonly associated with the self obsessed and morally defunct { SIC} Oxbridge classes.”

  • Tony M

    In the case of the At Doune post, four pages, over 755 comments have been removed, excised, on the say so of Kempe and Fred. The St Andrews speech post, two pages, at last count had 394 comments, in addition to Craig’s original blog post. All gone?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Tony M

    “In the case of the At Doune post, four pages, over 755 comments have been removed, excised, on the say so of Kempe and Fred.”

    May I point out in all modesty (as always!) that I was probably the first poster to point to the Holocaust-denying nature of several comments by “Republicofscotland”?

    The reason is simple – nothing escapes Habbabkuk’s vigilant eye!


    Habbabkuk for decency and sanity of CM’s blog.

  • Al Milliner

    3 posts deleted since Craig finally decided to reply to my question. Can he not just provide evidence for his 15,000 claim and save himself the hassle?

  • Republicofscotland

    May I point out in all modesty
    Habbabkuk for decency and sanity

    The above three traits, even if you lived to be a hundred years old, Habb, you’ll never come close to any of them.

  • Ben

    Holy shit! Doune the rabbit hole, is a metaphor until the purity squad hammers everything into oblivion.

    Ah the expediency of political correctness leads us all into civilization.

  • Tony M


    “Will Tyrone discover the truth? Carla begins to doubt Peter’s guilt. Max’s behaviour is diagnosed.”

    With the football season underway, it looks like being a great year for the Rovers, new signings, new coach and a refurbished stand and a new tea urn, put them in the front rank.

    Is Madonna’s hair falling out? We get answers from Hollywood’s leading trichologists. http://www.takeabreak.co.uk/

  • Ben

    Rand Paul is, imo a trojan horse without a condom, Ba’al. Conservatives are running away from the moniker, so many are subscribing to ‘libertarian’. But if you feel it’s important to have a healthy and pot-hole free highway system, or some kind of public assistance for starving folks, I would opt out.

    Not that libertarianism is all bad; no more than anarchism. Left-leaning libertarianism is like Scots Independence with some form of decentralized gubmint. It’ll never happen though. It makes too much sense.

  • Al Millininer

    And what is even more galling, everyone seems to think the wretched impostor is me, because of his scurvy trick of hewing quite closely to my continual whinging and demented amour-propre and comical affectations, without ever putting across my devotion to Her Majesty and the playing fields of Eton, where I never went but I know the boating song, Lovely Boating Weather/And a hay harvest breeeeze… You bounder! Sirte was our finest hour.

  • Ben

    ” Sirte was our finest hour.”

    your command over language excretions and linguistic counter-measures indicates an educated nothingness. Knowledge should inform progress, not devolution as in an ‘Idiocracy’.

  • Mary

    O/T There are nearly 200,000 signatures on the petition to Cameron from a woman who claims that DWP sanctions resulting in benefit cuts killed her ex soldier brother.


    Here she is speaking on Radio 5 Live

    As I have got older, the sound of another person’s distress, weeping or sobbing, or to hear their voices breaking upsets me more and more. Poor woman.

  • Tony M

    Don’t go there Mary, I implore you, the troll-pack will resurrect nodding-dog ‘Giles’ who wanted to shop a neighbour he said was claiming benefits to the DWP for digging on an allotment.

    Instead there are more important matters: True Movies, are are they based on real life events or not. It stands to reason being called ‘True’ Movies they must be.

    Does anyone have a favourite colour. I used to like pastel shades.

  • fred


    Don’t you think Craig deleted those posts for a reason?

    Not just that they were probably illegal and could get him arrested if he knowingly left them but also if someone were to inform the press, possibly a Guardian reporter with a grudge, it could well end his political career.

    Do you think it was wise to post a link to the offending posts back to the blog?

  • craig Post author

    Sorry for deletion of whole threads, I don’t have time to go through and delete the obnoxious comments individually.

    Fred, I have always stated we will not tolerate holocaust denial. The question arises every year or so. This blog is full of stuff that could get me arrested under the official secrets act or ludicrous recent anti civil liberties legislation. I am motivated by my personal beliefs, not fear of the authorities. One of those beliefs are freedom of speech and I allow all kinds of stuff in people’s comments. But there are some limits, which are purely my own.

  • Sslllllll

    Craig, FFS delete the troll. It doesn’t matter whether it was 3, 5, 18 or 164,000, what matters is that your heart is in the right place. Just keep it up till the 18th and don’t let the bastards grind you down!

  • Ben

    ” which are purely my own.”

    I’ve no doubt about that Craig. An important element of the law is ‘intent’. Therefore, when you were apprised of the apparent violation, you had to act.

    I question the informants.

  • John Goss

    “And, on the whole, they are considerably less polite about it than A Milliner.”

    My suspicion here Craig is Habbabkuk! 🙂 somebody who has already been banned from the blog.

  • Papadox

    You can put my name to that proposition.

    I think we also require a right of recall of any Elected member who does not represent all their constituents or whose performance is questioned by a number of their constituents.

  • fred

    “Fred, I have always stated we will not tolerate holocaust denial. The question arises every year or so. This blog is full of stuff that could get me arrested under the official secrets act or ludicrous recent anti civil liberties legislation. I am motivated by my personal beliefs, not fear of the authorities. One of those beliefs are freedom of speech and I allow all kinds of stuff in people’s comments. But there are some limits, which are purely my own.”

    Either way the Holocaust denial is now back on the blog.

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