Kezia Dugdale Got Just 5,217 Votes 1642

The Labour Party is being remarkably coy about releasing the actual result of its Scottish accounting unit leadership election, giving only a percentage. The entirely complacent unionist media is complicit in what amounts to a deception. The stunning truth is that in a one person, one vote election among the entire membership of the Labour Party in Scotland plus trades union supporters, Dugdale won with 5,217 votes (out of a claimed electorate of 21,000, many of whom do not exist or could not be arsed to choose between two right wing numpties).

UPDATE: A second Labour figure just rang me to assure me my information – which was from a good source – is wrong. She would not give the actual figure and only said it was “higher”. I offered to take down the post and publish an accurate figure if she would give it, but this was declined.

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1,642 thoughts on “Kezia Dugdale Got Just 5,217 Votes

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  • MJ

    “Don’t tell me that we can do much for the poor of the world if the alliances we favour most are with Hezbollah, Hamas, Chávez’s successor in Venezuela and Putin’s totalitarian Russia”

    I imagine Brown didn’t mention Nicolás Maduro by name because he thought no-one would know who he was talking about. The comment by Corbyn that sparked this tirade was this one:

    “What is security? Is security the ability to bomb, maim, kill, destroy, or is security the ability to get on with other people and have some kind of respectful existence with them?”

    Dangerous nonsense.

  • Mary

    183 times the average worker’s salary for the fat cats inhabiting the company boardrooms and boot camps for the NEETS.

    Listen to GG only for this week 10am-1pm on LBC 97.3 You can hear so much sense from him and from the people who phone in. Their voices are certainly never heard on the corporate media.

  • Silvio

    Here’s a suggestion for choosing political party leaders as vacancies open up. Obligate all candidates who have thrown their name in the ring to take part in a can-kicking contest. The winner who kicks the can the furthest gets the job.

    The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis

    There has been so much attention on Greece in recent weeks, but the truth is that Greece represents only a very tiny fraction of an unprecedented global debt bomb which threatens to explode at any moment. As you are about to see, there are 24 nations that are currently facing a full-blown debt crisis, and there are 14 more that are rapidly heading toward one. Right now, the debt to GDP ratio for the entire planet is up to an all-time record high of 286 percent, and globally there is approximately 200 TRILLION dollars of debt on the books. That breaks down to about $28,000 of debt for every man, woman and child on the entire planet. And since close to half of the population of the world lives on less than 10 dollars a day, there is no way that all of this debt can ever be repaid. The only “solution” under our current system is to kick the can down the road for as long as we can until this colossal debt pyramid finally collapses in upon itself.

  • Mary

    The link to Hancock’s proposal for boot camps.

    Who will get the contract to run them?. Some outfit like A4E maybe?

    Exclusive: A4e and a £200m back-to-work scandal

    It’s been done before and failed Mr Hancock.

    B I G Donations recorded in his register.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    The only “solution” under our current system is to kick the can down the road for as long as we can until this colossal debt pyramid finally collapses in upon itself.

    There might just be a tiny flaw in our current system, mightn’t there?

  • Peter Beswick

    Just wanted to check and see if my identyblob had changed again but whilst I’m here I do wish to remind you all that threads on election miscounting (fraud) useually have to go via the paedophile > Hitler > Zionist > spacemonster > attacking fellow commentees route before noting Dr Kelly was murdered and then agreeing what a treasure Craig is.

    But if you want to spoil it for everyone that’s up to you.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Ken Clarke makes sense, as is sometimes the case:


    Richard Burgon, Labour MP for Leeds East who is supporting Mr Corbyn in the leadership campaign, also hit out at being described as ‘hard-left’ by the media.
    He said: “The fact is that neo-liberal economics has ruled the roost, regardless of which party’s been in power since about 1979 and who really thinks that’s worked in the interests of ordinary people?

    Given that the Jubilee Debt link (12.32 pm) concludes that fetishising ‘growth’ does not reduce, but even tends to increase inequality, a consensus could yet emerge.

  • Daniel

    “I’m sorry but I don’t believe this. Most British Jews I’ve met who are interested in politics are left-wing Zionists. Certainly in America the vast majority of Jews are Democrat voters. Do you have a source or poll to back up your claim? Or, as we were discussing earlier, does anyone not on the extreme left count as a Tory right-winger?”

    A disproportionately high amount of British Jews (68%) were Tory supporters in the last election. That’s according the JC.

  • Macky

    @Jon, we must have different interpretations for “civil” if you think being taken for a fool, having your time wasted, and being mocked by a troll counts as “civil”. Funny how you pipe-up now with your suggestion for abusive interactions to cease, as you weren’t so bold all the time you were moderating, either with advisory “suggestions” or indeed actions.

