Stella Creasy Demands I Retract Article 237


Ms Stella Creasy is offended by this article. At 8.14am this morning 5 December she tweeted:

“This is just an offensive and wrong article and I hope Mr Murray retracts.”

Nothing in it is wrong to the best of my knowledge, but if anything is, I should be most happy to retract it. Nobody has indicated anything is factually wrong so far. I have changed the title of the post to be literal rather than sarcastic, because that was the only thing about it that was “wrong”.

But offensive? Really? She must be a very shrinking violet indeed.

Given that the whole point of this article is to suggest that Ms Creasy believes she should be above criticism and above democratic accountability, for her to describe the criticisms in this article as “offensive” purely proves my point. It is not offensive. It is legitimate criticism of somebody who lives off my taxes.

For me, the inevitable conclusion is that a woman whose Wikipedia page states “Creasy has aristocratic family connections on her mother’s side, including with the Howards, Earls of Carlisle (through whom she is related to Polly Toynbee), the Cayzer family and the present (9th) Viscount Gort who is her fourth cousin” believes she is not answerable to the hoi polloi.

If she regards this article as “offensive” and something that should be retracted, and given she described the extremely polite vigil in the video below as “intimidation”, I think we can all form our own view of Ms Creasy and her sense of entitlement to rule.

For the benefit of the media, she is currently organising a “public meeting” with in fact a highly selected and vetted audience to be seen to be “open and democratic” and justify to her constituents her decision to blow up Syrian children. Expect wall to wall media coverage of stooges coming out saying she convinced them.

The original article of which she complained starts here:

There is a very natural temptation for members of the SNP to laugh without sympathy at the universal media hostility faced by Corbyn and his supporters. That is because we faced an equally massive and equally unrelieved torrent of biased media propaganda during the referendum campaign, and then the entire Labour Party, including its left wing, not only did not condemn the biased media but actively sought to promote it.

On top of which the corporate media is in utter confusion in Scotland, and still largely under instruction to boost Labour, it being at least unionist. The peculiar result of this is that an alien landing in Livingston and following the media would come to the conclusion that John McTernan must be leader of the country, given his ubiquity on media and the extreme deference shown to him, especially by the state broadcaster.

I am however of a peculiarly forgiving disposition, and take the view that two wrongs don’t make a right. What is by any standards fascinating is the way that the media use precisely the same tactics against Corbyn they used against the SNP. First you have the expressions of scorn, of incredulity that such a view could be held, the dismissive body language of presenters, the comment of “unelectable” presented as fact.

When all that does not work, you get the portrayal of anybody putting forward a view outside the neo-con consensus as fanatic, desocialised and violent. We experienced precisely this with the massive “cybernat” campaign of the mainstream media, in which independence supporters were presented as hideous thugs and bullies. This is precisely the narrative which is now being relentlessly deployed on all media for the last 24 hours against the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. The narrative is reinforced by promoting a celebrity “victim”, preferably female and blonde. Step forward J K Rowling the first time, and Stella Creasy now.

Here is a shocking video of the hate-filled mob which besieged Ms Creasy’s constituency office, with the result that her staff dare not go to work and she herself felt intimidated.

Terrifying, wasn’t it? The truth is this was an extremely polite and quiet bunch organised in fact by the local vicar Stephen Saxby, who writes in Red Pepper:

This week I took part in a vigil with a wide section of the local community. I am deeply saddened by the misinformation about the vigil which has circulated in the media, and grateful to Sue Wheat for correcting the misreporting of the vigil.

I am also surprised that some in the party appear to be overly influenced by irresponsible coverage in the media, such as the Mail’s description of the peaceful people on our vigil being called ‘Hard-left hate mobs’ and the Mirror stating ‘Vicars, imams and net trolls target MPs’.

I am shocked by Tom Watson’s statement on Radio 4 today that ‘any Labour members on that demo should be removed from the party’.

At the same time as I condemn intimidation of MPs or their staff, I reiterate that the vigil was not intimidation, and condemn those who seek to portray democratic, peaceful actions as such. This is also is a form of intimidation.

For my part, I shall not be intimidated into not speaking on issues about which I am passionate and alongside others within and beyond the Labour Party.

I refute the erroneous allegations about me and about our peaceful vigil, and look forward to continuing to support Stella Creasy as MP for Walthamstow, and the campaigns to elect Sadiq Khan as mayor and Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister.”

