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It says a huge amount about the confidence of the royal family, that they feel able to respond to their Nazi home movie with nothing other than outrage that anybody should see it. They make no denial they were giving Nazi salutes, no statement that the royal family did not support the Nazis. Of course the young children had no idea of the implications. But the adults most certainly did. The missing figure is the cameraman, future King George, who was filming his wife and brother displaying the family sympathies.

The royal family were of course German themselves – completely so. Since George I every royal marriage in line of succession had been conducted in strict accordance with the Furstenprivatrecht, to a member of a German royal family. The Queen Mother, who was of course not expected to feature in promulgating the line of succession, was the first significant exception in 220 years. She was evidently trying hard to fit in. But I am not sure German-ness has much to do with it. Nazi sympathies were much more common in the aristocracy than generally admitted. Their vast wealth and massive land ownership contrasted with the horrific poverty and malnutrition of the 1930’s, led the aristocracy to fear a very real prospect of being stood against a wall and shot. Fascism appeared to offer social amelioration for the workers with continued privilege for the aristocrats. It is completely untrue that its racism, totalitarianism and violence was unknown in 1933-4. They knew what they were doing.

Happily fascism was defeated. The royal family is of course only the tip of the iceberg of whitewashed fascist support – without even starting on industrialists, newspaper proprietors, the Kennedys, etc. etc. But the Buckingham Palace option of outrage that anybody should ever remember is very sad – still more sad that such a position gets such popular support.

We never did get round to shooting the aristocrats.

I am an optimist in politics. My experience of life has taught me that altruism is a far stronger human urge than selfishness. Modern political fashion is based on the denigration of the urge to cooperation, and I do not believe will survive.

Which leads me to believe we are now living in an embarrassing past. Future generations will look back at the massive and exponentially expanding gap between rich and poor, at the super state security services and near total surveillance, at the violent wars waged in ill-disguised annexation of resources, and be amazed that people could support it. I also think that enormous shame will attach to all those who support the excruciatingly slow genocide of the Palestinians. That will be part of our embarrassing past.

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  • glenn

    So if we’re taking Fred at his word, when can we expect the Scottish Panzer divisions to come pouring down from their boarders? Are Scottish V2s likely to hit Wales, or do they regard us as their Austria?

  • glenn

    By the way…

    One can become a Labour supporter (rather than a member) for £3, and if you do you can vote for the new leader:

    Click on This Link

    Then scroll down to the bottom and click on “Register here”.

    There’s even a heartwarming picture of a finger-wagging Bliar on that page, which I’m sure will make Ba’al happy.

  • nevermind

    Far from me to vote for labour just because I can, Glenn, he does not need my vote.

    Are you a student Anon1, or just a non dom

    ‘Ah no but the Scotch oppressed are special.’

  • lysias

    Looks like the anti-independence forces cheated during the campaign leading up to the referendum. The Guardian: Nicola Sturgeon asks whether UK agencies spied on Scottish politicians: faces questions after GCHQ changed rules to allow eavesdropping on members of devolved parliaments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland:

    The revelation that GCHQ treats MSPs differently from MPs threatens to ignite fresh suspicions that British spies were active during the Scottish independence referendum campaign and will treat nationalist politicians as a special case.

    Margo MacDonald, the late independent nationalist MSP, said she believed the pro-independence movement had been infiltrated by MI5 before the referendum. In September 2013, she wrote to the head of MI5 asking for assurances that was not taking place. No evidence of any spying or surveillance ever came to light.

    This news is mentioned in a comment to this new The Intercept piece (the comment also has a good piece of advice for the SNP): U.K. POLICE CONFIRM ONGOING CRIMINAL PROBE OF SNOWDEN LEAK JOURNALISTS. Here’s the comment:


    July 24 2015, 12:55 p.m.

    The article pretty much spells it out. The purpose, it seems to me, is two fold, one as mentioned is intimidation and chill effect, but the other might be to justify collecting the communications of ALL journalists editors etc.

    In today’s Guardian headlines are about GCHQ collecting communications of the various other parliaments other than Whitehall. It just amazes me that members of congress in the US, UK, Scotland and throughout the Western world would think their communications are not being collected and analyzed and that the intelligence is not provided to presidents and PMs and intrenched power. It is like malpractice.

