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Gordon Brown and wee Dougie Alexander once bestrode the world, bombing much of it. Now these mighty egos are confined within Elderslie Village Hall.


The problem is, the average member of the population does not have a high opinion of the dynamic duo. So it is essential that they are kept away from average people, and instead paraded only before vetted audiences of Labour activists. There are not very many of those; so the venues are tiny, with a small number of carefully bunched people holding silly placards, photographed by a compliant media only from carefully prepared angles.

Now I plunge happily into politically incorrect ground. As normal people have abandoned it and Labour has come down to the core of its core support, it is truly striking how remarkably ugly its hardcore activists are. I don’t mean that in any metaphorical sense. I mean that they are an aesthetic disaster. It is not a product of poverty, as the core support are all well employed as research assistants or doing pretendy youth work jobs for Labour councils. Other parties do not have such challenging physiognomy. It is very seldom you can look at a room and say Gordon Brown is one of the best looking people there. Perhaps Blair’s crimes have been written on the faces of all the complicit.

Douglas Alexander not only facilitated the use of Diego Garcia for torture and extraordinary rendition, in an act of extreme hypocrisy the evil little shit also declared a “marine conservation area” around it. In the 1960’s Britain forcibly deported the entire population of the islands to make way for the US Air Base. Faced with a continual political and legal fight for them to return, Alexander sought to make it impossible with his “marine conservation area”. There is nobody who better represents Scottish Labour’s loss of its soul than Alexander. If Mhairi beats him I shall be extremely happy.

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  • BrianFujisan

    Its right that the Girls got to tell their story.

    It’s NOT Right that Hope over fear used them… when they did not Know they were Being used….

    nevermind ECT..Mutual… See ya at the Joint

  • Free Speech

    @Lysias – there is a bloc within the Cons that may be expected to vote with progressive forces like they did in the HISTORIC repudiation of the al-Ghouta Syria (sarin false flag?)bombing resolution at the Commons, overturning a thundering rifkinds opening salvo urging the House to bomb Assad based on YouTube and 8200 “evidence”. Like Baroness Warsi they want to be able to see themselves on the mirror, all is not lost.

  • Mary

    Alexander’s predecessor as MP was Gordon McMaster, who committed suicide in 1997. Before his death, he had been robbed in London and had been smeared by another member of the Labour party.

    ‘McMaster committed suicide on 28 July 1997. He had been robbed in London shortly before his death. His suicide note named neighbouring MP Tommy Graham as being responsible for smearing him over an alleged homosexual relationship. This was denied by Graham, who was suspended from the Labour Party.’

    From a read of this beautiful obituary by Tam Dalyell, it is apparent that Scotland lost a fine MP and a caring and decent man.

  • Mary

    As Wee Dougie and Gordo are avowed Zionist supporters and Labour Friends of Israel, I thought I would put this up.

    24th April 2015 – Protest Israel’s Cultural Ambassadors – Jerusalem Quartet’s London Performance

    ‘The Jerusalem Quartet also has very close links to the Israel military. “The four members of the Quartet joined the Israeli Defense Forces in March 1997 and are serving as Distinguished Musicians.” An article by the World Zionist Press Service in 1998, entitled “Israeli musicians also have military strings attached”, described how since completing their military service: “The Quartet now serves as Distinguished Musicians, performing for troops three times a week. … For the three immigrants, carrying a rifle in one hand and a violin in the other is the ultimate Zionist statement. ‘It’s something our parents could hardly have imagined ten years ago,’ says Zlotnikov”.’

    Previously, they performed in Scotland and in London in 2010 when there were also protests.

    In Edinburgh in 2010 5 protesters were taken to court on trumped up charges but were later cleared.


    Wee Dougie is good on donation gathering. A couple of trips to Israhell have been paid for too.

    There is quite a little posse of them ie NuLabour supporters of Israel

    Any others known of?

  • Resident Dissident

    From Goosestep Johnnie’s billet doux to his hero

    “Like JFK, you have a military background,”

    No he fucking doesn’t – he was never conscripted into the armed forces and went straight into the KGB after graduation. It is interesting however how Mr Goss and his friends wish to gloss over this rather large part of Mr Putin’s career.

