Coulson Lying is OK by Judge – to Maintain Sheridan Conviction 115

Andy Coulson lied under oath, repeatedly, in the Tommy Sheridan trail. He has not been acquitted of lying. He has been acquitted of perjury, by the judge, Lord Burn who ruled that whether he told the truth or not would not have affected the outcome of the Tommy Sheridan trial. It is very important to note it was Lord Burn who took that decision – he dismissed the jury who were given no chance to have their say. So Coulson is protected from a stretch in Saughton pokey, and more to the establishment’s purpose, the conviction of Tommy Sheridan stands.

Coulson lied about phone hacking in the Sheridan trial. Coulson has form. “Lord” David Burn also has form. He was part of the Megrahi “defence” team of advocates who failed to ask a score of glaringly obvious questions about the holes in the prosecution case and payment of witnesses in the fit-up of the century. The Scottish legal establishment is a sewer.


Here is a step by step guide to how the scam was pulled by the excellent Gordon Dangerfield:

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115 thoughts on “Coulson Lying is OK by Judge – to Maintain Sheridan Conviction

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  • Abe Rene

    I’m not a lawyer, but according to the judge, perjury has to include relevance to the trial in question, and the defense successfully argued that such was not the case.

  • Macky

    Mary; “I object strongly to the slanderous content of Dreoilin’s comment at 7.36pm last night.”

    Being “She’s in a bubble. Her own little Jew-hating bubble.”

    If she really believes that, and frankly she’s dopey enough, that would be bad enough, but I suspect she will say anything, betray any cause, side with any troll, just to attack you Mary; quite sad & astonishing how the green-eyed monster makes people behave.

  • Dreoilin

    Your comment is so preposterous, Macky, I’m not replying to the essence of it.

    I feel a bit sorry for you, that you can’t think for yourself, but have to regurgitate Mary about her “green eyed monster” rubbish.


  • jemand

    “I object strongly to the slanderous content of Dreoilin’s comment at 7.36pm last night. I have only just noticed it.

    The accusation she makes about me is totally untrue. Can it please be removed?”
    – –

    Yes. Yes it can, Mary. But it won’t. Because it is all true. You’re just an old Jew-hatin’ nobody who gives a casual passerby an amusing moment to reflect on how strange some people really are.

    Now, let the insults flow .. ..

  • Macky

    @Dreoilin, so no apology, no shame.

    You stand by your malicious statement; you & the hasbara trolls (& racist trolls, step forward Jemand) are the only ones to see through Mary, and all the rest of us are gullible fools ?!

    Perhaps we would be gullible fools if we were expected to believe that a boasting “pro-Palestinian activist”, would ever declare that the I/P is discussed too often on a political blog, that being Israel friendly is part & parcel of being pro-Palestinian, would ever join with hasbara & racist trolls to smear another pro-Palestinian as an anti-Semitic.

    Take a good hard look at yourself, the company you keep, and weep.

  • Mary

    The deviousness is apparent. There is a saying about mud sticking and that was the aim. Best wishes to her and the trolls.

  • Clark

    Escalation cannot solve conflicts unless one side is either conquered and permanently subjugated, or annihilated.

    Mary, you let Macky inflate your ego yet again. Please think more deeply, or you will lose support.

  • Macky

    @Clark, so you warn against escalation by actually stepping up the escalation, in a Post in which you;

    a) Patronise Mary, as you must consider her as some sort of simpleton, that she is so weak minded that so can’t express herself without influence from myself.

    b) Attack me by trying to recruit her against the person you hate for exposing your hypocrisies & irrationalities.

    c) Threaten & attempt to blackmail Mary to toe your line, or else she will lose your (non-existent) support !

    d) Expect her to accept being smeared as an anti-Semite because your pal Dreoilin is the Smearer.

    e) Take advantage of the fact that Mary won’t reply to you as you deserve, because of loyalty to Craig.

    Do you have anything to say to Dreoilin, or do you share her accusation that Mary is a “Jew Hater” ?

  • Macky

    Dreoilin; “Dog with a bone, Macky.”

    Aptly enough that best describes you with your bitchy envious obsession with Mary.

  • Clark


    your point (a) consists of your words and assumptions, not mine. You have no right to put words in my mouth. I respect Mary for her compassion and her research skills.

    b) You, Macky, have repeatedly and consistently attacked and attempted to discredit Craig himself and every member of this blog’s team, even suggesting that Craig works for the CIA. I regard you as an enemy of this blog, which I have worked to develop for years. You furtively hide your identity and refuse to meet any other contributor in person. You are a fake; go teach some more Israelis to dance – I bet you don’t want Mary to learn about that, eh?

    c) Mary retains my respect but she has already lost respect with others such as Dreoilin, Technicolour and even Villager, having been taken in by your corrupting ploys. You speak sweet words to Mary and attack others, ostensibly on her behalf, but you would have Mary propagate shoddy conspiracy theories whereas a true friend would warn her not to discredit herself, as I did – true friendship does not consist of creeping and crawling, encouraging and reinforcing fault and error. You would happily have Mary lose friends one by one until only you were left.

    d) Since I respect Mary I trust that she can speak for herself, which she did above at 4 Jun, 9:09 am.

    e) Mary has my e-mail address and can say whatever she wishes to me without affecting Craig or his blog in any way.

    Macky, you are still trying to stroke Mary’s ego; manipulating, trying to develop a little gang with you as its boss, beneath the murderer Putin. Mary supports the oppressed Palestinians, not your rich, powerful, violent ex-KGB master. You are a manipulator. You lack both honesty and conscience and thus have no value. I could not hate you because you present nothing genuine.

