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Glasgow City College student Majid Ali faces torture and death if returned to Pakistan. Majid Ali’s brother and other members of his immediate family have been taken and I am afraid very probably murdered by the Pakistani authorities as part of their relentless persecution of the Baloch people and desire to wipe out Baloch national identity. The UK Home Office intends to deport Majid. The people of Scotland must defend him.

There will be an emergency demonstration at the Scottish office, 1 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh at 13.00 tomorrow. I shall be going along. NUS Scotland are organising a letter-writing campaign to Scottish MPs to get them to put pressure on the Home Office. This is important.

It is appalling that London can seek to rip Majid from a Scottish community which values him, from a nation which respects its immigrant communities and their contribution, as part of Theresa May’s campaign to pander to the corporate media induced racism which regrettably has been introduced into many communities in England. It is a further example of why independence is essential to build a more ethical state.

The persecution of the Baloch has received little attention in the West. Peter Tatchell has done admirable work in trying to raise its profile in the UK, but with little traction. Like so many dreadful abuses, it is a direct result of wrongdoing by the British Empire. Baloch or Beluchistan was formally known as the state of Kelat, which Britain first invaded in 1839, destroying the city of Kelat in 1840 and murdering the ruler Mehrab Khan on the pretext he had given insufficient support to the British invasion of Afghanistan. Britain’s relations with Kelat thereafter were an appalling litany of broken treaties, culminating into the forceful and unwanted incorporation into Pakistan.

A few years ago I met the current Khan of Kelat at his home in exile in Wales and learnt a great deal about the dreadful persecution the Baloch suffer. In the course of my researches into British responsibility for the situation I cam across the crime of the massacre of Kotra. After the killing of Mehrab Khan, fighting continued until a truce was agreed with Mehrab’s 15 year old son Nasir. While the truce was in force, British forces silently surrounded Nasir’s mountain camp at Kotra and attacked before dawn, massacring 500. It is reminiscent of Glencoe, though this was a much larger massacre. In the National Archives of India I trembled as I held the manuscript order for the massacre in my hands.

We should do everything we can to save Majid Ali out of common decency, wherever he is from. But the knowledge of Britain’s historic responsibility for the situation should broaden and deepen our understanding of his plight.

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  • technicolour

    One wider point which the original post made, and which is in danger (by me) of being missed: our government’s complicity with/our state’s responsibility for those regimes and states to which the deportation of individuals is obviously dreadful.

  • giyane

    The remarkably unpbservant Baron Carlile:

    It starts here and later Anon1 joins in:



    Is the aim of your post to criticise Lord Carlile for the way he did his job as the reviewer of anti-terrorism legislation or to criticise him for defending Lord Janner against his accusers and not having had the wit to spot what it is alleged Lord Janner was up to?

    If it is the former, then I suggest that the second element is irrelevant and that you have “done a Mary”, ie you have added an irrelevant ‘ad hominem)item to the charge sheet so as to damn the man even more thoroughly.

    If it is the latter, then the first element is irrelevant in the same way.


    As to Lord Carlile’s lack of observation powers, you are being rather harsh and not a little silly. This is because you imply – I read your words – that Carlile should have known what was going in because “they were both MPs, both QCs, both members of Friends of Israel, both patrons of UK lawyers for Israel. They appear still to both be patrons of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation. They were regulars on the same parliamentary committees dealing with legal affairs. They were both to leave the Commons at the same time and both to join the Lords only slightly apart.”.

    I suggest that this argument is weak. It would only have validity if you were to assume that Lord Janner did some of his alleged buggering in Lord Carlile’s presence when they were prepareing a brief together in chambers or, perhaps, together in the offices of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation. Or, perhaps you believe that Lord Janner might have casually informed Lord Carlile, while they were having dinner or a drink together “Oh, by the way, Alec, I had great fun buggering a poretty little boy yesterday evening”.

    Not very likely, I would submit.

    Lord Carlile may well be a king-size shit but you should not attempt to aggravate the charge sheet against him by accusing him of not knowing things he was not likely to be in a position to know.


    Fistly Techniclour I have not accused Janner of doing anything. I merely objected to the trolls defending his right to bugger children.

    Secondly, Habbabkuk is arguing against Craig that Carlile could not be expected to have been aware of anything untoward going on with his office mate Janner.

    It was a disgraceful argument. Either both people sharing the office are equally afraid of their bad habits being discovered so both of them look the other way when they hear gossip from friends or snippets of conversation in the office. have you heard the accusations about Janner?

    Or Carlile is so finger in mouth political naive as to not worry about accusations of anything. he had the power to cover up everything and anything.

    I will not forget the names of the two trolls’ defenders today.

