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It says a huge amount about the confidence of the royal family, that they feel able to respond to their Nazi home movie with nothing other than outrage that anybody should see it. They make no denial they were giving Nazi salutes, no statement that the royal family did not support the Nazis. Of course the young children had no idea of the implications. But the adults most certainly did. The missing figure is the cameraman, future King George, who was filming his wife and brother displaying the family sympathies.

The royal family were of course German themselves – completely so. Since George I every royal marriage in line of succession had been conducted in strict accordance with the Furstenprivatrecht, to a member of a German royal family. The Queen Mother, who was of course not expected to feature in promulgating the line of succession, was the first significant exception in 220 years. She was evidently trying hard to fit in. But I am not sure German-ness has much to do with it. Nazi sympathies were much more common in the aristocracy than generally admitted. Their vast wealth and massive land ownership contrasted with the horrific poverty and malnutrition of the 1930’s, led the aristocracy to fear a very real prospect of being stood against a wall and shot. Fascism appeared to offer social amelioration for the workers with continued privilege for the aristocrats. It is completely untrue that its racism, totalitarianism and violence was unknown in 1933-4. They knew what they were doing.

Happily fascism was defeated. The royal family is of course only the tip of the iceberg of whitewashed fascist support – without even starting on industrialists, newspaper proprietors, the Kennedys, etc. etc. But the Buckingham Palace option of outrage that anybody should ever remember is very sad – still more sad that such a position gets such popular support.

We never did get round to shooting the aristocrats.

I am an optimist in politics. My experience of life has taught me that altruism is a far stronger human urge than selfishness. Modern political fashion is based on the denigration of the urge to cooperation, and I do not believe will survive.

Which leads me to believe we are now living in an embarrassing past. Future generations will look back at the massive and exponentially expanding gap between rich and poor, at the super state security services and near total surveillance, at the violent wars waged in ill-disguised annexation of resources, and be amazed that people could support it. I also think that enormous shame will attach to all those who support the excruciatingly slow genocide of the Palestinians. That will be part of our embarrassing past.

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  • Mary

    From under another stone unturned.

    ‘Crack Scotland Yard detective says top brass sabotaged his bid to expose Blair minister in Establishment paedophile ring
    Detectives identified 12 suspected abusers operating in children’s homes
    The 1998 list included a minister in Tony Blair’s government and a celebrity
    Inspector Clive Driscoll was moved off case and transferred to a new area
    He was told of ‘orders from on high’ before investigation was shut down’
    By Guy Adams for the Daily Mail
    Published: 22:18, 24 July 2015


  • Anon1

    Well yes, I was rather waiting for you to raise the issue of the first link Node. Have you actually read the article? It makes clear that those involved believed Hayman’s activities were consensual sex between adults of both sexes, sending pornographic material by mail and keeping a journal detailing fantasies involving children. Certainly that is all that Thatcher knew. She did not know he was engaged in paedophile activities.

    I don’t know what you are thanking me for, Node. You made a start by suggesting Thatcher was herself a paedophile. You then left that and made a big play of your three links, two of which you gave up on. And now your third link has been shown not to be quite the billing you gave it. And all this quite out of the blue after we were discussing Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership prospects, which you have also given up on.

    On another note I would suggest it is Thatcher’s politics that are the motivation here. The fact that she wiped out the left means that all her opponents are left with now is to spit on her grave and try and outdo each other with weird violent fantasies. You keep on doing that. It’s pathetic and it shows. It’s also quite a measure of her success. Mary has even weighed in resurrecting the “Ding Dong” video. And that is really all you have left.

  • fedup

    Mary, that pond scum had a cabinet in the waiting, in case the fit hit the shan to substitute the ministers and carry on his murderous and corrupt conduct. Surprisingly it was a known secret among the “stenographers” in the oligarch owned media, yet none of these ever carried the slightest hint as to the filthy, depraved conduct of the sofa cabinet members.

  • nevermind

    Thanks Mary, thats fairly explosive, how much give and take is there in a policeman’s career? are there weak points?, has any police officers got weak points, secrets? And is this exploited by their superiors?

    These questions will be labeled at him and he will think twice before speaking out. I hope he has the courage and conviction.

  • Mark Golding

    Child Sexual Abuse Re-visited….

    Sadly this information was known at the time and covered up, not least by the home office and police but also by the security services (MI5/6). The security services record these activities of people in positions of authority in order to blackmail and manipulate them, in order to have them “in their pocket”. If you hear them utter the words “national security” or “not in the national interest” then know your being lied to and a cover up is in effect. You need to know that your childrens lives and their safety are not viewed as important as whats in the interests of the Government and/or Security Services. They murder to keep this a secret, even today. It’s the job of the home office to protect the Government, that means further cover ups or throwing a few people under the bus when necessary. These activities have not gone away as they’ve been allowed to happen and covered up at the highest levels, then and now. Our children are not safe until these predators and their conspirators are exposed and jailed for the remainder of their lives.