    I formed my inference about the Habbu-Troll, from my very first exchange of all of three posts, and everything since has vindicated that opinion, but he has been protected & indeed encouraged, to become the constant blight of this blog.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Another jewel in the Corbyn crown…

    Thunderbirds puppet International Rescue Committee CEO David Miliband, it will be recalled, shoved off to his present lucrative appointment with the IRC, when his less pro-US bro got to lead Labour. Confirming that the IRC is an agent of US interventionism, and that extremely-well paid people don’t like leftwingers, his comments are welcome as further enhancing Corbyn’s street cred. Well done, Dave. A worthy pupil of Blair.

  • MJ

    “Jeremy’s involvement in so many important matters is illustrated in this newsletter from 2013”

    Astonishing schedule. I don’t know how he finds the energy.

  • MJ

    “A worthy pupil of Blair”

    Yet if he were standing I think he would win comfortably. He’s got charisma, which beats policies hands down.

  • Mary

    I wrote to my MP protesting about the forthcoming visit of al Sisi to this country.

    My MP is passing my ‘concerns’ to Tobias Ellwood, FCO minister and tells me that the visit is not about rolling out red carpets but keeping diplomatic channels open!

    Presumably the same answer would be given to a complaint about the forthcoming visit of another criminal leader, Netanyahu.

  • Mary


    Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London

    Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in London this September. Under international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the U.K for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014

    Sign this petition

    66,086 signatures

  • nevermind

    Thanks for the great links Silvio and Ba’al. fallon must be out to sell more arms, why else is he so nice to them. So agree with your points re Broons dud appearance yesterday, no wonder so few to attended….

    @Jon I hear you loud and clear, its not that one does not want to be civil, there are just moments when the other cheek is not appropriate anymore. I cannot stand by when artificial stress and abuse is heaped upon a person, when the abuser knows full well that this person can do without it. All I say is that I’ll try not to sour your dialogue, however questionable or fruitless it may be.

  • Mary

    MJ I beg to differ. Charisma? More than his brother certainly but that’s not saying much.

    His record is as appalling as the rest of that BLiar/Brown crowd especially on foreign policy.

    How David Miliband voted on Foreign Policy and Defence
    Generally voted for use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas
    Consistently voted for the Iraq war
    We don’t have enough information to calculate David Miliband’s position on an investigation into the Iraq war.
    Consistently voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
    Generally voted for more EU integration
    Generally voted against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU
    Almost always voted for strengthening the Military Covenant

    plus an enormous amount of income outside the HoC including large donations.

    See also

    He will not be returning to UK politics as far as I see it.

  • Peter Beswick

    Thank you MJ I have used a different email to post this so I will be interested in the result, I read on here (I think) that it was an IP thing rather than email but this should reveal wots wot.

    Since my last postI have discovered the answer to the Corbyn crisis. Eligible voters who want a Blair type leader should abstain and vote Tory at the next G election, voters who want a traditional Labour leader should vote Corbyn and anyone undecided should think who Jimmy Savile would have voted for before they use their power of influence. Union types should vote for whoever Mandelson says not to vote for.

    Gorden Brown is still very odd.

    And Dr David Kelly had the fluid drained out of his eyes, brain removed and popped back, face and neck tissue discected to bone before he was formally identified. Now take another look at Corbyn and think Aldi Face Moisturiser. Yeh? See where I’m going with this?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)


    “I formed my inference about the Habbu-Troll…. but he has been protected & indeed encouraged, to become the constant blight of this blog.”

    Protected and encouraged by whom exactly, Macky?

    Do you have the balls to name names? Or are you a just a neutered tom?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    Just to keep all you SYRIZA fans updated, here is an article from Kathimerini (English edition).

    Greek politicians being what they are, interesting times threaten….


    “NEWS 13:04

    The Greek government appears likely to call a confidence vote following a rebellion among lawmakers from the ruling SYRIZA party over the country’s new bailout deal, senior ministers said on Monday.

    Energy Minister Panos Skourletis described such a parliamentary vote as “self-evident” following Friday’s rebellion when almost a third of SYRIZA deputies abstained or voted against the agreement.

    With SYRIZA’s left wing showing little sign of returning to the party fold, Skourletis also raised the possibility of early elections should Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras lose a confidence motion. Tsipras had to rely on opposition support to get the bailout deal through parliament, and another minister argued that elections would be a way of achieving political stability.

    Greece’s political turmoil has raised uncertainty over how the government will implement the bailout deal, which demands profound economic reform and tough austerity policies, without a workable majority.