    Greece for example, I would give favorable odds Merkel and Schnoble were getting full reports on everything said on a phone or entered into a computer connected to internet throughout the crisis and still are. I really doubt seriously that Tsipras even gave it a second thought.

    On thing that has disappointed me so far about the Snowden docs is that they have not exposed the groups or departments within the NSA/BND/GCHQ apparatus which are devoted to analysis of elected officials which there surly must be.

    The SNP and other government groups should set up dedicated encryption departments and maintain full encryption at all times – fat chance though.

  • Anon1

    If anti-austerity Jeremy, who certainly isn’t a Tory, gets elected, then where does that leave the SNP?

    I’m now seeing Corbyn as a threat to Scottish independence and wish I hadn’t voted for him.

  • Anon1


    “In your opinion, how deep was Thatcher’s involvement with paedophilia? Was she ‘just’ a facilitator, covering it up while allowing it to continue, or was she also a perpetrator?”

    What a bizarre question Node. There I was waiting for a reply about Jeremy Corbyn and his chances as leader, and you throw up this thing about Thatcher being a paedo?!!

    Are you alright Node?

  • fred

    “Before the Acts of Union, Scotlands population wad around 25% of Englands. It is now around 9%.”

    Before the Union Glasgow was a small town of a few thousand people and it went on to become one of the largest cities in the world, second largest in the Empire.

  • Mark Golding

    I stand by Roya Arab Anon1. Please read his insight into the Salafist mind and his rare diffidence expressed in his concluding paragraph:

    It then becomes clear that indeed Syria and what’s going on in neighbouring regions is a serious situation for us all, wherever we are. And perhaps we should be more engaged and helping turn the tide…. just don’t quite know how?

    Suggestions welcome.


  • pete fairhurst

    Glenn 24 July 2015 6.35pm

    Thanks for the link. I just paid £3 for my vote. Which will be for Jeremy.

    I do not usually vote because no party gets near to representing my views. And I have lost all the faith that I had in so called “representative democracy”.

    But somebody needs to oppose this relentless neoliberal globalist elitist hegemony. I don’t care if he is electable in 2015. I just want a national politician to start opposing these psychopaths for once. And Jeremy is the best bet by far.

  • RobG

    24 Jul, 2015 – 7:39 pm

    Thatcher’s private secretary was a well-known paedo, during the time he was Thatcher’s private secretary.

    Thatcher’s home secretary was a well-known paedo, during the time he was Thatcher’s home secretary.

    Thatcher’s great friend Jimmy Savile was a well-known paedo, during the time he was Thatcher’s great friend (they later gave Savile the keys to Broadmoor, for godsake).

    Sir Peter Morrison, Leon Brittan and Savile were all under investigation at the time by the police and security services; talking of which, the then head of MI5 and the then deputy head of MI6 were recently revealed to have been paedos.

    These are just some of the names that only fools would believe that Thatcher didn’t know about.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Anon1 “What a bizarre question Node. “

    It’s not a difficult one so indulge me. You’re not usually shy about sharing your opinion, and it’s an area of legitimate speculation.

    We know that paedophilia is rife at the highest levels of government in both the UK and US. Thatcher inherited her job from Haut de la Garenne suspect Ted Heath.

    Her closest political circle was full of confirmed paedophiles – her home secretary, her private secretary and another as yet unnamed cabinet minister, as well as one of her top diplomats and other lesser Tories. She protected them from prosecution, covered up their crimes, allowed them to continue in their jobs, and to carry on abusing children.

    In her private life, she was close friends with mass paedophile Jimmy Savile although it is inconceivable that she wasn’t aware of his perverted life style.

    So it’s fair to ask, was she a paedophile too?

  • Richard

    For those interested, I recommend Peter Hitchens’s latest scribblings on the subject of royal National Socialist salutes from a long forgotten era. The more I read of him the more impressed I am by his non-conformity.

  • fedup

    Sir Peter Morrison

    Is a fucking child rapist not as in statutory rape but as in forcing sex upon a fourteen year old boy whom ran away from his ordeal in London! The raped a fourteen years old boy’s father post a doctors diagnosis of rape made a complaint to the police. The result of which was two men turning up at his door after two years and telling him that; “the rapist had been convicted of other offenses and was in prison and there was no need to put his son through the ordeal of a trial”!

