Clarification 140

A few points:

1) Contrary to Margaret Curran, it was entirely plain to me that the Westminster deal “loyalty test” in the SNP vetting process related entirely to a possible deal with Labour. There was no discussion of any possible deal with the Tories.
Personally I am just as opposed to the Red Tories as the Blue Tories and their extremely similar austerity agendas.

2) It has been widely circulated that the reason for my disqualification from the approved candidates’ list was articles written on this blog or speeches made during the Yes campaign. At no stage during either the vetting or appeal process was there any mention of this blog or of anything else I had ever said or written. So if that was indeed the reason, they failed to address it with me.

3) The same is true with regard to those claiming the circumstance of my divorce ten years ago was the reason. There was no mention at all of my personal life at any stage.

4) I have been given no other explanation in writing or orally other than an email with the single sentence:

“While you showed excellent qualities, you could not give a full commitment on group discipline issues, and for that reason the Panel could not recommend approval.”

So to those saying they wish to hear both sides of the story; so do I. I have told you all I know. I am I think entitled to the assumption that the reason was the one stated, rather than the myriad alternative reasons people are putting so much effort into promoting.

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140 thoughts on “Clarification

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  • Ishmael

    I previously had the feeling it would be a loss of significant good influence to join. And that feeling has only grown.

    I only supported because I figured that’s just my take on things, respecting other choices, etc.

  • Edward O'Neil

    I’d like to know if these were your words…….. But those No voters who voted No because they believed a fair and caring society was achievable within the present structures of the UK, are so stupid I am astonished that their cerebral cortex can transmit a signal that sparks respiration. They are probably not capable of ever noticing their error.

    I am not going to reach out to you, No voter. You are either evil, or quite extraordinarily thick. You will forever be a long way beneath my notice. This will be the last thought I ever give you.

  • Clark

    Edward O’Neil (and Villager); despite his sour words, Craig has continued to reach out to No voters since the referendum. Since actions speak louder than words, I feel that Craig’s passion, disappointment and illness caused him to exaggerate. Not that he’s likely to admit it himself, mind.

  • Ishmael

    “I’d like to know if these were your words…”

    Sounds pretty tame in the heat of things, and still not without some merit.

    Such is life and truth. Maybe people should get used to it. What is it about politicians that they can’t be human. Honest to the moment. The best thing Gordon ever did, not that you should try to offend but these things come out .

    But no, we must have criminals and torturers, war makers for profit, who never say anything really but get a good script to read, great…

    Maybe in time no voters will appreciate the honesty, or maybe not. And? So what? Life moves on.

  • Andrew Wilson

    I genuinely feel for you Craig but you didn’t need to go viral with this. I can understand why you were unsuccessful and perhaps it hasn’t been handled in the right way but you’ve given austerity parties something to get their teeth into – it was at best, I’ll advised, at worst, well I wouldn’t want to believe that of you. There would have most likely have been an opportunity for you in the future, however, after this debacle I doubt there ever will with SNP.

  • Robert Crawford

    Clark, those were Craig’s words.

    I agreed with everyone of them, flu or no flu.

    How could anyone who is not English vote NOT to have their Independence?

    It is beyond understanding.

    I will repeat it, “the sky would not have fallen down, benefits, pensions and everything else would have kept going, only better and fairer.

    What would have happened, those English people living and working in Scotland would have been victimised by their so called own, as we YES voters are now starting to experience.


    Terrorise the few to get compliance out of the many.

    Same old same old, only worse. That is what the NO voter has landed us ALL with. Thanks, maybe I will have the chance someday to return the compliment. With compound interest.

    You can only reap what you have sown. One seed planted produces many to harvest. (compound interest).

    Have a nice life you all enjoy while it lasts, it is later than you think.

  • Ishmael

    Though clearly passionate sometimes (imo) Craig seems overall a very polite and restrained. Much nicer than many I see in politics atm. And i’m not being a fan, I know many nice people.

