Kezia Dugdale Got Just 5,217 Votes 1642

The Labour Party is being remarkably coy about releasing the actual result of its Scottish accounting unit leadership election, giving only a percentage. The entirely complacent unionist media is complicit in what amounts to a deception. The stunning truth is that in a one person, one vote election among the entire membership of the Labour Party in Scotland plus trades union supporters, Dugdale won with 5,217 votes (out of a claimed electorate of 21,000, many of whom do not exist or could not be arsed to choose between two right wing numpties).

UPDATE: A second Labour figure just rang me to assure me my information – which was from a good source – is wrong. She would not give the actual figure and only said it was “higher”. I offered to take down the post and publish an accurate figure if she would give it, but this was declined.

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  • giyane

    Mark Golding

    With due respect to your naval career, Neither US nor UK nor IS have any cred any more. Nobody in the universe believes they are anything more than outright liars.

    If you had an old car and the clutch has gone and the diesel pump and the engine smokes, the best place for it is the scrapyard. When USUKIS stoops so low to dismantle the richest Muslim country in Africa piece by piece are you sure that they can find a solution for Syria?

    Syria was scrapped for Israel same as Iraq. The whole Saudi Israeli project of pushing back the Shi’a with oil money has back fired completely. Saudi Arabia has single-handedly made Russia, China, non-Muslim dictator Assad, and Iran look like angels compared with the totally bankrupt West and the morally bankrupt Israel. The Saudi regime will fall within a year.

  • Mary

    ‘Sir Stephen House, 57, has been under severe pressure over the three days it took his officers to respond to a fatal crash on the M9.

    He has also been criticised over armed officers being put on routine patrol and his force’s policies on stopping and searching juveniles.

    Sir Stephen is to leave his post at the start of December.’

    He took the rap unlike so many others in positions of authority.

  • Mary

    To the BBC these unfortunate people are ‘migrants’.

    Migrant crisis: Grim find of bodies in Austria lorry
    The Austrian authorities say at least 20 migrants have been found dead in a lorry in the eastern province of Burgenland.
    The number of dead could be as high as 50.

    To Sky News they are ‘refugees’.

    Up To 50 Refugees Found ‘Suffocated’ In Lorry
    The bodies of dozens of people have been found in the back of a truck on the hard shoulder of motorway in Austria.

    Good on Sky News.

  • Macky

    @Jon, nothing further to say re our exchanges over Herman ?

    Anyhow in light of another US shooting in the News, albeit not a mass shooting type, and further to our recent exploration of this problem, did you see this link I posted a few days ago ?

    @Ba’al Zevul, such a weak arsed/limp wrist joke of a rebuttal, that I can hardly be motivated to respond; maybe later, but you really need to up your game, (not that it’s ever been off the floor really !).

    @Giyane; “Nobody in the universe believes they are anything more than outright liars.”

    Of course a large number of the posters here don’t count as being in the Universe ! 😀

  • fedup

    they want Assad gone in the same way as Gaddafi, in fact, I would be very surprised if no plan exists in B51 MI6 to take him out using certain buddies in Group 13 once active in Northern Ireland.

    You bet!

    BTW Thanks Mark for the earlier comment;

    Iran nuclear deal is/was heavily weighted towards extracting concessions from Iran in it’s support for Syria

    That explains the Assad interview and his forwarded points about Russian support. Russians would be stupid if they let go of their only Mediterranean naval base/facility. The Bosphorus has always been a choke point.

  • Resident Dissident

    “In government-controlled Sopyne (16km east of Mariupol), a Ukrainian Armed Forces officer told the SMM that their compound was hit by shelling in the early morning of 25 August. The SMM conducted analysis on craters in the vicinity and assessed that they were caused by 122mm or 152mm calibre artillery shells, fired from the north-east. According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel, one soldier was killed and two were injured.”

    The OSCE report released yesterday on the attack Mr Goss glossed over 2 days ago – must have been one of the breaches of Minsk 2 that he supports.

  • Macky

    Big Brother Britain ? No it’s even worse !

    Thhe US continues to make a mockery of itself, its values & International laws & conventions;

    “New Defense Department guidelines allow commanders to punish journalists and treat them as “unprivileged belligerents” if they believe journalists are sympathizing or cooperating with the enemy”

    Of course “sympathizing” is deliberately vague & loose enough to cover anything, eg reporting the truth, and if declared as an “”unprivileged belligerent” then you don’t even have the protection accorded under the Geneva Conventions !

