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I shall blog about last night’s Panorama shortly. But first I should like to draw attention to STV’s disgraceful Stephen Daisley, who I last mentioned joining in a mainstream media Twitter hatefest against me for revealing that MI5 were targeted on the SNP.

Well Daisley has been at it again, this time with a seriously nasty tweet about the mysterious murder of Hilda Murrell. It was sent to Murdoch shill David Aaronovitch, to whom Daisley tweeted

Yep. “Hilda Murrell. How the State silences dissent one elderly rose grower at a time.”

Whatever you believe about the Murrell murder, it is not something Daisley – a broadcast journalist – should be making jokes about. It is also fascinating that both Daisley’s tweet about me and his tweet about Hilda Murrell were both in defence of the security services and both sent to David Aaronovitch.

Aaronovitch found the Murrell joke so hilarious that he retweeted it at 3am on 25 September. Which is a pity for Daisley, as he apparently woke up, remembered he was a broadcast journalist, and deleted it. At any rate the retweet is on Aaronovitch’s twitter stream but the original not on Daisley’s.

It is however instructive to look at Daisley’s twitter stream. It is amazing to me that a supposed “journalist” working for a broadcaster would be so completely open about their anti-SNP, unionist, anti-Corbyn and far right agenda. Daisley is only very small beer, a stinking, sweating foot-soldier of the forces of reaction. But if you can stand it, the way the unionist establishment interacts and thinks is revealed very clearly from a study of his twitter feed. Messages are exchanged with Aaronovitch of Murdoch, Nick Cohen of the Guardian, with John McTernan of the Blairites and with J K Rowling of the 1%, and a great many others. The SNP and Corbyn are smugly derided by all. These well-paid state supporters live in a cosy Panglossian paradise and have contempt for anyone who is not “in”.

The other thing that comes out of the feed is this peculiar obsession with Israel. Of all the media attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s “anti-Semitic connections”, Daisley’s attack is the most astonishing. STV should be deeply ashamed to carry this; it breaks every rule of good journalism. It is a bizarre hotch-potch of mostly deliberate lies and misrepresentation, and crucially there has not been a single attempt to contact any of the people named to obtain their side of the story.

To tackle just two of about sixty wild inaccuracies. Daisley accused Raed Saleh of a “blood libel” which Saleh has repeatedly denounced and stated that he has never said, and which a British court found there was no evidence that Saleh has ever said. Nonetheless Daisley regurgitates this Israeli propaganda.

Daisley quotes Paul Flynn as questioning the loyalties of Matthew Gould, appointed as British Ambassador to Israel. But this is gross misrepresentation by Daisley. What Flynn queried was Gould’s avowal that he was a “committed Zionist”, not his ethnicity. Would we appoint an Ambassador to Cuba who declared himself an avowed communist?

Daisley also perniciously omits what Flynn had said at the start of his remarks which sets the entire context, which was that Gould had held eight secret meetings with Liam Fox and Adam Werritty, of which the FCO refuses to disclose the subjects discussed and who else was present. Daisley knows that, and his censorship of that context is inexcusable as it completely distorts what Flynn was saying in order to portray Flynn as an anti-Semite.

The last few paragraphs of this attack on Corbyn beggar belief in their lack of balance. There is no nod whatsoever to the plight of the Palestinians, the illegality of the Israeli settlements he names, or the Israeli attacks on Gaza. The Israeli government itself would not dare publish anything so unsubtle and totally one sided. That STV should do this, in the context of an attack on Jeremy Corbyn, is absolutely incredible.

I know Daisley is a very, very insignificant figure. But the humdrum media enforcers of the establishment are vital to their ability to keep the 99% working for the 1%. That such a hate-filled and crazed right-winger as Daisley should be employed by mainstream broadcast media says a huge amount about the society we live in.


As if to confirm the thesis outlined below, at 10.57am today, Duncan Hothersall, Labour’s New Media Czar in Scotland, retweeted Stephen Daisley’s approving tweet of an extract from Tory Secretary of State David Mundell’s Tory Conference Speech:

Good Stat: More people voted No in Indyref than have ever voted for any party in any election in Scottish history.

