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  • Republicofscotland

    “Hell you keep posting links to the blog of some pretend reverend in Bath as if it means something.

    Did the Rev. Campbell file his spending return for the referendum campaign yet? I only ask because people going on about imaginary fraud”

    Wings Over Scotland is a Scottish political website, which focuses particularly on the media – whether mainstream print and broadcast organisations or the online and social-network community – as well as offering its own commentary and analysis.

    The site is edited and maintained by Rev. Stuart Campbell, a Liberal Democrat voter at every election for the last 22 years but now non-aligned.

    It advocates Scottish independence, but is not affiliated or connected in any way to the SNP, and neither gives to or receives money from the party, or indeed any other party.

    Talk about imaginary fraud, some folk Daily Fail linkers, have over active imaginations.


  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)


    “Do you recollect Michael Heseltine swinging the mace in the HOC? Even the Tories were not happy with her lunacy.”

    Get your facts right – that incident happened under a Labour government.

    No connection with Mrs Thatcher, you chump.


    Habbabkuk calls for urgent research into brain transplants.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    From Mary:

    “Mundell’s register of interests consists mostly of largish donations, records of a trip to Sierra Leone and another to Israel plus a £850 donation from a company in order to attend the Carlton Club Political dinner in 2009.”

    A trip to Israel, eh?

    That must be the clincher! 🙂

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    Trips to Israel must, I now see, be added to Mary’s List of Evil, together with being Jewish, being married to a Jew, having other Jewish relatives or being friends or acquainted with prominent (or even not so prominent) British citizens of the Jewish faith.

    “By their trips to Israel shall ye know them”

    PS for Daniel : any comments on people who take a trip to Israel?

  • Republicofscotland

    Here we have the right wing government mouthpiece, (newspaper a loose term) the Telegraph equating Jeremy Corbyn’s past to that of Soviet Marxism.

    Of course being the Torygraph, the narrator of the story is a anonymous reader.


  • mike

    Hopefully there’s been a shift.

    The Iran nuclear deal; de-escalation in Ukraine; Obama symbolic jaunt to Kenya; the Cuban thaw; Russia’s world cup looking secure. All we need is for certain external powers to stop supporting ISIS and we gotta Royal Flush.

    Yup, a shift, maybe. Perhaps the enemies of peace are finally being isolated. Or maybe just pausing for breath.

  • RobG

    In 2013, Rafael Correa won more than 57% of the vote in Ecuador (you know, the guy who gave Assange political asylum). The turnout was about 80% and the election was deemed free and fair by the UN.

    Also in 2013, in the Venezuelan presidential election, Nicolás Maduro (who took over from Hugo Chávez) won more than 50% of the vote, and once again the turnout was about 80%.

    In the 2015 UK election the Conservatives, led by David Cameron, got 25% of the eligible vote, with a turnout of only 66%.

    It’s laughable, it really is.

  • Mary

    Apart from carrying BLiar’s speech to Progress last Wednesday, they are broadcasting repeats on the Parliament channel now at until 22.40 plus another two repeats at 1.30-2.40 and 4.30-5.40 in the night. Overkill.


    Mundell lists only the two foreign trips, to Sierra Leone and Israel.

    This report below which refers to his expenses excesses, eg purchase of two cameras, an Adobe photoshop, etc mentions another trip to Rwanda. Not is his register. Perhaps he paid for that one himself.

    David Mundell: Claimed more than £3,000 on MPs’ expenses to take photographs of himself
    Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell has claimed more than £3,000 on MPs’ expenses for cameras, photographers and photo-editing computer software to take hundreds of pictures of himself.

    Vain and profligate.

    I omitted to include mention in his register of the donation of several private plane flights.

  • fred

    “It advocates Scottish independence, but is not affiliated or connected in any way to the SNP, and neither gives to or receives money from the party, or indeed any other party.”

    The SNP had enough sense to distance himself from him.

    Did he file his spending return to the Electoral Commission yet?

  • fedup

    No connection with Mrs Thatcher, you chump.

    Chump is the tweet who sired you! Ill mannered oaf, you seem to have a license to insult your way through this blog, and expect people to put up with you. what happened did Abraham bequeath this blog as part of the patrimony too?

