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I am available again for Yes meetings on 15, 16 and 17 September. Invitations welcome through the contact button above. Happy to go anywhere I can do good. My St Andrews speech a week ago has now had 75,000 views on Youtube.

It is symptomatic of the way this campaign has gone that I can find nothing online from the No camp which has had one fifth as many views, with the solitary exception of the PatronisngBTWoman video, which has massive views from people making fun of it.

Miliband was in Blantyre yesterday where his every bodily function was breathlessly reported by Severin Carrell in the Guardian – but even the Guardian could not pretend his audience in the “Labour stronghold” amounted to more than “dozens”. I am told it was under fifty. Better Together support on the ground has simply evaporated. What they rely on is that the massive output of mainstream media and the authority of the Westminster parties will have sufficient impact on their key demographics – pensioners, and housewives in a 1950’s sense – to shore up a residual no vote of the easily scared. My challenge to people to identify any Better Together gathering of more than 300 has been met with resounding silence.

Television has been wall to wall Miliband lately, and the BBC in Scotland seem to have simply abandoned their obligation to give equal broadcast time and treatment to both sides. Presumably many of the New Labour hacks who control Pacific Quay realise that their behaviour has made a Yes win a career threatening situation for them, so at this stage they see nothing to lose.

If independence is achieved it will be down to a popular movement and not to any politician. Indeed, if one person has to be singled out, I would say the Rev Stuart Campbell has made the most decisive individual contribution in the campaign. If Social media has beaten the mainstream media, the central rock around which millions of flowers have bloomed has been the Wings over Scotland website. This has a significantly larger daily readership than any newspaper in Scotland. The Wee Blue Book I found everywhere, including copies already available in pretty well every pub I entered, as I toured the East Coast. Over 400,000 downloads of the PDF have been made and 250,000 copies centrally printed, as well as a number of private initiatives which had already obtained professional printings from the PDF. Conservatively, there are over half a million hard copies out there, as well as all the reads online. In a population of 5.2 million, that is a major impact.

When we close down BBC Scotland and create a new citizen based, cheaper and more arts-oriented organisation in its place, let’s put Stuart Campbell in charge. Some state-funded drama and arts output seems to me commendable. State funding of pap entertainment is not needed – the private sector can do that perfectly well. State funding of “journalism” which investigates nothing and never challenges the establishment must be stopped.

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581 thoughts on “Speaking Date Availability

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  • Tim

    As far as I know, in the UK it is not actually illegal. David Irving got taken to the cleaners when he tried to sue someone else using the UK’s generally strict libel regime. I don’t think that anything he said was actually illegal, it’s just that he didn’t like being made fun of. If Craig does not want any of this stuff on his blog, then it’s “his gaff,his rules”.

  • fred

    “As far as I know, in the UK it is not actually illegal.”

    No it isn’t, incitement to racial or religious hatred is though.

    Both here and in Holland.

  • Ben

    In my thirties i went to an interview for Sub-Rosa investigator and the interviewer asked me…

    “What’s your strongest quality”


    “What’s your weakest?”


    I didn’t get the job.

  • Resident Dissident

    “If Craig does not want any of this stuff on his blog, then it’s “his gaff,his rules”.

    Agreed – freedom of speech applies to publishers as well – if people don’t like what Craig decides to publish then they are free to publish what they want, or even cut and paste links to what they want, on their own blogs.

    Mr Goss is of course keen on banning people from someone else’s blog (no one to ban from his own I’m afraid) and Mary of course wants to go a step further and “extinguish” certain commenters – I wonder who they have in mind!

  • Ben

    There is a function for trolls. Giving them posting privileges in exchange for performance on their only genuine contribution; grammar and punctuation, would give them meaning and purpose to their otherwise stodgy and lonely lives.

  • fred

    “WTF would make you happy?”

    Try some multitasking as I suggested and learn something.

    Here, I’ll help you.

