Theresa May Condemns Majid Ali and Defies Scotland 141

Despite numerous representations and an Early Day Motion signed by the large majority of Scotland’s MPs, Theresa May has ordered that Majid Ali, a Glasgow City College student, be deported back to almost certain torture and probable death in Pakistan in just twenty minutes from now. I attended the demonstration on his behalf yesterday at the Scottish Office.

Majid is a member of the much persecuted Baloch minority. Two of his immediate family have been “disappeared” by the Pakistani military since his asylum application was submitted. There is no doubt that given the numerous MP’s who have raised his case, and the well-supported early day motion, civil servants will have put the decision to May personally. She was however not even prepared to grant a delay for a look at the evidence. May is very likely not merely pandering to the racist UKIP voting electorate – she is on the far right of politics herself. The callous sacrifice of Majid Ali is proof, if any more were needed, that this Conservative administration is nothing to do with Cameron’s purported “compassionate conservatism.” They are the nasty party indeed.

But it also gives a stark example of the meaningless nature of the “enhanced devolution” in the new Scotland Act. Majid Ali’s community and Scotland’s elected representatives all want to keep him here, as an asset to his community and to our country. But even once the new Scotland Act is passed, it still would be Theresa May and the London Home Office who are the arbiters in all immigration and nationality matters.

For me, independence is the answer, and the only way Scotland will be able to operate as an ethical state. But for those Scots gradualists who actually believe in this devolution distraction, the absence of any input in immigration matters is a crucial example of how inadequate the proposed “new powers” are.

The majority of all extant UK statute laws apply equally in England and Scotland, but in Scotland are enforced by different administrative and judicial processes. While the UK is unfortunately a single state, it will have the same laws and regulations on immigration applying throughout. But there is no reason whatsoever that, as with so many other areas of law, the administration, judicial function and discretionary powers under the laws should not be devolved from London to Scotland as regards persons in Scotland.

That this is not so much as on the table shows how sham are the proposed “extra powers”. And that Majid Ali is being deported by Theresa May against universal Scottish opinion, shows the contempt which this Tory government intends to display against Scotland.

Assuming the deportation go ahead, the next useful step is to put pressure on Theresa May through letters to MPs to account for what happens to him after his return. There is a chance that forcing the British Government to make enquiries of the Pakistani Government about him may just keep him alive.

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141 thoughts on “Theresa May Condemns Majid Ali and Defies Scotland

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  • John Spencer-Davis

    Copied over from previous thread.

    Re: Majid Ali

    I know that many people on here don’t think much of Amnesty International. I am a member and I am aware that they organize letter-writing campaigns regarding specific individuals, I have participated in a good many. I’ve never had occasion to apply for it myself before, but I believe they do this on an emergency basis as well. I wondered if we could now attempt to assist Majid Ali within his home country, by contacting the Pakistani Ambassador here, top officials there, etc. It would make them aware that Mr Ali’s fate is cared about, and news of him will be sought, by people outside the country. AI are good at facilitating this.

    I will start by using the “Contact Us” page on the AI website:

    If you wanted to join me, perhaps that will galvanise AI into doing something about Mr Ali. Perhaps the more people who contact AI, the better. I do not know if it will do any good or not, but I don’t think it will do him any harm.

    Kind regards,


  • John Goss

    This probably belongs better here. I notice only one Labour MP, Ruth Cadbury, supported the EDM on behalf of Majid Ali. Cadbury is a big name in social reforms in this part of the world. It takes a lot not to follow the party lead and whip. Many career politicians do not support EDMs.

    I suspect the SNP is going to have a tough time driving a wedge between the Tory Party and the Labour (Tory) Party. The two are being fused together as a bastion of austerity, causing increasing hardship in the realm.

  • Kenny

    What a despicable act! London was famous in the 19th century as a home for political emigres from all over the world; what is it famous for now?

    In what way does the removal of this gentleman make Scotland better? We are an internationalist-minded people, completely at odds with the insular nationialism prevailing of our southern neighbour. Craig is right that this goes to the heart of why we need to be independent.

