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58 thoughts on “Jim Murphy and Dougie Alexander

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    England has voted for 5 more years of austerity, privitisation of NHS etc etc..

    Largely by accident. The pissed-off-with-the-status-quo tendency voted for the nearest protest party, which except in Brighton Pavilion and Scotland, was UKIP. And thanks to Labour’s mismanagement of its message, memories of Blair*, and some assiduous Tory lying about the economy, the pissed-off tendency has grown substantially.

    *I would like to think Blair’s ill-considered input fucked it completely for them. Chuka bastard Umunna is still with us, sadly, and the tradition will continue.

  • ash

    go easy on the drinks craig….your not young any longer and don’t you want to live to see Independence

  • nevermind

    Freely translated first paragraph: ‘The Tory’s leader Cameron, although the biggest party after this election, is only half of of a winner. He will be PM again, but as it looks like, for the Tory’s, they will only have a small majority to work with, if at all.
    Cameron is dependent on the discipline of his MP’s, he’s not a strong PM. This is a problem on so many/more than one level/s.’

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Our posts crossed, Dre. Umunna looks like being a major contender, but with any luck his indistinguishability from a Tory should scupper Labour completely, and leave some space for ethical parties next time.

  • Mary

    Nevermind You speak of the ‘grain mafia’ LOL. Have you come across this Con MP? He is MP for the Cotswolds where one of my brothers lives.

    ‘Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

    Partner in East Peckham partnership, engaged in arable farming in Norfolk. I have the use of a car belonging to the partnership…. drawings of +£20k per month downwards

    8.Land and Property

    Agricultural holdings in Norfolk, from which I receive rental income.
    Various let properties in London, from which I receive rental income.

    Made time for a visit to Israhell courtesy of CFoI.

    Tiffany cufflinks from the Saudi Ambassador, shooting from the Tobacco Manufacturers, visits to Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar. Caribbean, China, etc etc. Well travelled! Probably bumped into Fox and Werritty.

    So many freebies, so little time!

  • OldMark

    The Sky reporter outside Labour HQ has just used the term ‘the British electorate overall’.

    You couldn’t make it up- this election has proved conclusively that talk like this is tantamount to political necrophilia.

  • Dreoilin

    Paddy Power is quoting

    Next Labour Leader:
    Andy Burnham 7/4 fav, from Yvette Cooper (9/4), Chuka Umunna (3/1), Dan Jarvis (6/1) and Tristram Hunt at 11/1.

    I don’t know them well enough to comment …

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Cameron is dependent on the discipline of his MP’s,

    He can, however, count on the indiscipline of any conceivable opposition grouping. Still, his whips are going to be busy.

  • Mary

    I agree about Chuka.

    8 May, 2015 – 3:34 am

    Chuka Umunna has been re-elected in Streatham with an increased majority. It is said that Miliband E as leader will be toast so the ambitious Chuka is poised.

    Chuka is LFoI so has all the right connections for Liebour leadership.

  • John Goss

    While congratulations go to the Scottish Nationalists who have shown the rest of these islands what can be achieved the victory of Cameron south of the border spells more of the same but without the coalition input which could be the biggest disaster for the country. In the long term when people feel like they’ve suffered enough they might get off their butts and do something about their apathy. Conservatives always vote. Every jack one of them.

    Go, Scotland, go.

    I mean that in the politest way in all senses of the phrase. Because when Scotland gets its independence there will have to be an election in the new ‘England’.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Burnham’s a nonentity apparatchick, Cooper’s Ed Balls’ wife, and tainted by expenses, Umunna’s a Progress blairite and would like to be very rich…Jarvis looks worthwhile; ex 3 Para so presumably has some organisational ability.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Oh, wow, Juteman! I forgot to check on Fred. As a member of the Resistance, he may be in some danger.


  • Parky

    SNP 1,454,436 votes 56 Seats
    UKIP 3,830,029 votes 1 seat

    you may not approve of UKIP however there are over 3.8 million of them who are not represented at Westminster, FPTP is a total sham and disgrace.

  • Juteman

    There is no problem with FPTP when Labour have nearly every seat in Scotland.
    FPTP is a disgrace when the SNP have nearly every seat in Scotland.

  • fred

    “Oh, wow, Juteman! I forgot to check on Fred. As a member of the Resistance, he may be in some danger.”

    Getting the ferry over to Orkney.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    ….we shall fight them on the skerries. We shall fight them on the Old Man of Hoy…

  • Observer

    Surely they cannot increase the national debt by ANOTHER £800b (Greece entire debt to date=£350b) over the next 5 years again, continuing this Osborne ponzi scheme ecocainomic illusion?! The Cons will need a war to stay in power next time round. Be very afraid Iran, there are enough FOIs to pass a war vote in the commons now, zio Murdoch will have his pound of flesh for writing off the £300m NOWT to stymie Coulson from admitting in Court to having hacked GB inbox during the 2010 election for Cameron.

  • Juteman

    You should be safe on Orkney, Fred.
    Someone posted on Twitter during the night that Shetland voted SNP, and only the Koalas personal vote in Orkney saved him.

  • S Paterson

    DavidH ‘Every time Sturgeon said she wanted to work with Labour to lock Cameron out of Number 10, that piled on more votes for the Tories in England. Exactly as the SNP and Rupert Murdoch planned. So she didn’t really want to work with Labour and definitely wanted Cameron back in Number 10. A lying politician who will say anything to get into power – just like all the rest.’

    David your thought processes seem to be somewhat ‘skewed’. Nicola Sturgeon has NO HIDDEN agenda …….. she is completely open and means what she says.

    She didn’t want Cameron returned to Number 10 at all. Get real. Her policies, and those of the SNP politicians heading for Westminster, are akin to those of the ‘old’ Keir Hardie Labour Party. Not Cameronite.

    David Cameron is being returned to No 10 by people living in England. End of. Labours Blairite policies and the fact that a Labour Party wouldn’t ‘allow’ the good people of England to vote in an EU Referendum didn’t help their cause. Neither did their choice of a Leader. The same mistake was repeated in Scotland with Manipulative Murphy (Vice President of the Henry Jackson Society and one of the biggest liars around)sounding the absolute death knell for Labour in Scotland. If Findlay had been leader I’m sure they would have held onto more seats.

    This attitude of constanting wanting to dump the blame on the blameless and being in denial of the root cause of the problem will only contribute to digging a deeper grave for the Labour Party. Time for you, and many others like you, to shift from destruct mode to construct.

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