The Depth of Anti-Scottish Racism 54

An obnoxious D list celebrity seeks publicity by jibes about “sweaty little jocks” bringing ebola to England, in response to the plight of a selfless healthcare worker. Beneath our notice. But what is not only notable but cries out to be most carefully considered is the existence of thousands of readers in the Daily Mail comments section piling in to register their support, not for the stricken nurse but for the racist “celeb”. Look at the comments here and sort them by “best rated”. The result is staggering.

The comment “I’m not surprised, sounds like she’s speaking the truth” has 3,619 recommends and is the most popular comment.

It is an appalling reflection of English society today. Just as the kowtowing of the mainstream media and political parties to the UKIP agenda has returned “respectability” to casual racism, so the unionist referendum victory has emboldened popular anti-Scottish racism, which manifests itself in even the most tasteless of imaginable circumstances.

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54 thoughts on “The Depth of Anti-Scottish Racism

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  • Malcolm

    @Galen Perhaps it would be better if Katie Hopkins shut the hell up, she’s never uttered a word the world wouldn’t have been better off not being subjected to.

  • nevermind

    I’m with you Ba’al, never heard of this shit raker, was she born in/on Canning Town market?, no offence to anyone reading this at the Raffles, but such naive talk is really hurting to those who chance their life’s to help others and the world, who gamble that they can go through routine after routine without making a vital mistake and infecting themselves, what the heck does it even matter which hospital she is treated at.

    Her two celled brain does not grasp what it would mean to our western uncooperative societies to get infected, with people like her, the support for her comments speak for themselves, we have no chance to sustain an Ebola outbreak.

    have you got that unionist Galen?

    What a cheap pathetic comment flaming relations, I would not piss on her, if she was on fire, what a mangy bitch.

  • Kempe

    ” It is an appalling reflection of English society today. ”

    Well, no it isn’t. It’s the rantings of a desperate attention seeking wannabe who’s made a “career” out of being offensive supported by a handful of like-minded trolls. The best strategy would’ve been to ignore her but it’s too late for that now.

    I’d never heard of her before either.

  • Jim Lewis

    “Holding up the nutters who add extremist comments to DM articles as representative of English society is as daft as suggesting that the SNP speak for Scotland on independence.”

    Indeed, and typical among that group would be the self same DM readers. You won’t find any serious commentator in Scotland making that claim, and I’m asn SNP member.

  • Sue W

    A nasty women makes a vile heartless remark about that poor, heroic nurse. Complain to the editor or the press complaints commission (whatever it’s now called).

    Mr. Murray, you shouldn’t have made such a nasty response. It is beneath you, no matter how outraged you are by it. It’s a remark that inevitably leads to more name-calling and more bad behaviour.

  • BrianFujisan

    Smug Bitch.

    Best wishes to Pauline.. it takes a Brave Soul to be out there Trying and often succeeding to make a difference.

    ” She said she felt well-protected in the “alien-type suit” of protective clothing health workers wear in 30C heat, joking that they would “certainly be beneficial on a cold winter’s night in Scotland”.

    In her third week, Ms Cafferkey described the harrowing experience of watching a woman die from Ebola as her young son watched through the window, made an orphan by the virus that claimed both parents and his sister…

    Despite the sorrow, she said seeing survivors be discharged back into the outside world with celebratory singing and dancing made the work worthwhile.

    “It helps us remember the good work we are doing and the reason we are all here,” she wrote.”

  • Scouse Billy

    Just to add my support for Tony O’s sometimes fabulous stream of consciousness prose.

    Then again nothing offends me – I’m with Voltaire regarding censorship.

  • Scouse Billy

    Anyway what does anyone expect from an obvious psy-op such as The Apprentice?

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    btw this brilliant exemplar of English womanhood attended Sandhurst – QED

  • Squonk

    Scouse Billy

    Hmm… Wikipedia agrees.

    After A-levels she studied economics at the University of Exeter, sponsored by the Intelligence Corps. Hopkins went on to complete her military training at Sandhurst where she participated in the Sovereign’s Parade that marked the “passing-out” of the cadets.

  • Scouse Billy

    A useful idiot, Squonk.

    Just the sort of material beloved of TPTB whether the “Intelligence” Corps or Murdoch.

    Wiki only hints never connects the dots, of course.

  • david holden

    such ding-dongs help the public in its effort to remain in ignorance of why the US has a bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone, and other such matters. the news wisely focuses on stories with a clear visceral logic, such as

    man drops hammer on toe. shouts “Ouch!” (+ exclusive interview with hammer)
    X’s partner seen with Y (+ breast-and-teeth pics)
    rabid woman bites dog on Benefit St

    and so it goes…

  • Ally

    I find this to be a growing issue, not only those with very little between their lugs but also a growing section of English society.