    This man chose Glasgow as his home and the city of Glasgow wants him to stay. I very much hope he is not deported. If he is, I hope our MPs and MSPs will make frequent visits to Balochistan to ensure his welfare — and I very much hope that this will also draw attention to his cause and the people of Scotland can become involved in the cause for freedom for Balochistan.

  • Phil

    “…against universal Scottish opinion”

    Have you asked everyone or are you doing that “leader” thing of speaking shite. The idea of universal support for, well almost anything, is nonsense. Perhaps you meant widespread or anything else less laughable than universal. You nationalists are funny.

    But then I am probably an evil state actor desperate to curb your devastating campaign. No more letters or RobG gets it.

  • Phil

    ” I just want some different ones.”

    And that is the problem. Your nationalism just wants your very own lines of exclusion. Because Scots to the man are never wronguns.

    Our nationalism is so different. Look how we universally reject NATO FFS. It’s those racist English and their evil boss class.

    Theyh dunnit all. And they made us do it. On a personal note, as I look back I now see it was my English side which fired my well pensioned enthusiasm for empire and my Scottish side didn’t like it one bit.

  • technicolour

    No, Phil, you’re just cross because you see that what is claimed for one small part of the world is actually fairly universal. Thanks for that (no sarcasm) And thanks to Craig too, because unless we all reclaim the small areas of decency (starting in our own homes and extending gradually, from areas, outwards) we will never reclaim the whole (I think?)

  • Phil

    Didn’t feel patronised at all Technicolour. You are right that I see compassion beyond Scotland.

    This confused nationalism drivel is ridiculous. They are evil. We are good. Our borders will be different. Our membership of NATO will be different.

    I’m off too. Goodnight.

  • Richard

    There’s no point trying to get Theresa May to show compassion (as a constituent, I tried several times via letters to my MP: she has no empathy, and little enough comprehension).

  • Former Dundee Man

    Good to read about Ruth Cadbury. Her stance and those of others who stand against the general consensus of their peers reminds me of Man’s Search For Meaning by Frankl, and how our ultimate freedom is that decision point of whether to go down a certain route or stand firm for a worthwhile cause.
    The overwhelming feeling of helplessness in the face of Neocon insantity makes it easier to just say sod it and then concentrate on earning as much money & privilege for my own family & friends and to hell with everyone else, I’m going to live in my fantasy bubble of limitless opportunity.
    Fortunately there are still a lot of folk for which this isn’t a satisfying proposition.

  • Mary

    Aftab Bahadur was executed by hanging in Lahore yesterday.

    ‘Aftab Bahadur had been on death row for 23 years

    “This is a truly shameful day for Pakistan’s justice system. Aftab was subjected to almost every injustice conceivable,” said Maya Foa, director from international human rights group Reprieve.

    “To the last, Pakistan refused even to grant his lawyers the few days needed to present evidence which would have proved his innocence. This is a travesty of justice, and tragedy for all those who knew Aftab,” she added.’

  • John Goss

    Mary, I agree as regards Aftab Bahadur. Shame on Pakistan.

    One of the problems when you’ve been arrested as a child and tortured into a confession, the authorities in Pakistan do not want you to be free again because you can talk about your experiences. So they hang you.

    Shafqat Hussain has only got a stay of execution. Pakistan has one of the worst human rights and capital punishment records on the planet. This report by the BBC a better report than their usual standard.

  • Abe Rene

    Given that the UK requires written assurances from states that have the death penalty before even convicted criminals can be handed over, it seems to me likely that the government would have required reasonable assurance that Majid Ali would not be subject to torture or death on deportation.

    Speaking of nationalist devolution, I saw a good reason last night for reversing it and concentrating power into Westminster again: the Welsh government’s irrational ban on e-cigarettes in public places even though it may help many to give smoking up.