    A demagogue /ˈdɛməɡɒɡ/ (from French “demagogue”, derived in turn from the Greek “demos” = people/folk and the verb “ago” = carry/manipulate thus “people’s manipulator”) or rabble-rouser is a political leader in a democracy who appeals to the emotions, fears, prejudices, and ignorance of the lower classes in order to gain power and promote political motives.

    There you go Ben, that is what I speak against, people who manipulate people’s base instincts in order to manipulate them.

    You suit yourself which side you are on, be on the side of the racist and the supremacist if you want to be. I chose my side and I’ll oppose you if you do.

  • Ben

    “You suit yourself which side you are on, be on the side of the racist and the supremacist”

    I think you’ve gone barmy. I haven’t chosen any sides and I don’t like being judged without a jury. Maybe some people aren’t even aware of their bigotry. Maybe they are learning; don’t know it all yet. Have you considered?

  • Tony M

    Had it never occurred that the methods used to uphold the received and mostly preposterous narratives, to prevent universally trustworthy, methodical, calm reasoned inquiry -if that is possible, which I think could be possible, to lay this matter to rest, in order to prevent a repetition of something similar against any people, seems almost calculated to lead to exactly that happening again to some people somewhere, if not the same group again. Infact the very same voices suppressing such even informal inquiry as some internet banter skirting the subject, are foremost in championing and excusing analogous events happening around the world since, ceaselessly calling for more death and destruction, perpetrated by today’s genicidal elite’s willing puppets, with their cheerleaders’ grovelling acquiescence. You can’t make such claims to the moral high ground whilst wallowing like a pig in the muck cheering on today’s mass-murderers’ and warmongers’ despicable works. Hypocrites and parasites.

    Get back to your game shows, sport, soap operas and celebrity bilge.

    There’s nothing to see, anywhere.

  • Thepnr

    Craig long time lurker but fist time poster. Your article was excellent and just how you and Stuart Campbell can put up with the constant abuse is beyond me.

    The fact that you have the skin of rhinoceros is a different matter. I watched your video the other day. Wife was mightily impressed. You just keep on doing what you are doing, oh and Mr Millener will be getting a wake up call some time soon.

    Probably on the 18th September.

  • Mary

    Getting really rattled now. Tomorrow’s papers.

    Union camp in push to halt Yes charge. FT

    Cameron warns on ‘dangerous’ Yes vote
    No campaign push to deliver greater devolution if Scots stay in union FT

    NATO casts doubt over Scottish membership The Scotsman

  • fred

    “I think you’ve gone barmy. I haven’t chosen any sides and I don’t like being judged without a jury. Maybe some people aren’t even aware of their bigotry. Maybe they are learning; don’t know it all yet. Have you considered?”

    Well you learn fast Ben. Fact is that half the population of this country and yours are below average intelligence and there are bad people all too eager to exploit them.

    Where do you stand Ben? One of the lower half or one of the bad people?

  • CanSpeccy

    So, Habbupchuck, at least we agree that Julia Tymoshenko, twice Ukraine Premier, and good friend of the EU and NATO, is a genocidal maniac, whereas what you call my racism and Nazism consists in opposing the genocide of the European peoples through mass immigration and propaganda to suppress the fertility of the indigenous population.

  • CanSpeccy

    “NATO casts doubt over Scottish membership The Scotsman”

    Don’t kid yourself. The imperial goal is to break up the large nation states then incorporate the pieces into the supranational organizations. In Scotland’s case the EU and NATO. But first the UK has to be broken up, so naturally the pretense that Scotland will be free to do as it pleases. In fact, the Scotch leadership will be bought, blackmailed, couped or otherwise manipulated to betray the people in the interests of the Anglo-Zionist empire that Habbybuckerchip so inanely defends.

