Clarification 140

A few points:

1) Contrary to Margaret Curran, it was entirely plain to me that the Westminster deal “loyalty test” in the SNP vetting process related entirely to a possible deal with Labour. There was no discussion of any possible deal with the Tories.
Personally I am just as opposed to the Red Tories as the Blue Tories and their extremely similar austerity agendas.

2) It has been widely circulated that the reason for my disqualification from the approved candidates’ list was articles written on this blog or speeches made during the Yes campaign. At no stage during either the vetting or appeal process was there any mention of this blog or of anything else I had ever said or written. So if that was indeed the reason, they failed to address it with me.

3) The same is true with regard to those claiming the circumstance of my divorce ten years ago was the reason. There was no mention at all of my personal life at any stage.

4) I have been given no other explanation in writing or orally other than an email with the single sentence:

“While you showed excellent qualities, you could not give a full commitment on group discipline issues, and for that reason the Panel could not recommend approval.”

So to those saying they wish to hear both sides of the story; so do I. I have told you all I know. I am I think entitled to the assumption that the reason was the one stated, rather than the myriad alternative reasons people are putting so much effort into promoting.

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140 thoughts on “Clarification

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  • Scouse Billy

    Happy New Year to you too, Tony.

    Liked your piece earlier – chip off the old block, that daughter of yours 🙂

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Scouse Billy,

    It was my fault. I completely accept that. My wife was not pleased. She’s university does that to kids..but she said Daddy….so I sent her another £100…so she want to another party…and ain’t turned up yet to see her Mum & Dad…

    I vaguely remember doing that…well they wouldn’t like my new girlfriend would they?

    We did get to see our daughter a few weeks ago…She looks effin stunning…needs to put on a bit of weight…and was just totally lovely with the homeless people under the bridge..I could wasn’t for show for Mum & Dad…She Knew Them…Being Poor is Tough – particularly when it gets cold.

    Happy New Year Mate


  • David Lyon

    People still cheering Craig on here to stand as an independent are delusional.

    If the guy can’t even handle a very polite rejection for a job without blogging about it for 3 days, then he shouldn’t be near politics. Period.

    What he has achieved here, in 3 short days, is to hand the other side ammunition to use not only against the SNP but also himself.

  • Robert Crawford


    Your link tells us nothing that changes anything.
    We can’t even fish in our own waters anymore without permission from the English government.

    I can remember if a fishing boat came within 600 miles of Iceland they sent a gunboat to turn them back, or, they fired a warning shot to turn them back.

    Arbroath smokies are not caught by local fishermen any more. They are bought from “klondykers” to be smoked.

    Oh, how I look forward to be able as a Sovereign country to correct these wrongs.

    It is all double talk desgned to keep our assets in their hands,and they have done it all over the world, in perpetuity.

    Is that your way Fred?

  • Robert Crawford

    Fred p.s.

    Blair and Dewer did it the night before the Scottish Government came into being.

    Do think they were worried about all those oil wells being in Scotlad’s waters?

  • yesindyref2

    I don’t post here normally, same as I don’t post on Bella, Bateman or others. Before the ref I very rarely posted on WOS, and due to the slow moderation, even rarer on NNS.

    I did for 2 years, and still do though less, post on the Herald (Peter Piper), rarely on the Scotsman, but used to post prolifically on the Guardian as dadsarmy.

    Anyone who’s read my postings will know I have been quite critical at times of the SNP pre-ref, making a point of it to show that it wasn’t just the “Nats” who were up for Independence. I was then totally non-aligned, same as many who joined the SNP / Greens / SSP since the ref. My vote for anything was totally my own, get your hands off.

    The campaign continues but has changed from the straight route to Indy via a YES vote, to the possibly longer gradualist route via Devo-Max, which will in itself achieve some of the aims of Independence.

    Before the ref I’m almost certain I’d have failed the vetting process for the identical reason to Craig “inability to accept group discipline”. In this stage, which may not last that long, perhaps even not much more than a year (though the large group of SNP will be needed to steer the Ref and the resulting YES vote when it comes, though Westminster), the individual is far far less important than the cause. I realise this, so far Craig doesn’t.

    Independence is all about individuals, but getting there is about unity, and suborning self to the battle. Meanwhile the 45% have common cause with many of the 55%, and it’s up to us to do our best for that commonality of purpose.

  • fred

    “We can’t even fish in our own waters anymore without permission from the English government.”

    Rubbish, fishing, including quotas and licensing is devolved. Scottish fishermen can fish anywhere they like. They can fish up the English Channel if they want to.

  • Ishmael

    “If the guy can’t even handle a very polite rejection for a job without blogging about it for 3 days, then he shouldn’t be near politics. Period.”

    Why does blogging on the subject mean he can’t handle it? I find knowledge on the subject very interesting. And I suspect this and other subjects posted part of the reason.

    But this is not a weakness. The SNP act in this manner, they should expect scrutiny, welcome it. That they don’t and typically want to keep everything hidden? that’s Craig fault is it?

    It seems very reminiscent of a similar issue on torture. Period.

  • Robert Crawford


    Then why are they not doing it?

    You must understand that Craig Murray was a negotiater for the English government on Internation Boundries.

    Not you or me. He must have the expertise, or they would send dare I say it, someone with English Nationalist tendencies, vested interest types. Ability is what has got Craig where he landed as Ambassador. Way beyond clever men like you.

    Now Fred, what would you do now if you were in Craig’s shoes?
    Not what advice would you give him. What would your decision be?

  • fred

    “Blair and Dewer did it the night before the Scottish Government came into being.”