The tweet carried the Conservative Party Conference hashtag, so there is no doubt Red Tory Hothersall knew he was spreading Blue Tory Propaganda. The seamless web of Red and Blue Tories and mainstream media functions as usual. It is delightful to be proved so completely right so quickly:

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  • deepgreenpuddock


    i had missed that article. Very interesting. Breathtaking denouncement of Cameron.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    And today again the Prime Minister Cameron called the Leader of her Majesty’s Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn a “threat to national security” and “terrorist-supporting”.

    Apart from being completely unprecedented in the UK, that again is potentially slanderous and is tantamount to calling for Corbyn’s prosecution and/or assassination.

    Yet it’s just reported by the media with no-one ever questioning these allegations.

    It’s good, though, that the true colours are showing. It’s the Big Lie over and over again. Dr Goebbels and Josef Stalin would be proud.

  • MJ

    Suhayl: totally agree. Astonishing that he repeated the stuff about Corbyn calling OBL’s death a tragedy: surely we all know what Corbyn actually said, that it was a tragedy OBL was killed rather than captured, so he could stand trial. Strange Cameron was authorised to trot out this tired nonsense.

  • nevermind

    “With great respect, Nebelmind, your own photos reveal that you’re no oil painting yourself.”

    never said I was, socket, but in the absence of your non existent mugshot, you vain troll, we have to compare you to some second rate pre historic saint who looks very moldy, ancient and dead to me.

    Suhayl, I had the same thoughts, but not of Goebbels, but of Moseley, the same raising of voice to underline his most ardent spin lines.

  • fred

    “Apart from being completely unprecedented in the UK, that again is potentially slanderous and is tantamount to calling for Corbyn’s prosecution and/or assassination. ”

    No nothing the PM said was slanderous, he was careful. What he actually said was “We cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating ideology on the country we love,”, if you look carefully it was an ideology he attacked and ideologies can’t sue for slander. If he’d actually said Corbyn was those things it might have been slanderous.

  • fedup

    Dr Goebbels and Josef Stalin would be proud.

    What is the connection of Stalin to little Jozef the grand gobshite aside.

    However the point about Corbyn is valid and clearly indicative of the degree of the rattling these sharp operatives are experiencing. At this rate Corbyn could end up in gitmo being tortured and force fed, for his trouble of being in opposition to her madje gubiment! In these time opposition of any kind to anyone in gubiment (that includes the Humphrey the second the No 10 cat) is now verboten!

    The monarchy of a second order is now set firmly as a tradition. the beebeecee (or was it sky the oligarch’s own tv snooze?) was trotting out the line that Agent Cameron will step down and “Sir” (anoint) his successor before the elections. Not bad a kind of tow tossers for the price of one offer!!! Peeps vote (although this itself is open to debate) for one character and they get hi/her plus the tapped protege! Dunchyoujustluv the smell of democracy?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Where did Cameron say this about Corbyn?

    If he said it in the Commons, he could not have been slanderous if he wanted, as it is protected .

    Only the Speaker could have restrained him, I think, and only ejected from the House the PM if he continued in this vein.

  • fedup

    Sleep with fiends of zionistan and wake up with emotional hyperbole tourette (flees are carriers of this disease)

    Cameron accuses Corbyn of ‘Britain-hating ideology’ in conference speech

    is the Guardian headline

    David Cameron has lambasted Jeremy Corbyn as a “security threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating” ideologue in his strongest attack yet on the Labour leader, which was designed to show that he is wholly unsuitable to lead Britain.

    When will the EDL turn up in front of the Labour HQ to chant; e, e, e, (what was the rest mate?) whilst waving their zionistani flags?

  • Nuada

    When dealing with the Israeli problem, the sequence goes like this –

    A) You make a mild and reasoned criticism of some aspect of Israeli policy;

    B) Zionists scream “anti-Semite, worse than Hitler, you personally murdered Anne Frank”.

    The irony is that Zionists have as much contempt for their supporters in the west as they do for their critics. They just consider them useful idiots.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Good to find out that it was at the Tory Conference, but still cannot understand why posters are not interested in the murders of two most prominent opponents of Britain having nucleate weapons, and willing to use them, Hilda Murrell and SNP leader Willie McRae, when Thatcher’s government was most paranoid about keeping secret its plans for a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War.

