When the Politics Has to Stop 123

There are times when political considerations must give way to the relief of immediate human suffering. The current refugee crisis is one of those times and the UK must take genuine refugees on the same scale as Germany, starting immediately.

In the long term the influx of determined young people and families will in any event benefit our economy. We are strong and wealthy enough to shoulder the short term cost. Besides which, we bear a massive share of responsibility for the current disorder and devastation in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf despots, so beloved of the Blairs, also bear a great responsibility. They have been waging war and proxy war against non-Sunni Muslims at a high level of intensity all over the Middle East. Concerted diplomatic pressure must be put on them to provide funding on a massive scale to the European governments who are picking up the pieces. That pressure to include the threat of confiscation of assets.

Finally, Russia has been notably silent. Russia would benefit more than any other country from the potential immigration, given it is only just starting to recover from population decline and has massive natural resources. Russia must also be pressed to offer to take in very large numbers.

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123 thoughts on “When the Politics Has to Stop

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  • Pete

    In principle I agree Craig but is it realistic to expect Russia to take them in? Are they not an extremely xenophobic society? Certainly very unused to non-Europeans other than those from within there own borders ie Siberia.

    When I was in St Petersburg I only saw two Black people the whole time I was there. One was foreign, the other was in 18th century costume!

  • John Goss

    I think Russia should take in a share of displaced immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. It already has done from the Ukraine war – more than any other single country. Politics should be taken out of the equation when human suffering is a priority. I would point out that Russia has not been responsible for the refugee crisis but agree it has vast areas of land on which refugees could build new lives for themselves. Scotland too has vast areas of uninhabited land.

    Meanwhile I will link Fred’s petition from the last page showing our own lack of sympathy for the displaced we have created, and which I have just signed.


  • Peter Beswick

    “There are times when political considerations must give way to the relief of immediate human suffering.”

    Yeh Right!

  • Peter Beswick

    BTW John Politically you are absolutely correct that Russia would benefit from a large influx of refugees but politically the long term potential for unintended disasterous consequences make you wrong.

  • Jackie

    I think what no one is saying, is that many of these refugees are Christians and DO share ‘our’ beliefs. They’re being systematically cleansed from the areas they’ve lived in for centuries.
    Having said that you’re right. We are humans and should respond to them as best we possibly can. And we’re not.

  • Mary

    Cameron is too scared of his Right wingers and his small majority to be able to take a leadership position on this.

  • fedup

    The torrents of hatred directed at the Muslims and immigrants have come home to roost. As the swathes of refugees of war in Syria, Iraq (twice made refugees), Afghanistan, Libya are running away from the destruction of their homes and cities. The Hungarian prime minister is writing articles in German publications and warning of the threats to the “Christian roots” of the continent.

    The preamble of Calais Hoards of Migrants were in preparation for the current crisis, in which frail bodies of children are washing ashore as their beleaguered families try to run away to a safer destination.

    What would history recall? Fact that the Western governments fomented and made war on these lands directly or through proxies resulting in the dislocation and movement of masses of refugees whom then were classed as “Migrants” by the oligarch owned media and the so called state media alike here in UK. this was done for fear of calling these masses of desperate people; “refugees” will bring about the obligations of the UNHCR and adherence to conventions thereof here in UK.

    How can the ugly faces of indifference and racism can escape the attentions of the future generations reading the events that are coming to pass; now?

  • Peter Beswick

    Fair point Fedup I suppose we have to let in a few Muslims aswell but so not to be religionist only the good ones.

  • Mary

    It’s nothing to do with the persecution of Christians. A myth.

    Welby last spoke in April saying that this country should admit more ‘migrants’ (that horrible expression) but nothing since from the head of the CoE, according to a Google search.

    Speaking of the CoE, surely Her Maj could donate just one of her many palaces to accommodate refugees.

  • Mark Golding

    Cynicism and sarcasm have no place in describing human suffering, as is trying to gain political capital by the ‘ordinary upbringing’ Northern boy, Andy Burnham ‘blowing his dog whistle’ on immigration and ‘flip flopping’ his viewpoint of the Tory gold brick Welfare Bill.

    Any Burnham you are a fraud and I, like dark energy, can see straight through you.


  • Republicofscotland

    From what I’ve read Germany has already taken over 800,000 refugees from what I presume are war torn countries, of which Britain has played a major role in creating, under the guise of ridding these countries from despots and tyrants and creating democracies.

    However the truth is, we’ve left these poor folks homes and countries in a state of turmoil and endless internal war, no wonder they’re willing to risk life and limb to seek a better life, wouldn’t you?

    The image scattered all over the press today of that poor child lying dead on the shore, whilst sea water laps over him, is indeed harrowing, the young Kurdish child, died along with his mother and sister, said press reports.

    Sadly the powers at Westminster would rather spend £500 million pounds on bolstering Trident, than spending monies on saving lives.

  • Republicofscotland

    Regarding your comment on Russia taking more immigrants, like Britain first you need the political will, Russia I fear doesn’t possess the will.

    I’m probably way off base here, but I’ve read articles and seen videos which indicate Russians aren’t to keen on immigrants who are not white, and Muslim. It may just be a minority I hope it is, but it could be one of the reasons Russia may refrain from taking immigrants.