  • giyane

    No=one has ever commented on my statement that David Cameron is providing logistical benefits support of Asian Sunni Deobandi Muslims to join terrorist organisations fighting a colonial war against Syria’s Assad. This is organised through the mosques, not individual radicalisation.

    If Theresa May is grovelling to the Sunni Asian Mosques for providing an anonymous colonial army in the Middle-East there is absolutely no political benefit to her or her colonial cause to save an outspoken supporter of a Shi’a nationalism against Sunni Pakistan.

    The deportation of Majid Ali is a purely political decision. It’s very sad and very disgusting. But even sadder and even more disgusting is the fact that a USUKIS created civil war has been raging in Syria for four years and nobody on this UK truthseeking blog is even remotely interested in what is going on. How much less the ordinary citizen. Craig’s silence about the realities of desperation on the ground in Syria is the reason I sometimes goad him with the insult of gatekeeper.

    My family are from the Syria region, in Kurdistan. Are the UK people sworn to secrecy about the utter injustices and utter travesties of humanity that are going on ? For 4 years?

    Craig is right when he says that Scotland needs to separate itself from England. England is carrying out, has carried out and will continue to carry out a very cynical and brutal from of ne0-colonialism in the Muslim world, the agenda of which is partly Zionist destruction of Muslim countries and Muslims, and partly US hegemony in the world, David Cameron’s fascist dream.

  • fred

    “This confused nationalism drivel is ridiculous. They are evil. We are good. Our borders will be different. Our membership of NATO will be different.”

    Nationalism and supremacism do tend to go hand in hand.

  • MJ

    “For me, independence is the answer”

    That depends on the question but it wouldn’t be a lot of use to students studying at Oxford, Cardiff or Belfast for instance.

  • craig Post author


    The answer for the problems of Belfast is reunion with Ireland. I will very happily see Wales independent. None of us should be held responsible for the people of England, where an absolute majority of those voting supported either Tory or UKIP. If you choose to live there, don’t expect non-residents to solve your problems.

  • nevermind

    The Tories have won the election and Mrs May is mrs. Nasty impersonated.
    This is what it says on the new first class stamp

    ‘No free man shall be seized or imprisoned except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land.’

    Mrs. May is shitting on the Magna Carta, she still can’t comply with what was written some 800 years ago.

    15 ‘inmates’ of Campsfield house Oxford have died there in the last 24 month, either by their own hand or by the due to ‘forcible restraint’/murder by the private security companies who run most of these Immigration prisons.
    Yarlswood has 3000 occupant souls applying for asylum and they are kept behind 20 foot fences with razor wires.

    The Tories keep children in prison here too, just as they do in Apartheid Israel.

  • MJ

    I fail to see the connection between the break up of the UK and a superior immigration policy. There is no good reason to believe that one leads to the other. It is a non sequitur.

  • Old Mark

    I will very happily see Wales independent.

    Dream on Craig- at last month’s election Plaid received just 12% of the popular vote, 2% less than the vote secured by UKIP.

  • Phil

    Craigs liberal nationalism (or however one might describe it) is even more absurd when we start to consider his love for the EU.

    A break from the UK will improve immigration problems? Jesus, this is such stupid and offensive tripe.

    Ask the countless dead on the med seabed. Or is that solely the evil English as well?

  • Mary

    O/T apart from this is about another Tory woman.

    Nadine Dorries is facing an extraordinary challenge to her parliamentary future after a rival candidate lodged an election petition claiming she had accused him of being a stalker and a “dangerous criminal”.

    Tim Ireland, a friend of Craig and the creator of this website, is taking Dorries to the High Court.

    ‘The Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire could lose her seat if the smear allegations contained in the election petition, which has been lodged at the High Court by the unsuccessful independent candidate Tim Ireland, are accepted by judges.

    The document, which has been seen by The Independent, claims that in the run-up to the general election on 7 May, Ms Dorries attacked the “personal character and conduct” of Mr Ireland by levelling 14 separate “false accusations” against him through her Twitter account, internet blog and comments in the media.’

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