    Having served in the Forces and continue to have many English pals I find it quite oppressive but equally must lay the blame for this at the doorstep of both the media but also Westminster who have this constant need to run down Scotland and its people claiming we are ungrateful and just take take take.

    Anybody who knows the truth, knows fine well how much Scotland puts in. Having also served as a copper, I know only too well how things work behind the scenes and have seen much in my life that would not only shock the public but leave them wondering who our government really serves (other than themselves). Anybody who thinks we live in a fair democratic society needs to seriously think again!

    Idiots like Hopkins, to me, make a public example as to why incarceration should be an option for arrogant stupidity!

  • Bob Heaney

    People use the word racist out of context much to often these days.

    Hopkins is xenophobic, abnoxious and a bit of an attention seeking clown in general, but her comments regarding scots aren’t racist.

    Being Scottish isn’t a race, just like anti-muslim rhetoric isn’t racist, as muslims aren’t a race either.

    Just to be clear, I’m not saying she isn’t racist, as I’ve no idea what she thinks of asians, blacks or the chinese for example, but her specific comments regarding Scots aren’t.

  • M.Connor

    Just wondering seeing to what depths the cybernats get too who is to say that the comments all came from English People and isnt the usual Nats stirring ???

  • Ally

    a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
    “I had a fear of being called a racist”
    synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist; More

    Last time I checked being Scottish is being part of the race of people hailing from Scotland. Racist, bigot xenophobe etc, all are terms you could libel at this balloon!

    The Scottish people (Scots: Scots Fowk, Scottish Gaelic: Albannaich), or Scots, are a nation and ethnic group native to Scotland. Historically, they emerged from an amalgamation of two Celtic peoples—the Picts and Gaels—who founded the Kingdom of Scotland (or Alba) in the 9th century. Later, the neighbouring Cumbrians, as well as Germanic Anglo-Saxons and Norse, were incorporated into the Scottish nation.

  • Lance Vance

    Actually most of the comments are directed towards that Hopkins creature. Why even give that vile old banger print- would’ve thought this vulgar publicity whore a bit beneath Craig’s intellect, or anyone’s intellect for that matter!!

  • Graham Ennis

    This mad rant by yet another W.A.S.P. “personality” is actually a good thing, insomuch as it strips away the cover of respectability that Anglo Saxons give to their prejudices. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard vile and disgusting comments and jokes about Irish, Welsh, Scottish people from “English people”. The higher the social class, the more racist, as well. (They also hate blacks, brown people, yellow people, East Europeans, Muslims, etc etc….)Why do they think they are so clever and wonderful?… As an Irish Citizen, I am fed up with them.

  • Lance Vance

    Don’t know if anymore here has ever read VIZ magazine, but there were characters in the mag called Cockney Wanker and also Billy Britain and it summed up the English perfectly.

  • LordSnooty

    If not in the pages of the Daily Getsmuchworse, where can Mr or Ms Everyprejudice give vent to their inner racist, and at the same time achieve so much puerile approbation from a jury of their equally bovine peers?

  • Ray Vison

    There is a great deal of anti-Scots and anti-Welsh racism in England. The press stirred it up big time at the referendum and made it worse.

    One interesting thing was the lack of even the tiniest voice in England in support of Scottish Independence, so nationalistic it was seen as an England v Scotland situation.

  • Jemand

    Of the many Scots that I have met here in Australia, whenever the subject of “race” or the reason they migrated to Oz ever came up, all of them have revealed themselves to be the most “racist” people. Or at least the most honest of racists – which is a different thing, I suppose.

    On one occasion when I returned to find my parked motorcycle damaged after being knocked over by a taxi, some Scottish fellows approached to inform me of what they had witnessed including the tangential fact that the driver was English and in very derogatory terms on that point.

    So there you go.

  • Ray Jinghar-Don

    That’s right, Craig, the English have had enough of decades of jealous Scottish bile and are still lamenting the fact that the sweaty socks bottled it at their little referendum. Sorry if, at last, some English celebrities express their nonchalance of all things Scottish but it’s hardly “racism”. Allowing Pakistani Muslim men to rape thousands of English children for decades is though. I don’t recall your “anti-racist” article about that. Maybe my search skills need improvement.

  • Ally

    Unfortunately Ray, The ‘Scots’ never bottled it. Polls show a majority of Scots voted yes, immigrants and English living in Scotland bottled it. If it was purely a referendum for Scots, by Scots about Scotland, yes would have won by around 65% 😉 Guess you missed reading these facts as well and just press on with the warped opinion 😉 Good lad, wouldn’t expect anything better from a narrow minded guff 😀 All said in the best possible side poking fun of course, no malice intended, just as I am sure none was intended within your comment 😉

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