    Slovakia has indicated it won’t take Muslim refugees, nor the Czech Republic, nor Poland, Hungary or Bulgaria


  • craig Post author

    Republic of Scotland,

    You are quite right. Russia is nationalist in a very bad way. That is what I was pointing up.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    One can never escape from some kind of politics, and the suggested political change could be a great help in putting the world somewhat back together as long as it seriously includes those countries most responsible for the chaos, the cure includes everyone, especially since it would help ease religious hatreds, and cuts back on blaming those individuals most responsible for the current crisis.

  • Mary

    Gideon sounded like a LP record where the needle had stuck. He repeated this twice to another reporter and kept emphasizing the £900 that the UK spent on refugee camps.

    Osborne: Isil ‘killed’ Syrian boy in the surf

    Extremists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) “killed” the Syrian boy whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has said, writes Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent.

    The Chancellor also gave a firm indication that the Government is preparing to allow more refugees into the UK as the crisis worsens by saying the number allowed in was “under review”.

    Mr Osborne told Sky News that Isil “killed that boy”, who has been identified as three year old Aylan Kurdi from Kobane, in northern Syria.

    He said: “Britain has always been home to real asylum seekers, genuine refugees, we have taken 5,000 people from the Syrian conflict.

    “We will go on taking people and keeping it under review. Britain has been playing a leading role and it will continue to.

    “What we need to help those desperate families is we have got to break up the criminal gangs who are trafficking people that led to that boy’s death, we have got to defeat Isil which is the thing they are fleeing, we have got to make sure the aid is going there to help those families, and Britain contributes £1 billion and will go on contributing, and we have got to go on taking genuine refugees and genuine asylum seekers.

    “We have taken 5,000 from the Syrian conflict, we will go on taking more, keep it under review. Britain is playing a leading role and will continue to do so.” ‘


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    No, it doesn’t: it’s just a myth of the Anglo-American administrative state.

    The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee could help it along if it gave this year’s prize to Merkel, Ayatollah Khamenei or Putin.

  • Macky

    @Craig, you are utterly shameless; using the sufferring of the refugees to take your usual pop shot comments of hate at Russians; Russia being the main country that opposed all the Neocon wars to lead directly to this crisis, and is being squeezed by Western sanctions.

    Instead of acting as Russophobic gatekeeper, why don’t you mention a real international pariah, that could provide real help of it wanted to, but the refugees don’t have the “right” blood flowing in their veins;

    “Since 2009 Israel has accepted less than 0.15% of asylum claims, the lowest rate in the western world”

    And further,


  • Republicofscotland

    ‘I would point out that Russia has not been responsible for the refugee crisis.’

    John, I must disagree, on your above statement, in my opinion we are ALL responsible for the devastation that has befallen the Middle East. Most of us have just stood by and watched the events unfold. Russia created many refugees during its ten year sortie in Afghanistan.

  • Macky

    ROS; “Russia created many refugees during its ten year sortie in Afghanistan.”

    Proof that a little knowledge is a very ignorant thing; I refer you to a certain boastful Zbigniew Brzezinski; Western sponsorship of Islamic terrorism caused humanitarian havoc & cost thousands of lives (including Russian as intended), long before it turned into a Western Frankenstein monster.

  • Mary


    There are about 20 million indigenous Muslims living in the Russian Federation where the total population is over 140 million (about 15 percent of the total population). Unlike other Muslim minorities in Europe, Russian Muslims are not foreign immigrants. They are native citizens of the country in which they live.
    Islam In Russia | islam.ru


  • Laguerre

    re Jackie. “I think what no one is saying, is that many of these refugees are Christians and DO share ‘our’ beliefs.”

    That’s completely wrong. Christians normally already benefit from much easier visas, so they are rare among refugees. The case of “Songs of Praise” from Calais was so unusual because they concentrated on the few Christians in the camp, and completely ignored the much more numerous Muslims.

  • Mary

    PM told to be ‘humane’ over migrant crisis
    Jenny Booth
    Updated 51 minutes ago

    Pressure was growing on David Cameron today from inside and outside his own party over his refusal to relent on Britain taking in more of the hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding into Europe. Baroness Warsi, the former foreign office minister, urged the prime minister there was no shame in reassessing a decision when the situation changed, while Nicola Blackwood, the Tory MP in the neighbouring constituency to Mr Cameron tweeted that ‘we cannot be the generation that fails this test of humanity…..

    http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/europe/article4546409.ece Paywall

  • Laguerre

    re Mary: True?

    Yes, I should think so. The Russians have kept quite a few colonial territories, of which Chechnya is just one example.

    The Russians of course have massacred a lot over the centuries. The Crimean Tartars, for example. And a lot were shipped off to Kazakhstan by Stalin at the same time as the Volga Germans. I met quite a lot of different ethnics in Almaty.

  • John Goss

    “There are times when political considerations must give way to the relief of immediate human suffering.”

    You start the post by talking about political considerations should be subservient to human need and finish it by taking a political swipe at Russia. Russia, as well as the many Ukrainian refugees it has taken, also helped evacuate refugees from Saudi-bombed Yemen when the US (most culpable in the destabilisation of the Middle East) refused shamefully even to try and evacuate its own citizens. Sorry, cannot share yours and RoS’ biased viewpoints on this subject.


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