It is astonishing that Tom Watson says that anybody in that video should be expelled from the Labour Party, and that the entire mainstream media has described it as “intimidation”. There really is a genuine attempt to delegitimise even the concept of dissent from the neo-con war agenda.

In truth, we all know that social media abuse does exist to a certain extent, just as abuse exists in every other form of human communication. But the one thing we learnt for certain from the Scottish referendum campaign, is that the media will report constantly any abuse allegedly from the anti-establishment camp, but will ignore the at least equally bad and quite possibly much worse torrent of abuse from supporters of the other side of the argument. The absolutely false connection of social media aggression uniquely to anti-establishment politics is an organised media propaganda trick as morally disgusting as it is pernicious.

The object to delegitimise a political view – be it Scottish Independence or Corbynism – is taken further in the current example. There is a concomitant media campaign to portray as an affront to democracy the idea of MPs facing reselection by party members – to portray the idea that an MP should have a lifelong right to the party nomination as norm.

This is a complete inversion of truth. The idea that MPs should be subject to reselection by members as the candidate at the end of the term for which they were chosen, is obviously in reality the more democratic. Should an MP be deselected, they have the democratic option to stand as an independent if they truly believe the voters were electing them, and not the party.

A final word on Ms Creasy. She has belatedly come out and denied the false reports all over the media that demonstrators gathered outside her home – though anyone who thought the Porsche Cayenne driving, Oxbridge Ms Creasy lives in a terrace in Waltham is very naïve. She is a fanatic supporter of Trident missiles and of any bombing opportunity going, and is precisely the sort of MP everybody should be trying to get rid of. Here is Andrew Neil exposing her for a shallow careerist fool:

Presumably that ranks as intimidation and abuse.

237 thoughts on “Stella Creasy Demands I Retract Article

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  • Mary

    Is her Wiki page self authored?

    ‘Born in Sutton Coldfield, she is the daughter of Corinna Frances Avril (née Martin, on 26 April 1948) and Philip Charles Creasy, both active Labour Party members; her father is a trained opera singer and her mother a headteacher. Her elder brother, Matthew Henry Creasy (born 1974), is an academic.

    Creasy has aristocratic family connections on her mother’s side, including with the Howards, Earls of Carlisle (through whom she is related to Polly Toynbee), the Cayzer family and the present (9th) Viscount Gort who is her fourth cousin.’

    Is she competing with the Stansgate posse?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Of course no one believes me, but I am still convinced The Scottish Referendum was rigged, and that the people of Scotland actually voted for Independence.

    It can’t be proved of course, but wouldn’t be that hard to do.

    The most telling clue (amongst many – including observations and recordings of the actual count) was the fact that there were No Exit Polls. Exit polls would have shown a massive disparity, from the declared result which would be too hard to explain.

    Maybe the General election was bent too. It only had to be done on the marginals. Even the Tories couldn’t believe they had won, and I suspect Cameron was hoping to lose – and escape his Neocon controllers.

    You don’t think they would do it?

    Well of course they would. This is not 1963. People are far too trusting in Authority which is now quite obviously totally corrupt.


  • Sixer

    Stella Creasy has plenty of form as professional bully masquerading as victim. She is a past master of the passive aggressive smear and belated retraction.

    But you know, I do think people are waking up to it. As I said on the other thread, I live in the safest of safe Tory West Country seats. The tradition here is to distrust all things urban and the Labour Party is seen as urban and not understanding country life (cf foot and mouth under Blair, which is still not forgotten, fox hunting, etc). The Tories have always been seen as understanding country life (and they’re anti immigration too, which is welcome when you live in a 98.4% white area and your main preoccupation is being terrified of your life being ruined by black and brown people who don’t live anywhere near you and are unlikely to any time soon. Yes. I’m afraid my neighbours see it like that).

    But increasingly opinions are changing. Now it’s not the nasty Labour Party. It’s the nasty people of all stripes in Westminster who are in cahoots with the nasty people in the newspapers and on the BBC. It’s dawning on even my neighbours that the country is divided into Westminster+media and all the rest of us.

    Mind you, we’re still miles and miles behind Scotland’s enlightenment and consciousness. Even so, things are changing.

  • Mary

    Greenslade wrote a corrective too.