  • Mary

    I said nothing about Jews or Jewishness in my comment on Mundell’s foreign trips and nothing of any relevance to produce the two consecutive and hostile outbursts at 10.03pm and 10.09pm.

    A bucket of cold water to cool down is advised.

  • Mark Golding

    The ‘assassination’ of Jeremy Corbyn began of course some weeks ago – The Telegraph said quote ‘This is the man who sympathised with violent Irish Republicanism in the 1980s, invited IRA representatives to the Commons a fortnight after the Brighton bombing in 1984 and, at a Troops Out meeting in 1987, stood for a minute’s silence to “honour” eight IRA terrorists killed in an SAS ambush.’ unquote.

    I say, quote ‘A secret internal Department for Health study has shown that having a strong opinion at an inconvenient time for the Labour Party can be seriously deleterious to one’s health. The report cited high-profile examples such as John Smith, Robin Cook, and David Kelly however also presented a list of less well known examples. The study author could not be located for comment.’ unquote.

  • Hieroglyph

    The ranks of Nu Lab are busy telling everyone how to win an election, which is of course Blairism, Harder Stronger. But the party has just lost 2 elections, both of which were under essentially Nu Lab leaders. Oh, some argue that Ed was a bit left, but aside from some rather good attacks on Murdoch, and the vote on Syria, Ed was, at best, from the softer, more human wing of the Blair party. Yet still the Blair-ites have the temerity to inform us all that only their policies can win an elections. I look at the picture in Scotland, and just shake my head at their ignorance.

    And it is the Blair party now. As in a cult, or a one-party state, the true believers remain intoxicated. Eventually, you presume some will see sense, and take a long, hard look at their hero – the Chilcott report might be a factor, if it ever gets released.

    Personally I doubt Corbyn will win. Matters will be arranged. I suspect that dead-eyed vapid Kendall has already got the nod from the people that give such a nod. But at least we now know for sure that the actual Labour members see through Blair-ism, even if the executive cannot.

    Over here, Shorten has just signed up to Abbot’s immigration policy. So, cheer up UK, it could be worse.

  • OldMark

    And it is the Blair party now. As in a cult, or a one-party state, the true believers remain intoxicated.

    Hieroglyph- that is Corbyn’s problem in a nutshell. Much as I wish him well, in the unlikely event of him winning he would end up leading a party in which fewer than a dozen MPs (the Socialist Campaign Group)actually share his politics- and they are all aged 50+.

    Corbyn would have difficulty in getting non Campaign Group MPs from serving in his shadow Cabinet- there would have to be quite a bit of twin hatting, and probably the recall for a period of old Leftie warhorses such as Ken Livingstone, to enable it to operate cohesively.

    However I think the chances of an SDP Mk 2 being formed by the disaffected Blairites in the event of a Corbyn victory is minimal; they would almost certainly just sulk on the backbenches and then quietly announce that they are standing down at the next election. None of them have the cojones to resign and force a by-election, or to form a breakaway Blairite party. Most of them have also never had a real job, and are thus unlikely to opt for voluntary, premature unemployment before 2020.

    The best hope for Labour in the unlikely event of a Corbyn victory is that he could ensure that genuine socialists get adopted in the seats which the Blairites will vacate in 2020. He should also announce that shortly after 2020 he would stand down as leader and, John-the-Baptist like, nominate a preferred successor. This guy, as the youngest current member of the Socialist Campaign group, would then be a likely shoo-in as next Leader if each of these unlikely events transpire-


  • Mark Golding

    Off topic (sorry) -while Craig is ‘gathering’ himself after a successful business trip to Ghana I simply pray you will grant whistle-blower Barbara Honegger, who enlightened me in 2006 on the main sources of disinformation about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, namely, Mr Ghorbanifar and Mr Chalabi, a hearing here on CraigMurray – widely understood to be an information hive of the highest order – .



    We love you Barbara for your bravery – despite attempts to ‘shut you up’ you radiate fact.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    “I said nothing about Jews or Jewishness in my comment on Mundell’s foreign trips”

    Indeed not, Mary dear, but you did think it was worthwhile mentioning that he had gone on a trip to Israel, didn’t you.

    You invariably add trips to Israel to the charge sheet when you’re posting about public figures (and they are legion) whom you don’t appear to like.