    Maybe I haven’t caught some remarks. Or maybe they haven’t really said what they think openly. But I see what some people do. And I see how most constantly obfuscate, that really insults me. And I don’t like the hard authoritarian attitude most have. Totaly fake openess. etc

    If someone what’s to give me their opinion that i’m ‘stupid’, fighting to uphold a position. Really not a huge deal.

  • Clark

    bmc875, 1:40 pm; in the context of the Scottish parliament, division would not be a problem – more than one party can work together towards independence.

    Division would be a hindrance in the context of Westminster because of its outdated voting system. But pro-independence parties that are rivals at Holyrood could choose not to field competing candidates for the same seat at Westminster.

  • Ishmael

    It’s really no wonder is it, after this dehumanisation process that they have few qualms about the most depraved acts, let alone just attacking the victim’s of their lust for power. Sending people to die for profits. That’s all just being realistic. Facing responsibility.

  • Melissa Murray


    You’re a smart man. You were being vetted to represent the SNP on a national level.
    Do you honestly think they don’t look into your writings and background. That seems very naive to me.
    I like you and respect what you have done while an Ambassador , but this constant airing of grievance
    makes you seem rather petty.
    Move on.

  • Clark

    Robert Crawford, 1:28 pm:

    “How could anyone who is not English vote NOT to have their Independence?”

    For the same reasons that a majority of people believe that ten thousand or less have been killed as a result of the 2003 attack upon Iraq, and that twenty million people voted not to change the voting system for Westminster MPs – namely, corporate media spin. Many, many people are unaware of the immorality of Westminster simply because no ‘respectable’ source properly informs them of it.

    Whenever someone tries to change something established there is a risk of division, and division feeds divide and conquer. Resist division. Continue to reach out. I spoke to many prospective No voters before the referendum; I even helped change some minds (and I’m (nominally) English!). Those people were misinformed, not stupid or evil.

  • anonymous

    Craig I have the greatest respect for you, and I find that I concur with far more of your beliefs than of the SNP, for whom I vote like many others, tactically, in the hope that I can vote for an even more radical party in an independent Scotland. You have with your experiences as British ambassador the knowledge to, in my view, rightly point to the wickedness and ignorance of the British establishment and to with vigour call for this unholy union to be dismantled. But to my view your place isn’t in the SNP as a politician, it is as a political activist. The SNP have been successful because they lead a very positive campaign for Scottish independence, and your views and the way you explain them are very negative and reproachful. I have more sympathy for your efforts certainly, but they do not fit in with the SNP. They hold the carrot, you are the stick, and for our shared dream to come into being I think we will need both and it is very difficult to do this while both carrot and stick stand under the same party banner! Regardless of whatever questions they asked you and did not ask, it seems to me as though the SNP had already made up their minds before you applied, and were simply looking for an excuse. Keep up the good fight and don’t let this incident become a thorn in your side or in the side of the campaign as a whole, your political place is elsewhere, and of more importance than as one ministerial candidate in one party.

  • Villager

    Are all those who are recommending Craig to ‘go it alone’ being sincere? What is their rationale?

    Shallow thinking is a disease in our modern age. But, i’m all ears as to what people think Craig can set out to achieve as a Member of Parliament.
    PS thank you Clark! Though I would recommend you stop judging Habbabkuk.

  • Robert Crawford


    What a pity that any government should manipulate the thought processes of their people like “play dough”.

    What a greater pity that so many do not realise that this is being done to them by their government.

    Give me the child until s/he is seven, and I will give you the man/woman.

    This is why whistleblowers are so important and valued, they tell us the truth. They are not mealy mouthed con artists robbing us of everything decent, and using our money to do it, bastards!

  • nevermind

    Andrew Wilson, however small your head is, try and understand that it was the SNP/their stooge who went running to the media and who made this viral. maybe you would like to tell us what you have done for the Yes campaign Andrew?

