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58 thoughts on “Jim Murphy and Dougie Alexander

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  • Mary

    Will Straw @wdjstraw
    · 6 hours ago
    Whatever the result tonight I’ve been humbled by messages of support today & by dedicated volunteers doing what they believe in #GE0215

    Puffed up twerp.

    Hope he is wiped out.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    It seems to me, absolutely NOTHING happened in England

    But The Scottish Not Only Woke Up…

    They Blew Us All Away.

    Congratulations To You Guys.

    Well Done..You are Showing The World The Future.

    Have a wee dram on me.

    You have just launched a Ship.

    We are Back.


  • deepgreenpuddock

    Be very cautious.
    I too am a independence voter , but I am quite alarmed at the kind of ill-willed venom that will be unleashed by the ascendent Tories. There will be no support from Labour.
    50 odd seats is not much of a match for the 320 or so Tories. Can you see the Tories giving up their property and Weapons system/phallic symbol without a fight?
    I see a many major acts of attrition, including the unleashing of a torrent of vindictive and underhand propaganda for Scotland.

  • Becky Cohen

    “I am off to get very very drunk!! Hurray!!!!”

    So, what’s new?!;) But, anyways, I’m sure you’re very happy with the Tory majority that you made possible. As for the rest of us proletarians in the real world who aren’t so privileged…well, I’m off to work now.

  • Em

    Looks like this means a tory majority for the rest of us. There may only be an inch of difference between the tories and labour but for some in England that inch will be the difference between life and death.

  • Mary

    The result spells the end of OUR NHS.

    Cameron is returning to London with police outriders and s helicopter overhead providing coverage for Sky. He must feel he is royalty.

  • Mary

    How many dissenting voices are left from the old parliament? GG has gone.

  • DavidH

    Every time Sturgeon said she wanted to work with Labour to lock Cameron out of Number 10, that piled on more votes for the Tories in England. Exactly as the SNP and Rupert Murdoch planned. So she didn’t really want to work with Labour and definitely wanted Cameron back in Number 10. A lying politician who will say anything to get into power – just like all the rest.

  • Salford Lad

    So meanwhile back in England, the turkeys have voted for Christmas.

  • Porkfright

    Huge congratulations to Scotland. As for we English-you got it in one, Salford Lad.

  • nevermind

    Well done Scotland, thanks to the vagaries of the FPTP system, your 1.5 million voters have swayed it for the SNP, down here, no such thing was possible as the electorate was divided and had a plethora of choices.

    The dilution of the vote, bigger choice, is always favouring the three main parties in an unfair disproportional system.

    Chloe re-elected with higher majority, Richard bacon has doubled his, most of the Norfolk grain mafia is still alive and well, including pumped up Brendan lewis.

    Labour and Lib Dems have suffered, Norman Lamb scraped through, he might replace Clegg. Ed Balls lost his seat by just over a thousand votes, should have been done more campaigning then galumphing about.

    I heard Norman on the radio bemoaning the FPTP system, now that his party has been decimated, a hard lesson to stay away from speed dating.

  • Mary

    1 million Green voters across the UK are represented by just 2 seats.

    5% of the UK population (ie approx 3.5 million) get 56+ SNP seats.

    We have a very skewed and antiquated voting system. It needs reform.

  • Anon1

    The Master will be expecting his pound of flesh – and what the Master expects, the Master gets.

  • Robin

    Becky Cohen – how did Scotland return the Tory’s to power? Even if all 59 Scottish seats had been Labour they would still not have enough to form a majority, as England has voted overwhelmingly Tory. Yet that is our fault?

    England has voted for 5 more years of austerity, privitisation of NHS etc etc..

    Scotland has voted for something different, and (looks like 54%) for a party that backs Independence – which is surely now inevitable.

    You can keep your Tories – blue, red and yellow.. We’re offski 😉

  • Jim Morris

    DavidH @7.29 am
    Do the math: if Jim Murphy had delivered 56 seats, an increase of 15 on 2010,
    Ed Milliband would still have been 36 seats short of a majority. Labour lost the
    election down south, not up here in Scotland.

  • OldMark

    ‘By a Eurovision contestant in 1967, Vicky Leandros.’

    Vicky Leandros won in 1972- from recollection Sandie Shaw won in 1967 (he says, adjusting tutu).

    ‘1 million Green voters across the UK are represented by just 2 seats.’

    The votes/seats ratio is even worse for UKIP- they’ll be zealous supporters of PR henceforth.

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