    Seen in the context of the rest of your posts, that seems significant to me and perhaps also to some other readers.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)


    ” No connection with Mrs Thatcher, you chump.

    Chump is the tweet who sired you! Ill mannered oaf, you seem to have a license to insult your way through this blog, and expect people to put up with you. what happened did Abraham bequeath this blog as part of the patrimony too?”

    You’re evidently not man enough to admit you boobed.

    It is significant that Mary, who was quick to correct Lysias when he claimed that Lord Brittan was Labour (cf previous thread), somehow overlooked the egregious error you made. But hey, you don’t criticise fellow gang members do you. 🙂

    BTW, I’m puzzle by your reference to Abraham = would you mind elucidating? Thanks.

  • fedup

    You’re evidently not man enough to admit you boobed.

    You are man enough for all of us mate! Now get!

    BTW, I’m puzzle by your reference to Abraham = would you mind elucidating?

    Stay puzzled! Did you think that all by yourself, or did someone else help you to come up with this line?

  • fedup

    We love you Barbara for your bravery – despite attempts to ‘shut you up’ you radiate fact.

    I second that. These individuals included others such as Elizabeth Wilmshurst who tried and failed to stop that murderous imp; tony lynton bLiar and co from proceeding with their smash and grab dash they called Iraq war.

  • Mary

    Good showings by Alex Salmond and Jeremy Corbyn on Marr this morning.

    Andrew Marr is joined by key political personalities and cultural figures to discuss topical politics, current affairs and the arts. His guests include Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, Conservative peer and former foreign office minister Baroness Warsi, writer and actor Mark Gatiss and BBC Young Musician 2014 Martin James Bartlett. Evening Standard editor Sarah Sands and BBC Scotland presenter Sarah Smith review the Sunday newspapers.

  • Mary

    Boris Johnson is off to Israel in November.

    ‘Mr Johnson’s spokesman said the mayor wanted to promote London in “an important and growing market”.

    The trip was originally seen as being mainly a City Hall trade delegation. But a foreign tour of such stature, with added political aspects, is now likely to add to Mr Johnson’s personal credibility ahead of a future Tory leadership race.’


  • Mary

    Perhaps Boris will be able to persuade Bibi to call the IDF off.

    Newsletter headlines for 21 July 2015:

    Israeli Army shoots a man dead during night home invasion

    Israeli Navy opens fire on Palestinian fishing boats – 1 fisherman wounded

    Israeli Army opens fire on Gaza refugee camp farmland

    Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in 16 towns and villages

    4 attacks (3 Israeli ceasefire violations)

    23 raids including home invasions – 1 dead – 1 injured

    3 abducted (all aged 17)

    3 acts of agricultural/economic sabotage

    22 taken prisoner – 11 detained – 96 restrictions of movement


  • nevermind

    ” The postal votes are checked, they check a random sample of at least 20% of the ballot papers to ensure the signature matches the signature given when the postal vote was requested”

    All postal votes are checked the last time I attended such a session, it takes hours of watching signatures and they are all checked, if the officers only took a 20% random sample, you have given yourself an answer to the discrepancies.

    We found 6 postal votes in a flat in Blackburn, all sent to different people supposed to live at this address. Did the landl;ord of the property apply for these people?
    The psychology of postal voting goes as follows, you download and print 1000 copies of the form days before the campaign starts, councils make them available so postal voters have ample time to take part, they say.
    Its to ensure that cllr.s/candidates of registered political parties have access to it. Here in Norfolk I was not surprised to see my local cllr. hawking these votes around, and every OAP who was enabled to stay at home when they could vote at the local ballot box, thought of that nice man who enabled them and some 80% are likely to vote for him. Coercion is nothing new either.
    A Tory cllr. who shall be unnamed, he does not deserve publicity, pos. or neg.,was seen leaning over a lady’s doorstep, she did not like him or wanted him to come inside her house, badgering her with what he had done in the past for her husband and why she should vote for him, brandishing a postal voting form.

    As long as she signs it, she does not need to send it off, this is a valid vote, a cllr. can put these into the ballot box anytime he likes right up to the election, late postal votes are sent out by councils, delivered right up to polling day, so the postal votes original purpose allowing frail and elderly to vote at home/care homes.