    Bullshit. That just is not true, it is a complete fabrication as anyone who bothered to check the dates on the relevant legislation could see.

  • Ishmael

    If only nobody said anything about the political realities, the way things really work, maybe you could get 100% support all the time. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. Just keep the public in the dark, except for PR obviously.

    Sound about right? It’s just a means to an end?

  • fred

    “You must understand that Craig Murray was a negotiater for the English government on Internation Boundries.”

    I don’t care what he was, I checked the things he said and they are not true, provably and demonstrably not true, check for yourself if you don’t believe me.

  • yesindyref2

    I think a lot of supporters of Indy are suspicious of party politics, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s a majority – including the new members of the SNP, possibly less so for the Greens and SSP.

    Unfortunately to get to Indy the way forward is party politics, both at Westminster and at Holyrood.

    After Indy all bets are off, and I doubt the SNP are unaware of that. It’s quite possible that Scotland can indeed, be a shining beacon to the rest of the world, and we can see more concensus politics.

  • Ishmael

    “It’s quite possible that Scotland can indeed, be a shining beacon to the rest of the world, and we can see more concensus politics.”

    Man, do other people really still think like that. I though it was a mainly British obsession. Don’t tell me the Scots are at it also.

  • Abe Rene

    I thought the interview nailed it when the interviewer suggested the reason for your non-selection being that you were considered a “loose cannon”, and you replied that the party needed such people. It is true, as Michael Heseltine has said, that every party is a coalition, but I guess the SNP regarded you as being manageable as a grassroots activist, but too hot to handle as an MP if it formed a coalition (e.g. with Labour). You’ll need to convince them about not being a liabiiity, if you want to stay in the SNP and be an MP some day. Maybe you won’t want to stay!

  • Robert Crawford

    All interested parties.

    A wee 4 minute U-tube video, “why Scottish Independence could save the world”.

    The one with Hitler in it. Some powerful messages and funny.

    Sorry if it touches some raw nervous. Watch and listen.

  • yesindyref2

    Tom Platt
    From what Andrew Wilson said I’m going to guess that while Craig was clearly unsuitable as an MP at Westminster, where “party politics” are needed to fight party politics, he would have been considered as an MSP where, from his views, I think he’d have been a very welcome addition.

    Perhaps when this all blows over, which is hopefully VERY SOON, he may still be able to go through that vetting process again, but as a nominee as a candidate for Holyrood if he’s interested. But defo not Westminster!

  • yesindyref2

    Rory Winter
    I think the SNP accept that Independence for Scotland can only be won – IN Scotland, via a referendum to prove that the Will of the People is for Independence. The 18th September showed that, as Salmond put it, Scotland is not yet ready.

    Independence itself will not in the first place be won at Westminster, not UDI, not by total disruption of the UK by disrupting Parliament there which would not only be totally wrong, but totally undemocratic. Scotland is just 1/12 of the UK by population, 1/4 by country, 1/3 by land-mass.

    What Westminster is appropriate for is the Scotland Act, specifically SCHEDULE – Reserved matters. That includes more Powers for the devolved Scottish Parliament, but also the absolute right to hold another Referendum. That it totally democratic, and totally right, beyond dispute. It is also the right place to enforce the Will of the Scottish people if neccessary, if there is any resistance to implementing a successful YES vote in Indy Ref 2.

    Westminster is all party politics, whips and discipline and so party politics, whips and discipline is needed to take part and be successful. It’s just as simple as that, nothing to do with “tribal hysteria”. It’s democracy at work (or not) in the UK.

  • Ishmael

    I suspect it would be like having breaks on.

    And thinking about political influence, the realities, how about Russell brand? I’m not holding him and a stand out example of what’s possible. But just compare the real influence to your average rolled-into-one politician. Or rolled-into-one media. Do they as individuals feel they have more significant influence? No, that’s why they attack him lots.

    It must drive them up the wall.

    In my view craig, you really don’t need to try to have a significant influnce, just showing up some places is an added bonus. The work already done is a great example.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Robert Crawford

    “I can remember if a fishing boat came within 600 miles of Iceland they sent a gunboat to turn them back,”

    On a factual point: the Icelanders imposed , firstly, a 50 mile limit and thereafter a 200 mile limit.

    Not 600 miles.


    I haven’t heard that expression “klondykers” for a while now. It shows you have a certain knowledge of the subject.

  • Johnstone

    With respect you seem to forget that every possible hindrance was placed by the establishment to prevent Scotland becoming can a political party with a hierarchy that has adopted the self same ethics that has not one ounce of conviction but are hell bent upon one end never mind the means will ever be able to be the vehicle to an independent Scotland thats worth anything whatsoever to its citizens ultimately?

  • shibboleth

    Whilst the comments regarding party voting discipline are perfectly understandable, it is precisely this mechanism that has neutered responsible and ethical governance. Where would we be without independent thinkers and dissenters? It is the party political system that needs dismantling – including that of the SNP – regrettably. Howard Zinn had it summed up in 1970 in his speech on civil disobedience

    I look forward to you standing as an independent candidate, Mr Murray. You ave much to contribute. Good luck.

  • Ishmael


    They can’t, but they will be a part of it happening or not. As remarked many times, it seemed not about the SNP to many citizens involved. A good job because they mattered (and matter) far more.

  • Clark

    yesindyref2, 8:28 pm, Craig should go to Westminster because that’s where his targets are. He’s been misidentified as a “loose canon”. Put him in Westminster and you’ll see he’s actually a guided missile array:

    Weapons deployed: personal testimony, insider knowledge, parliamentary privilege.
    Targets acquired: liars, war criminals, torturers.


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