    Their murders were totally in keeping, for example, with the false account of the growing confrontation, the growing earthquake, in Mark Urban’s UK Eyes Alpha.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thanks, Nevermind, MJ, Fedup.

    The ref to Stalin (as well as Goebbels) was simply wrt the Big Lie, and denunciation of opponents as enemies of the state, show trials and so on. There clearly has been a decision to use the phrase, “threat to national security” wrt Corbyn. I suppose one could also use McCarthyism as a reference point. Cameron was/is a PR man, but this really is the deep state, or the security/war state iterating through its front-politicians. It is a variation on, “Kill the Pig, cut his throat…” from ‘The Lord of the Flies’. In this politically pathological narrative, Corbyn is Piggy.

  • Mary

    🙂 I was thinking of it as a soporific taken with a mug of Horlicks.

    Did you hear his attempt at humour? The first was a reference to something Corbyn wrote which he showed to Samantha. Something about there being 60 positions and none of them worked. Implying a knowledge of the Kama Sutra methinks. What a cheeky chappie he is.

    Then praise for Boris and a reference to the game of rugby. ‘I am a hooker and that’s nothing to do with a chapter title in Michael Ashcroft’s book’.

    Oh. He’s so witty and has such a clever way with words.

    No reference to pigs though.

  • fedup

    I would prefer a large cheese sandwich with aubergines

    Sounds intriguing.

    What is the recipe for this?

    The type of cheese, grated or sliced, and the aubergines how are these prepared and if the bread is toast bun, etc!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Any of the above, Fedup, any/all of the above! Thick, slabbed cheese. Sliced aubergines from a pickle bottle, lots of English (or Frnech) mustard. Soft bread, baguette-ish, you know, maybe mayo spread. Yum-yum! As you may have guessed, I am really hungry right now. The only thing I would not eat is David Cameron.

    Mary – Horlicks, yes, or Ovaltine! Or maybe some of that old-style malt extract, the addictive one, ladled from aan enormous hard-glass bottle with a giant spoon.

    Whatever happend to the thick Yorkshire Relish? It was far better than the brown sauces you get get now.

  • Mary

    ‘MK Jess’, the 29-year-old speechwriter
    October 8 2015

    Jessica Cunniffe, the woman behind David Cameron’s first conference speech as the leader of a Tory-majority government, is a 29-year-old former local newspaper journalist.

    Ms Cunniffe was the main speech writer behind the address along with Ameet Gill, a senior aide to the prime minister. Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron’s friend and former strategist, helped with later drafts, according to Downing Street figures.

    Mr Cameron hugged Ms Cunniffe after the speech and she was applauded by his aides as he left the stage …………. paywall

    We are paying for all of these spinners and their sham.

    The PM has put the final touches to Team Cameron
    by George Pascoe Watson / 25 Jun 2015
    David Cameron appears calm and graceful only because he has a team of smart, highly motivated professionals behind the scenes at Number 10

  • Habbabkuk (eradicate sly rumour-moungers)


    “No nothing the PM said was slanderous, he was careful. What he actually said was “We cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating ideology on the country we love,”, if you look carefully it was an ideology he attacked and ideologies can’t sue for slander. If he’d actually said Corbyn was those things it might have been slanderous.”


    Not a very convincing argument, Fred. If you say someone’s ideology is “terrorist-sympathising” then you are in effect saying that that someone sympathises with terrorism.

  • YouKnowMyName

    Old tales of derring-doo from the UK intelligence services, chasing belgrano-logs in old ladies’ tea-caddies? [c.f. Peter Wright: We bugged & burgled across London for years”]

    at least the US with their omnipotent ‘capture-it-all’ NSA & other 17+ agencies are much better at doing global spook things. . .?


    “Findings of major [Russian-Syrian escalation] blind spots would mark the latest of several U.S. intelligence misses in recent years, including Moscow’s surprise takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region last year and China’s rapid expansion of island-building activities in the South China Sea.