    The remarkably unobservant Dreoilin, the remarkably unobservant Technicolour; the remarkably unobservant Phil.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    The above post of mine – obligingly dug up and reposted by Giyane – is a rather good one, I think. Could have been a bit shorter but I had to make sure that the duller knives in the drawer understood what I was saying.

    But where does it “defend Janner’s right to bugger children” (as Giyane would have it)?

    Perhaps there’s a sentence there invisible to everyone except Giyane (and, perhaps, our Irish-American Daily Mail reader)?

    As I said – certifiable!

  • Mary

    Noticeable little spurt of anti-Russian propaganda since the US+6 meeting in Austria.

    eg BBC

    ‘Russian hackers’ behind TV attack
    9 June 2015

    Nemtsov daughter attacks Russia media
    9 June 2015
    Nemtsov daughter condemns Russian media ‘propaganda’

    Russian Soldiers’ Deaths Raise Ukraine Questions
    Vladimir Putin says there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine, but the deaths of three young servicemen tell a different story.

  • Dreoilin

    “But where does it “defend Janner’s right to bugger children” (as Giyane would have it)?”

    It doesn’t. It defends Baron Carlile from the charge that he “should have known”.

    Giyane is clearly away with the fairies on that one.

  • Mary

    No need for the plods to go to Theresa for a permit to eavesdrop. They are doing it by subterfuge.

    ‘Fake Mobile Phone Towers Operating In The UK
    A Sky News investigation uncovers the use of IMSI catchers, which can collect the data of innocent people as they use their phone.

    ‘Asked directly about the force’s use of stingrays by Sky News, Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Met commissioner and the UK’s most senior police officer, said: “We’re not going to talk about it, because the only people who benefit are the other side, and I see no reason in giving away that sort of thing.”‘

    ‘Keith Bristow, the director-general of the National Crime Agency, also told Sky News: “Some of what we would like to talk about to get the debate informed and logical, we can’t, because it would defeat the purpose of having the tactics in the first place.

    “Frankly, some of what we need to do is intrusive, it is uncomfortable, and the important thing is we set that out openly and recognise there are difficult choices to be made.”‘

    Britain is an increasingly fascist state.

    ‘They Thought They Were Free The Germans 1933-1945 Milton Mayer.’

  • Macky

    Given Resident Dissident’s apparent great interest in homophobia, I feel it my duty to bring this to his attention;

    “A major feature of the Russophobia epidemic is the accusation hurled at Moscow that the country is “homophobic.” Of course, Jeb isn’t about to jump on that particular bandwagon, but it’s appealing to the “liberal” wing of the new cold warriors, as well as lavender neocons like Jamie Kirchick. The diminutive gay neocon activist once went on “Russia Today” wearing awfully cute rainbow suspenders and yelping about “the horrific environment of homophobia in Russia.” (Ironically, he was invited on the show to comment on the fate of gay US serviceman Bradley – now Chelsea – Manning, which he refused to do.)

    What’s odd – but not really – is that we’ve heard nothing from Jamie about the 30 minute Gay Pride march held in Kiev recently. Why so short? Because the parade was attacked by thugs from “Right Sector,” a gang of neo-fascists whose leader, Dmytry Yarosh, is a member of Parliament and a special advisor to the supreme commander of the Ukrainian military. Right Sector has been officially incorporated into the Ukrainian army and its brigades are the backbone of the “anti-terrorist” military campaign now being waged against the population of east Ukraine.

    Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko tried to talk the Ukrainian gays out of marching, saying he could not ensure their safety, but they went ahead and marched – and were met by some terribly butch Right Sector skinheads, who proceeded to beat the crap out of them. This ended the festivities.

    Surely this is an example of “the horrific environment of homophobia” in Ukraine, n’est ce pas? And yet Jamie has so far failed to appear on Ukrainian media in his rainbow suspenders, calling out Right Sector – and Klitschko. But then again, even Kirchick’s supply of self-righteousness appears to be limited, and he has to save it up for regimes of which he disapproves. A cheerleader for the Maidan “revolution” that ousted the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovich, Kirchick apparently holds Kiev to a different standard. But then again, double standards – and doubletalk – are what the neocons are all about.”

  • giyane

    Guys, if you don’t do irony, you don’t do irony. I can’t help you.

    Dreoilin: ” It defends Baron Carlile from the charge that he “should have known”.”

    Why is the troll defending Lord Carlile from that charge? You don’t get Craig’s use of irony do you? Of course Carlile knew about Janner.

    A normal human being who knew about paedophile charges agaist a possible room-mate would absolutely insist that he was provided with alternative office accommodation.

    Sorry you are all so very very dim.

  • Macky

    Giyane; “The remarkably unobservant Dreoilin, the remarkably unobservant Technicolour; the remarkably unobservant Phil.”

    Indeed, as confirmed again this morning by two of the Axis of the Dim; would add that sly gate-keeping Technicolour often plays up her dimness, and that Clueless Clark would also qualify, but he already belongs in the Axis of Vile Psychos, alongside Villager & Jemand.