  • John Goss

    Resident Dissident, I did not gloss over the deaths of two soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces, just linked to the rather more serious continual bombardment of civilians in the Donbas people’s republics. Poroshenko started the war, killing his own people. The Azov and other right wing battalions have just continued it under his instructions. The two Kiev based OSCE report makers are clearly part of the propaganda effort started by Geoffrey Pyatt’s disinformation forces.

    Michael Bociurkiw
    OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine
    26 Turhenevska Street
    01054 Kyiv
    Office: +380 44 382 0832
    Mobile: +38 067 4083107
    [email protected]
    Iryna Gudyma
    Senior Press Assistant
    OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine
    26 Turhenevska Street
    01054 Kyiv
    Mobile: +38 067 4021716
    [email protected]

  • giyane

    It is the job of every political Muslim , who wants to have power over his/her community to make alliances with the enemies of Islam who will in turn empower them over their fellow believers. This is the story of colonialism and of neo-colonialism.The driving force behind every suffering of the Muslims has always been the ambition of those in the Muslim community who desire power.

    The mosques are sending UK Muslims to populate the USUKIS mercenaries in Syria. At the same time they spy on and try to destroy the critics of their political collaboration with the enemies of Islam.

    Don’t worry Fedup, Allah told the prophet Muhammad , may His blessings and peace be upon him, that if the prophet SAW forgave these hypocrites and betrayers of Islam or didn’t forgive them, He, Allah , would never forgive them. So your defending them is just pissing on your leg and playing with the steam.

  • Macky

    @Resident Dissident, your Moscow Times link (Finnish owned & able to freely be published in Moscow), reads exactly like you would expect something written by a British ex-military who specialised in writing about Soviet Armed Force, yet can’t understand why the Russians he knows don’t buy into the Western propaganda version re Ukraine !

    I wonder if Stephen Dalziel is the real Ba’al/Komodo ! 😀

  • fedup

    Macky there lies the problem, whilst the slightest “trope”/slur/hint 0f insult at a certain minority is considered a hanging offence. Outright incitement of hatred towards “immigrants”/Muslims is only considered a routine topic;

    “It’s not racist, it’s just currently what’s happening,”

    This is the kind of accepted and tolerated hatred that has currency in the twenty first century UK.

    The vermin who espouse;

    “To [sic] right. Gas the b******* if they don’t go. If its [sic] good enough for badgers its [sic] good enough for scum,”

    Freely carries on inciting hatred towards immigrants and Muslims without any fear of any laws.

    Not surprisingly we are presented with yet another hate merchant that has suddenly made an appearance after a long absence form the blog. that is after the resident “Muslim cultural attache”/”expert witness”/”resident Muslim” has been comprehensively outed for his equal opportunity racism of convenience. As Lysias pointed out;;

    You’re assuming that the troll is always one and the same person

    However given the tacit official approval and in fact promotion of the hate fest towards any and all citizens/residents of foreign extract (a sizable minority, amounting to one fifth of the population) as hightlighted in Mary’s post too. The incitement to hatred goes unabated and remains unpunished.

    Douglas advised a Welshman whose American wife was unable to enter the UK that he should have “painted her black, told her not to speak English, she would have ended up with a house, £500-a-week benefits and everything else these sponging, scrounging parasites have”.

    He also made a number of Islamophobic remarks comparing Muslims with paedophiles, as well as calling for the formation of a vigilante group and the return of hanging.

  • Resident Dissident

    The ownership of the Moscow Times is now in the hands of Alisher Usmanov – who like Macky appears to have it in for Craig and is nortoriously silent when it comes to criticising Putin or abuses of human rights.

  • Resident Dissident

    “The two Kiev based OSCE report makers are clearly part of the propaganda effort started by Geoffrey Pyatt’s disinformation forces.”

    Bollocks – the OSCE clearly report ceasefire violations by both sides.

  • Mary

    Compare the content above to this:

    Known number of deaths while claiming incapacity benefits nears 100,000

    The Department for Work and Pensions has admitted defeat in its attempt to hide the number of people who have died while claiming incapacity benefits since November 2011 – and has announced that the number who died between January that year and February 2014 is a shocking 91,740.

    This represents an increase to an average of 99 deaths per day or 692 per week, between the start of December 2011 and the end of February 2014 – compared with 32 deaths per day/222 per week between January and November 2011.

    August 27, 2015, 1:39 pm

    Note the numbers are UP TO FEBRUARY 28 2014.

  • Macky

    RD; “Not any longer – forced to sell up I’m afraid”

    Not according to Wiki.