    The government has said its priority is to secure a start to funding from international creditors under the bailout program, Greece’s third in five years, so that Athens can make a 3.2 billion euro debt repayment to the European Central Bank on Thursday.

    However, asked on Skai television about the possibility of a parliamentary confidence vote after this, Skourletis said: “I consider it self-evident after the deep wound in SYRIZA’s parliamentary group for there to be such a move.”

    Tsipras was elected only in January, but since then has had to ditch his promises to reverse the budget cuts and tax increases that previous governments imposed to satisfy Greece’s eurozone and IMF creditors.

    Health Minister Panayiotis Kouroublis suggested that only another election could calm the climate at a time of economic crisis and show that the people would accept the onerous bailout program.

    “Elections are not the best choice … but for the economy to pick up there must be political stability,” he told Skai TV. “To implement such a serious program with painful measures, you cannot do that without a popular mandate.”

    Slim chance

    Tsipras fired his last energy minister Panayiotis Lafazanis for joining a previous rebellion. Lafazanis now leads SYRIZA members who oppose the conditions that Tsipras had to accept in return for the 86 billion euros ($95 billion) in loans.

    Last week Lafazanis took a step towards breaking away from SYRIZA, a coalition of the radical left, by calling for a new anti-bailout movement.

    The chances that the hard left wing will relent and rally behind Tsipras in a confidence vote look slim.

    “The bailout cannot be a unifying basis for SYRIZA,” Stathis Leoutsakos, a lawmaker who joined the rebellion told Skai TV. “The bailout cannot be the program of SYRIZA, it falls outside its values, these are incompatible notions.”

    However, a group of SYRIZA lawmakers called for the party to hold together. “We recognise that unity has been dealt a serious blow, but we refuse to accept a split as a pre-ordained fact,” the 17 signatories said in a statement on the party’s website.

    Alekos Flabouraris, minister of state and close adviser to Tsipras, said he wanted all 162 lawmakers of the ruling coalition to support a confidence vote. “It would be unfair for the government to be brought down by its own deputies,” he said.

    On Sunday, Greece’s socialist PASOK party joined the main conservative opposition in saying it would not back Tsipras in any confidence vote. PASOK made clear that while it had backed the government over the bailout for the sake of saving Greece from financial ruin, that support would not continue.

    Once the dominant force on the Greek left, PASOK now has just 13 members in the 300 seat parliament but Tsipras will need all the support he can get. Crucially, it did not say whether it would vote against the government, or merely abstain.

    On Friday, support for the government from within its own coalition parties fell below 120 votes, the minimum needed to survive a confidence vote if some others abstain.

    The conservative New Democracy party, which has 76 seats, has also said it would not back the government.

    Tsipras has presided over the closure of Greek banks for three weeks and severe limits on withdrawals from accounts remain, even though the financial system only narrowly avoided collapse when the bailout was agreed.

    However, Tsipras is untainted by the corruption scandals that have touched Greece’s older parties and remains popular, although no opinion polls have been published since the capital controls were imposed at the end of June.

    Tsipras’s standing has raised doubts about how much the opposition parties may want to force new elections.

    Skourletis said that if SYRIZA opts for snap polls, the party would aim for an absolute majority.

    “I think such a goal is attainable,” he said, playing down the possibility of post-election collaboration with the likes of New Democracy, PASOK and To Potami.”

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I remember when ‘9/11’ used to almost swamp every thread on this blog and so Craig established a ‘9/11’ thread which went on for several thousand posts, I think and was really interesting actually and no-one discussed ‘9/11’ except on that thread.

    The Al Hilli murders also has proved a veritable ‘whodunnit’ with maybe 50,000 posts dedicated to it. It’s fascinating to dip into the thread – still active – occasionally.

    I wonder sometimes whether a similar thread for ‘Palestine-Israel’ might be a good idea? For example, this thread was about the election of the new Scottish labour party leader, yet somehow like almost every thread ends up becoming about Palestine-Israel. It seems to me that this might suit those hasbara who would wish to suggest that the blog is obsessed with the subject as well as those who indeed are obsessed with arcane theories.

    So, Palestine-Israel is a complex and controversial international subject with some ramifications in domestic UK politics and of course the UK has an historic responsbility/link with the subject. Might discussion about it best be served by the creation of a thread dedicated to it? Just a suggestion.

  • MJ

    “His record is as appalling”

    Mary, I’m not defending David Miliband on policy. Give me Corbyn’s agenda any day. I’m just saying that if he was standing he’d win. All the neo liberals would vote for him and he’d win over a sufficient number of the Corbyn supporters. He’s got that Leader thing.

  • MJ

    “I don’t like the new colour and would prefer my stars to be in the middle”

    Go back to your original e-mail address. It doesn’t have to be functional.

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