  • Dreoilin

    “Why is the troll defending Lord Carlile from that charge? You don’t get Craig’s use of irony do you? Of course Carlile knew about Janner.”

    Giyane, accusing other people of being “very very dim” doesn’t change the fact that what you said was:

    “Habbabkuk and Anon1 defended Janner in the strongest possible terms.”

    Clearly they didn’t. Or you have no evidence whatsoever for your allegations.

  • giyane

    Thank you Macky.

    No=one has ever commented on my statement that David Cameron is providing logistical benefits support of Asian Sunni Deobandi Muslims to join terrorist organisations fighting a colonial war against Syria’s Assad. This is organised through the mosques, not individual radicalisation.

    If Theresa May is grovelling to the Sunni Asian Mosques for providing an anonymous colonial army in the Middle-East there is absolutely no political benefit to her or her colonial cause to save an outspoken supporter of a Shi’a nationalism against Sunni Pakistan.

    The deportation of Majid Ali is a purely political decision. It’s very sad and very disgusting. But even sadder and even more disgusting is the fact that a USUKIS created civil war has been raging in Syria for four years and nobody on this UK truthseeking blog is even remotely interested in what is going on. How much less the ordinary citizen. Craig’s silence about the realities of desperation on the ground in Syria is the reason I sometimes goad him with the insult of gatekeeper.

    My family are from the Syria region, in Kurdistan. Are the UK people sworn to secrecy about the utter injustices and utter travesties of humanity that are going on ? For 4 years?

    Axis of the Dim exactly describes them. Well done.

  • Dreoilin

    Giyane, why are you changing the subject all of a sudden?

    Accusing other people of being “very very dim” doesn’t change the fact that what you said was:

    “Habbabkuk and Anon1 defended Janner in the strongest possible terms.”

    Clearly they didn’t. And you have no evidence whatsoever for your allegations.

    You should do the decent thing and retract.

  • technicolour

    Oooh, always good to see a few pathetic & random insults. Addressing the facts can be so tedious. What a pleasure & treasure it must be to be supported by them! What quality they add, to be sure.

  • Macky

    Gate-keeping fail Tech, but stupidity affirming success; would suggest best try again, but that’s like expecting Jemand to start preaching love & peace in his next post.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    You are bonkers.

    But it is good to see that you have abandoned efforts to argue using facts and that your contributions now consist entirely of silly little insults (eg “Gate-keeping fail Tech, but stupidity affirming success; would suggest best try again, but that’s like expecting Jemand to start preaching love & peace in his next post.”).

    You are last year’s new, Macky.

    Time to withdraw (as your father should have done)!

  • technicolour

    “(as your father should have done)!”

    Oh, come on, you can’t object to ‘silly little insults’ and then add one – unless you’re actually trying to object to yourself?

  • Ben

    A study of cancer incidence downwind of the Trawsfynydd nuclear plant in Wales shows a doubling of risk, writes Chris Busby, mainly from breast cancer. People eating fish caught in Trawsfynydd Lake are also at elevated risk. It’s yet more proof that the nuclear industry’s favourite risk model is wrong, understating the actual dangers of internal radiation – ingested or inhaled – by a factor of 1,000 to 10,000.

    An error this egregious is not an error.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    I simply couldn’t resist.

    But you must admit, surely, that the line was a rather good one? Witty enough compared to Macky’s babble!

  • lysias

    So our troll denies that he has been defending pedophiles. He certainly cannot truthfully deny that he repeatedly on this forum discourages reporting press stories about the alleged pedophile activities of the likes of Tory Leon Brittan and Labour Lord Janner. Obviously not just because of any partisan bias for a particular party.

  • lysias

    Daily Mail: ‘Judges saved Janner from child sex inquiry’: Cover-up fears over Labour peers link to senior legal figures:

    A ‘magic circle’ of top legal figures may have protected Lord Janner when he faced a police probe over an alleged child sex offence, it was claimed last night.

    The Mail revealed yesterday that the Labour peer is at the centre of an investigation into claims he abused a teenage boy in Scotland in the 1970s.

    Today it can be revealed that senior personnel running the Scottish judicial and prosecution service at the time the complaint was made against the peer were key figures in the so-called ‘magic circle’ scandal of the early 1990s.

    It centred around claims that top Scottish judges, sheriffs and advocates had been compromised by gay liaisons. But this is now believed to have been a smokescreen for a paedophile ring operating in the heart of Edinburgh’s legal establishment – claims which are also under police investigation.

  • lysias

    Let it be noted that Janner, according to his Wikipedia entry “is a former member of the Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians”.

  • technicolour

    Lysias, does it really comes down to citing the Mail alleging this that or the other? Because that, I would have to point out, is pretty low.

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