    And did you expect all those who supported Craig’s openness and energy, to lay down and worship the ground the SNP stands on? How about some inward reflection?

    Those new supporters should use their membership as an inquisition, cleanse that party of its hangers on, its unionist interlopers and of cllr.s who have done or are doing wrong in their name, what is the point campaigning for a Snabour party when you joined the SNP?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “PS thank you Clark! Though I would recommend you stop judging Habbabkuk.”

    Quite agree, Villager.

    Or at least he should judge me correctly.

    If he did, he would recognise that I give a kicking to everyone who deserves it, be they frail old ladies like Mary, tough old war veterans like Nevermind, or nebulous entities like Republicofscotland.

    Good to see you back on here.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “[ – Habbabkuk… I’ve suspended 2 of yours because they are based on your own assumptions and seem likely to inflame matters over no real substance.”

    I hadn’t realised. Could you please remind me what they were, so that I can see if they were important enough to warrant me re-posting them?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “I see no hostility toward Craig from Habbabkuk’s comments on this thread.”

    Nor indeed on any other thread, Clark.

    Well spotted.

  • fred

    “I will repeat it, “the sky would not have fallen down, benefits, pensions and everything else would have kept going, only better and fairer.”

    My hospital hasn’t gone better since health was devolved, 24 hour emergency cover gone, that’s life and death to some, maybe me. Maternity unit closing soon.

    Oil $60 a barrel, now who’s stupid? Who got it right and who got it wrong?

    If we had listened to the Nats the Scottish bureaucrats would be sat opposite the UK bureaucrats right now knowing that the UK bureaucrats had all four aces, knowing that even if oil was $110 Scotland would have had a deficit for at least two years and would have to find someone to lend them money. With oil at half that they would have to have done some serious begging and if you think they could have been demanding anything like the removal of Trident you are very sadly mistaken.

    And then they have the audacity to call those who made the right decision stupid.

  • Robert Crawford


    Your English government must be borrowing money like there is no to-morrow, now that Scotland’s oil is so cheap to buy.
    Do you see that cold weather out there? Well, the English are heating their houses and offices with Scottish gas, and the French, German and Spanish energy companies are making a fortune out of them/you. And Scotland, don’t you see that?

    The NHS in Scotland goes down in line with the English NHS spending cuts. A fact of life under English financial control.

    If you have a problem personally because of your local maternity closing. Can I be your Agent?

  • Mary

    If Habbabkuk is such a good friend of Craig’s blog, why does he torment people like John Goss, use stupid insulting names to address people rather than their actual names (Gross rather than Goss for example) and why did he do his best to bring this blog down to a ridiculous state single handed from 2011 onwards?

    PS I am not a ‘frail old lady’. I am battling the side effects of the treatment for thyroid cancer. The last stage will happen next month when I will swallow a capsule of radioactive Iodine 131 when I will be in an isolation room for three days.

    I hope nobody else on here contracts thyroid cancer. My wonderful surgeon is coping with a large number of new patients with the disease. So support Craig. Get rid of the leaky nuclear subs, stop the radiation leaks happening in nuclear power stations and the like and close Aldermaston.

    Villager We see your game. Having a little troll fest and mutual admiration society are we? What would Krishnamurti say?!

  • Kenny

    Craig is light years ahead of everyone in his understanding that Labour is a unionist tory party. There is no difference between them and their blue counterparts. Anyone who has not worked that out 50 years ago is naive!

    Margaret Curran is a failure in life who would write vile things just because the sun came up in the morning. She is of less merit and importance in our world than an amoeba or a cockroach.

    Craig, far better to stay in the company of folks like Jim Sillars, Lesley Riddoch, the late Queen Margot… Keep writing the truth, what a shame it is deemed to be too “far-out” to our national convention in Westmonster! I think that sames more about Parliament and our system than it does about Craig Murray.

    Let’s be independent! And a Happy New Year to you, Mr Murray!

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