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It turns out that the CIA has realised for years that drone attacks are of very limited utility. Like so many of the injustices of the “War on Terror”, they are in fact a driver for armed hatred of the West, not least because they kill more civilians than targets.

But of course, the “war on terror” is very much about boosting the standing of politicians who are “fighting terror” on behalf of their citizens, and about boosting the ever-inflating powers – and budgets – of the security services. SO counterproductive measures are, paradoxically, the most attractive to those whose aim is not to obtain peace, but rather to maintain the concentration of power and finance consequent upon an eternal state of phoney war.

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  • Kempe

    ” The timing is obviously unfortunate, but the accountants would have been acting illegally had they sought to delay until after Christmas by covering up the insolvency. ”

    Christmas Day is also one of the Quarter Days when commercial rents are due. I guess there wasn’t enough cash/credit to pay the landlords.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Iain Orr (13h19)

    But surely you must know that it wasn’t you I was getting at….? Your writing skills are fine and I wouldn’t dream of giving you advice on how to improve them – just saying that they are perhaps too fine for some of the hotheads on here.

    Apologies for any (unintended) offence given.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “..and who’s to say what would have happened if Benn became labour’s deputy leader?”

    The expectations of some would have been greater and their subsequent disappointment greater still.


    The KGB opinion, as quoted by Anon (see above), was/is hardly a lone voice crying in the wilderness; several analysts of the political scene in the UK were/are of the same opinion.

    Let’s be honest – Benn was wrong on every serious political issue on which he ever took a strong position (there were many on which he forever maintained (public) silence).

    And ended up a volcano extinct before it ever erupted, a trooper in the sad ranks of Britain’s “national treasures” (Alan Bennet, Stephen Fry, Dennis Skinner et al refer).

  • Dreoilin

    Backed by Police, Settlers Damage Hebron Crops with Chemicals

    “Member of the Popular Committee Against Settlements and the Apartheid Wall in Yatta, Rateb Jabour, said that a group of settlers sprayed chemicals on agricultural lands belonging to Mohammad Musa Mughannam’s family in Susia, causing damage to the planted areas of the land.

    “Mr. Jabour denounced the continuous assaults and hate crimes by settlers who receive complete protection from the Israeli police. He said that the assaults aim to force Palestinians to desert their homes and lands which will benefit Israeli settlement expansion …”


  • Peacewisher

    I’ve read the Daily Mail article which took a long time to say that Tony left his money to his children, as most of us would, I think. Your point is, Habby?

  • Peacewisher

    Sorry, RD, I should have attributed that Daily Mail article to you. Hey guys, Anon included, I’m not doing the left-right thing, but you had to come out with the “no such thing as a socialist in practice” diatribe anyway.

  • Iain Orr

    Habbabkuk @ 7.55 pm. No offence was given or taken. I understood the intent of your earlier comment perfectly; and I’m pleased that the irony in my response was so light that you did not notice it.

    I have, however, plenty of writing faults. I try to detect and remove most in the final edits: sentences with too many subordinate clauses and sesquipedalian words; excessive alliteration; too many quotations. But some creep back in.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Thanks Brian Fujisan and John Goss,

    Yes, I did spend a while matching people to videos. I hadn’t planned it, it began by spontaneous combustion, then I kept adding more. The names suggested themselves until I thought I’d better stop or it’d never get past the mods. No sleight was intended to anyone, either by inclusion or omission.

  • Jives

    Tony Benn yeah?

    As obvious an establishment “limited hangout” shill provocateur as you’ll ever likely see or hear.

    The wholly manageable illusion of dissent.

  • Peacewisher

    Do you really think so, Jives? Just because he came from a relatively privileged background doesn’t mean he was an establishment shill. Remember Benn was a predominant voice in the movement to take Britain out of the EEC back in 1975. And referring back to that 1981 election, surely Denis Healy was the establishment figure…

    Do you think George Galloway is also part of the media matrix?

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