Daily archives: December 10, 2014

Jack Straw – The Guilty Man Lies

My RT interview today giving eyewitness evidence that Jack Straw is lying about his personal complicity in torture. Straw has been allowed to lie repeatedly about his on UK media for the past 24 hours, as have other British establishment figures. Despite the fact that it is infamous that I was sacked by Straw for blowing the whistle on CIA torture, and the undeniable documentary evidence of this, not one UK media outlet has allowed me to contradict Straw. I have contacted every major British news outlet and been blanked by every one.

‘CIA will continue torture with help of mediators’ – UK’s former envoy to Uzbekistan

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Savaged By Rotting Sheep

Labour have called on Nicola Sturgeon to block me as a SNP candidate. Giggle. She is not known for taking the advice of war criminals. I have also been attacked by the Scotsman.

It is quite a feat by the Scotsman, on the day when CIA torture is the headline news of the entire world, that the Scotsman runs a story about me that leaves out the fact I was sacked as Ambassador for being the first whistleblower on CIA torture and extraordinary rendition. Particularly given that I pointed that out to them when they called me.

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