The Gordon and Dougie Show 420

Gordon Brown and wee Dougie Alexander once bestrode the world, bombing much of it. Now these mighty egos are confined within Elderslie Village Hall.


The problem is, the average member of the population does not have a high opinion of the dynamic duo. So it is essential that they are kept away from average people, and instead paraded only before vetted audiences of Labour activists. There are not very many of those; so the venues are tiny, with a small number of carefully bunched people holding silly placards, photographed by a compliant media only from carefully prepared angles.

Now I plunge happily into politically incorrect ground. As normal people have abandoned it and Labour has come down to the core of its core support, it is truly striking how remarkably ugly its hardcore activists are. I don’t mean that in any metaphorical sense. I mean that they are an aesthetic disaster. It is not a product of poverty, as the core support are all well employed as research assistants or doing pretendy youth work jobs for Labour councils. Other parties do not have such challenging physiognomy. It is very seldom you can look at a room and say Gordon Brown is one of the best looking people there. Perhaps Blair’s crimes have been written on the faces of all the complicit.

Douglas Alexander not only facilitated the use of Diego Garcia for torture and extraordinary rendition, in an act of extreme hypocrisy the evil little shit also declared a “marine conservation area” around it. In the 1960’s Britain forcibly deported the entire population of the islands to make way for the US Air Base. Faced with a continual political and legal fight for them to return, Alexander sought to make it impossible with his “marine conservation area”. There is nobody who better represents Scottish Labour’s loss of its soul than Alexander. If Mhairi beats him I shall be extremely happy.

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  • Johnstone

    Thanks Rob
    ‘…coming from a place of kindness and not self interest…’ talking about her political role model Margot MacDonald

    Mhairi is a breath of fresh air and wise beyond her years and she’d get my vote if I lived in Paisley. I hope she well a truly breaks the mold.

  • RobG

    Ok, Resident Dissident I’ll rephrase that for the pedants amongst us: Surely not a coincidence that the youngest parliamentary candidate in modern history ‘with a strong chance of winning’ (polls put Black at least 9 points ahead of her rival) is put up against Douglas Alexander?


  • RobG

    Johnstone, watch them do a demolition job on Mhairi Black, as Resident Dissident has tried to do in his link above.

    As I said previously, I don’t know Mhairi personally, but I get the feeling that even at the age of 20 she’s tough and smart enough to be able to handle the rough and tumble of politics.

    This is certainly going to be an interesting election.

  • Iain More

    Better keep Mhairi Black away from dolls. There is no telling what the British Nationalist Press and Media will accuse her of. I noted they have tried to smear her once already.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “In the latest FT projection, Labour + SNP + Plaid Cymru + SDLP + Greens back down to 422, a bit short of a majority.”


    I suppose we’re going to get this every day until the election, SIGH… 🙂

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “Sam Cam looks quite nice to me…

    An expression of utter vapidity allied with access to expensive aids to beauty can indeed enhance the illusion of loveliness.”

    Are we to take from the above slur on Samantha Cameron that Baal Zevul prefers the basilisk look of an Angela Eagle or the bulldog features of an Yvette Cooper?

    Surely not!

  • RobG

    Iain, Mhairi Black is being quite noticeably sidelined in this election, even though she is up against Douglas Alexander, which is a big political story.

    If you come across any more stuff about Mhairi I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will appreciate you posting it here.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “As I said previously, I don’t know Mhairi personally..”


    …which is greatly to her credit.

  • RobG

    Mary, the Paisley and Renfrewshire South constituency will certainly be one to watch on May 7th!

    She’ll wipe the floor with him, and for a number of reasons, Mhairi will make history in the process.

    It will be interesting to see how the media and the trolls spin it all.

  • fedup

    O/T update

    all references to the politician were removed from the child’s social services file

    The attack was also the culmination of a lengthy grooming process which had begun when the boy’s abuser, a high-profile MP, visited a secondary school in his Leicester constituency. That MP was Greville Janner, then 46, a Labour backbencher who would achieve minor celebrity as a lawyer, author, broadcaster — and tireless campaigner for the rights of Holocaust victims.

  • RobG

    25 Apr, 2015 – 11:25 pm

    All you have to ask the neocon loons is who caused the 2008 crash. Was it the socialists and communists?

    Who caused the 1929 crash. Was it the socialists and communists?

    And who caused every recession inbetween (and there’s one about every seven years)?

    We live in an allusion.

  • boris

    Craig. You opened my eyes to the truth. I had always trusted the British media to be open and honest. Your article on the backdoor transfer of oil producing parts of Scotland to English control was a bombshell. I read your blog daily. Your talents would be wasted as an MP or MSP.
    I feel you’d be better off working at the SNP Head Office as Head of Media for the Party.

    Anyways my take on Douglas Alexander.

  • Pykrete

    Re aid for Nepal … Habby said “No word yet from Russia, China, India and Pakistan.”

    Perhaps he should have checked first (e.g. where he would have discovered that:

    … two Indian Air Force relief planes are en route to Kathmandu carrying rescue teams …

    Moscow is also dispatching a team of more than fifty rescue workers to Nepal …

    The 68 member China International Search and Rescue Team (CISAR) is scheduled to depart for Nepal via chartered plane in the early morning of 26 April …

    Pakistan announced that it was sending four C-130 planes packed with life-saving emergency equipment—including a 30-bed hospital …

    Never let the facts get in the way of the required narrative, innit 🙂

  • BrianFujisan

    Whilst in Freedom Square… Seize the Day… Sisters Sarah and Sophie Johnson, ages 20 and 17… Get Their Say on the Violence of 19th Sept… When bigoted cnuts ripped the flags off them

    P.s The War Craving D Alexander is ( . ) LESS than that DOT

  • Miss Castello

    Annie @6:07 pm:

    “if this was a tweet, I would favourite it”
    Well it is now, because I’ve just’tweeted it. Be my guest:-)!

  • BrianFujisan

    Can you Imagine How Peter Gabriel Would Have Spoken of

  • lysias

    New FT projection has Labour + SNP + Plaid Cymru + SDLP + Greens back up again to a bare majority of 326.

  • Mary

    Top Definition   


    Gaelic for Mary meaning much loved and longed for child.
    Beautiful in both looks and personality!

    ‘Mhairi is such a great person to get along with’

    November 11, 2007

    Well named. GO MHAIRI and knock runty Dougie off his perch.

  • Free Speech

    The Cadbury fiasco where a whole town (and others) lost its livelihood because someone called in a favour from Gordon Brown resulting in the takeover by US profiteers Kraft, with never to to be adhered Takeover Panel promises given, is a classic example of New Labour fakery – thousands of labour jobs were lost to Poland forever and a whole town jannered. There is a real fear that after this election, this high level corruption in politics may lead us to another war on behalf of the Krafters as “murdoch favours” are called in shamelessly, after all its only some Keynsham cattle and Scottish cannon fodder we are talking about.

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