  • fedup

    Tory led austerity Britain is like a fecking madhouse.

    Bob I disagree, a madhouse is run by sane people, this fecking place is a madhouse ran by the fecking lunatics!

  • fedup

    Mark Golding do read Ken Livingston’s autobiography. He clearly and succinctly points to Kincora boys home, ran by the UDF child molesters, and fact that the films and photos taken from the “proceedings” that were often viewed by the “SIS” in the private of the various barracks. Further, he mentions some of the luminaries attending the same boys home.

    I will dig up the ISBN and the relevant pages for your information and post.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Anon : you seem to think I’m backing down on my position re Thatcher. Certainly not. Let me summarise it :

    There is ample evidence that Margaret Thatcher criminally protected paedophiles and enabled them to continue harming children. The fact that she knowingly chose to consort with a prolific paedophile in her private life as well makes legitimate the question : “Was she herself a paedophile?”

  • fedup

    There is ample evidence that Margaret Thatcher criminally protected paedophiles and enabled them to continue harming children.

    Node you have hit the nail on the head there!

    The she devil may she burn in the fires of hell for eternity, well knew no upstanding and sane individual would have backed her and put up with her crazed notions of running this joint! Instead she choose perverts and dimwits to carry on the facade of gubimnet.

    Do you recollect Michael Heseltine swinging the mace in the HOC? Even the Tories were not happy with her lunacy. She created the Falklands and the morons fell for it and out up with her.

  • glenn

    In order to sign up with the Mob (capital M), as a Made Man, you had to do something which they’d then have on you. You had something on them, of course – their criminality was known to all in the circle. But they had to “have something” on you too, before they’d trust you. A mutual circle of trust, or at least, mutual blackmail potential. This typically involved you murdering someone while they witnessed the event.

    A true cynic might wonder whether it was required to “have something”, in order to be accepted, some base form of behaviour, such low deviance as that which could simply not be countenanced in society, before one could possibly be trusted in high branches of our Establishment.

    A secret and a practice that would be protected, even by Special Branch themselves. But fall out of that circle of trust, and public shame, a life destroyed, a desperately harsh prison regime before death by suicide or violence awaits. Such is the lot of the nonce, if discovered before senility (and if they are still alive).

    Would only such a person be trusted in high office, psychopathy being a qualification without which nobody could possibly entertain any position of influence, less still power?


    We are entering a stage of pathocracy, the world governing bodies long since having abandoned any idea of running their respective interlocking countries for the actual benefit of their own citizens. Such a notion is seen as quaint, painfully naive, even laughable – by everyone except the 99% of people who actually live under this system.

  • BrianFujisan


    Miss Castello
    22 Jul, 2015 – 11:47 am

    This might interest you, And Nevermind. ( for Yir Family Contacts ) And Craig –

    Our first big surprise of the night, which hit us like a sledgehammer, was the early opening of PB boxes. The count was organised on the basis of a number of small counts so that we would be able to make progress on the bulk of the counting while still waiting for ballot boxes from remote islands to get to the count centre. This meant that the PB boxes, which were in Lochgilphead, were opened early with the local boxes from the Lochgilphead area.
    We were astounded to find that the PB boxes were virtually all a high majority of ‘No’ votes, quite distinctly so, probably 70-30% for No. Now we expected a ‘Yes’ majority but we expected a relatively small majority 53-47% or something of that nature. So this early massive ‘No’ majority within the first hour of the count, gave us the impression that our extensive canvass returns were ‘worthless’.
    Later on in the night, when all the postal votes had gone, the pattern which we expected from our canvass began to emerge. Polling stations in Dunoon, Campbelltown, Rothsay and Oban all showed a ‘Yes’ majority, Helensburgh showed a ‘No’ majority; but this also was predicted from our canvass.
    We recognised that our canvass was fairly accurate, but we could not understand the postal vote. Of course the postal vote was on an Argyll & Bute wide basis while our canvass returns had been on a district by district basis. However on our canvass we had talked to many people with postal votes as well as those who were voting at the polling station and we had not observed a distinct difference in voting intentions.
    Our second big surprise of the night was when we heard the turnout. The PB turnout had been a staggering 96.4% which had pushed the overall turnout up to 88.2%
    So we came away from the count with 4 questions on our minds:
    (1) Why had there been such a difference between the postal voters and those who voted at the polling stations?
    (2) Why had the Postal vote had such a massive turnout 96.4%?
    (3) If the No campaign had been so motivated in Argyll why had we seen no sign of that during the campaign?
    (4) Could the postal vote have been ‘tampered with’ in some way?


    Secondly… Hope spreads South –


    Thirdly Facebook have been Spying on me…Capturing old Photos from Bebo..

    Lastly…i cant share photos after months of trying.. with Flikr ( my poor old Albums )
    Because Yahoo Rules… Fuck em

  • Giyane

    Mark Golding

    Roya Arab. What relevance has a Shi’a musician to the USUKIS wrecking of the Middle East? He plays with the threads of conflict like bars of music. Anon1

  • Giyane

    Anon1 is right to dismiss the Rabbi quote from this superfluous jibberish. Shi’a Islam has no foundation or principles that connect with universal moral principles. Like Mrs Thatcher, whose principles were lifted from work-ethic Methodism, Shi’a Islam is a sect without any foundation in God’s revelation.