    Trying to get into care homes during a campaign is also fraught with hazards, usually at election times, and I know this from a care worker, have a dominant politically interested manager/ mother superior speaking up for one or other party, s/he ensures that people vote, ideally for the party of her/his liking, hardly any politicians ever bothers talking to the clients inside, they talk to the staff if at all.

    Agree with all above on Barbara Honegger, her courageous campaigns and exposures at the highest level have much support around the world a whistleblower par excellence.

  • Mary

    Terrrrr, the war on, contd.

    ‘More than 5,000 armed soldiers could be deployed onto UK streets in the wake of any major terrorist attack, it has been revealed.

    The plan would see an unprecedented military response to terrorism if Islamic State or other fanatics struck in Britain.’


    So the police control the army??

    The NPCC replaced ACPO. Funded by Police Commissioners!


    Sara Thornton to lead National Police Chiefs’ Council

  • nevermind

    I applaud your optimistic speculation re: Boris trip to Israel, Mary, I’m afraid it will more likely be a vetting trip for his eligibility to do both jobs, London mayor and PM.
    First he will have to visit a Holocaust museum of Vad Yashem and be educated of the facts as seen by this world wide organsiation, so he provide the right sort of headlines for the rogue state, to drown out its violent activities against Palestinians with dross.

    We must not forget! the first three letters of the barcode are 729, be aware what you buy…..

  • fred

    “All postal votes are checked the last time I attended such a session, it takes hours of watching signatures and they are all checked, if the officers only took a 20% random sample, you have given yourself an answer to the discrepancies.”

    I was just telling you the Electoral Commission rules, look them up if you don’t believe me. Blackburn is not Argyll & Bute, Blackburn has a large ethnic population and records show that a significant number of them have been found guilty of voter fraud. I don’t believe the same can be said of Argyll & Bute.

    The referendum was not close run either nationally or in Argyll & Bute, those attempting to undermine the result are attempting to undermine democracy itself. Note that after the General Election those parties who lost to the SNP didn’t start accusing them of cheating. History has shown that Nationalists have a disdain for democracy and Nationalists in Scotland it seems are no different to any other despite their attempts to convince people they are.

    If anyone has evidence of voter fraud then we have a police force well and truly under the control of the Scottish government. Just go into a police station with your evidence and there will be a thorough investigation.

  • Mary

    Whilst the grinning idiot Hopey Changey lectures African nations, the country over which he presides continues to self destruct.

    July 24, 2015
    America’s New Brutalism: the Death of Sandra Bland
    by Henry Giroux

    ‘The United States has become a country in which it is proud of what is should be ashamed of. How else to explain the popularity of the racist and bigot, Donald Trump, among among the Republican Party’s right-wing base? We celebrate violence in the name of security and violate every precept of human justice through an appeal to fear. This speaks clearly to a form of political repression and a toxic value system. Markets and power are immune to justice and despise it. All that matters is that control, financial and political, serves soulless markets and the Darwinian culture of cruelty. How many more young people are going to be killed for waking in the street, failing to signal a lane shift, looking a police person in the eye, or playing with a toy gun? How many more names of black men, women, and young people will join the list of those whose deaths have sparked widespread protests: Trayvon martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Renisha McBride, Aiyana Jones, and Sakia Gunn, and now Sandra Bland. Is it any wonder that one funeral director in Chicago stated that “young people in the city do not expect to live late into their adult life.”[14] Police violence in the United States not only offers a window into the structural nature of state violence, but also serves as a gateway to prison, especially for minorities of race and class. Police violence against people of color, especially Blacks is not an aberration, it is policy, another way of dealing with those considered disposable. Sandra Bland’s tragic death that began with a routine traffic stop has become a high profile case. What is missing from most of the accounts of her death is that the data that is emerging around how often police officers kill civilians suggests that the number of such killings is astronomical. The Progress Report recently noted that two new projects are now keeping count in real time and that “According to The Guardian, 637 people have been killed by the police” since the beginning of the year to July 22, 2015. In addition, “The Washington Post…is tracking police shootings and counts 535 of those. That’s almost three people shot and killed by the police every day this year.”[15]“’


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