    This is the kind of “maruta” the filthy despicable zionists have a hold of, and the kind of vassal whom will go to any length to save its’ own hide.


    Node the she devil may she rest in her own private suit in hell with her own attendant devils shoving sharp pitchforks up her nether regions for eternity. was an enabler and facilitator, considering the numbers of child molesters in her cabinet.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    [mods: retreived from Spam. The Akismet spam database is compiled from multiple sites, so moderators at other sites may be marking Tony Opmoc’s comments as spam.]

    Embarrassing To Who??

    Not to honest men and women who have the courage to tell the truth regardless of the consequences…like Craig Murray…

    So now whilst I have buttered you up are you going to delete this?? Can’t keep up lads?

    I will edit for you..just spell the swear words correctly (is that why I keep being deleted??)

    wtf’s wrong with you soft southern softies?

    Strangely enough I used to know one of The British Transport Police before the event. He used to reguarly drink down my local.

    Now, one thing that most people do not realise is that how these things are organised. Its the compartmentalisation of the fine detail. Only the organisers at the top know the full story..Its like a pyramid..but once you go down a few levels…the people -like the police and the emergency services (those not allowed in to the controlled event…but end up there anyway..cos they care..They are just doing their jobs as honestly as they can..They ain’t got a clue what the fck is going on and just assume it is all real…then they see stuff..that they know is fake…but can’t prove it – and if they try and fight against the system..You must be jokin’ mate…do you really want to lose your job…and very much worse..we know you have a wife and kids…more than your job’s worth mate…You ain’t got the balls mate..You Love Your Wife and Kids Too Much.

    That is What has happened to Our World..

    You Wanna Fight It??

    You Ain’t Got The F’ckin Balls

    This American Does..What Fckin Balls is This??..Live on US TV in Front Of Him.. I am in AWE

    “Guy Calls for John McCain to be Arrested and Tried for Treason”



  • Anon1

    “Before the Acts of Union, Scotlands population wad around 25% of Englands. It is now around 9%.”

    Still room for improvement then.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Fedup. Yes, beyond doubt she was an enabler and facilitator. How many children did she condemn to abuse, rape, and even murder?

    “Margaret Thatcher was adamant officials should not publicly name Sir Peter Hayman, a senior diplomat connected to a paedophile scandal, even after she had been fully briefed on his activities, examination of formerly secret papers released to the National Archives shows.” (link)

    ” Margaret Thatcher secured a knighthood for a top Tory despite being warned of claims that he had held sex parties with under-age boys. Mrs Thatcher’s former police bodyguard says he passed on allegations about Peter Morrison to the Tory prime minister in 1986.”(link)

    “Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher knew about an alleged paedophile ring among the Conservative Party in the 1980s, according to the Sunday Mirror. Ex-Tory activist Anthony Gilberthorpe told the newspaper he was asked to supply cabinet ministers with underage boys for illicit sex parties. Mr Gilberthorpe claims he handed Thatcher, who died last year, the names of those involved 25 years ago but no action was taken.”(link)

    etc …. etc …. etc ….


  • Anon1

    Node – no I don’t think Fatch was a paedo. Shame she couldn’t stick around for you to make that accusation during her lifetime.

    “The she devil may she rest in her own private suit in hell with her own attendant devils shoving sharp pitchforks up her nether regions for eternity.”

    ^some of the weird fantasies of the loser left. Couldn’t beat her in her lifetime so rejoice in her death.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Anon1 : “Node – no I don’t think Fatch was a paedo. Shame she couldn’t stick around for you to make that accusation during her lifetime.”

    Shame she couldn’t stick around to be tried for aiding and abetting paedophilia and possible murder.

    What I have accused her of isn’t in doubt. The evidence is in the National Archives. My speculations are quite reasonable.

    You say you don’t think she was a paedo. OK, but will you condemn her for protecting paedophiles and allowing them to continue offending?

  • fedup

    some of the weird fantasies of the loser left. Couldn’t beat her in her lifetime so rejoice in her death.

    How can a zionist without believing in the here and after, still be considered a “Jew” defending the rest of bunkum about a “Jewish state”?