  • jemand

    Apart from retaining an inexplicable affection and respect for Mary, the above post was well writ and 95% true.

  • Macky

    @Clark, I see your attempt to respond to my last Post has kept you up half the night, and what a waste of time it was ! You emulate the Habby Clown Troll by brazenly presenting lies as fact, but I guess the difference is that Habby is aware of what his doing, but I fear that in your case your delusions, paranoia & maliciousness all mix to form some sort of warped “reality” for you.

    Yes my points consists of words (!), but instead of “assumptions”, try rational deductions based on what you actually wrote, as any fair-minded reasonable person would assert. You claim to respect Mary for her compassion, but obviously not enough to ever defend her, and not enough to stop you criticizing her, nor regarding her as some sort of simpleton.

    Big Brazen Lie No.1 re Craig, I have crossed Craig on issues that we differ over; remember that he often states that he welcomes such differences. I have never ever suggested that he works for the CIA !

    Yes I value my privacy, and the one time I did the mistake of providing you with an email address, proves that I am right to do so; you firstly betrayed confidential information in a spiteful act of retribution when I was criticising your irrational arguments, and now it appears you have scoured the Net based on that email address & somehow have come up with something about teaching Israeli dancing !! I never low myself to lie about such things, so I can tell you that whoever you have found, it is definately not me. Let this be another warning to people, that you cannot be trusted at all with any personal details.

    Big Brazen Lie No.2 re encouraging Mary to “propagate shoddy conspiracy theories”; You’ve made this charge before, and I patiently went through this & exposed it for the sham that it is, but it’s obviously not in your interest to acknowledge that you are grasping at straws to try & attack me.

    The real phony friend is you, as yes Mary can contact you privately, but the Public discrediting she receives here will remain unanswered, something that obviously doesn’t appear to concern you.

    The only correct part of your Post is the ending, as it’s a perfect revealing self-projection;

    “You are a manipulator. You lack both honesty and conscience and thus have no value.”

  • Villager

    Good to see you back Clark. You were missed; hope you’re well.

    What you see of Macky is what you get. Rude to Craig without provocation to the extreme. Highly vindictive; curious chip on her shoulder; stay away from this Moll.

  • Macky

    @Jemand, Guess who ?

    “I learnt the hard way that Clark is really a sly, embittered, self-absorbed person with a tendency to infer secret motives of corresponding commentators in well-worded but poorly reasoned arguments that serve no other apparent purpose than to make him feel good about himself. He has no interest in granting any benefit of the doubt and will waste your time in pointless exchanges including quibbling over the details of historical commentary that he dredges up out of context to support his latest snipes.

    Let anyone who has any interest in meeting with Clark in person, be forewarned that whatever transpires between the two of them should not be considered to be confidential. Clark, having no grace, class or sense of common decency, will use whatever he has discovered in circumstances that naturally import privacy and confidentiality, against you, if it suits his mischievous ways.”

    Your game in playing all sides to incite more trouble is par the course for racists.

  • Dreoilin

    “Highly vindictive” (Villager, 1.09pm)

    A stream of venom in fact. I find it hard to believe that Macky found her way down here (even if requested) to “defend Mary”. It’s far more likely that Macky thinks she found herself a target, and there’s nothing Macky likes more than a target. She gets off on spitting venom at people.

    Btw, Macky, I have never said, anywhere, “that being Israel friendly is part & parcel of being pro-Palestinian”. You have misunderstood something you read somewhere.

    I’m not coming back to this thread. Nobody needs the level of sourness that Macky exudes.

  • Dreoilin

    PS since I said, “I feel a bit sorry for you, that you can’t think for yourself, but have to regurgitate Mary about her “green eyed monster” rubbish”, it has occurred to me to wonder if Mary got that notion from Macky, rather than the other way around.

    It’s so insane, so laughable, it sounds much more like it came from Macky.

  • Mary

    Clark ascribes motivations to me which are incorrect. I take no cues from anyone here. I have always ploughed my own furrow.

    Otherwise, I do not wish to engage in this. I was surprised to see it had resurfaced.

  • Dreoilin

    You do realise, Macky, that the link you posted (5 June, 3.47pm) – supposedly backing up your claim that I said, “that being Israel friendly is part & parcel of being pro-Palestinian” – doesn’t back it up at all. It shows that I said, “In Mary’s world, there are good people, and there are friends of Israel”.

    so either you’re a liar, or your comprehension is shite.

    Here are some Israeli-friendly people whom I wouldn’t describe as bad people:

    Dreoilin; “You have misunderstood something you read somewhere.”

    Macky: “Nope, my name is not Dopey Dreoilin”

    Of course it isn’t. It’s Malevolent Macky (or Mucky Macky for short)

    Hopefully I won’t need to come back again to correct any of your misquotations. I’ll put up with a lot, but I WILL NOT put up with being misquoted – especially by someone who can’t tell the difference between the real quote and the one she made up.

  • Macky

    @Dreoilin, your weasel response only warrants a 1 out of 10, and only for brass neck ignorance that assumes that everybody is stupid enough not to recognise your feeble & fake excusing.

    In a habitual attempt to back-up any attack against Mary, your comment directly followed one by the Habby Clown Troll, and context is everything; Habby’s Post being;

    “Mary’s only criterion for judging anyone is that person’s view on Israel.That is a very blinkered and prejudiced way of judging anyone.I should say it is Nazi-like in outlook.After all, the Nazis judged their German co-citizens on whether they were Jews or not.”

    So you may be dopey enough to believe your own self-excusing nonsense, but don’t make the mistake of assuming that others are as stupid as you obviously are.

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