    Though spy agencies have sought to ramp up intelligence gathering on Russia since the crisis over Ukraine, they continue to struggle with inadequate resources because of the emphasis on counter-terrorism in the Middle East and the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, according to current and former U.S. officials.”


    how many more $billions are needed to have adequate resources to tackle the admittedly very annoying Russia?, how much more than ALL OUR DATA do they need to be able to predict the future & protect the American constitution?(sic)

    Meanwhile, not just on Twitter, (most) UK Journalists still seem to be stuck in their own ‘moderate’ “terrorist-sympathising” loop, Habb, as they are simply bleating & re-iterating animal-farm’s “Russia is bad” message – they seem NOT to have reported that one of the first Russian anti-ISIS strikes took out the pirated ISIS oil pipeline to Turkey, which was easily identifiable infrastructure, active for a long time, a cool million+ dollars a day for the ‘new-caliphate’. . .or was it a moderate terrorist pirated oil-pipeline? – please explain.

    One of the only UK-based journos who does go off-message is Robert Fisk.

    Read his “Western confusion reigns while the Russians go for the jugular”
    from a couple of days ago in the independent on Sunday. . .everything else in UK simply reads like a NATO press release, not that I have any complaints about NATO personally – I just like accurate news, not drivel or far-right agitation

  • Ba'al Zevul

    No nothing the PM said was slanderous, he was careful. What he actually said was “We cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating ideology on the country we love,”, if you look carefully it was an ideology he attacked and ideologies can’t sue for slander. If he’d actually said Corbyn was those things it might have been slanderous.

    He said Corbyn possessed an ideology with those alleged properties, though. Not true. If (to use the tired old example) I call you an antisemite, that would be slander/libellous – if that is not what you are. If I call you a Nazi, with specific reference to the Nazis’ antisemitism, it is at least arguable that that is the same thing.

    Still, we all realise that dear old Dave was just indulging in some cheerful badinage like Eton head boys do, lor, luv a duck, bless them, from the viewpoint of being a security-threatening (social security), terrorist-sympathising (Israel), Britain-hating (except British Tory donors) sleazebag with powerful friends and not a clue.

    Sue me, Dave.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    If he said it in the Commons, he could not have been slanderous if he wanted, as it is protected .

    He said it in the Tory party’s annual conference, to rapturous applause from the audience he was whipping into a frenzy of faux-patriotism. Just outlining the soundbites he and all his lackeys will be using until the next election. This is very much the technique of an Old Etonian, btw, hectoring and abusive language from a self-bestowed position of ‘authority’ unrelated to the speaker’s knowledge, experience or skill, but based on a carefully-nurtured sense of superiority, the very expensive USP of British public schools.

  • Esclavo

    ‘If Mr Flynn “queried” Ambassador Gould’s avowal that he was a committed Zionist, could that not be taken to mean that he was suggesting that the Ambassador’s real loyalties lie with Israel and not the UK (or at minimum that his loyalties were shared)?’

    Yes, this question of the dual loyalties of zionists in senior positions is somewhat fraught. The US authorities leading up to nine-eleven were rather full of such dualists. I mean, for instance, there was a Rabbi, Dov Zakheim, in charge of the Pentagon, and he had come to the job from Boeing where he was working on remote control of aircraft!

  • YouKnowMyName

    interesting that my RTÉ news link content changed

    the link is the identical
    but at 7:06 the story was US INTELLIGENCE FAIL

    whilst at 8:54 the same link is RUSSIAN ACTIVITY IS TROUBLING NATO

    old story

    Concern in US over intelligence lapses on Syria

    Thursday 08 October 2015 07.09

    Senior US politicians have begun probing possible intelligence lapses over Russia’s intervention in Syria, concerned that American spy agencies were slow to grasp the scope and intention of Russia’s dramatic military offensive there, US congressional sources and other officials have said.

    A week after Russia became directly involved in Syria’s civil war by launching a campaign of air strikes, the intelligence committees of the US Senate and House of Representatives want to examine the extent to which the spy community overlooked or misjudged critical warning signs, the sources said.

    Findings of major blind spots would mark the latest of several US intelligence misses in recent years, including Russia’s surprise takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region last year and China’s rapid expansion of island-building activities in the South China Sea.

    Intelligence officers were caught mostly off-guard by the speed and aggressiveness of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s use of air power as well as a Russian target list that included US-backed rebels, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    “They [US intelligence] saw some of this going on but didn’t appreciate the magnitude,” one source said.