  • Mary

    Obama is attending the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Nairobi on his visit to Kenya.

    ‘President Obama elevated entrepreneurship to the forefront of the United States’ engagement agenda during a historic speech in Cairo in 2009. Since 2010, when the U.S. hosted the first Summit in Washington, D.C., GES has expanded to a global event, subsequently hosted by the governments of Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Morocco. The 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, on July 25-26. It will be the sixth annual gathering of entrepreneurs at all stages of business development, business leaders, mentors, and high-level government officials. The established tradition demonstrates the U.S. Government’s continued commitment to fostering entrepreneurship around the world.’


    Microsoft well in. http://www.ges2015.org/press-releases/2015/7/24/opic-and-microsoft-begin-financing-discussions-with-kenyas-mawingu-networks

    Can’t see anything about a presence of BLiar!

    More American tentacles encircling assets and resources especially minerals?

  • Anon1

    Interesting that Mr Gilberthorpe and the bodyguard waited until after Thatcher had died to claim that they had told her all about the paedophilia.

  • Mary

    This jumped up little twerp ran up a bill of £158 for a limo to the witch’s funeral.

    What’s wrong with the tube or a bus or even shank’s pony although I suppose his little legs would have a job doing the 1.8 miles from Westminster to St Paul’s.

    ‘His car to Lady Thatcher’s funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral, 1.8 miles from the Commons, cost £158, while he used an official car to travel to Canterbury to see Archbishop Justin Welby enthroned in 2013 at a cost of £524.’


    Ding, dong, the witch is dead

  • Ba'al Zevul

    O/T (Wot T?)


    Fiat Chrysler says it knows of no incidents involving hacking of its vehicles except for the one unveiled this week. Initially the company didn’t issue a recall, but said it would contact all affected customers about a software update.

    The fix is a response to a recent article in Wired magazine about two well-known hackers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, who remotely took control of a Jeep Cherokee through its UConnect entertainment system. They were able to change the vehicle’s speed and control the brakes, radio, windshield wipers, transmission and other features.

    The design conference for this masterpiece went as follows.

    Management intern: Hey, guys, suppose we made the new SUV controllable over the Internet!
    Omnes: Wow. We got the edge on the competition there. Think of the apps. I got the strap for the ad already…make that guy President…etc.

    Oh, and that software update. Will the vehicle gome to a grinding halt in the middle of the freeway while it downloads and installs it? Hope so.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Anon1 “Interesting that Mr Gilberthorpe and the bodyguard waited until after Thatcher had died to claim that they had told her all about the paedophilia.”

    Interesting that you focus on those two links but don’t mention the 37-page file from the National Archives which corroborates their statements. Very interesting.

    “The file, compiled between October 1980 and March 1981, is made up of memos and background notes put together for Thatcher, then prime minister, and is littered with her handwritten notes, underlinings and crossings out.

    On a personal note, I want to thank you, Anon1, for giving me the opportunity to spell out the incontrovertible evidence of Thatcher’s complicity in paedophilia. You are helping to expose the truth about this vile woman.

  • RobG

    Here’s the first in a (rather bad) sequence of sonnets I wrote in 2013…

    Thank you for Last Rites and darkness at noon.
    Munchkins are singing the death of a witch.
    The coffin is placed in a greenback balloon,
    drifting away across avarice and kitsch.
    A young girl from Essex who’s flaky and rich,
    cobalt blue slippers, her heels click together:
    “there’s no place like Grantham” (adios bitch)
    “there’s no place like Grantham” (tough as old leather).
    Newton’s now turning, the wizard thinks clever:
    Dave blabs like a baby, the spells make us wonder
    about the protesters, we do not know whether
    a messiah’s arrived or it’s some kind of plunder,
    to join gipper Ron in the temple of cash –
    rainbows dissolving, wet mirages crash.


    The gobsmacking thing is that Maggie and Ronnie spawned a quasi-religious cult that continues to this day, a cult that has completely trashed the world economy and has ruined the lives of millions, yet the corporate controlled media are still able to bamboozle a large number of people into believing that neoliberalism is wonderful.

    But by no means the majority.

    By a quirk of history (ie, the Labour party changing the voting procedure for the leadership) we are about to see another seismic shift in UK politics.

    The SNP were the opening act.

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