    To think Jeremy nearly had her as deputy. Having Watson is bad enough. He voted for war.

    ‘Following the 2015 general election defeat, Creasy announced her intention to stand as a candidate in the Labour Party deputy leadership election. She had gained the minimum 35 required nominees to be included on the ballot by noon on 17 June. Creasy gained 26% of the vote and came second, being beaten by Tom Watson.’ Wikipedia again.

    A reminder of the vote.

    Coaker is having a moan now about being criticized.


    Cameron on video
    PM: Action Will Help Bring Political Settlement
    10:53, UK,
    Friday 04 December 2015
    David Cameron says there are more aircraft in Cyprus ready to fly missions over Syria – and that airstrikes will help bring about a political settlement there.

    Christopher Robin possessed more sense than David William Donald Cameron ever did.

    PS Why are the posh kids given three Christian names?

  • fedup

    She forgot to mention her bronze swimming medal in her CV as a real person’s experiences and her finger on the pulse of nation!!!

    This is precisely the disconnected vacuous tosseress who was chosen by bLiar et al in transforming the Labour party into neo labor under the very noses of the vigilant Labour activist!

    Her twitts in response to activists messages of “do one” and “I will not hesitate to involve the police” are manifestly the mindset of an authoritarian whose inner dictator lies pretty close to the surface and she uses the Police to quell any perceived confrontation by her constituents whom wish her to discharge her duties in line with the said constituents wishes! this is born out of her conviction of her granted god given right to rule in a kind of Monarch come lately rite/right/patrimony!

    The fact that such cretins have been allowed to take the seats in the HoC says a lot about the rot in the leadership of this country that is now approaching the famous Marie Antoinette Moment “why don’t they eat cakes instead?” “Do one!”

    This miscreant ought to be tossed out on her ear and instead a proper honest to goodness human being with convictions and principles sent into HoC in an attempt to inject a modicum of reality into that place! Needless to point out that after her expulsion from the benches there will be a nice seat awaiting for her in the HoL

  • Habbbakuk (combat cant)

    Pulcinella (14h44)


    I think ‘ abuse ‘ is rather secondary to voting for ‘ deaths ‘ knowing there will be innocent ones . I wonder as the Guardian has put this video up today whether they will put a similar one up for a five year old killed in a British RAF Airstrike ?”

    That comment can easily find an analogy, thus:

    Had the child been killed in a British airstrike you’d no doubt have foamed at the mouth and launched into an admirably ferocious denunciation.

    As, however, the child was killed in a Russian airstrike, the best you can do is to speculate on whether the Guardian will put up a video about British airstrikes.


    If I were the manager of the Commedia dell’arte company which employs you I’d give you your P45.

  • Republicofscotland

    The treatement of Corbyn and any MP who’s anti-war, does indeed remind me of the two year assault by Better Together the media and the Westminster government as a whole against the SNP and its backers.

    I like to think those two years of biased reporting by the media, and under handedness by Westminster politicians including the Treasury and YouGov, have given yes voting Scots a more determined attitude, and an ability to see through Westminsters skullduggery.

    Corbyn could do much worse than to ask Alex Salmond for advice on such matters as Salmond handled the bias and deceitfulness with great statesmanship.

    Corbyn has the backing of the grassroots campaigners, he was elected with a large majority of the vote he must now use that power to weed out the Watson’s Benn’s and Eagle’s in his cabinet, for these people are masquerading as Labour MP’s, when in fact they’re Blairite neocons.

    The neocon war hawks have the benefit of the giant propaganda wheel that is the media, it has made or broke presidents popes and politicians. It’s almost impossible to defeat such a powerful propaganda machine as we found out during the Scottish referendum.

    But where we made up ground was in 5th Estate social media, social media can sometimes counteract the bias of the establishment propaganda machine. Corbyn like the SNP will have staunch backing on that medium I’m sure of that.

  • Habbbakuk (combat cant)

    The hypocrisy of many “commenters” on here is well up to House of Commons standards.

    It is however sometimes said that the voters get the politicians and govt they deserve.

    Discuss (20) marks).

  • Mary

    Is that all that’s on offer? 20 Deutsche Marks? I thought Euros were in use sur le Continent.

  • Habbbakuk (combat cant)

    Any thoughts about hypocrisy, Mary?