    Russia’s sudden move to ramp up its military involvement in the Syria crisis has thrown US President Barack Obama’s Obama’s Middle East strategy into doubt and laid bare an erosion of US influence in the region.

    Syrian troops and militia backed by Russian warplanes mounted what appeared to be their first major coordinated assault on Syrian insurgents yesterday and Russia said its warships fired a barrage of missiles at them from the Caspian Sea.

    In a tense meeting with Mr Putin at the United Nations early last week, Mr Obama was not given any advance notice of Russia’s attack plans, aides said. Russian air strikes began two days later, including the targeting of CIA-trained “moderate” rebels fighting against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

    Russia has insisted it only hit Islamic State insurgents.

    “They did not expect the speed with which Putin ramped things up,” said Michael McFaul, President Obama’s former ambassador to Moscow. “He [Putin] likes the element of surprise.”

    One source suggested that US experts initially thought the Russian build-up might have been more for a military exercise or a temporary show of force than preparations for sustained, large-scale attacks on Mr Assad’s enemies.

    Another official said that after initial review, US officials believe that “information on this was not moving quickly enough through channels” to policymakers.

    Mr McFaul, who took the view that the Obama administration had been largely on top of the situation as President Putin prepared his offensive, said that a faster or more precise intelligence assessment would probably have done little to change the outcome.

    “What difference would it make if we had known 48 hours ahead of time?” asked Mr McFaul, who now teaches at Stanford University in California. “There still wouldn’t have been any better options for deterring Putin in Syria.” Source: Reuters

    and the new story at the same link, at the time of posting!,

    Russia activity in Syria is ‘troubling’ after air strikes and missile launches, says NATO

    Thursday 08 October 2015 08.54

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said today that there had been a “troubling escalation” in Russian military activity in Syria, after it dramatically expanded its air campaign.

    “In Syria, we have seen a troubling escalation of Russian military activities. We will assess the latest developments and their implications for the security of the alliance,” Mr Stoltenberg said as he went into a NATO defence ministers meeting dominated by the Syrian crisis.

    “This is particularly relevant in view of the recent violations of NATO’s airspace by Russian aircraft,” he added.

    Russia launched its air campaign against what it terms “terrorist” targets in Syria last week but in the process, it has infringed Turkey’s airspace, prompting strong protests from the US-led alliance and Turkey.

    Russia also launched a series of cruise missile attacks to cover a Syrian army ground offensive against rebels in conflict with long-term Russian ally President Bashar al-Assad.

    Asked if NATO would consider extending its mission in light of the Russian missile attacks, Mr Stoltenberg said: “NATO is able and ready to defend all of the allies, including Turkey.”

    He cited measures taken to boost NATO’s readiness, driven initially by Russia’s intervention in support of pro-Russia Ukraine rebels, and the creation of a very rapid response force which should be operational from next year.

    This “spearhead” force, of about 13,000 troops, could be deployed both to the east and to the south if need be, he said.

    “We are implementing the biggest reinforcement of our collective defence since the end of the Cold War,” Mr Stoltenberg added.

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan today said: “We can’t accept the current situation. Russia’s explanations on the air-space violations are not convincing.”

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan

    Missiles fired from four Russian warships in the Caspian Sea hit infrastructure sites of the Islamic State group in Syria last night, Russia’s Defence Ministry said this morning.

    The strikes hit plants for manufacturing shells and explosive devices, command centres, ammunition dumps and training camps, the ministry.

    Syrian government ground forces and allied militia backed by Russian air strikes launched an offensive against rebels in the strategically important Ghab Plain in western Syria today, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    Britain’s defence minister Michael Fallon today said Russia must use its influence to stop the Assad regime from bombing civilians, adding that Russia’s involvement in the Syrian civil war had made the conflict more dangerous.

    Arriving at the NATO defence ministers meeting, he also said Britain would send a small number of troops to NATO’s eastern borders to deter any potential Russian aggression there.

    The troops would go “for our allies on the eastern flank of NATO, for the Baltic states and for Poland”.

    “That is part of our policy of more persistent presence on the eastern side of NATO to respond to any further Russian provocation and aggression.”

    Source: AFP/Reuters

    news management – or just wrong link management?

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