  • kathy


    “The imperialgoal is to break up the large nation states”

    Just to be pedantic, the UK is not a nation state but a union of two nations, Scotland and England. Scotland has long had the desire to be independent since the Act of Union which only happened because of a treacherous sell-out by bankrupt Scottish aristocrats. I don’t see how that all ties in with your theory.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Just noticed:

    When we close down BBC Scotland and create a new citizen based, cheaper and more arts-oriented organisation in its place…

    Bugger the culture. The scientific and technological ignorance of the mechanically reclaimed arts grads already grossly overrepresented in the media is just about absolute. If the Scottish phoenix is to rise from the ashes of the UK it needs to do serious engineering and science, not theatre reviews. And trumpet the fact.

    And you can exile the staff of the Oban Times to the Muckle Flugga gulag, too…

  • CanSpeccy

    “the UK is not a nation state but a union of two nations”

    So those who promote a narrow nationalism may think. But in reality, the people of the British Isles are ethnically relatively homogeneous, mainly celtic, with an admixture of viking — up to 20% in some areas, plus two or three percent anglo-saxon, a taint of Roman, mostly middle-eastern slaves, plus the great post 1950 influx from throughout the world. Moreover, the people of the British Isles form a relatively self-contained breeding population, with few of the indigenous inhabitants of England, for example, being without a Scotch, Welsh or Irish connection and in many cases, all three.

    So on what basis do you claim the existence of a Scotch nation — culture? LOL. Language?

    Do tell us, what it is you imagine you are preserving by closing the fine high road to London that has been traveled by so many Scots since the Union. In what way will Scotland be different, apart from fairer, apparently (are Scots so much more decent than the English, or what?), and richer, apparently, despite the loss of the English subsidy.

    Please understand, I agree that Britain as it is ruled today, stinks. But Scotland, with its own government is ruled in very much the same way. So how is independence going to change things? And if things can be changed for the better in Scotland, why not as easily in the United Kingdom.

    It seems to me the nationalists view the referendum fight rather as they might view a rugby match. Its the Scots against England. The stakes insignificant. It’s just an exercise in the venting of emotion.

  • CanSpeccy

    But although the contest is simply an emotional outlet for the mostly ill-informed, it will not be without practical consequences. It will result in a loss, not a gain in Scottish independence. Instead of a powerful voice in Britain’s central government, an independent Scotland will have a very small voice, like that of Czechia or Belgium, in the affairs of the EU by which it will be dominated.

  • Jives


    Well in a previous thread you requested i reveal my bona-fides,my provenance and my job to you.

    Well Habba i’m more than pleased and perfectly happy to reveal the sum total of fuck all to a troll such as you.

    Did you actually believe i revealed that to you;with my name as Jonathan all those months ago and my real address and details you dumbkopf?

    I wouldn’t give your sockpuppet sort the time of day Habba,you eejit.

    You remain,as ever,a faux-vexed diversionary scurrilous ersatz-notarian Habba.

    How small,how so easily bought you are.

    I refer you back to your line manager.

  • Fool

    Mary, thanks for that viral forest link of 1000 years of history; it is brilliant and I will watch it again and again.

    As a child I had the illusion that language countries and borders were more or less fixed! Perhaps someone could make audio tapes of languages changing over one thousand years; would be fascinating to listen to – though of course somewhat difficult to authenticate.

  • Tesco 24 Hrs

    This is a staff announcement. Spillage on aisle three at 3:28am. Could Jonathan get a mop and bucket and clean it up please. Thank you.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Ben (California Haze) re Holocaust denial posts:

    ” which are purely my own.”

    I’ve no doubt about that Craig. An important element of the law is ‘intent’. Therefore, when you were apprised of the apparent violation, you had to act.

    I question the informants.”


    Why do you question the informants?

    Since Craig has been too busy to read all the comments himself, and given that he has said he will not tolerate Holocaust denial comments, I should have thought that the “informants” have performed a useful service for him.

    You use of the word “informants” and the general tone of your post (as well as of previous ones from you at the time of those Holocaust denying comments), inevitably leads to the suspicion that you approve of such comments.

    Care to clarify your position on Holocaust denying comments, Ben?

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