    RD; “Perhaps Macky could tell us why this is a pattern with independent Russian newspapers, tv channels and radio stations?”

    Not sure if it is, but there doesn’t seem to be much dispute about this;

    RD; “nortoriously silent when it comes to criticising Putin or abuses of human rights.

    Are you kidding ! It has very strong Russian bashing editorial & opinion pieces, and it even seems to have a “crazy Russia” fluff article/story quota to fill each week, not to mention having a “Putin’s Russia” feature full of mocking cartoons like Putin riding a tank or something.

    Anyhow all this doesn’t detract from the fact that your article is really saying nothing.

  • Jemand

    With regard to the shooting deaths of two media persons in the US –

    Fedup reveals her sympathy for genocide of caucasians with her – “You seem to have corroborated my [theory?] that work place bullying and general mistreatment of the blacks to be the underlying cause of the anger of the shooter.”

    Translated, Fedup is saying that those two American victims of gun violence had it coming for being white and therefore culpable in the oppression of the shooter. Killings justified, case closed.

    And then we have a discussion of the mechanics of the video-recorded homicide as if it was possibly – wait for it – yet another false-flag multiple murder. It just doesn’t get any more crass, hateful and fucked-in-the-head than that on this silly blog.

  • lysias

    Speaking of false flags, I’m just now reading Portrait of a Cold Warrior: Second Thoughts of a Top CIA Agent, a 1976 book by CIA veteran Joseph B. Smith. In it, writing about the 1950’s, he admits that a favorite technique of the CIA was to mount objectionable operations that were then blamed on Communists.

  • Macky

    Correction for the historical record; although I knew straight away that Jamand’s “Terrorism Clip” was a fraud, I believe it was Herbie that beat me to it by proving it was cricket fans. It was I however that did indeed prove that another of Jemand’s frauds, a picture of a mass of brunt corpses, alleged to be victims of Islamic extremists, was in reality fact a photo showing the victims of an industrial chemical explosion in Africa.

  • lysias

    By the way, throughout his early career, Joseph B. Smith was stationed in places in Southeast Asia: the Philippines, Singapore, Malaya, Indonesia, Vietnam. So talk about CIA false flags in that connection makes me think of Graham Greene’s The Quiet American.

  • Mark Golding

    I am appalled and stunned by those casualties of the benefit system Mary. The work capability assessment system is SHAMEFUL and I know causes undue stress for vulnerable people from the experience of a ‘brother’ who has a detached spine and having received two cancelled appointments for assessment from ATOS ‘lookalikes'(work-load?) had benefit stopped despite family of two school-children.

  • Jon

    Macky: I am not sure what further answers you are looking for, in relation to who should be allowed to remain in the Labour Party. Neither of us can “prove” our position, or “win” the debate. We have both stated our opinions, and found them differing.

    If you would recommend to Corbyn as new leader that he should not work with Harriet Harman, is it on the basis of being a senior politician within the party when the Iraq war was prosecuted? Or do you think Corbyn should not work with anyone at all who voted for the war? Either will diminish his party’s electoral power – as well as neutralising MPs who have been voted in by the electorate.

    I do understand the “pure Left” position very well – more than you think, possibly – but it is not nearly comparable to Obama deciding not to prosecute Bush and his faction. In fact, as I have outlined several times already, working with certain individuals does not preclude their later prosecution. That is probably more an issue for them than Corbyn!

    My position is that justice for the working classes and impoverished in the UK cannot be put on hold to wait for the right moment of ideological purity: that moment, unfortunately, may not come anyway. In one way I’ve not really had to consider these things before, since the Labour Party has not had a socialist leader for the whole time I’ve been permitted to vote. So, I am considering them now, as Corbyn and his team is doing.

    Personally, I think it’s brilliant that we have a leadership candidate who is planning an apology on behalf of the party for the Iraq war, to both Brits and Iraqis. Iraqis who have access to a television set, or who drink coffee outside where it is safe to do so, will know about this already. This can be our message to them.

  • Macky

    @Jemand, no not even facts needed, just a working ration brain, unless perhaps you can explain the difference between Muslims & Muslims whose religion is not Islam ?

    How about the difference between spreading hatred against people because of the colour of their skin, and spreading hatred towards people because of their religon ?

    Answers on a postcard to JackAss Jemand, Somewhere Down Under in Oz.

  • Jemand

    Macky, aren’t you embarrassed by your screaming indifference to the crimes commited by the true muslims of ISIS? Why aren’t you there with them killing civilians seeing that you hate the UK while parasitically spongeing off of British taxpayer?

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