    Write something original and considered and I’ll up it to 200 shekels 🙂

  • nevermind

    great comment Tony, I had the same feeling about the indyref, re exit polls and the yes camp should have had more experienced people watching the ballot boxes, wherever they go, take photos of those who handle them and asking them as to who they are, but that is irrelevant now.
    Thanks also for the other links.

    I know that many people think that Andrew Neil is a little too biased for TV, but his style of disassembling Creasy, slowly and with the odd hint of a smile, but on a down trajectory, with eyelashes flashing, looks turned upwards in indignation, it was priceless, thanks.

  • nevermind

    So it takes 200 shekels worth of Viagra for Habby to ‘up it’ ooouhweee missus.
    Anything to say on the issue of Stella Creasy’s perceived nightmare in Walthamstow?
    No? didn’t think so.

  • Mary

    Hypocrisy on here.

    Yes people putting themselves out as others. People here pretending to be holier than thou when, in reality, they are only here for one purpose, to troll, divert and distract.

    200 Israeli shekels? Pfftt. £34. No deal.

  • Sixer


    “Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is now so isolated politically that he can only call upon the support of a shadowy group of people known in the UK as “voters”, it emerged today.

    Facing certain defeat in the Oldham by-election, Corbyn played a typically dastardly trick in persuading normal English people to come out of their homes in droves to vote for the Labour candidate.

    The result, in which Labour scored a huge popular majority with an increased share of the vote, was condemned by commentators as “treason” and “Labour sympathising”.

    Sun columnist Ron Liddle explained that Labour hadn’t really won at all, as getting the most votes in a democratic election was no guarantee of fairness, and proved his point with examples from history including Hitler, Stalin, and, confusingly, ABBA’s 1974 Eurovision Song Contest hit “Waterloo”.

    It is unclear where Corbyn can go after this disastrously huge victory. If this performance could be reproduced in the next General Election, Labour would be in line for a stunning victory, but this would be unlikely to save a man who is frankly not allowed to win.

    “Corbyn will be feeling pretty ashamed this morning,” insisted Prime Minister David Cameron. “Making it clear to the voters that you don’t support indiscriminate bombing, and then expecting them to vote for you – well, it’s a pretty low trick. Certainly something I’d never do.”

    Meanwhile, Nigel ‘Man that time forgot’ Farage was making a convincing case why the Oldham election was unfair to his voters. Apparently, the local preference for postal voting discriminated against UKIP supporters, because they “can’t work out how to use stamps.””

  • Alcyone

    Sixer, not quite a six but a boundary nevertheless. Thanks for the laugh, good way to begin a weekend.

    AND a refreshing change from the humourless, intense bores here who go on and on repeating the same old same old, unoriginal spiel.

    Craig, thank you also for your hard work today. You really have a way with words and you really have to find a way to monetise it.

    If RT offered you a regular programme slot, would you take it/?

    What about a UK extension of The Real News network?

  • Habbbakuk (combat cant)


    “Anything to say on the issue of Stella Creasy’s perceived nightmare in Walthamstow?
    No? didn’t think so.”


    A pity you couldn’t, when ejaculating that little bit of “wit”, hold yourself back from a last mini-spurt as seen in the last sentence.

    As so often, FoggyMind (Nebelmind) you think wrongly.

    I happen to agree with Craig (and others elsewehere) that certain MPs have shown themselves to be wusses in their reaction to perfectly legitimate expressions (and demonstrations) of displeasure at the way they voted the other day.

  • Habbbakuk (combat cant)


    “Hypocrisy on here.

    Yes people putting themselves out as others”

    What an interesting comment. Care to expand and explain?


    “People here pretending to be holier than thou”


    Examples (other than yourself, I mean)?


    Would you agree, Mary, that you consider anyone who disagrees with you a troll?

    You must work on your mistaken sense of entitlement. Cultivate some humility, there’s a good girl.

  • bevin

    “Had the child been killed in a British airstrike you’d no doubt have foamed at the mouth and launched into an admirably ferocious denunciation.

    “As, however, the child was killed in a Russian airstrike, the best you can do is to speculate on whether the Guardian will put up a video about British airstrikes….”

    Given that the war in Syria has been organised by the UK, its NATO allies and its boss-the Pentagon- it is reasonable to blame all the hundreds of thousands of casualties and the entire refugee problem, the displacement of millions from Iraq and Syria, on the side which Cameron and his Blairite friends promote.
    The Russians are simply trying to protect what is left of the country from terrorists sponsored and armed by “our” Axis of Weasels.