    “Instead Russia has developed closer relationships with many countries through organizations like BRICS, has forgiven old debts and worked with its partners to meet goals that serve the interests of the people.”

    Like the strategic partnership with Karimov in Uzbekistan and the forgiveness of his regimes debts. But still Mr Goss thinks that they were forced into the whole arrangement by the US. Presumably by signing this letter he is indicating his approval of the arrangements with Uzbekistan.

    BTW since when do you think you have had the right to speak for this country – you hold no public office, have never sought such office, and you support a political party that is an irrelevance.

  • Mary

    The state of a nation that has food banks and a bedroom tax

    ‘The collective wealth of the UK’s richest 1,000 has more than doubled over the last 10 years, according to the list.

    They now have a combined fortune of nearly £550bn. In 2005 that figure was just £249bn.’

    £550bn = £550 thousand million = £550,000,000,000. That is using the US version of 1bn.

    Whichever, unimaginable wealth.

    Her Maj is no longer in the list. Quel dommage!

  • Resident Dissident


    Perhaps you should note that there are 2 Russian oligarchs who are friends of Putin on the list and ponder on what effect they have had on the natives of Russia. Mr Putin of course only earns about £100k per year – if we are to believe his honesty in official declarations (Mr Goss may wish to confirm the accuracy or otherwise of this statement being rather closer to Mr Putin than any of us would like to be).

  • Free Speech

    @JG – Whilst nuland,kagan & co have successfully overthrown the Yanukovich regime towards accomplishing their aims, they forgot a big lesson from WW2 history, and hopefully its going to bite yats and porky before they flee to israel or Switzerland.

    ONLY the Bear has the spiritual power (achieved after a 20M SACRIFICE in WW2) to keep the nationalists/nazi devil in check, clearly shown by its 70 year success in Belarus and Ukraine upto the ouster of Yanukovich. Not the EU nor the US nor the khazars nor Germany nor France, ONLY THE BEAR can squash Azov. The genie is now out of the bottle and spewing hellfire as we saw in Odessa. But Putin will trap it again and hopefully CM will be alive then to thank him.

  • Resident Dissident


    “watch them do a demolition job on Mhairi Black, as Resident Dissident has tried to do in his link above.”

    All I was doing was pointing out your incorrect statement – when I do a demolition job it tends to be rather more noticeable!

  • Resident Dissident

    Perhaps Free Speech (or is it 55 Shushanka St in one of its many forms) will let us know how many Ukrainians and Belarussians fighting for the Red Army made the ultimate sacrifice in WW2.

  • Resident Dissident

    Though of course Freespeech’s reference to the Khazars should give us all a pretty good clue as to where he it is coming from.

  • Free Speech

    @RD – agreed but nobody has cut them out of the credit for the Patriotic War, but you are evading the main issue WHO IS GOING TO PUT THE NATIONALIST/NAZI GENIE BACK IN THE BOTTLE?

    Merkel is on the fence, to his credit Hollande shows some signs of picking up the gauntlet, the US State Department is infested with zios, ONLY PUTIN ONLY PUTIN is facing up to this evil that is snowballing into mass marches by banderistas,etc.

    You are just a small devil, please keep quiet.

  • Resident Dissident

    You are just a small devil, please keep quiet.

    No – and you are daft enough to think that Putin isn’t playing the Nationalist card within Russia.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “New FT projection has Labour + SNP + Plaid Cymru + SDLP + Greens back up again to a bare majority of 326.”


    Your point?

    What does the Navy Times say?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    It appears that this blog has gained its own “What the papers say” feature.

    Posts at 11h22, 11h25, 11h33 and 14h49 refer.

    Make sure Mary doesn’t get jealous!