    Religion is not music, evoking emotion you can sway feelings with, it is truth, provoking real change. Shi’a Islam is the original troll/shill, posing as religion while purposely leading to the path of Shaytan.

  • nevermind

    Thanks for that report, Brian, next time round you have to attach yourself to the ballot box before it leaves the polling station.

    I have been going on about this for weeks on end before the Yes vote, it is the only crucial time votes can be exchanged and rigged.

    Postal votes should be abolished by Holyrood, for all but those who are severely disabled, they can be visited with a traveling ballot box by voting attendants, as they do in Ireland, and vote at home, the time that takes does not matter much, all others should vote at polling stations, if they are on holiday, they should be able to leave a sealed proxy vote, which gets verified for each area, listed and opened only at the count.

    Lets see whether the SNP will want to change the electoral law to such an extend, or go through it all over again with the same fraud happening. This was planned well in advance, with all possibilities covered. There are too many politically unbiased officers and my points for watching the voting process like a hawk were right.

    I have a relative living in Argyll and Bute and shall try and find out what they know.

  • Miss Castello

    Mark Golding@ 2:51 pm-24th July 2015

    You have the right name. This should be framed in gold.

  • Miss Castello

    ” Do you believe that governments occasionally conspire to undermine the public good? Do you believe that governments manipulate people through fear to achieve nefarious ends such as war and intervention abroad? Do you believe that ‘elected’ officials serve rich and powerful special interests rather than the majority population?”



  • nevermind

    If all fails pull the ‘he’s sexist’ card. BBC questioning of Ivette Cooper and Liz apparently were too personal, so lets blame Andy and Jeremy for that.


    Booooohoooo, its so unfair, a retro campaign blahblah,

    ““It’s been a startlingly retro campaign debate. Andy’s campaign seem to be calling for Liz and I to bow out and leave it to the boys, or suggesting that somehow women aren’t strong enough to do the top jobs.”

    Well Yvette, I do not like the way you present yourself, I don’t give a flying fcuk about your weight, but I want to know whether you have any regrets of having claimed the money for your children’s yearly school travel some time ago?

  • nevermind

    Well said, Ms Castello, Mark has hit the nail on the head and Yes I do believe this too.
    But who does the throwing under a bus/train, who disappears people? Is it a hired criminal, mercenary, retired policeman, MI’s ?

  • Miss Castello

    Nevermind@ 9:14am

    “Well Yvette, I do not like the way you present yourself, I don’t give a flying fcuk about your weight, but I want to know whether you have any regrets of having claimed the money for your children’s yearly school travel some time ago?”

    Bless yer; Can’t wipe the grin from my face!

  • Anon1

    Morning team!

    I hope we have all got our copies of Private Eye, in which we find yet more bad news for supporters of the SNP.

    Despite fronting the likes of Mhairi Black for popular appeal, it appears that behind the scenes “the SNP leadership has made strenuous efforts to crawl to big business, offering desperate reassurance that an independent Scotland would not be the left-wing, high-tax utopia that Black and many of the party’s hard left activists envisage.”

    Read it and weep!

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Question for you, Anon:

    How the hell do you get anywhere at all in UK politics without compromising with big money? The system simply doesn’t allow it.

    The nice thing about PE is that it is fairly evenhandedly critical*. The next time the buffoon Farage surfaces to promote his faux-democratic intentions re cleaving to the US and giving globalisation a free hand while pretending to represent disaffected Labour voters, I am sure they will be on top of him, too.

    *It does tend to lean in the direction of Union, admittedly.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Shi’a Islam is a sect without any foundation in God’s revelation.

    Uses the same Qu’ran, doesn’t it? How would you rate that as a record of God’s revelation? If you endorse the schism, I’d say (as a Protestant atheist) you’re probably not following God’s revelation. Still, your position is now clear: you share it with militant Salafism. I’m very sorry to see that.

  • fedup

    Shi’a Islam is a sect without any foundation in God’s revelation

    Utter rubbish!

    Which part in the god’s revelations hints at the foundations of the Sunni sect?

    The sectarian, and decisive bullocks, have been substituted for the racist epithets and moans about the “elders” etc!


    Ba’al Zevul, a pretty good observation. Agreed.

  • nevermind

    It looks like AIPACs crowd pullers and Mr. Emerson have gone mad, absolutely bonkers to try and destroy the Iran deal, just to have a war with Iran.
    To rally and accuse Iran of wanting to have a nuclear bomb, when all attempts to make out that they are working on it failed, I mean the US could not even give them a blueprint in Vienna, when Iran has not attacked anyone for 250 years, is called inciting hate crimes against someone who is innocent of your accusation.

    These bigots are trying their best to wind up congress against the deal.

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