  • Habbbakuk (combat cant)

    Mary, in case you feel my last post was rather harsh, I should like to make it up to you (although I know I’ll never be able to really make it up to you).

    So : thank you for having restrained yourself from posting about Israel, Zionists and Jews on this thread (and, I believe, on the last couple).

    It has been appreciated.

  • Mick


    I agree with your comments, I am not a fan of Tom Watson in general and certainly not since his desire to gain publicity for himself last year over the Westminster paedophile scandal.

    On a side note have you given any thought to standing as a list candidate in the Holyrood elections, perhaps for the North East given your connection to Dundee?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Herbie @ 3:02pm

    Your video is well worth watching. Click on CC for English subtitles. I’ve no idea who Jürgen Elsässer is, but he seems a bit of a genius. I can’t think of an equivalent UK journalist who can get straight to the point so effectively – even if they knew what the point is (a few do – or did, but by now they have been sacked).

    However, I strongly suspect the current UK Government – or whoever is in control of them – are just as guilty as Erdogan – but manage to hide it much better.

    I don’t think this made any Western Mainstream media whatsoever. Of course it might not be true, but if it wasn’t true, you’d expect it to appear in The Daily Telegraph, stating that the Iranians didn’t/did make it up.

    Why the hell should the Iranians make this stuff up, when they were in the middle of negotiating a very important deal with President Obama? But hey ho – I take everything I read with a pinch of salt – unless there is massive independent confirmation from other sources.

    Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:29
    “Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL”

    “TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraq’s army has shot down two British planes as they were carrying weapons for the ISIL terrorists in Al-Anbar province, a senior lawmaker disclosed on Monday.

    “The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIL,” Head of the committee Hakem al-Zameli said, according to a Monday report of the Arabic-language information center of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq.

    He said the Iraqi parliament has asked London for explanations in this regard.

    The senior Iraqi legislator further unveiled that the government in Baghdad is receiving daily reports from people and security forces in al-Anbar province on numerous flights by the US-led coalition planes that airdrop weapons and supplies for ISIL in terrorist-held areas.

    The Iraqi lawmaker further noted the cause of such western aids to the terrorist group, and explained that the US prefers a chaotic situation in Anbar Province which is near the cities of Karbala and Baghdad as it does not want the ISIL crisis to come to an end.

    Earlier today, a senior Iraqi provincial official lashed out at the western countries and their regional allies for supporting Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, revealing that US and Israeli-made weapons have been discovered from the areas purged of ISIL terrorists.

    “We have discovered weapons made in the US, European countries and Israel from the areas liberated from ISIL’s control in Al-Baqdadi region,” the Al-Ahad news website quoted Head of Al-Anbar Provincial Council Khalaf Tarmouz as saying.

    He noted that the weapons made by the European countries and Israel were discovered from the terrorists in the Eastern parts of the city of Ramadi.

    Al-Zameli had also disclosed in January that the anti-ISIL coalition’s planes have dropped weapons and foodstuff for the ISIL in Salahuddin, Al-Anbar and Diyala provinces.

    Al-Zameli underlined that the coalition is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in Iraq.

    “There are proofs and evidence for the US-led coalition’s military aid to ISIL terrorists through air(dropped cargoes),” he told FNA in January.

    He noted that the members of his committee have already proved that the US planes have dropped advanced weaponry, including anti-aircraft weapons, for the ISIL, and that it has set up an investigation committee to probe into the matter.

    “The US drops weapons for the ISIL on the excuse of not knowing about the whereabouts of the ISIL positions and it is trying to distort the reality with its allegations.

    He noted that the committee had collected the data and the evidence provided by eyewitnesses, including Iraqi army officers and the popular forces, and said, “These documents are given to the investigation committee … and the necessary measures will be taken to protect the Iraqi airspace.”

    Also in January, another senior Iraqi legislator reiterated that the US-led coalition is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in Iraq.

    “The international coalition is only an excuse for protecting the ISIL and helping the terrorist group with equipment and weapons,” Jome Divan, who is member of the al-Sadr bloc in the Iraqi parliament, said.

    He said the coalition’s support for the ISIL is now evident to everyone, and continued, “The coalition has not targeted ISIL’s main positions in Iraq.”

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