  • Clark

    Alisher Usmanov is fourth on The Sunday Times Rich List that Mary linked to, and as pointed out by Resident Dissident:

    It seems almost inevitable that Usmanov would seed trolls to comment at this blog, to discredit Craig as much as possible:

    Alisher Usmanov, potential Arsenal chairman, is a Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist

    Which of us are they? I wonder…

  • craig Post author


    You are quite entitled to your views on Putin, which differ from mine. But please do not keep posting and linking to Putin propaganda on totally unrelated threads.

  • Mary

    ResDis The stripping of assets by the oligarchs now mostly resident in the UK, from the Russian people, took place in the 90s. Usmanov lives in Sutton Place, a Grade 1 mansion that was owned by Paul Getty. Now when you walk along the river which borders his estate, there are barbed wire fences and guards on patrol with German Shepherds. Nice.

    Refer you to:

    Building Big Business in Russia: The Impact of Informal Corporate Governance Practices
    Yuko Adachi – 2013 –

    This book examines the development of big business in Russia since the onset of market oriented reform in the early 1990s. It explains how privatized post-Soviet enterprises, many of which made little sense as business units, were transformed into functional firms able to operate in the environment of a market economy.

    It provides detailed case studies of three key companies – Yukos Oil Company, Siberian (Russian) Aluminium and Norilsk Nickel – all of which played a key role in Russia’s economic recovery after 1998, describing how these companies were created, run and have developed. It shows how Russian businesses during the 1990s routinely relied on practices not entirely compatible with formal rules, in particular in the area of corporate governance. The book fully explores the critical role played by informal corporate governance practices – such as share dilution, transfer pricing, asset stripping, limiting shareholders access to votes, and ‘bankruptcy to order’ – as Russian big business developed during the 1990s. Unlike other studies on Russian corporate governance, this book highlights the ambiguous impact of informal corporate governance practices on the companies involved as commercial entities, and suggests that although their use proved costly to Russia’s business reputation, they helped core groups of owners/managers at the time to establish coherent business firms. Overall, the book shows that we cannot understand the nature of current economic changes in Russia without recognising the crucial role played by informal corporate governance practices in the creation and development of big business in post-Soviet Russia.

    PS Did you know that every time you post single sentences in the comments, you are guilty of ‘forum sliding’?

  • Summerhead

    Miss Castello and Annie: if you see something you like and agree with on Twitter, retweet so others can read it. Retweeting is sharing, favouriting is hoarding.

  • Resident Dissident

    “ResDis The stripping of assets by the oligarchs now mostly resident in the UK, from the Russian people, took place in the 90s.”

    Just not true – capital outflows from Russia have increased substantially since Putin came to power. Those oligarchs who Putin favoured have continued their expropriation of Russian assets and in particular its oil revenues – tell any estate agent in Central London if new money from Russia dried up when Putin came to power and they would be incredulous.

  • Garlic scented handkerchief

    @ free speech _ if hollande is taking on the facists why is Putin backing the FN?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    You are quite entitled to your views on Putin, which differ from mine. But please do not keep posting and linking to Putin propaganda on totally unrelated threads.”


    This blog is not a nest for the Great Cuckoo to lay his rotten Putin eggs in.

    He can do that on his own blog – except that no one reads it.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    I’ve just come across this guy, and his thoughts are worthy of a wider audience. Highly commended. Nailing some establishment bollocks rather precisely here*, also links to other voices not impressed by our socioeconomic system, if you can call it a system…

    Highly commended. For your blogroll, Craig?

    *Relax, it isn’t actually about Bambi.

  • Mark Golding

    The KGB is infused with military background with military ranks. KGB officers experienced Spetsnaz special forces training as detailed by Mark Galeotti in his book, ‘Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since 1991 (Elite)’ and Putin was exposed to ‘Alpha’ discipline, a military unit set up by the KGB’s Seventh Directorate in 1974 and appears to have been inspired by the British SAS and US 1SFOD-D (Delta) as a counter-terrorist and hostage-rescue group.

    Do your homework Resdiss…

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Mary to Res Diss:

    “PS Did you know that every time you post single sentences in the comments, you are guilty of ‘forum sliding’?”


    Habbabkuk to Mary: Did you know that every time you post cuts-and-paste, you are guilty of attempted murder…by boredom?

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